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Chapter 01: The Perfect Cuddles

One week.

They were dating for one week already.

Nico trailed his fingers through Will's hair, who hummed softly in his sleep, a content smile on his face.

The sound made Jason and Percy stir slightly, and Percy hummed back as if in reply, while Jason moved and wrapped his arm around Will from behind, making Will huff.

But Nico wasn't fooled.

He knew Will loved it, especially because he immediately snuggled back into Jason's hold, tugging Nico right along with him as if he was his pillow.

So adorable.

Nico smiled to himself, tempted to lean down and kiss his boyfriend.

He could.

That was the beautiful thing about it all.

He could.

But he decided against it, unwilling to wake him up.

His nightmares had been horrible the past days, and his resting apparently didn't work too well when he was 'overly excited' (his own words, because he still seemed the same as always to Nico), so it was good if he managed some more sleep.

Nico sighed, gazing back up at the ceiling.

Usually, he was the last person to wake up.

Sure, it was a nice change not to wake up to everybody already busy talking and making plans for the day that complied with their Camp schedules, but…

What was he supposed to do until anybody woke up?

What did the others do when they woke up alone?

Nico sighed, pulling his other arm up to put it over his face.

Then he smiled again.

The past week had been…quite interesting.

After the first night they had spent as 'boyfriends', rather than 'best friends', Nico had had the hardest time believing all that had actually happened.

He was quite happy he had been the last to wake up then, because if he had been the first like now, and would have had to wait, he'd have probably combusted with anticipation and dread.

But it had been real.

He had woken up to find Will kissing down the side of his neck affectionately, looking absolutely content, while Jason had gazed at him with the gentlest expression he had ever seen, wishing him a good morning and leaning down to kiss his forehead.

They kissed a lot.

A lot.

On the first day, they had kissed before they had left the cabin, finally getting up the courage to go to the dining pavilion together since Will's ex-boyfriend had suddenly shown up at Camp.

(That was something that still bothered Nico, but he definitely didn't want to dwell on that right now.)

They had kissed in the dining pavilion, albeit it had been an 'accident'.

(What with Percy and Will bickering about their sitting arrangement until Will had suddenly grabbed Percy's front and pulled him into such an intense kiss, there was no chance for anybody not to notice that.)

They had kissed the entire rest of the day.

(They had also not done anything else that day, even though Nico had been supposed to get the guys back into Camp activities and all.)

They had also kissed most of the next day.

In fact, they had kissed every day.

As much as they could.

Nico had a hunch the guys were partly doing it for him, so he could get used to the change – after all, he knew they must have noticed him glancing at Percy almost each and every time to check whether it really was okay.

(Force of habit.)

But he also knew they did like the kissing just as much as he did.

Oh, Nico loved it, alright?

He almost didn't want to get used to it, because that meant it might become something obvious, something they took for granted, something that wasn't as special anymore as it truly was.

It was special.

Then again, he was pretty sure it would always be special to him, too, no matter how many times they kissed.

Still…a week…

They were dating for a week already.

Nico moved his arm, his face heating as different thoughts started swirling through his head.

They were dating for one week already, and they still hadn't gone past kissing.

It probably shouldn't bother Nico – if anything, he should be happy they were all taking their time, just as Percy and Nico had done back in the beginning of their relationship.

He certainly didn't want to rush anything.

(Especially because he still had no idea how it would really work out.)

(He had dreamed about 'that' countless times, of course, but…that was different…)

The only problem was…

Nico sighed deeply.

They had been dating for a week, kissing all the time, and their nights still spent so close together.

Nico was used to taking showers with Percy in the mornings, where they'd usually…take care of each other, in a way.

But because they were all dating each other now, and it would have been weird if Nico just disappeared into the bathroom with Percy alone just because it was what he was used to, they had sort of…well, in a way, they hadn't even decided on anything, they had simply started taking showers by themselves.

Nico wasn't sure whether he was glad for it or not.

He was still a teensy bit shy about the thought of being naked with either Will or Jason (or, even more so, with both of them), so he was glad nobody had brought up anything like 'Let's switch through and everybody gets to shower with each other at some point'.

But at the same time, showering alone meant to Nico that he had to hurry because he didn't want to make anybody wait, not to mention…

Was it okay if he masturbated?

They hadn't talked about that.

He sure as hell wasn't going to mention it.

No, Nico had decided on the very day they had gotten together that he was not going to be the one turning things sexual.

He was just going to wait and see.

At least that had been his plan up until now.

Now…he wasn't so sure.

It wasn't as if he was desperate (well, maybe a tiny little bit), but…

Come on, it had been a week, and he hadn't gotten off in so, so long!

…That was a lie.

Nico felt his face burning as he remembered the day before they had gotten together, which was the day he had woken up to find Jason and Will making out in bed next to him.

