Note for those who read Journeys for Pegasus: Sorry for the tense switch. I wanted to try and write this story in the present tense as a challenge to myself, but I am simply too used to writing in the past tense when it comes to fiction. I keep slipping back into it as a write and having to make the corrections is pretty annoying. So I'm just going to stick with past tense from now on. Also, I decided to release this a day early since it was done and I really wanted to get it out there! I'm going to follow the episodic schedule from now on, since I feel that the format has some real fun benefits. That means, for SG-1, new episode every Tuesday, and for Atlantis, new episode every Friday.

For everyone else: This story is based on my want as a Stargate fan for a legitimate conclusion to the Stargate franchise that I can be wholly satisfied with. There will be Twenty Episodes to total around a Season for each of the four stories that will contribute (except for the last one, which will only be five), one based on each of the Stargate television shows. Each Episode will be between 5 and 7 thousand words long and will be mostly focused on dialogue to drive the story forward, much like a script, but not completely. Each of these stories takes place in a shared universe, just like the television shows.

All books and comics related to the television shows are things I do not consider canon for the sake of this story. As such, this story will be assembled from wholly original ideas (and of course ideas for future seasons pulled from Joseph Mallozzi's blogs that I have iterated on).



Written by Niko DelValle

Some ideas were borrowed from Joseph Mallozzi


Two years ago, the Goa'uld System Lord Ba'al was defeated once and for all after making an attempt to change history. A lot of things have changed in that time, but something that hasn't is their mission to defend Earth. Only now, with the Earth saved and the last of the system lords wiped from the galaxy for good, SG-1 will need to deal with far greater threats. But, instead of threats from the rest of the galaxy, they will need to contend with threats from within…

S11E01: Ideals - Part I

Year 2012

Deep inside of a Warehouse on the outskirts of Washington DC, a young man sat before a computer. With Coffee in hand, he worked diligently on his task. He was so focused that he didn't even avert his eyes, not even for a moment, to set down the piping hot drink. The display before him was bright and covered in lines upon lines of computer code.

He used both hands to enter a new line into the program he was working on. Not a single mistake was made, and he scrolled onward. His eyes remained open, but turned glassy as if he was thinking about something. Reconsidering the code he had just entered in-case there had been mistakes he had missed.

"James, I brought your-" Another, slightly older, young man suddenly entered, but before he could speak, the young man at the computer named James Parker raised his hand to silence him. James was clearly desperate to finish his work uninterrupted. And work he did, very quickly. It wasn't long before he pressed enter to submit his program. Finished with his work, the young man flipped around in his chair with a weary smile.

"I'm finished." James said simply. Brown bangs from his unkempt hair drifted down onto his eyes, so he used his hand to brush them away. Then, he stifled a yawn and rubbed his eyes with balled fists. Once opened, it was incredibly clear what the extent of his concentration had been, as the whites were covered with bloodshot red.

"What? Already?" The other young man said, as if deeply impressed. "How…?"

"It's not really all that impressive…" James replied, scratching the back of his head as his pale cheeks filled with blood.

"You know, man, you have to be the least egotistical hacker I've ever met. How can you be so modest? You're fifteen! That's nearly five years younger than me! You don't even have the beginnings of a college education and you're probably the best hacker in the world. It's scary what you could do. It's also very impressive."

"I guess. But I wouldn't do anything scary. I only use my powers for the forces of good, so to speak…"

"I know. That's the only reason I'm helping you out." The young man replied. James's eyes locked onto the grocery bag clutched in his friend's hand. "Oh, yea, that reminds me. I brought your dinner. My dad made it."

"I'm just lucky you don't eat much, so it's easy to cover up sneaking your food out…"

"It is pretty convenient. But my parents are always worried about feeding me too little, so I don't mind giving you my monstrous amount of leftovers. I'm pretty sure it actually makes them happy thinking I ate it all."

"Thanks Danny."

