Chapter 1 Summoning


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"KAGUYA!" Mokou shouted, an angry growl on her face erupted as Mokou rushed at Kaguya.

"MOKOU!" Kaguya grinned gleefully as she chased after Kaguya.

"LET US SETTLE THIS AGAIN!" Both of them roared as the Bamboo forest of the Lost shook from the shockwaves emitted from their clashing.



It was a never ending cycle. A never ending cycle of life and death that will never stop if both of these immortals existed.

Louise was looking at Kirche, who was looking at Louise very triumphal.

"So you think that if you did the summoning at the same time as I do, I will summon something?"

"Oh-ho-ho, of course; afterall, I am one of the top student of this academy, and a very proud noble. Maybe if I do it at the same time, maybe my influence allow you to summon."

Louis growled. "Fine, let us do it." Louise breathed in, and both Kirche and Louise started. "My servant that exist somewhere in the wide universe."

My servant that exist somewhere in the wide universe


Kaguya stopped as she heard those words. "Hmmm?" Kaguya's eyebrow raised as Mokou burned her arm off, "I heard this before."

"Focus on me!" Mokou planted a kick on Kaguya's head and blew her into the forest.

"My divine, beautiful, wise, powerful servant." Kirche and Louise chanted. The surrounding students started growing nervous. Even Colbert made motions to stop the chant, but stopped. This was Louise's last chance, and if Kirche gives her a chance to succeed than it would be better for them to summon something.

My Divine, Beautiful, Wise, Powerful Servant


Kaguya growled as she took off Mokou's head. She was angry for not knowing where these words came from, and of Mokou interrupting her so rudely.

Mokou than reattached the head and slammed 500 degrees of Celsius into Kaguya's face. "EAT IT!"

"Heed my call." The air shook as the summoning circle glowed brightly.

Heed my call.


Mokou knew at that moment that something big was going to happen. But it didn't matter. What matters was that Kaguya was in front of her, and Mokou would be damned if she let Kaguya escaped unharmed.

"It's time bring out our spellcards." Mokou gritted her teeth as she drew out her most prized card.

"I wish from very bottom of my heart" The summoning circle started showing cracks.

I wish from very bottom of my heart


"FUJIWARA VOLCANO!" Mokou's body bathed with a crimson glow as the air around her became superheated.

"END OF IMPERSIHABLE NIGHT!" Light particles appeared everywhere in the night, and all of these particles are focused on shooting Mokou.

"And aid to my guidance and appear!"

A large explosion shook the area, and all the students started screaming and running away. This wasn't the Zero's sized explosion; it was a horde of dragon causing destruction.

The only ones left were the summoners, Professor Colbert, and Tabitha and her familiar. However, there was a lot of smoke blinding the summoners from seeing what was happening, but Colbert and Tabitha could sense it.



And they sensed it.

And aid to my guidance and appear!


At the very end of that sentence Kaguya and Mokou clashed, and the world around them started changing. Both of them still locked in a struggle for supremacy, both of them grinning having found a way to prove their supremacy. Both didn't care about the world at the moment. It was them for that moment. Just them.

Tabitha, who was outside the smokescreen saw the flash of light. And the temperature. She knew something was going in the smoke, but could not sense it. Surprising, because she was a chevalier. And as a chevalier she could sense if something was dangerous or not…..unless it was out of her power to sense it. And Tabitha started backing away.

Colbert. One of the continent's finest magician, could feel something he didn't felt for decades. Something, something that he had thrown off when he saved the baby from the village. Something that he, he had first experience when he was on the edge of dying.




Kirche coughed. This temperature was getting out of hands, she thought, not even she could withstand this amount of heat. She must have summoned something strong, so she summoned a dragon? And what was with it with all the blinking lights?

Louise screamed. This could not happen! This explosion was the end of her life as a noble! Now she would most likely be ordered back home so that she would marry a noble. She did not want this happening!

"I WON'T FAIL!" Louise pumped even more energy into the summoning circle, and –

Princess Henrietta woke up as the room shuddered. "Princess!" Agnes ran into the room, "Are you alright?"

"Yeah, what's going on?"

"It's a sudden earthquake, but don't worry, it already ended."

King Albert of Germania looked up. "What was with that shake?" He asked his adviser, and the adviser shook his head.

Prince Wales looked at his enemy's forces who were unshaken as Wale's troopers bravely defended the hill. The sudden Earthquake knocked several of the Reconquista knights off the hill, thus giving Wale precious time to reorganize his forces and keep on defending.

Pope Vittorio Serevare looked up from his book. This is strange, we don't have earthquakes in Romalia.

King Joseph paused. "Hmmm, interesting." He muttered as he felt the earthquake, and smiled. "Something is very wrong. Strange, this is making me excited. Sheffield! Find me the cause of the disturbance!"

Tabitha perceived something clashing in the smoke. Two figures indeed. One of them was the cause of the superheated temperature, while the other was the cause of the light. Both of them were being hit with flashing lights, but both didn't really care. These things are not something to be trifled with. And with that, Tabitha raised her staff to clear the smoke.

Colbert could sense fire magic being used. He was a user of fire, so of course he knew that it was being used. It was the cause of the heat. However, Colbert, at that moment, felt so outclassed. The person using fire, that thing was using it to an extent in which the flames actively obey the owner all the time. Colbert has to force the fire to submit to his will, but this fire follows the exact order of the owner without any complaint.

Still, despite this fear, he had to get the students out. Kirche and Louise, he hoped was still safe.

Now this was getting insane, Kirche coughed. What the hell is going on here? She knew she was summoning something with Louise, but she does not know what was wrong with the ritual. Was this the curse of zero? Was this hell? What was this?