Granted, he hadn't seen anything, and surely hadn't participated, but he had listened, and it had affected him, and he had ended up coming in his boxer shorts.

But that had been very embarassing, very uncomfortable, very unnerving, and not very pleasurable as a whole.

So he was going to discard that memory right away.

(As if that was actually possible…)

…But it was true.

Other than that, the last time Nico had been able to really get off was the day Kyle had suddenly appeared at Camp, and that had just been a very rushed handjob with Percy, since they had figured they could do more 'later'.

That had been, like, two weeks ago.

Gods, how had Nico ever managed to hold out for so long before?

Percy really had spoiled him.

Nico groaned when he realized he was seriously lying in bed thinking about sex while his boyfriends were sleeping and probably dreaming of perfectly innocent things like training lessons or dates or kisses or whatever.

"Mmh…waffles…" Percy mumbled in his sleep and smacked his lips for a moment, before he began to drool into the pillow again.

…Or food, apparently.

Nico sighed, and he felt Will shifting, his hand moving from Nico's chest downwards to his abs.

At least Nico thought that was where the hand was heading, but it didn't stop, instead moving lower.


Nico shifted, and Will's hand stopped at his waistband, his thumb stroking over Nico's skin along the fabric.

It was nothing, an innocent touch, in a way, but to Nico, in that moment, it was enough to make him shiver, feeling hot and cold with anticipation and discomfort.

He should move that hand.

What would Will think of him if he woke up and found Nico hot and bothered just because he had his hand on his lower stomach?

Nico swallowed hard and reached out to gently nudge the hand away, but the moment he moved, Will let his hand move downwards, stroking over Nico's crotch.

Nico shivered, his eyes falling shut automatically as he let out a soft breath.

"Somebody seems horny." Will remarked quietly, his voice still laced with sleep – and Nico nearly jumped out of his skin.

In fact, he did jump away from Will, making him collide harshly with Percy behind him, who gasped and woke up with a start.

"W-What? I didn't eat them! It was Jason!" Percy insisted confused, but Nico was too busy trying to climb over him and out of bed.

"Nico?" Will asked, sounding mildly bewildered as he sat up in bed, still seeming adorably disheveled and groggy.

"N-Nothing! Sorry! Bathroom. Yes." Nico stammered, his face burning as he rushed towards the bathroom, slamming the door shut behind him to fall against it.

Oh gods.

Will had noticed.

Of course he had just had to wake up right then and there, huh?

Cruel, cruel world.

Nico smoothed his palm over the front of his boxer shorts, cursing himself and his libido.

The guys seemed absolutely fine.

They kissed a lot more than Nico did, yet they seemed perfectly okay.

Why was life so unfair?

What if Will thought he…he…

Nico shook his head stubbornly and moved to take a quick, cold shower.

Will might have noticed him being 'horny', but he wasn't going to let the guys believe he was doing things in the bathroom, not when he still wasn't sure whether that would even be okay or not.

It was weird, how he had never had to even ponder that with Percy, given that Percy had been only all too willing to 'take care of him' in that regard.

One would assume that dating three guys at the same time would make such a problem absolutely non-existent.

Nico grumbled to himself.

It didn't matter.

The guys would surely get sexual at some point, he simply had to wait for it.

He just hoped it would be sometime soon, or he'd go crazy.


"So, what, you think he's scared then?" Jason asked quietly as he and Will stood together at the side with their packed sandwiches, watching Percy and Nico training the kids how to wield their swords right.

Jason noticed how much better the kids had gotten since December, it was quite impressive.

Will sighed next to him.

"I'm not sure. It wasn't really fear I felt. It was more…uncertainty? Discomfort? I don't know, maybe he was simply flustered. But he should know it's okay, right?" Will asked, and Jason watched Nico showing in slower motion how he moved when striking an opponent behind him.

They were talking about Nico, of course.

They had been dating for one week already, and the guys had mutually (and mutely) decided to be patient, to take things slow, to let things come slowly.

Especially because Nico had seemed so nervous in the beginning.

It had improved greatly, of course, but Jason couldn't help but notice that Nico still rarely was the one to initiate anything.

Though it seemed more because of uncertainty, not lack of want, since he always reciprocated, always melted against them, and always seemed to thoroughly enjoy their signs of affections, no matter whether it was sappy lines, timid touches or heated kisses.

"Maybe he just needs a little more time. It is quite the change, after all. Not even you can deny that, Freckles." He replied at long last, watching Percy and Nico demonstrating a swordfight in their usual, crazy speed that made his skin crawl.

Not that he worried about them getting hurt.

They knew what they were doing.

But the sight was still slightly unnerving, anyways.

"A little more time? Do you know how long he's put out? You can practically feel the 'Take me!' radiating off him, Jason. At least I can. Remember when he seemed to radiate darkness? Now, it's pheromones. He wants to get touched. I'm just starting to think he doesn't want us to do the touching." Will remarked, sounding the tiniest bit hurt, though Jason knew he was trying not to let it show.