"That's Mr. Weld to you, young man." Danny joked.

Danny Weld handed his friend the grocery bag. Inside was a small container full of fried rice.

"I just can't believe they still believe you're in your room. Do they like… never check on you?" James wondered.

"They're too worried about interrupting my studies. They want me to go to MIT. If you ask me, I barely deserve it…"

"Of course you do. Don't sell yourself short just because I'm around. You've got a future man. A good one. There are very few people as good with computers as you are."

"Yea, I guess you're right. You're just so incredible. You should probably be running MIT one of these days."

"Unlikely with what I'm about to do with this program."

James flipped around.

"Good, the simulation went well…"

James opened up the Tupperware container containing his meal and began to eat with the provided spoon. He ate with gusto, but was still clearly careful not to get the food anywhere near his sensitive equipment.

"So, are you really ready to do this?" Danny wondered.

"Yep, I'm all ready to go. I sent these virus's I wrote against even stronger firewalls than they've got at the Pentagon. So, hacking them should be a piece of cake." James replied. "These simulations indicate that my intrusion won't even be detected. You'd think the government would invest in better data security, right? But, nope, they're still running on XP. So many exploits even with their stupid internally employed security updates. It's really a joke if you ask me."

"Well, good for the American people when it comes to knowing what their government is doing, right?"

"You've got that right. I'd hate to tackle a corrupt government with good security. Then I might need to get some more people from Freedom in here to help."

"Freedom? You joined up with them?"

"My goals align with them for now. They're probably one of the best groups I've worked with, actually. That one guy named Asguard is particularly helpful. I learned a few new tricks from him to use against government systems."

"I'm sure you taught him a lot more, Revolutionary." Danny said.

"Haha, I'm sorry. I'm just not very creative with the names." James replied. "I just named myself after what I am."

"I would've named you Modesty if you wanted to describe yourself."

"Come on, you already made me blush. You gotta stop at some point."


"Anyways, I'm about to get started. Sure you wanna be here for this? If I'm detected, there might be guys in black suits here within ten minutes."

"You'll warn me if that's the case. Then we'll both take off and I'll hide you in my room."

"Actually, if this goes South, I'm going to leave the country and come back in a few months to try again. I've got my escape plan ready to go."

"Still really good at pretending you're older than you actually are, I see."

"Yep. It's how I've gotten around since… you know."


"Anyways, here we go. This shouldn't take long."


Brigadier General Samantha Carter slowly descended the stairs from the briefing room to Stargate Operations as the klaxon that indicated an incoming wormhole blared in the background. The gate turned on just as his foot hit the floor.

"Incoming IDC." Sergeant Walter Harriman said from the computers. Sam joined him, standing over his shoulder and watching the screen to see the incoming iris code. "It's SG-1 mamn."

"Open the iris." The General said.

"Ten times in a row…"

"Yea, I know, it's gotta be a new record, right?"

"Maybe, mamn."

"Come on Walter. You gotta brighten up."

Sam patted him on the shoulder before turning to descend the stairs and head into the gate room as SG-1 stepped through. Colonel Cameron Mitchell, along with Daniel Jackson, Teal'c, and Vala entered the facility before the gate shut down behind them.

"Hey there Sam. Went off without a hitch." Mitchell said.

"I know. Walter and I were just talking about it." Sam replied. "Ten times in a row since the last time you came back early due to trouble."

"Ten whole times? Really?" Daniel wondered, counting it on his fingers. "Wow, you're right. Pretty strange, isn't it?"

"Well we defeated all those nasty Goa'uld and brought peace to the galaxy." Vala said dramatically. "What else can you expect, darling?"

"Yea, I guess. I just didn't imagine things would start settling down so fast."

Vala kissed her boyfriend on the cheek.

"Stop worrying so much. We've got a dinner date to get to, so let's wrap this up."

"Oh yea. I forgot about that." He said. "Hey, wait a second, didn't I tell you to keep it professional when we were here?"

