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Her mind was chaos.

There were so many things to see, so many sights attacking her vision.

Focus, focus, focus.


"Luca. Find Luca," came a voice in her head. In the back of her mind, she recognized it to be Bracken's. Struggling against the artifact's power, Kendra pictured Luca.

Slowly, he came into view. He is seemingly...just reading in an unfamiliar room. Curious, she backs out until the house comes into view. Then land, beaches, and highways, until finally, she backs out so much she recognizes the distinct shape of the state he was in.


"Try looking for the sword," Bracken's voice came again. Kendra focused once more and the sword comes into view...in the same room as Luca, just leaning against the wall in the corner. It didn't seem evil at all.

She zoomed out again, slower this time, hoping to catch a glimpse of other people in the house, maybe members of the opposing group but suddenly she lost control. Her view on everything tumbled and spun, flashes of horrible things and happenings and monsters appeared in her vision.

What was happening? Who was she? What was she doing right now? Was she even real? Grip on reality slipping she reached out to where she last felt Bracken's presence on her mind.

S.O.S! S.O.S! S.O.S!

The Occulus was ripped from her grasp and she fell back into a pair of arms, completely spent. Kendra felt hands on her arms and legs and face, heard her name being called, but she couldn't respond. Her limbs refused to move, her eyes refused to open, her mouth refused to talk.

"Kendra, can you open your eyes? Come on, show us you can hear us at least."

"Sweetie? Can you hear us?"

"Kendra? Are you with us?"

They continued to call to her, trying to wake her, but it was doing nothing to speed up the process. Slowly, Kendra was able to stretch her fingers out, searching for someone. Thankfully, someone noticed and grabbed her hand

"Kendra, squeeze my hand if you can understand us," someone said. Who was that? A male...large hand...hard to squeeze but she did her best to wrap her fingers around it as tight as she could. She heard a relieved sigh and people stopped calling her name urgently.

"She's probably just coming out of it, kind of like waking up after you had surgery, it's slow and she's probably confused right now," a voice said from somewhere near her. It was a different one from the one who asked her to squeeze her hand...it was accented and it made her feel warm...why?

She felt a hand on her head, smoothing her hair down. "Kendra, we're right with you okay? You're alright, darling."

This voice from the right made her feel safe...protected. Another hand was trailing their nails softly up and down her arm, accompanied by another voice, this time a woman. "Take your time, we won't leave you."

More and more, Kendra regained the ability to move so she began lifting her arm which was quickly but gently caught and her hand was held. After a few more whispered assurances and encouragements, she gathered the strength and courage to open her eyes.

She braced herself for images of horrible things to attack her vision again but thankfully, all that was there were smiling faces.

"Hey, there she is," Warren said to her right. Kendra's mind was now clear enough that she could connect that the accented voice had been Bracken, the one who asked her to squeeze his hand was Tanu, and Vanessa was the hand on her arm.

She took a brief moment to gather her thoughts but as she did, the scarier it got as she remembered what had happened. Warren and Vanessa must have noticed Kendra was getting upset because she soon found herself wrapped up in their arms, and comforting words being whispered to her.

"You did so good Kendra, so good," Vanessa assured her.

"I am so proud of you, my little cousin is such a badass," Warren said, trying his best to make her smile. "I'm so lucky to have you in my life you know that?"

Vanessa wiped at Kendra's face, brushing away tears Kendra hadn't know she cried. "Honestly, you made that occulus your bitch!"

Kendra felt so upset, for so many reasons, but found she couldn't name one. She was exhausted, physically and mentally, but that wasn't why she was crying. Burying her face into Warren's chest, she tried her best to calm herself, but nothing worked.

"Vanessa's not wrong, you did so well Kendra," Warren pressed a kiss to the top of her head, worry evident in his voice. "Shh, it's okay...it's okay."

"Don't cry, mija," Vanessa sighed, her hand running up and down Kendra's back.

Everyone else had cleared out to give her a moment while Warren and Vanessa tried to calm her down. It took a while, but eventually, she was to a point where she wasn't sobbing anymore. But, when Bracken re-entered the room after a few minutes, Kendra still crying softly.

Wordlessly, he knelt in front of the couch where Kendra was being held by Warren and Vanessa and took her hand, sending what could only be described as a huge hug straight to her mind. Waves of comfort and peace washed over her flowing from where their hands were connected and traveling throughout her body.

Once Kendra was pretty much calm, Kendra noticed Vanessa glance at Bracken before kissing Kendra's head and standing, offering her spot to Bracken.

He thanked her quietly and took it. After Vanessa left, Kendra lifted her head from Warren's chest. "I know where Luca and the sword are."

"I do too, I saw it through your mind. Don't worry," Bracken assured her, running his thumb along her knuckles.

"When will we leave for California?" she asked softly.

Beside her, Warren's eyebrows shot up. "Cali? Really? The kid from Iceland went to Cali?"

"Yes," Kendra whispered, closing her eyes. She was so tired.

"What else did you see?" Bracken asked. "I only saw Luca and California. It was hard to see what you were seeing, almost like you blocked everything else except for those two things."

"I...I didn't mean to block you out."

"I know, you were too busy to even think about doing so, not to mention you don't know how to." Bracken paused before continuing. "So, what else did you see?"

Kendra's lip trembled and she opened and closed her mouth, searching for the words. There were none. She buried her head back into Warren's chest, just wanting to sleep and not think about anything.

She heard Bracken sigh softly, then he sent waves of sleepiness to her, adding in peace and comfort and weaving a blanket of protection over her as Kendra fell into a deep, deep, sleep.

Bracken released Kendra's hand once he made sure there was a barrier of peace laid over her mind to protect her from nightmares and stood. Warren seemed to get the memo and picked Kendra up, following Bracken to Kendra's room.

"What else did she see?" Warren asked as he tucked Kendra into her bed. Bracken sat on the end of the bed, eyes on the far wall.

"Too much," he answered after a moment. "It's like she saw the whole world at once, seeing what so many people were doing, and some of it was dark and not a good thing to see. She also saw magical creatures that aren't the nicest or the prettiest, you would think that the worst demons to look at were at Zzyzx but there a few creatures out there that could give you nightmares just by the sight of them.'

Warren threw himself into the desk chair, he ran his fingers through his hair and looked positively worried. "She tell you this through that mind thing you have?"

"She didn't have to, when I asked the scenes flashed through her mind and she unknowingly sent them to me."Y

"So that's why she's so upset."

"And the fact that the occulus is a horrible artifact to use, it really attacks your senses, in a way it's worse than the quiet box even though it's the exact opposite of it," Bracken said. He thought of the making of the Occulus. How Agad had proposed adding in this very effect to make it even more difficult to use for added protection…now Bracken wished he had spoken against it, just to save Kendra from this.

"Jesus…" Warren sighed, eyes on Kendra's sleeping form.

"I know."

Silence reigned throughout the room. Bracken didn't feel like talking anymore, and seemingly, neither did Warren.

Eventually, Bracken stood and left the room to let Kendra rest, Warren followed him out and shut the door behind him. "So, what now? We are going after Luca...right?"

"Of course," Bracken nodded. "He needs to be stopped immediately. We leave for California late tomorrow."

"Surf's up, I guess." Warren sighed and patted him on the shoulder as he made his way to his room leaving Bracken to retire to his own.

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