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Srius Black was not one ro think so hard. He stared at the ceiling of his room in Grimmauld Place, which he had inherited after his mother passed and was finally using. Not of his own choice, but if he was going to survive and not get locked back in Azkaban, then he needed to hide in a place where no one would think to look for rebellious and wanted man Sirius Black.

He was currently thinking of a little boy with black hair that desperately needed a haircut and sparkling gray eyes. His little brother, Regulus.

Before Regulus died (more accurately vanished, seeing as his body was never found), he'd sent Sirius a note and a small package. The Gryffindor refused to open it; he feared his Death Eater brother had finally decided to take him out by rigging either to explode.

When 1994 rolled around and he was hiding out at Grimmauld Place, he'd discovered it in his old room. He wondered how it had gotten from his old house to his childhood home, but put it down to Kreacher. That house elf would do anything to honor his master, even if it was just retrieving his final gift to his brother.

When Sirius had cautiously opened it, he found something odd. No explosives, no tricks, no spells or booby traps. Just a simple letter, written in handwriting too sloppy to belong to his formal brother.

'Dear Siri,

I don't have much time, but I need to say something to you before I go. I've made a lot of mistakes in my short life. I chose to follow our parents instead of you; I chose to become a DE; I didn't let you help me or give me advise I desperately needed. I hope my last choice will make you proud, for it is the first right decision I've ever made.

I have found a way to bring down Voldemort once and for all. Inside the package are three things: two books and a time turner. I know you won't open this letter until it is too late, but if you can't find any other way, you can use the time turner to go back and defeat Voldemort before the war spirals out of control. It is a very special time turner that will make your mission much more effective.

Save as many people as you can, Siri, and don't pass off this letter as a pathetic plea for forgiveness. I am simply giving both of us and the Wizarding World a second chance. Please take it, Siri. I love you, brother.


That was an hour ago and Sirius hadn't moved from his bed, staring at the golden necklace in his hands. It glinted, tempting him to use it, in the sunlight that streamed through the window.

Of course, he wanted to. He could save Reggie and James and Lily and the Longbottoms. He could even save Peter if he tried hard enough by being there for him and making him feel like his friends truly cared about him. In the end, it would be up to Wormtail, to the shy Gryffindor, to Peter Pettigrew, to discover his courage and fight alongside his friends, but Sirius could help him get there.

But, then again, what about this time line? What about Remus and Harry? He'd even miss Hermione and Ron, Harry's little friends that tried to kill him when they met him.

Yet, he would meet Harry someday. James and Lily would get together; he was not changing that and losing his godson. And when Harry went to Hogwarts, he would meet Hermione and Ron, Sirius would make sure of it. If he did this, he could give Harry a good life and maybe some siblings. The Boy Who Lived would not have the weight of the Wizarding World on his shoulders. He wouldn't live with those bastards he called relatives. Harry James Potter could be truly happy.

Sirius made up his mind. He stuck the books in the enlarged pockets of his coat and slowly, spun the hourglass.

Unfortunately, Sirius didn't know how a time turner worked. He did the logical thing and spun it fifteen times, one for each year that had passed since 1979. Nothing happened. The Animagus spun it another few times and it started to whirl in circles on its own. The world tilted on its axis and that's when everything went to Hades.

The room was spinning around him. The first several spins showed the same room, although he was sure it got less dusty with each time around. Then, he saw a fifteen year old him tossing things into a suitcase angrily while Reggie stood in the doorway, tears in his eyes. Next was a fourteen year old him talking into the Two Way Mirror and laughing with James. Fourth was a thirteen year old him throwing a ball at the ceiling in boredom. Fourth was a second year him with a nine year old Reggie, playing a game of chess on the floor. And finally was a first year him, lying in his bed, fast asleep.

The world went black.

When Sirius awoke, the first thing he noticed was that someone really needed to turn off the sun. Blinking to clear the dots from his eyes and to try and ease the headache, he sat up slowly and gasped.