"When have I been known to keep things professional anywhere?" Vala asked.

"She has a point." Mitchell commented.

"Indeed." Teal'c added/

"Well, since you two have got a date, I'll keep things simple. Why don't you go wash up and then we'll meet for debriefing in an hour?"

"Sounds good to me." Mitchell replied. "Let's go ladies and gents. We don't want to keep you two lovebirds too long."

"Definitely not. And that's an order." Sam joked.

"How very intimidating." Vala joked back.

"Yea, I really need to work on it, don't I? I've never really been that good at striking fear into people's boots."

"I would prefer that a position of authority not change who you are, General Carter." Teal'c said.

"Ha, don't worry about that Teal'c. It certainly hasn't so far. It's even worked out okay regardless."

He gave her his slight Jaffa bowing nod as SG-1 departed the briefing room. Sam, in the meantime, headed back upstairs to her office.


James got to work on his keyboard. He contacted the Department of Defense's website through the internet and used a secret backdoor that he'd found buried in the websites HTML-code to get to the backend. From there, he spoofed an authentication code to bypass the login screen, and created an administrator account for himself that he used to log in

"Welcome Mr. President?" Danny wondered with a raised eyebrow.

"This account-level has access to all of the server. It'll get me where I need to go on the Pentagon's internal network." James explained. "Once I get there, I won't be able to enter the Preisdent's personal password and that authentication code exploit won't work internally."

"So you'll need the breach the firewalls with that virus you wrote. I see. Have you been detected?"


"How many servers are you bouncing your signal through?"

"None. The Pentagon has an internal tracing Trojan that it deploys to all connected computers. If I didn't manage to block it, this computer would immediately signal the Secret Service to our exact location."

"Is that the best security measure they have? It's pretty nasty, but you think that'd be there first line of defense."

"Yea, you would, wouldn't you? They're pretty incompetent. Anyways, here's the military server, and now I just insert my virus… and… tadah! I'm in. Now, tell me if you spot anything the public needs to know in here. Four eyes are better than one, so to speak."

"Will do…"

They both scanned through the myriad classified documents for a few minutes, skimming anything that looked important.

"Oh, look, some illegal drone strikes." James said reading over a top-secret file. "Disgusting… I thought Hayes ran on saying he would get rid of them, but he signed off on this. Good thing he's out."

"Doesn't really matter if either of the party candidates we have this year get elected."

"No kidding." James said narrowing his eyelids. Seeing injustice angered him greatly, and the drone strike in the file had killed six innocent people to take out a terrorist cell they hadn't even confirmed existed.

He downloaded the file to his local portable hard drive and swept it for viruses with a custom protection program.

"Why don't we just download all of this?" Danny wondered.

"There's a mass-transit protocol in place to detect whenever a large number of files are copied at once. So we'll have to go over all of this from the inside. It shouldn't be too hard. If I got in like this once without getting detected, I doubt they'll be updating their security measures any time soon. I can get in as many times as I like."

James continued scrolling.

"Wait a second, what the hell is that?" Danny asked, pointing to how some of the files were not showing up as recognized despite being in the correct format.

"I… don't know. It looks like a read error. Let me try refreshing."

Refreshing didn't work. They remained the same way.

"Try again. Maybe it was a coincidence, but…"

"You think that those files are different somehow."

"Yea. Something's fishy."

James refreshed it again, confirming Danny's worries.

"Why aren't those files reading?" Danny asked. "I don't understand."

"I do. Those are just files with extra security. They're still formatted the same, but if an authentication code that's stored locally on authorized computers isn't submitted with the password, then they won't return the whole files and it causes a read error. I should still be able to get a partial if I fill in the blanks in the formatting code…"

James opened one of the files in an editor and found the problem in one of the files. He used this to write a program that would fix the formatting protocol for the incoming files and ran it before refreshing again. The files came up as readable this time and James opened one.