Jason sighed, pondering that possibility for maybe one second before discarding it.

"I don't think that's it. Maybe it's just because he's used to Percy, Will. If you and I had been dating for a while, and you'd only ever have me touch you, would you have been entirely comfortable with the thought of Percy and/or Nico doing that all of a sudden?" He reasoned, and Will puffed out his cheeks.

Then he let out a deep sigh.

"I suppose you're right. So, how long do you think it's going to take until he's comfortable enough? Before he combusts or after?"

Jason gave him a pointed look, but Will acted innocent.

"Maybe we should just talk to him about it. I mean, think about it, we all sort of decided to wait until he's ready, but have you considered the possibility he's waiting for us to be ready?" He then tried, and Will snorted.

"Jason, I was born ready to ravish him. Have you seen the look on his face after-…" Will started, but Jason cleared his throat pointedly, watching Percy and Nico moving over to them, the training over for now.

"Hey there. Long time no see. What did you think of-…is that lunch? Food!" Percy visibly brightened at the sight of the sandwiches, already making grabby hands for them.

What a dork.

Jason passed him his sandwiches and smiled.

Out of the four of them, Percy was the most vibrant and expressive with his feelings, it certainly made for a nice change not having to deduce anything from his actions alone.

"I swear, you could always eat, Perce." Will commented wryly, though he seemed more amused than anything else.

"Yeah, probably. But oh well. I'm a big guy, I need lots of food." Percy shrugged, then went to devour his lunch.

"A big guy, huh?" Will muttered under his breath, and Jason shot him a knowing look.

Will could talk about Nico 'putting out' all he wanted, Jason was pretty sure Will was in the same boat right about now.

Maybe they should really have another talk, all four of them.

Jason still remembered Nico's 'I don't know what I'm allowed to do' all too vividly, after all, and, while they had all rushed to reassure Nico he could do anything and everything he wished to do, Jason was well aware that they all were wondering that every now and then.

What was okay?

What was too much?

They should have talked about boundaries.

With Will, that conversation was a bit tricky, but it might prevent the one or other issue or misunderstanding in the long run.

Instead of saying 'You can do anything, just do it', maybe they should have started talking about things they weren't into.

'I don't like this or that.'
'This makes me cringe.'
'I'd like it if we could wait with this and this.'

Might have been smarter, yeah.

Why exactly hadn't they done this?

Jason blamed it on his dazed mind at the time.

Seriously though, they were dating.

Even Percy and he were dating.

Yeah…okay, that was still a bit…weird.

Jason had of course always included Percy when entertaining the idea of a poly relationship with Nico and Will, but he couldn't remember ever really thinking of Percy and himself as…a couple?

Alright, he might have pictured them kissing every here and there, especially after Percy had shown up in his cabin several nights in a row back after the war against Gaea, and they had started truly bonding.

But that had been more a sort of curiosity-thing, given that Jason had realized more and more that he was falling in love with Nico.

(At least that's what he had kept telling himself all this time…?)

Then there was the whole bromance-thing which had already nudged Percy and Jason closer together than 'normal' friends would/should have been, and they had been…comfortable with that.


Jason wasn't sure anymore.

He only knew that he had felt so utterly elated when Percy had looked at him so offended, when he had snapped at him that of course Jason would be included, and what an idiot he was, and etc.

He had been so happy about that, not just because it meant he wouldn't end up losing Will and Nico to Percy, but also because Percy had made it sound as if he genuinely wanted Jason.

In the same way.

So, needless to say, when they had all had their 'talk' to sort things out and settle on whether to date now or what (though, in Jason's opinion, the outcome had been obvious), he had leaned over and kissed Percy Jackson.

It had been to see whether or not Percy was okay with it, to see whether or not there could be something between them they might not have noticed before, to see whether he was okay with it.

Gods, had he been okay with it.

First, they had treated each other as if they were made of glass, their lips and tongues super gentle and probing, scared of crossing the line, just trying to get a taste without doing any damage to their friendship.

Jason had known the moment Percy's tongue had met his that it was a definite 'Yes'.

Though it had become even more obvious when he had pulled away to find Percy's sea-green eyes gazing up at him dazedly.

Yes, that had been a definite yes.

For Percy, too.

It was still strange, of course, especially because they were still pretty much acting as usual towards each other, not exactly as affectionate as maybe Will and Percy (though, if you called them 'affectionate' to their faces, they both started arguing that, so…), but at the same time, Jason hadn't regretted his decision one bit.

Their kisses since then were a lot less gentle, and usually more about a competitive 'Who is going to dominate this kiss', but Jason would lie if he said he didn't love it to bits, even though they kissed the least, out of all of them.

It was weird, though.