Everything was different about his room. Instead of having red and gold sheets that he had bought with his own cash to challenge his parents, he was under a black comforter with green snakes intertwined to form a B. His walls no longer bore posters of Muggle women or Muggle machines, such as automobiles and motorbikes, but were instead barren. On his dresser across the room, a line of family photos were set up neatly and there were no photographs of his friends. The curtains were open and the morning sun shined in upon his face.

"What on earth?" He mumbled.

Swinging his legs off of the bed, he attempted to stand and promptly crashed to the floor. He should have been thinking why his floor wasn't so dusty after being unoccupied for nearly two decades, but instead, his first thought was, 'Why the hell does Grimmauld Place have such a bloody hard floor?!'

Stumbling to his feet, he approached the mirror and gaped.

The person he saw in the mirror was him alright, but not. His hair was still messy, long, and unruly, but it was no longer dry and unclean or felt like sandpaper when he ran his hands through it. It reached the bottom of his neck in the back and fell into his sparkling gray eyes, no longer dull or haunted, in the front. He wore a green button up shirt and a pair of matching silk pants that made him hot and itchy. While still pale, his skin was no longer translucent and he was much shorter than he had been a moment ago.

Something caught his eye: a calender hanging on the wall that had gone previously unnoticed. At the top, the month and year read, "September, 1971." No days had been marked off that month and since Sirius had drawn x's as the days ended up until he became an Auror, that made today September first. His very first day of Hogwarts ever.

A sharp knock startled him.

"Siri, Mother says get up!" The high pitched voice of a young child called through the wood. "It's seven and we gotta be there by nine, so get ready."

He swallowed the lump in his throat. "O-Okay, Reggie. I'll be downstairs soon."

"Okay!" Light footsteps pattered away.

Oh, Merlin, his little brother was alive. He wasn't dead or bitter. He was an innocent eight year old that loved Sirius more than anything in the universe.

After a quick shower, Sirius dressed in his robes and opened his trunk for one last check of his supplies.

He had everything and even two things extra that made him sigh in relief. The books he'd taken back with him were right on top of the other neatly stacked books. Contrary to popular belief, Sirius was a very organized person with his books neatly stacked and his robes folded precisely. Just one last thing that he needed to pack.

Digging through the box under his bed, he pulled out a small pocket book and placed it on top of his robes with a small grin. He wasn't forgetting about Reggie this time.

Finally, he stood and dragged his trunk down the stairs. When he got to Hogwarts, he'd have to magic some wheels onto the darn thing!

Already sweating slightly from lugging his luggage down the steps, he stopped to catch his breath next to a giggling Reggie.

"I need to start working out," Sirius gasped.

"Yes, yes, you do," Reggie smirked, jokingly. Sirius lightly punched his little brother's shoulder.

"Ready, kids?" Orion said as he walked in. For a moment, Sirius was shocked at his father's behavior before remembering that his parents, while strict, had both been kind to him before he was sorted into Gryffindor. Although it was a long shot, he might even be able to convince his parents that Muggle and Muggleborns weren't all that bad. Sure, it was pry impossible, but hey, a guy can dream.

Regulus and Sirius both nodded, enthusiastically, and they stepped into the Floo, Orion taking Sirius's trunk. When they stepped out, the Platform wasn't crowded or bustling with activity yet as it was only ten to nine.

"Well, Sirius, your mother and I best be getting onto work," Orion told him, wistfully. "We'll see you for the Christmas holidays."

His father patted him on the back and his mother kissed him on the cheek. Reggie, all courtesy and pride forgotten, dove into his brother's arms, nearly knocking him on his behind.

"I'll miss you," Reggie whispered, voice rough with tears.

"I love you, Reggie. I'll make sure to write you at least once a week."

"Promise you won't forget me?"

"How could I forget my favorite little brother?" Sirius laughed. How indeed? he wondered.

"I'm your only little brother!"

"Therefore, you're my favorite."

They said their final goodbyes and his parents and sibling Flooed away, leaving Sirius alone. As it was still early, he found a compartment, completely empty he might add and sat alone until there was a knock at exactly ten thirty three AM.

"Can I sit here?" Someone asked, a very familiar voice, but one he couldn't place.

Sirius nodded and looked up from his Quidditch magazine in time to almost jump out of his seat.

Standing in front of him was a very much alive James Potter.

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