"This will read a lot like a redacted file. I still don't have the whole thing, I just fixed the format code so we could read the partial."

They scanned the file. Most of it was gibberish, but a few words showed up again and again once they pieced together missing letters into words.

"Stargate? What's a Stargate?" James wondered. He continued to scan the report to piece together things. "Goa'uld? Ascended? Super something?"

"What's that strange code combination that keeps popping up? P2S-4C3?"

"It sounds like some kind of designation. Maybe based on binary?"

"What's the name of an Egyption god doing in a military report?" Danny pointed out the chain of letters. "That is Anubis, right?"

"Yea, I see it. This is a weird report."

"Who wrote it?"

"Some Colonel from the Air Force. I can't quite make out the name. O'nei?"

"No, O'neill."

"With one L?"

"No, I think there are two L's. See that line right there?"

"Oh, I see. Yea. Just a glitch messed up the L."

"Or maybe he misspelled it when he wrote it. Or someone came back to change it later?"

"Why do we care so much about this exactly?" James wondered.

"I dunno. Just seemed like an important detail." Danny said.

"Anyways, there are more of these… I'm going to find the one these that's the most recently created."

It didn't take long for James to find what he's looking for. What's more interesting to him is what they find inside. Something about a ship called the "Destiny".

"Huh? I've been through plenty of the Navy's files and I've never heard of a boat by that name. I'm guessing it's probably some small black ops vessel then…" James said. He became more interested in a date he had spotted. "There's a meeting on this report scheduled today. It's going on right now."

"Why does that matter?" Danny wondered.

"Because, I can get into the security server and take over the camera in that room… hold on…"

James switched over to the security server and broke in. Once inside, he tried to find the camera feed for the room designated on the report.

"What the hell?" James wondered. "Are you seeing this?"

"Yea, the security camera has a restricted feed. It's only feeding into a local server."

"This is some crazy stuff. What the hell are they working on that requires them to keep it secret from the rest of the government? This has to be big. Some crazy secret that they have no right to keep from us."

"What do you think it is?"

"No idea. I'm just worried that they want to hide it from us so badly. What if that super thing they mentioned before is some kind of superweapon? Some crazy new WMD? That word had an ON at the end. If it really is, then we sure as hell can't let them finish it without the American people and the rest of the world knowing about it. Agreed?"

"Yea… yea, man, I agree…"

"I'm about to do something really dangerous. Are you going to stay?" James wondered.

"What the hell are you planning to do? Break into the Pentagon?"

"What? No. It's not like I'm some super spy with crazy sci-fi gadgets."

"Then what's the plan?"

"I'm going to use the wireless on the cameras to breach one of the non-networked servers and get the uncorrupted data for the files we saw before. All I gotta do is reactivate their wireless cards with a signal burst into the servers and then hack through the local security. I might even get security footage from the meeting they're having."

"There's no way you won't get detected doing that!"

"Yea, I know, that's exactly the point. I'm going to break into that server and transfer as much as I can onto my portable hard drive." James explained. "Once that's done, I'm going run away, break through the encryption, and see what they're up to. If it's bad, then I'm going to need to find a public way to disseminate the information."

"Can't you just send it to the news?" Danny asked.

"No. I can tell just from this security that they will do anything to prevent this from getting out. I'm talking killing people. I'm talking bribing news stations and bringing the cops in if they don't comply."

"Holy shit. You're really going to do this?"

"Yes Danny. So, you really don't want to be here for this. In fact, there's no point. Here."

James handed Danny the remainder of his meal.

"Go." James told him. "I've got this place ready to burn and I'll make sure to destroy all the security footage that shows you coming out here from any networked camera. I already wrote a program to do it, actually.

"If they find you anyways, they can't prove anything. Whatever you do, don't tell them. I don't know what they're capable of."

"Okay. I understand." Danny said taking the bag. "Good luck… Don't get yourself killed over this."