He didn't feel this way when he kissed Nico and Will.

He didn't want to 'dominate' them or show them he was better, bigger, stronger, whatever.

With them, he wanted to be gentle, wanted to enjoy, to relish, to cherish.

With Percy, things were always hungry, always demanding, and everything inside him always screamed for more, to go harder, to go further, to mark Percy as his and to make Percy know it.

Maybe it was good they didn't kiss all that much, after all (mostly because Percy didn't seem interested in kissing him very often, much less go any further than that, but Jason wasn't going to complain).

If he was honest with himself, his own behavior with Percy scared him a bit.

Mostly because he didn't understand how he could suddenly feel like that, so unlike himself.

"When's your shift today, Will?" Percy asked, even though Will had told them last night already that he'd have to be in the infirmary from afternoon till night.

There wasn't a lot for him to do, but enough to keep him busy.

Mostly, it was just the normal training injuries.

Jason hoped it would stay this way.

Since the two scouting groups had been found dead, there had been no more casualties as far as they knew of, but therefore they had only heard back from the scouting groups in the area, not the various demigods and satyrs that were looking for new kids or visited family.

Of course, they had already done their best to send out scouts to warn them and get them back to Camp safely, and even Camp Jupiter (or Reyna, specifically) had offered their help and added their own people.

Jason hoped that was enough, and that everybody would return safely.

It might be wishful thinking and naïve, but he found he didn't even want to imagine any other scenario.

Will and Percy started bickering, but there was no heat in their words.

They were just having fun.

Jason glanced sideways at Nico, and found him eating his sandwich in silence, smirking to himself as he watched Percy and Will.

He did look a lot more at ease than before.

Back when he had been with Percy, it had always seemed as if he had been scared to look at Will and/or Jason for too long.

Now, he didn't hide the adoration in his gaze quite that much anymore.

He still looked away if he knew they noticed, and he did try to put on his great mask of indifference (which generally made him look nothing but adorable, anyways), but he did seem to be at least a bit more comfortable.

Nico caught his gaze and blushed slightly, so Jason shot him a warm smile.

In a way, he really couldn't blame Nico.

This really was all very new.

Plus, Nico had sort of denied himself all of this for so very long, of course he'd have trouble getting used to it right away.

He was a bit like Will in that regard, wanting, but either denying it or arguing with himself that he couldn't have it – which was the same thing in Jason's head, but Will had discussed this very matter with him two days ago, and Jason certainly didn't fancy another argument, so there was that.

"You want to go back to the cabin for now?" He asked instead, and Percy and Will instantly dropped their bickering about the flavor of blue food-coloring (since everything blue apparently tasted better, according to Percy) to nod and look around at Nico, both of them reaching out their hands for him to take.

Oh dear.

Needless to say, they instantly started bickering again, while Jason sighed and moved past them, clasping Nico's hand to place a kiss to it.

"Let's go leave that old married couple alone, shall we?" He asked, and promptly heard two affronted huffs behind him.

"You're just trying to lure him away so you can seduce him!" Percy complained, and Jason rolled his eyes – though he did notice Nico stiffening up the tiniest bit, even if he didn't pull his hand out of Jason's.

"Hey, I wanted to be his first orgasm!" Will exclaimed, and Nico flinched, making Jason study him instantly.

But Nico didn't look upset.

He looked flustered.


"What? Who said you're getting first dibs on him?" Percy huffed, and he and Will rounded each other up again, bumping their chests before Percy suddenly broke out laughing and tugged Will closer, pressing his lips to the side of Will's face, just to laugh against his skin a moment later again.


"Nobody is getting first dibs on anybody, guys." He stated quietly, though they all knew that already – well, all but Nico, apparently, because he now did look slightly unnerved.

"Duh. As if that worked, anyways. I thought we decided we'd first…you know…fool around a bit, try out different stuff? I imagine it to be pretty difficult to pinpoint exactly who is whose orgasm in such-…"

"Percy, we're in the middle of the Camp!" Nico interrupted him with a beet-red face, and Jason sighed deeply as he allowed the Italian to pull him away towards Nico's cabin.

Why were they even still referring to that cabin as Nico's cabin?

It was basically their cabin by now.

Poor Hades.

Jason hoped dearly that the god never checked on his cabin, because…yeah.

"Oops. Well, but you know what I mean, right?" Percy, of course, didn't seem embarrassed whatsoever.

Jason knew Percy was still absolutely ecstatic about finally having them, about finally having his wish granted, so he couldn't blame him for wanting to shout it to the world.

However, in this particular case, Jason decided they really should get back to their cabin first, before discussing such matters.

At least until all four of them were entirely comfortable with the prospect of having sex.

That was going to be interesting, anyways.

Who would do what?

How would they know?

Jason had a hunch they should really talk about this before they started any 'fooling around', as Percy had just called it.

