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Sirius's eyes flew open, a scream torn from his throat, as his chest moved up and down, rapidly. Each breath that ghosted over his lips came out in a loud pant as he began to hyperventilate. Sweat poured down his face and body, and his heart was thundering inside his chest. He was shivering and sweating at the same time, and his trembling reached such a high intensity that at first glance, he looked like he was having a seizure.

"Sirius," James repeated. "Sirius, are you all right?"

Sirius couldn't have replied if you wanted to. His heavy, quick breathing abruptly stopped as he tried to breathe in, but nothing entered his lungs.

"Sirius!" Remus cried. "Sirius, answer us!"

Sirius couldn't. He started gasping and struggling for air. Each breath became harder to draw in; he felt like he was drowning.

Drowning. Regulus was drowning!

He remembered his dream vividly now. He remembered the terror that struck him as a strange man dressed in all black with his hood hiding his face grabbed his brother's shoulders and pushed him under the water. He remembered the coolness of the water as it splashed him, kicked up by Regulus's failing arms and futile attempts to fight off the much stronger man.

"Reg!" He cried, his voice almost echoing, sounding like there were multiple Siriuses speaking at once. His voice seemed to roll across the land, reaching the very edges of the scenery, but his brother, nor his attacker, seemed to hear him.

"REG!" Sirius called louder.

Then, suddenly, Sirius felt something squish inside his shoes and looked down to see water flooding the grass at his feet. And it was rising.

Sirius screamed as he looked up, and he found himself trapped inside a claustrophobic box, and although it appeared to be made of glass, it didn't shatter when Sirius punched it. In fact, hitting the walls of the box caused extreme pain in Sirius's face, but not even a crack in the structure. The box was taller than Sirius when he stood straight up, but it was barely wide enough for two grown man to stand chest to chest.

The water was still there, pooling around his feet, and it rose so quickly, Sirius didn't even have a chance to put together a plan, some kind of solution. Within seconds, the water filled the entire tank, rising above Sirius's head and hitting the ceiling of the box.

Sirius was trapped in a box filled with water.

His lungs burned. His head felt like it was exploding. He needed to breathe. He couldn't hold his breath anymore.

He was going to drown.

Sirius suddenly froze as Regulus appeared in the box with him, and he backed up as much as he could, his back hitting the wall.

Regulus's eyes were wide open, the life having faded from them long ago. His blue lips were parted, and water rushed into his lungs. He was dead.

Sirius couldn't stop himself from opening his mouth and screaming. Sirius's shriek shattered the walls, and the water rushed out of the box. And then it all vanished. Regulus, the box, the water, everything. It was all gone.

That's when he woke up.

"He can't breathe!" He heard Remus shout as he gasped for air that wasn't there.

Suddenly, arms were lifting him off of his bed, and he could see the world rushing past him, but he couldn't comprehend what was happening. All he could focus on was trying to breathe.

"Madam Pomphry!" He heard Peter yelling, but he couldn't remember who Madam Pomphry was or where they were. He barely remembered who Peter was.

He was being laid down on a bed, and all Sirius saw was white. He saw bright blobs of color, but the white seemed to overwhelm any other color that wanted to enter his vision.

"Mr. Black, can you hear me?" A voice shouted, and Sirius could hear her, but he couldn't understand her, and he couldn't respond. It was like she was speaking in a foreign language, and Sirius's vocal cords had been frozen or something.

Sirius was shaking even harder now. He was full out convulsing at this point, and no one knew how to stop it, not even the nurse. He was drenched in sweat, and that only increased Sirius's fear as it made him feel like he was drowning even more so.

Regulus, he tried to say, but nothing came out except for a loud wheeze.

A light was being shined into his eyes, and it blinded Sirius, making him flinch and toss his head back and forth. His fingers curled around the sheets and blankets of the bed, his fists clinging to the bedding for dear life. He stretched his throat as much as he could, wheezing and coughing and crying. The only sound he was able to make was a whimper.

Regulus was in danger. He had to get to him.

Sirius tried to sit up, but he only succeeded in raising his head and shoulders before flopping back onto the mattress.

"Reg!" He managed to choke out, the first word he'd spoken since his trouble breathing began. Still, his friends and the nurse didn't appear to understand his gasp. The word was so quiet, it could've passed for another wheeze.

His chest ached, like a fist was squeezing his lungs, and they burned. His entire body was singing with white hot agony.

He wanted it to atop. He wanted Regulus safe. He wanted to sleep. But he didn't know how to achieve any of those things.

He wanted it to be over! That single thought bounced off of his skull like a ping ball as his convulsions hit their peak.

And then, all of a sudden, it just stopped. Sirius's body went slack, his shaking stopping in the blink of an eye. He inhaled, and oxygen filled his lungs; his heart rate slowed down; he didn't feel pain anymore. But he did feel really, really tired.

He heard James calling his name, telling him to stay awake, but Sirius couldn't obey.

The heavy exhaustion weighing him down dragged into a deep, deep sleep.

Sirius came around, slowly.

"What... pened?"

"Don't... oh."

".. scary..."

"Madam Pom... didn't have... seizure."

"She doesn't... what... happened."

Sirius managed to groan, softly, and silence fell as he managed to pry his eyes open.

He found Lily, Severus, James, Peter, and Remus all staring down at him.

"What happened?" Sirius mumbled, eyes focused on the white ceiling above him.

"You had an... episode," James said, choosing his words, carefully.

"Episode," Sirius repeated, and James nodded.

"Yeah. Madam Pomphry doesn't know what it was, but it looked like a cross between a panic attack, an asthma attack, and a seizure. You kept mumbling about feeling like you were drowning."

Huh. Sirius didn't think he'd spoken during it, but... wait. Drowning.

"Regulus!" he suddenly yelled, sitting straight up in the bed.

His friends rushed to push him back into a lyiny down position.

"No, you don't understand. He's in trouble!" Sirius shouted.

"No, he's not," James assured him. "We mailed your dad while you were out. Regulus is fine. We talked to Professor Dumbledore, and he said Regulus and you dad could come here later today, and you could see for yourself."

Sirius nodded, yawning as exhaustion began to creep upon him again. It'd temporarily been chased away by the adrenaline, but now it was back and much more severe than before.

"Go to sleep now," Lily whispered. "The more you sleep, the sooner Regulus will be here."

Sirius nodded, weakly, and drifted off.

When Sirius awakened again, he found his little brother sitting at his bedside.

"Reg!" He exclaimed, and he sat up as Regulus embraced him.

For a moment, they just hugged.

And then, Regulus coughed.

"Sirius," he choked out. "Can't breathe."

Sirius laughed and loosened his grip.

"Reg, I had the worst dream. You were drowning and dying, and the worst part was that someone was actually trying to kill you. It wasn't an accident or... it was attempted murder, and it... it scared me. I'm glad you're safe."

"Um, Sirius, about that..." Regulus began, nervously. "I have something to tell you."

Sirius pulled away to look Regulus in the eye, which was kind of pointless since Regulus avoided making eye contact with him as he focused on the sheets, like there was something so interesting about them.

"Your dream was real..." Regulus whispered, his voice horribly quiet in the Hospital Wing, empty save for the two of them.

Sirius's heart stopped dead in his chest.

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