"If what's in here is worth dying over, I just might. Thank you Danny. Thank you for all your help."

"N-No problem. I'll… I'll go now."

Danny ran out of the warehouse as James turned back to his computer and executed his plan. It didn't take him long to begin retrieving the files. He put a virus that handled the transfer from the server with a custom compression protocol to make sure he got as much data back as possible. Once that was done, he sprung up from his chair and grabbed a remote detonator from a cabinet along with a police radio. He flipped it on as he activated a program that tracked the position of police cars in the city. With information from both, he surmised he only had five minutes to get completely away from the building to ensure that no one was hurt in the fire. That meant only two minutes to download with. Only enough to get about a ten percent of the data.

"Good thing my program prioritizes downloading one complete file at a time into the compression protocol…" James said out loud, talking to himself as he usually did in panicky situations. "Too bad the computer can't take a higher compression rate. Would probably fry the CPU…"

He set a timer on his watch as he waited patiently. Once the timer finally hit the two minute mark and alerted him, he disconnected his portable hard drive and pressed the button on the remote detonator. Small explosives sounded throughout the facility, setting all of the tinder he had spread on fire. He also initiated a program on his computer to delete everything and then intentionally overload the hardware to make data retrieval as difficult as possible. Once done, he ran out of the door and towards a nearby forest. He reached it just as the police sirens began to sound in the distance, and the fire in the warehouse began to spread to the surrounding grass…


"…so, this site definitely seems to be linked with the Ancients." Daniel said. "But it predates the modern Ancients we know by a pretty long way. The dialect of the language is very different. It pre-dates even the form of the language used on-board the Destiny. It seems to be a log of some sort. Some kind of technology they were working on."

"What kind of technology was it?" Sam wondered.

"Well, it's hard to tell without a scientist to consult with, but I think it has something to do with… magnets." He replied. "Let me get out the video log. You'll know a lot more than we do."

"You know Sam, we really need you back on the team." Mitchell commented. "Daniel's right. He's not nearly as good with this science stuff. When our primary scientific consult is Vala…"

She brightly sat up and waved with both hands towards Sam with a grin.

"…I think we have a problem."

Her enthusiasm evaporated as she shot a dark look at Mitchell.

"It would be very useful to have that perspective back to serve us in the field." Teal'c said. "Things have calmed down, but even so, we have been caught in more than one situation in which your expertise would've made our work much more expedient."

"I'm sorry guys. You've just gotta accept that I'm in command now. I can't run out into the field."

"Man, you really like being the boss, don't you?" Mitchell wondered.

"I really think she does." Vala commented. She had brought a small package of strawberries with her, and took a bite out of one. "I bet it's because she gets a lot more time to work on her science stuff."

Even Daniel cast a glance towards Sam to see if she would confirm Vala's theory.

"What? Okay, I do like command more than field work. I'm sorry." Sam said. "Maybe it has a little bit to do with having more time to work on my side-projects…"

"Knew it."

"Anyways, I've given you the files of people I think are really very competent Mitchell. You need to pick one of them. It's been months since Landry retired. You didn't even pick someone new when I was on Atlantis."

"But… they're not you."

Sam grimaced.

"Got it!" Daniel suddenly said as he got his video running on the screen. "Now, if you look at this work here…"

Suddenly, the red phone in Sam's office rang.

"Sorry Daniel. I need to get that." Sam said.

"Oh, please, take your time." He replied.

Sam stood up and headed into her office. She picked up the phone, and after a few seconds of President Hayes talking, a look of shock crossed her face.

"I'll get right on it, sir. I'll send my best people…. Yes, them… Yes, sir. Right away."

She looked over at her compatriots.

"I'm sorry Vala. You two are going to have to cancel your dinner date."

"Oh, this must be serious." Daniel said.

"Why do you sound so happy about that?" Vala wondered. "I knew you didn't want to go…"

"Hey, you picked a restaurant I told you I didn't like."

"What? When did you tell me-?"