"Hmm, well, I suppose we could try petting or the like. Something slow, not necessarily sexual, to get us more comfortable with each other?" Will mused, and Jason didn't have to look around to know he was looking at Nico as he spoke.

"Like getting naked?" Percy asked, and Jason promptly felt Nico stumble.

Was Nico shy?

He seemed fairly sure of himself when he was training, and while he was quiet and more reserved, not to mention easily flustered, he hadn't exactly given Jason the impression he was shy with his body.

They were always sleeping in just their boxer shorts, after all, so it wasn't as if they didn't already know how they looked.

Maybe he should ask Percy about that, check how comfortable Nico had been when he had first started getting sexual with him.

"Yes. We should all get naked." Will stated seriously, and Jason frowned at him over his shoulder, trying to see whether he was joking or not.

"You do know Percy will do that, right?" He pointed out, and Will's lips twitched into a wolfish grin.

"Yeah? Maybe I'm hoping for that?"

"Gee, sun-bug, I'd have never thought." Percy tried to tease, wiggling his eyebrows at Will and all, but the fact his ears turned scarlet sort of gave him away, anyways.

Will shoved him away ever so gently, and Jason's lips twitched when he saw Percy actually humoring him and acting as if he had been brutally shoved away.


"Oh shush, you dork. Though, thinking about it, it really doesn't seem like such a bad idea. We could go to bed naked. There's a blanket to hide under, we don't have to touch or turn things sexual or anything, just…"

"You want to cuddle naked? With three guys? And expect things to not get sexual?" Percy interrupted, sounding doubtful, and Jason saw his eyes hushing down Will's body for a moment, showing he certainly wanted things to turn sexual.

Apparently, even Percy was reaching his limit.


"Well, I'm not expecting anything. I'm just saying that it doesn't have to turn sexual. If we end up agreeing that things can turn sexual, I'm all for it, of course." Will corrected, and Jason glanced sideways at Nico, then back straight ahead as they neared their cabin.

Nico had his poker-face on, but seemed to listen intently.

"Alright, I'm all for it, then." Percy announced behind them and Jason smiled to himself.

Of course.

Nico unlocked the door quietly, looking at anything but them.

Jason studied him from the side a moment longer, weighing his options.

"What do you think, Nico?" He asked at long last.

If he agreed to it because he thought Nico was just flustered, and Nico turned out to be uncomfortable, chances were he'd still just go along with it, anyways.

If he didn't agree to it because he thought Nico was uncomfortable, while Nico was actually just flustered, it might make Nico disagree to support Jason, or make him uncertain in general.

"If…if you all think it's a good idea…" Nico replied, still not meeting their gazes, and his voice was a tad higher than usual.


Jason glanced around at Will as they filed into the cabin, and Will gave him a small nod, before moving to wrap his arms around Nico from behind.

"Awesome! Great, now I'll think of nothing but that for the rest of the day. Thanks so much, guys. And there I thought you love me." Will complained, before acting as if he was about to weep – just to blow a raspberry on Nico's neck.

Jason knew the temptation only all too well.

Especially because…

Nico squeaked, nearly jumping out of his skin before he tried to wriggle out of Will's hold, bright pink in the face.

Yeah, that was exactly why.

"Would you stop that? Seriously, why are you always targeting me? It's not fair!" Nico wailed, trying to escape, but Will was already rushing after him with a dangerous grin.


That meant just flustered.

Everything was good then.

"Because we loooove you." Will exclaimed, drawing out the 'love' as he grabbed hold of Nico's hips and made them both topple sideways into Nico's – well, their – bed.


Jason and Percy shot each other telling looks, then they grinned and moved over to the bed, too, while Nico was still trying to escape without trying to 'escape'.

Which basically meant he was flailing his arms and whining, but not actually moving away whatsoever, not even when Will momentarily let go of him completely.

Yeah, they were good.

"Got some space for two more in there?" Percy asked with a crooked grin, and Will wiggled his eyebrows at him – before snatching Nico and rolling them both over, which put Nico against the wall, and Will right behind.

That guy.

Percy and Jason exchanged pointed looks, then laughed and joined their boyfriends.

Apparently, they were going to cuddle until Will would have to leave in an hour.



"Mmh, Nico, you feel so nice." Will purred, rubbing against Nico's back slowly, his arms still around him and stroking over his stomach.

Gods, he felt so good.

Will shouldn't have persuaded him to take off his shirt and pants.

Sure, he was still wearing his boxer shorts (sadly), but still.

Will had to leave in half an hour, what was he even doing, getting hot and bothered now.

Then again, he was mostly getting hot and bothered because Nico was.


What was this guy doing to him?

How did Nico even get turned on, Will wasn't even doing anything!

…Yeah, okay, he was doing something, and he knew Nico liked being touched like this, but…still…

Will made a face to himself, then leaned down to nibble on Nico's neck again, tugging on the sensitive skin.

