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(Arnold looks at the huge trophy cases and shelves.)

ARNOLD: Jeez, where'd you get all these.

(He stops short at the look on Helga's face and looks closer at the trophies. All Olga's)

ARNOLD: Oh. Sorry.

HELGA: Whatever. Look, they aren't there either.I suggest you and Mr.Fossil go home and let me go to bed.

(Phil comes out of the bathroom. He is still hooking up his suspenders. )

PHIL: Any luck?

ARNOLD: No. her grandma said-

HELGA: My grandma said they should be on their way home.

(Phil looks at her suspiciously and his suspicions are assured by the look on Arnold's face.)

PHIL: Alright. but I want you to call over to the Boarding house if they don't show up by the time you go to bed, all right?

(Helga rolls her eyes.)

HELGA: I heard you the first thousand times.

PHIL: Repeat it to me.

ARNOLD: Gran-pa! Come on. See you at school, Helga.

HELGA: Cya, football-head.

(They reluctantly walk out the door, which Helga slams behind them. Arnold looks at the door and the dark house. He still can't believe what Helga wrote on that paper. It was so not like her. But still, he remembers what the paper said about no one knowing her. He was going to try his best to know that Helga, not the passad she was showing. Behind the slammed door, Helga melts against it. 'This has been one crazy day.' she thinks to herself. She doesn't want to go up the stairs to her bedroom. She would hate to admit it, but she is slightly afraid of the dark. She makes her way to the couch and curls up on it. She thinks about the dinner with Arnold. She smiles as she falls asleep.)

She awakes in the morning. She is still on the couch. She walks up to her parent bedroom, and they aren't there. She walks up to her room and gets ready for a school, which she is late for.)

SIMMONS: Now, I hope that your writing assignments are coming along well, since this assignment is so difficult, We will skip through writing for this week, we should probably spend more-

(Helga comes in)

SIMMONS: Okay, Helga, nice of you to come.

(She hands him a slip from the office and sits down, catching Arnold's eyes. He smiles awkwardly. The corners of her mouth twitch as she opens her desk to get out her history book out like every one else. She can still feel Arnold looking at her. She looks up at him and hesitates.)

HELGA: What?

(Arnold quickly looks away. 'Getting to know Helga is going to be harder than I thought.' He says to himself)

All right, so Arnold wants to get to know Helga after reading her paper, Helga doesn't know where her parents are or when they will be back. What ever will happen next? Ill update soon. Reply. Thanks.