"Hey!" Sam called out to them. "Not right now, alright!"

"A woman at the end of her rope." Vala whispered. "That was actually pretty intimidating."

"Sorry." Daniel said. He poked Vala's shoulder. "Say it!"

"Fine. I'm sorry too." She said.

"That look on your face isn't good. How bad is it?" Mitchell wondered. She sighed.



It didn't take him long to find the car that would serve as his escape vehicle. He climbed into the driver's seat without hesitation, showing familiarity behind the wheel as he activated the engine. Once on the road, he grabbed a laptop from the glove compartment, activated its 4G network connection, and found the quickest flight out of the country.

"That probably won't work." James mused. "They'll shut down flights for this, even if they don't know who they're looking for."

James refreshed the page and saw that the tickets were no longer for sale.

"They sure move fast… Looks like I'll be staying here in the states. I… don't want to go back to that house… but I don't have any other choice…"

He trailed off.

"If I keep going fast when no other cars are around I should be able to stay ahead of the roadblocks. I'll probably still need to dodge a few, at least until I hit West Virginia. They don't want to cause too big a panic when they don't know who they're looking for.

"I should really stop talking to myself."

It took several days for James to reach his destination, Colorado Springs. Contending with roadblocks and the police looking for any sign of trouble was difficult, but not impossible. He handled the challenge smoothly and managed to get into West Virginia with only a small issue on the border that he managed to talk his way out of. Along with a bit of finagling with the border guards computer station, of course…

Once in Colorado Springs, it took James very little time to find the house he was looking for. It was a very distinct location. The doors were covered with police tape that had never been removed. Without the cover of darkness, James was careful to cover his face on his way into the alleyway towards the backyard. Once reaching the back door, James dug a key from his pocket. He took a long look at the key, as if remembering something, then inserted it into the lock and turned it.

The door unlocked and he stepped inside, removing the scarf and sunglasses he had used to obscure his features before placing them onto the kitchen counter. The interior of the house was devoid of furniture, making it easy for the young man to thoroughly examine it. He was clearly worried someone else might already be there. But his search revealed nothing of import. There was one room James did not check. He always gave the master bedroom on the first floor a wide berth as he moved around. Every time he passed the door, he gave it a look, and his body language told of both fear and weariness before he retreated and calmed back down.

Once he was satisfied with his search of the house, James returned to the kitchen and placed his laptop on the table. After sitting down, he flipped is open and disabled the wireless card. Then, he plugged in his portable hard drive, and got to work decrypting the information. The encryption on the files was incredibly complex and mistakes in the process could lead to the files being automatically deleted, but James did not shy away from the task. He never broke his intense focus, and after several hours of work, he had completely eliminated the encryption on the files.

Finally finished, James got up from his seat and stretched while letting out a lengthy yawn. He rubbed his eyes and generally seemed to be struggling to keep them open. Dark bags had developed, and for a moment he stepped away from the laptop as if he was going to go to bed.

"No… I need to see this first." He said to himself as he sat back down. There was a lot of material. He scrolled for a long time before setting his mouse over an interesting video file. The embedded description seemed to indicate it was a tutorial series made by a Doctor Daniel Jackson to introduce new personnel to the Stargate program. He opened the video, and sat back. It took a moment to load, but eventually James was greeted by the image of a man wearing a leather jacket, standing before a metallic ring with engraved symbols. "What in the hell…?"

"Hello, I am Doctor Daniel Jackson, and behind me is a Stargate. It was originally built millennia ago by an alien race called the Ancients."

"Wh-What?" James couldn't believe what he was hearing. "This has to be a joke. This… it has to be…"

He stared at the screen with intensity as Doctor Jackson continued his lecture on the Stargate. As the video played out, James got on his cellphone to look the man up. The man was a reputed loon of the archaeological community who had theorized that the ancient pyramids were actually landing pads for alien spaceships.

"If this is true… then he was right, wasn't he?" James whispered.