He wanted to leave a mark so, so badly.

Nico would let him, too.

Nico would let him do close to anything, especially right now.

Will's hands moved lower, stroking over his lower stomach and to his sides, then to his hip bones, then along the waistline of his boxer shorts, wanting, wanting, wanting.

And Nico wanted so badly, too!

Nico shifted, and Will forced himself to pull back.


Why was Nico so uncertain?

Will didn't understand.

He wanted it, needed it, Will could feel it.

Was Jason right?

Was it because Nico wasn't comfortable enough with them yet?

"You like this?" He asked as he started kissing Nico's neck to shoulders again.

He liked doing that.

He also knew Nico liked it.

"Yes." Nico replied, his voice slightly breathless.

He was so turned on.

Will wished he could move Nico to lay down on his front, so he could tease the back of his neck, as well as grind against that delicious butt that was a freaking tease.

Why did it have to feel so nice against Will's groin, huh?

Totally unfair.

"Want me to continue?" He asked cheekily, though he was serious.

Then he gently bit Nico's skin, making him huff so wonderfully.


Why did that sound more like a question?

"What would you like me to do?" Will asked, noticing his voice was a tad husky.

It wasn't his fault.

Nico shifted, and Will automatically grabbed hold of his hips for a moment, tugging him against him, though he made sure not to make contact with his dick, unwilling to scare Nico off.

Oh, the temptation, though.

Nico let out a small gasp.

"Anything you want."


Will wanted a lot.

Sadly, this was not the answer he wanted to hear.

He needed Nico to tell him.

Will wouldn't let himself go further unless Nico really freaking said it.

Instead of asking for him to clarify, Will leaned over Nico, turned his head towards him, and kissed him.

Gods, he tasted so good!

Fuck, Will wanted him so bad.

They were only dating for a week, but Will had loved this guy for so very long already, had craved for him, had wanted so, so much.

And Nico wanted him back.

He could feel it, damn it!

Could feel Nico's skin heating under his, could feel the way his breath hitched as Will's tongue played with his, could feel the way Nico shifted wantonly beneath him as Will started pinning him to the bed.

Could feel his values all over the place, could feel his emotions, his love, the lust, the want, the need inside him.

Why didn't he let Will touch him, then?

Will tried again, moving his hands downwards and towards Nico's boxer shorts.

This time, he stroked over the front, not surprised in the slightest when something hot and hard was pressing into his palm.

Nico bucked his hips with a wild gasp, then suddenly flinched and recoiled, and Will was forced to pull back from both his lips as well as his body.

"Nico, what-…"

"I'm sorry!" Nico exclaimed, then suddenly rolled to the side, looking devastated as he grabbed the blanket and…threw it over himself…?

Will stared, confused, bewildered, slightly hurt.

Percy and Jason stopped their discussion about their photo albums over in the corner, looking over.

"What happened?" Jason asked, eyes instantly full of concern, but Will could only shrug, absolutely lost.

"Nico?" Percy asked, sounding as confused as Will felt.

What did he do?

Had he touched him wrong?

He hadn't felt any pain…?

To his utmost horror, he heard Nico sniffle.

Will froze, exchanging a look with the guys.

Shit, had he hurt Nico?

He hadn't even done anything!

He had just…just…



Jason made to get up, but Will held up his hand, then looked back at the bundle next to him.

"Nico…" He whispered quietly, making a shooing motion towards the guys to let them know not to eavesdrop too obviously.

Then, he moved to lay down behind Nico, slowly moving his hands under the blanket, to give Nico a chance to stop him should he wish to.

Nico didn't.

Will slowly moved under the blanket, wrapping his arms around Nico, even though it instantly felt way too hot.

If Nico endured it, so could Will.

"I'm sorry…" Nico whispered, sounding mortified.

"What for, love? I won't do anything if you don't want me to. I just thought…" Will trailed off, wondering whether it really was a good idea to tell Nico he could feel how much he needed release.

"Do you want me to get Percy?" He asked quietly, instead.

Maybe they really did need more time.

Nico stiffened to a board.

Then he suddenly pushed away from Will, up into a sitting position.

"No! Will, what the fuck?!"

Will sat up too, feeling his face heating as Percy and Jason looked over again, their expressions between surprise and concern.

Since when was Nico even using the f-word?!

And what had he said to warrant that reaction, anyways?!

"Well, then what is it? If it's not the fact I'm not Percy, then why-…" He started, cringing at how demanding and entitled he sounded.

"What about me?" Percy asked bewildered.

"I just…I don't…I'm fine, Will. I don't need…" Nico insisted, gesturing wildly and turning a dark shade of red.

"Nico, you're two strokes away from coming, you-…" Will deadpanned, but was interrupted by Nico letting out a high-pitched, almost angry squeal, before he suddenly turned away from him and dropped back into bed, pulling the blanket over his head again.