"I," Louise shouted out loud, "I REFUSE TO BE NO LONGER A ZERO!" Louise yelled with all her might, "I WILL NOT FAIL!"

I refuse to be no longer a zero.





Ohhhhh. So it was that light novel series. Kaguya stopped fighting. "Mokou, MOKOU! Ceasefire, I repeat, ceasefire!" Kaguya waved her arms, hoping that Mokou got the message.

Kaguya realizes what was going on, and she had the world's greatest grin on her face. Of course she knew what was going on, and like hell she would miss upon this chance.

Mokou was ticked off. Kaguya, in her midst of her joy, stopped and wanted Mokou to stop fighting as well? Because there're humans in the area –

Oh there were humans in the area. Mokou cooled down the air around her immediately. Luckily Kaguya had spotted that, and waved –




Why is Kaguya smiling that wide? It was scaring her.

The fighting stopped, and Tabitha blew away the smoke. There was Professor Colbert, who had wide eyes. There was Kirche, her mouth wide opened. There was Louise who blinked in surprise. And there were two strangers.

One of the stranger had long, black hair. She was wearing a pink kimono, and was of short stature. She also had a fan in her hand, and that fan currently was fully unfolded. To Tabitha, she knew that the girl was someone that men are willing to abandon their current wives, men who are willing to fight, men who are willing to die just for that girl's hand. And Tabitha knew that girl was not human.

Colbert was awestruck. When Tabitha cleared away the smoke, thank god for that smart student's quick thinking, Colbert caught a glimpse of something behind one of the stranger's back.

That stranger in person was wearing red pants, a white shirt, and straps like a farmer. That person also had long, white hair with crimson red eyes.

That something in question was wings. But they were no ordinary wings. They were wings made of fire. The structure, the feathers, everything was made of fire. And Colbert knew what kind of creature had those wings of.

It was something he had dreamed multiple times in his childhood, something that fascinated him throughout his journey in the army, something that Colbert seeks to this day. And it was today that he found it.



He found a phoenix.

Kirche was rubbing her eyes. "Too much damn smoke." Kirche coughed, "I'll wait until somebody not Zero speaks."

Louise was awe-stricken. Before her was two girls standing in front of each other. One of them was smiling, the other was not. And before she knew it Louise's temper flared.




Kaguya winced. That was unnecessary loud. Should had expected that.

Mokou winced. Her ears were bleeding.

Tabitha had her hands over her ears. Slyphid also had her paws over her ears.

Colbert didn't hear. He was too fascinated with the individual in front of him. She was a phoenix. A genuine phoenix. Amazing.

Kirche kneeded her forehead. "Ouch." Kirche muttered, "Headache."

Louise stopped screaming, and marched towards the commoner. "You!" She pointed at the one with the kimono. "You there, what are you doing to my ritual?!"

Kaguya's thoughts were running fifty billion thoughts per second. Alright, let's take stock of the situation. First thing first, she knew that she was in the "Familiar of Zero" universe. And instead of Saito being summoned, both Mokou and Kaguya were summoned indeed.

Moving on, Kaguya noticed that Kirche was there without her lizard. So, it was likely that Kirche was summoning the familiar the same time as Louise. So, thus they were both familiars, just to different masters.

Next thing, deciding who is the master of who. Wasn't really much of an argument. Kirche's element was of the flame. Mokou controls fire. Cirno could have solved that problem with ease. So, Kaguya had Louise as a…master…..who…..mistreats….Saito.




That grin on Kaguya's face was promptly wiped off and Kaguya shouted "SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII-

"IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT" Mokou tilted her head. First, Kaguya was happy. Than that happiness disappeared and was replaced with a face of strife. Not that Mokou minded it, she loved seeing Kaguya in despair. But, "TOO LOUD!"

Mokou sighed, and looked at the bald man. That baldie was staring at Mokou too closely for her comfort, so, Mokou started stepping backwards.

Tabitha was covering Slyphid's ear. No need for that innocent dragon starting to know some profanities.

Colbert didn't hear.

Kirche muttered several profanities.

Louise's temper flared again, and Louise pointed her wand at Kaguya.

Kaguya panicked. Was there anyway that Kaguya could swap masters with Mokou? Any? Any? Shit, shit, SHIIT! She refused to become Louise's familiar…oh there's no way of swapping without making a significant different in the story line.

Kaguya than noticed her master waving her wand at Kaguya. Quickly, Kaguya made the instant of time an eternity, and ran at her master. When she reached her master, Kaguya removed the wand from her hand and ran back to her original starting position. Kaguya threw the wand away, and made the eternity an instant again.

That was one situation defused, Kaguya thought as Louise looked perplexed at her empty hand. Next situation, alright, calming down.




"I believe you are my master?" Kaguya asked towards the pink hair lady.

I believe you are my master


Mokou couldn't believe her ears at that moment. Master? What was going on here? Wasn't it the other way, Kaguya claiming to be the master and the other a servant? What's going on? And why was that baldie still staring at her? Seriously, it's getting past the point of stalking, it was breaching the point of a yandere!

Author's Note

Wow, never thought I would get this far in three hours. And this story I just created today from scratch.

Anyways, this is a Familiar of Zero and Touhou fanfiction crossover! I hope you enjoy.

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If you guys are wondering why Mokou and Kaguya could speak in the same language as the Halkengians, than it is because of Louise overloading the initial spell. Both Mokou and Kaguya did not notice the explosion, because they were fighting against each other and a tiny explosion pales in comparison to how much hurt they were dishing against each other. They were, for heaven sake, created an earthquake in the whole continent!

How did they create an earthquake? Well, you'll see in the next chapter. Oh yeah, by the way sorry for all the POV changes. Stating next chapter there won't be that may POV changes.

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