It didn't take very long of watching the video before his tone changed.

"How… how could they keep this from us? This… this is the greatest discovery in human history! They've been hiding this for over a decade!? How could they do this!?"

His fists were clutched on either side of the laptop as the video continued and James learned more and more about the Stargate program and its history. Eventually, he apparently couldn't take anymore, and slammed the laptop lid shut.

"Sixteen years…! They hid this for sixteen years! This changes everything! Everything the human race knows about the universe, hoarded by the government and the military. I can't believe this!"

All James could do as he became speechless was look at the floor, suddenly trapped within the thoughts surely swirling through his mind…


"There doesn't seem to be anything here." Daniel observed. The warehouse they were investigating was burned to a crisp.

"Excellent observation Daniel." Vala said sarcastically.

"I understand you're mad Vala, but don't worry about it. I'll take you out eventually. Just stop being so needy…"

"Well I'm a high-maintenance woman. You should know that by now."

"All too well…"

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"I honestly don't understand how you two are a couple." Mitchell said with a chuckle.

"This is just our shtick Mitchell. It's not like we actually mean it." Vala replied with a grin. "I mean if you'd rather us be all touchy-feely and mushy all the time, that can be arranged. Right Daniel?"

"I'd really rather not…" He responded, which earned him a punch in the gut. He couldn't help but laugh. "Fine…!"

"Ah, there it is. Now I can see it. The happy couple is in there somewhere." Mitchell said.

"Is this really the time Colonel Mitchell?" Teal'c inquired.

"No, not really, but we've got nothing else to do. The tech guys are still seeing what they can get from the computer equipment." He replied. "Whoever did this was good. Apparently he even managed to clean all of the security cameras in the area. The local cops searched the tapes of a few of the more low-tech guys around here, but no dice. There are too many suspects."

"Then it seems this is quite a serious situation."

"Yea, I don't think there's ever been a security breach this dangerous before. No wonder Sam was on edge. Though, I'm glad to see that even in dire times the rest of us can still be cheery."

"Oh yea. That's me. Cheery Danniel." Daniel said sarcastically.

"Oh admit it Jackson. You have been pretty cheery recently. Other than your usual bickering, you don't even get annoyed with Vala anymore."

"Hm… I guess not."

"I just can't believe this is the most exciting thing that's happened around here in at least a year and we can't even do anything about it. How can someone get a hold of that much information and we don't even know who it was?"

"Mitchell." Sam called on the radio.

"Hey there Sam." Mitchell replied. "We've got no dice on the warehouse. It's trashed and the techs said they probably won't be able to get anything off of the drives."

"Hm… the kid behind this is good. Really good."

"Kid? What do you mean?"

"Well, I figured it was my time to help, so I did a little digging on the internet. Found a ticket that was booked on a fake ID on a flight out of here. The face is clearly a kid. Nineteen at the most. Ran the face through recognition, and he has no records. At least… not anymore. I found some remnants, but nothing that could lead me anywhere."

"Is there anything you found that we could use?"

"Not really. I've been looking around hacker groups though, and it seems that the kid is a member of a decentralized hacker group called Freedom. Their anti-government for the most part. Want to get at all of the dirty secrets in Washington. They stumbled on something much bigger during the Pentagon hack… Jack told them not to keep servers with files from the SGC there but they didn't listen."

"As in O'Neill? He told them to not keep servers?"

"…I suggested it to him."

"That makes more sense."

"Anyways, this kid calls himself 'Revolutionary', and even on the internet he's a total ghost. I don't think he lives in any one place. Based on what I can gather, he's always on the move. He's accessed the boards these hackers use from all over the world."

"Is he running from the government?"

"I guess. I just don't know why."

"Well, he's definitely been at it for a while. Even Vala admires his handiwork."

"We should recruit this kid for the Stargate program at this rate… These skills are way beyond anyone normal that's his age." Sam said.