Will blinked, glancing towards the guys again for a moment, before he dropped back into the bed, his arms pushing under the blanket again to gently move up and down Nico's back.

To soothe, not to confront.

"You know it's okay, right?" He asked softly, but Nico remained silent, his body trembling.

Will could feel the lingering heat and want inside him, could feel the uncertainty and doubt – and he could feel what felt a bit like shame.


Will moved his head under the blanket, making out the mid of Nico's back and trailing kisses over it.

"Nico, you know I love you, right?" He asked, and Nico nodded after a moment's hesitation, even though there was no way he could expect Will to see that.

"And you know we're boyfriends?" Will asked, and Nico flinched.

"I know that!" He snapped, but then slumped again, the momentary anger at Will for even thinking that dissipating again, though the frustration remained.

Will kissed up his back slowly, sucking ever so gently on his skin, and Nico shivered slightly.

"I know that…it's just…" Nico repeated, this time quieter, softer, calmer.

Will continued, gently teasing the back of his neck, while his hands stroked Nico's hair out of the way.

"Too new?" He guessed, but Nico shook his head.

"I…you guys…you're all okay and I'm just…it's just so pathetic…" Nico admitted meekly, curling into himself slightly, and Will stopped, blinking in confusion.


Oh gods.

Oh gods, Nico was an idiot.

"We're 'okay'? Nico, you do know we're just as horny as you are, right?" He asked incredulously, but Nico merely huffed, more than apparently not believing a single word.

Will didn't think.

He moved up, pushing that dumb blanket off them, and rolled over Nico, snatching his hand as he went.

Nico squeaked, then his eyes widened in surprise as Will put his hand over his crotch, letting him feel his half-hard dick.

"Nico, we've all been putting out, and I'm pretty sure only Jason isn't frustrated out of his mind yet, but-…"

"But you aren't at risk of blowing just because of a simple kiss or a touch!" Nico argued, his face utterly pink – though Will noticed he was neither pulling away or sitting up, nor moving his hand away in any way.

In fact, Will could even feel his fingertips twitching the slightest bit, as if…wanting to touch…

"Oh baby, you have no idea." He replied quietly, then he shifted closer and let go of Nico's hand completely.

"Do you want me to show you just how close I am?" Will asked in a low voice, and Nico looked at him with big, brown eyes, his pupils quickly dilating.

Will let out a low rumble, close to a purr.

Then he moved forward and captured his boyfriend's lips in a heated, wanting kiss.

Nico gasped, then returned the kiss, pushing against him ever so slightly, though he didn't seem to know what to do with his hand, since it moved to Will's hip bone.

No, not there.

Will shifted and took Nico's hand again, guiding it right back, and he could hear and feel Nico gasp as his fingers closed around his now hardening dick through his boxer shorts.

Will had to resist the urge to moan.

This wasn't for him; this was for Nico.

…That was a lie.

It was for both of them.

He let go of Nico's hand, and this time it stayed there, timid fingers touching him as if he was going to break.

He wouldn't.

He was going to combust.

Will sucked on Nico's bottom lip, then gave him another open-mouthed kiss before moving along his jaw to his neck, coming closer and wrapping his arms around Nico body, squeezing his butt.

Gods, that backside.

Sadly, that would have to wait.

This was going to be so rushed…

Nico made a small sound, then shifted closer by himself, and his hand suddenly moved upwards.

For a moment, Will thought he was going to pull it away.

But then, he tugged on Will's boxer shorts.

Will nodded wildly as he pushed Nico back into the sheets, moving on top of him and letting hands and eyes roam over his body hungrily for a moment, wishing he had more time.

Then he felt Nico's hand slipping inside the fabric.

Gods, yes.

Will let out a soft moan, his eyes falling shut as he relished in the touch for a moment.

Nico was way too gentle.

Then again, Will had a hunch he'd have blown instantly if Nico's touch had been any different right now.

There was a thought nagging in the back of his mind, but he brushed it off.

He needed this.

Fine, Will was at his limit, too, he admitted to it.

"Let me touch you, Nico." He breathed.

It wasn't exactly a question, but it wasn't an order either.

Maybe it was a request?

Or a plea…

"I-Is that okay…?" Nico stammered, halting in his gentle stroking, and Will urged himself to crack one eye open, glancing towards Percy and Jason.

They both looked surprised at the sudden attention.

"What? Oh, you two do as you please. Hehe, 'please', you get it?" Percy first replied seriously, then suddenly nudged Jason and wiggled his eyebrows.

Jason did them all a favor and shot him a pointed look.

"Of course it's okay. We can't always all be there, and I'm pretty sure at least one of us won't be in the mood every here and there, so I'd say stuff like this is perfectly okay. Always."

Ugh, too much talking.

