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A few years had passed since the battle at Zzyzx, and Kendra was very content with her life. Kendra and her family had officially moved to Fablehaven after Zzyzx, her parents would often take trips back to their old hometown, or to other various places. While they embraced the magical world as best they could, Kendra's parents liked to take breaks from it.

They were on one of these trips now, they went off to California to see Hollywood and the likes. They always offered to take their children but more often than not, Seth and Kendra opted to stay home. They had been a part of the magical world for a while now, adding in the fact they both had magic woven into them, they didn't feel the need to vacation.

Kendra contemplated her life hard as she sat in the garden today. She was trying to figure out why she woke up so...sad. She thought about school, her Grandma Sorenson was their teacher for mostly anything. She taught college before so the solution to finding a tutor who knew about the magical world for home tutoring was easy.

She thought about the magic thing. She had been training, with weapons and with her own abilities. Being fairykind, she learned that she had a connection to water and earth. She could make flowers grow if she concentrated hard, and she even once got the faucet to stop flowing. Bracken had been teaching her how to recognize the different fairy languages and how to tell when someone was speaking them.

Ah, Bracken. The thought of him did send a pang of sadness through her. He hadn't visited Fablehaven for the last two months. Kendra figured she was sad because she missed him. It didn't feel quite like the answer but it was the closest she would get.

"Ah! Come on!" Seth shouted. Across the lawn, he was training with the Sphinx. No one in her family was comfortable with the Sphinx, but they didn't have much of a choice when it came to expert shadow charmers.

Right now Seth was learning how to control and then quench fire, the element he seemed to have a bond with. Kendra watched as a raging fire burned towards Seth, extinguishing right before it could actually burn him.

"The goal is to extinguish the fire before it gets to you, Seth. Not wait until it gets too close so I call it off." The Sphinx said cooly.

"I know! Again, I'll get it this time." Seth said, bouncing up and down and shaking his head.

"Yeah right, there is no way Seth could control that big of a fire, the Sphinx should of started smaller." A voice said behind Kendra. She turned to see Warren, hand and hand with Vanessa.

"He knows that, we know that, everyone knows that. The Sphinx just wants to show off." Vanessa said, glaring hard at the Sphinx.

The two sat next to Kendra, watching as Seth had to literally run away so he wouldn't get burned alive.

"Did you see that?" Kendra gasped.

"That was way too close of a call." Warren agreed. "God, I don't trust him."

"None of us do." Vanessa said. "Why do you think I voted to kill him?"

"He deserves worse than death." Kendra said, a steely tone entering her voice. Warren looked over in surprise.

"Well, you aren't wrong but...are you feeling okay Kendra? You seem angry. Did Bracken do something? I can hold him down while you beat his ass if he did, Vanessa can film it." Warren said, nudging her with his shoulder.

"I would very much enjoy that." Vanessa said dryly.

"No, Bracken didn't do anything, there is no need to beat him up." Kendra said.

"Shame." Vanessa sighed.

"I'm just having a bad day. The Sphinx just being here gives me a headache." Sure enough, her head was beginning to ache by her right temple. She massaged the area while listening to Warren and Vanessa make comment on how Seth was doing, and how the Sphinx was teaching.

Finally Warren stood up and called out that Seth was done for the day after Seth's shirt actually caught on fire. Warren motioned for Seth to come to him, as Vanessa stormed over to the Sphinx, exchanging heated words with a lot of pointing back at Seth.

"Come on, Kens. We can get you an advil for you headache. Your grandfather wants to see us in 5 minutes anyway." He said leading her and Seth to the back door.

Kendra sat on the living room couch slowly, her headache getting worse by the minute. She winced when Warren plopped down carelessly next to her, bouncing her up and down and causing her head to throb.

"Oh shit, sorry, K." Warren said reaching over and rubbing her knee. Kendra only grimaced in response, wondering if Tanu had a potion for headaches. He was also sitting in the room, along with her grandparents, Seth and Dale. Vanessa stormed in a moment later, face red with anger.

"The Sphinx has left." Was all she said before throwing herself down on the last remaining chair.

"Well, then we can start." Grandpa Sorenson said. "So, I don't see a point in making small talk so let's just skip right to it. There have been whispers of a new organization rising up, against the Knights of the Dawn."

The air in the room got noticeably tense. Kendra felt like someone just laid a load of bricks on her shoulders.

"They don't seem to be in anyway connected to the Society. To the very best of my knowledge all known members of the Society are either dead or behind bars." Grandpa Sorenson continued.

"Or teaching Seth how to run from fire." Vanessa muttered.

"Agad believes this group of people, while small, are a threat. His beliefs were proved true when two nights ago, at the Icelandic preserve, Arnbjrög, two men snuck onto the preserve and tried to compromise the artifact. They got caught trying to steal the key from the main house. The two men are being held in their dungeon until Agad comes for them." Grandpa Sorenson finished, ignoring Vanessa. Kendra felt sick, physically and mentally. A copy cat Society was the last thing they needed.

"Wait, how did they even get into the preserve? I thought that's what the register is for!" Seth asked.

Grandpa Sorenson nodded and looked a bit uncomfortable. "Well, that is what we are still trying to figure out. But we have our suspicions on how it happened."

"They pulled a Vanessa." Warren stated, raising an eyebrow at his now girlfriend. "Look at that, you have admirers."

"That was a classic trick in the society, pulled off many times, I wouldn't pin this idea on me." Vanessa said, although it lacked her usual sass and she kept glancing at Ruth. Kendra figured she was probably nervous the mention of her untrustworthy past would rock the fragile relationship.

"That might be, but yes. That is what we are assuming. We haven't hinted that we suspect an inside man to the caretakers or the people living there, no reason to raise alarms and cause untrust when we could be wrong."

"And it would be unwise to let the potential traitor know that you are on to them." Tanu finished. Grandpa Sorenson nodded.

"Now, Agad has requested we send a team to retrieve the compromised artifact quietly, bring it back to him so he can relocate it, and find out if there is a traitor hiding on Arnbörg. So, I'm sending all the present Knights in this room, and Vanessa, plus Trask will be joining you. Mara and Elise are coming to Fablehaven, just to help hold down the fort while you guys are off."

"Why do you need them to help you?" Seth wondered.

"In case Fablehaven is the next target." Kendra muttered, resting her head down on Warren's shoulder and shutting her eyes. Her headache was growing to be too much, she knew this was an important meeting but all she could think about was how badly her head was pounding.

"I'm afraid you sister is right. We have alerted all other preserves with artifacts hidden on them to be on guard as well. Now, you leave tomorrow morning at 10 a.m., Trask will be meeting you at the airport. That's all for now." Grandpa Sorenson finished.

Kendra heard the others getting up, and her brother asking what was for supper, but Kendra stayed still.

"Kens, why don't we get you to bed?" Warren whispered, still sitting with Kendra on his shoulder. Kendra groaned in response, not wanting to move.

"What's wrong with her?" She heard her grandfather ask.

"Headache. She already got advil. Guess it didn't work." Warren answered.

"Hm, come on Kendra. Warren is right, you should go lay down." Grandpa Sorenson said.

"Let's go, kiddo." Warren said, rising and pulling her up with him. Kendra turned to walk out of the room, barely opening her eyes. It felt like the sun was slowly entering the room, making it impossibly bright. Her vision swam, she heard Warren's voice, but all she could see was light.

And then she was falling.

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