"I doubt he'd be receptive."

"No kidding. Posts I'm digging up on here… If this kid unlocks those files, he's going to be pissed at what we've been doing. And it won't be entirely unjustified either."

"What are we going to do if we find him? Throw him in the deepest darkest hole we can find like we usually do?"

"I don't know Cam… I don't like the sound of that…"

"Neither do I. But if this comes down to it, we might have to make a decision we don't like."

"I'm sure if you can find him, we can talk him down. We can stop him from trying to get those files out there. We've covered up breaches like this before."

"You're talking about that Colson guy, right? The one you stuck on another planet?"


"I hope this goes that well. We don't even know what exactly were looking for or where he is."

"Don't worry about that. Now that I've got his face, I'm going to use my government access to try and track him. We should be able to find him within a couple of hours."

"I gotta say Sam, I've got a bad feeling about this."

"So do I, Mitchell. So do I…"


Suddenly, James looked back up at the laptop. The light outside was dimming as day changed to night. He reached over and flipped it open again. James didn't keep watching the video, instead he closed the video player and disconnected the portable hard drive. He reconnected the laptop to the internet and wormed his way through a series of websites to get onto the Freedom hacker group's secret message boards. Posting as Revolutionary, he was set to write the most important words of his life. Words that would change the fate of the Earth.

Hello, fellow Freedom members. I need your help. I don't think there's etiquette for this, but I need you all to trust me very fast, so I'm going to put myself out there and hope you help me achieve my goal. One that is very in keeping with the stated common goal of this group.

In real life, my name is James Parker. I am from Colorado Springs, Colorado. I erased my records a while ago, but you can still find remnants that prove that I'm telling the truth. More importantly, I've discovered that the government has been hiding something that could change life as we understand it. They've done this for over twelve years. I need to release this information, but this is the kind of secret that the government would do anything to prevent getting out.

I'm about to create a torrent to share my findings via peer-to-peer. But that won't be enough. I'm going to need to take control of the Emergency Alert System and show the world the truth. To do this, I will need to physically enter the White House. Normally, this would be impossible, but you are all the best of the best, and I know some of you have your inside sources.

So I'm about to head to Washington DC. You'll be able to see me the whole way via security cameras. During that trip, you need to find a way to keep the police away from me, or direct me away from them. You have to find me the safest route to breach the White House. You have to come up with a plan that will ensure my success. I am going to put my life on the line. I don't know how else to show you how important what is in here is. This isn't just something the American people need to know, it's something everyone on the entire planet that has been hoodwinked by America and its allies needs to know.

So believe me and help me… through whatever means you deem necessary.

James Parker

James was shaking as his finger hovered over the enter key that would seal his fate.

"I want to remove that last line." He said to himself. "I'm afraid of what lengths they'll go to. I don't want anyone to get hurt… but… what they've been hiding is worth the sacrifice. This is something everyone deserves to know.

"I'm just going to have to live with the consequences."

And so, he pressed the enter key, reconnected his portable hard drive, and set up a peer-to-peer torrent. Fellow hackers were onto the torrent in seconds, downloading the several hundred gigabytes of files. James left the house and got back into his car, and took off on the road back to the very place he had just run away from…


A Fan-Written Conclusion to Stargate: SG-1

Stargate initially conceived by…

Roland Emmerich

Dean Devlin

Television Show originally created by…

Brad Wright

Johnathan Glassner

Writing ideas gleaned from…

Joseph Mallozzi

Written by…

Niko DelValle

All copyrights belong to their respective owners.



The secrecy of the Stargate program is in danger. A torrent has been posted online that contains their secrets, and Stargate Command working together with the authorities has to do its best to apprehend the hackers before they release the information to the public. Meanwhile, the head of Stargate Command, Brigadier General Samantha Carter, tracks down James Parker's parents to learn the full story, and SG-1 must bring to a stop Parker's mission to take over the national Emergency Alert System before it's too late…