Will was already moving his hands towards Nico's boxer shorts the moment Jason had said 'Of course'.


His boyfriend.

His Nico.


"Shit, you're perfect."

Percy and Jason snorted, but Will ignored that in favor of watching his Nico blush down to his chest as he allowed Will to pull his underwear down.



If he had the time and the stamina to hold out a while longer, he'd have done all in his power to get Nico's permission to blow him.

Gods, he had a beautiful dick.

Will realized he was staring.

He also realized he was probably being creepy.

Nico opened his mouth to undoubtedly tell him to stop (his flustered expression and the stammering tipped him off), but Will interrupted him by wrapping his hand around his shaft.

It worked.

Nico gasped, then groaned, then bucked his hips with a small whine, thrusting his head back into the pillow.

Gods, his expression was beautiful, too.

Will leaned over him, already tugging his chin upwards so they could kiss, and they shared what just had to be the sloppiest kiss ever, but they had good excuses for it:

Nico's hand had remembered how to stroke a dick properly.

Will's dick.

They kissed, they gasped, and Nico let out something strangled and feeble that was either 'I usually last longer!' or 'Sushi boner!'.

Will assumed it was the first, since the next moment, Nico bucked into his hand again and came.

Which was beautiful to watch, too.

(Not to mention feel.)

Will couldn't decide whether he wanted to watch Nico's face or his dick, but ended up peeking down, anyways, and he wasn't disappointed.

Fuck, he wanted that dick.

He was still looking down when Nico's hand picked up its pace, and the next moment, Will could feel Nico's lips against his ear, nibbling on his earlobe in the gentlest way possible.

"Please tell me you're about to come." Nico breathed against his ear, and it were the perfect words, telling Will it was okay, it was okay, he could…

Nico switched ears, gently tugging on the earlobe, while his hand stroked up and down Will's dick determinedly, his palm moving over his tip once, twice…oh!

Oh gods.

Will nodded, whimpered, moaned – and came, biting Nico's neck as his orgasm rolled over him, his cum joining Nico's on his stomach.

Nico stroked him through it, though it took Will a moment to realize the Italian was whimpering softly.

It took him another moment to realize that was because Will still had his hand around Nico's over-sensitive dick.


He let go, then moved to give Nico another sloppy, deeply satisfied kiss, both of them shivering slightly as the afterglow started settling in.

Oh gods, this was good.
Nico beneath him like this.
It was amazing.

He should have done this three days ago.

(Then he might have lasted longer and managed to enjoy it longer, too.)

"I love you, Nico." He murmured, and Nico giggled softly, turning his insides even more to mush than they already were.

"I love you too, Will."

Will hummed, his eyes still closed as he leaned in for another kiss.

If there wasn't a puddle of cum on Nico's stomach, he'd so flop down on top of him right now.

There was noise next to him, but he didn't even bother looking, instead humming some more and nibbling on Nico's bottom lip, making him giggle again.

This felt so nice.

Nico felt so nice.

Will felt nice, too.

Everything felt nice.

Will wanted to go to sleep.

"Freckles, I hate to interrupt you, but…" Jason started next to him, and Will sighed gravely, cracking one eye open.

"I hope you brought tissues." He very lovingly remarked, but Jason wasn't perturbed, sitting down next to them on the bed.

"Nope, I brought something better." Jason replied, then lifted a wet cloth, moving in to do their clean-up for them.


Nico started turning a darker pink again, and Will could feel the fluster and the uncertainty rush through him once more.

He returned to tug on his bottom lip, nibbling gently on it to draw Nico's attention back to him, instead.

"You worry too much, Nico-Neek-Neeks." He remarked, and found Nico looking up at him with an almost affronted look that made Will giggle.

"Don't call me that. What is that, even?"

Aww, so adorable.

"Okay, Diet Pepsi. Your wish is my command."

Nico groaned.

Will cackled.

Jason chuckled next to them, looking at both their faces with soft looks.

"Jason, tell him to stop that."


"I fear I can't do that, love. But I can guarantee you Will won't be bothering you for a while now." Jason replied quietly, and Will shot him a skeptical look.

Wait, what?

How so?

He was going to do whatever he wanted (aka Nico), and nothing was going to stop him, especially not right now.

Will was enjoying his afterglow here!

If Jason thought he could mess with that, he was very much mistaken!

"Why would I do that?" He asked dubiously, and heard Percy chuckling to himself in the distance, as if he knew full well what Jason was talking about.

Nico looked clueless, though, so at least it didn't seem too obvious.

Jason smiled at him, then leaned forward, moving his lips towards Will's ear.

Was he trying to seduce him or something?

"You have two minutes left to make it for your shift in the infirmary."

Will's heart seemed to stop in his chest.

Oh shit!

Nico started laughing as Will made a despairing sound, and if he hadn't already been busy rushing out of the bed and for his clothes, he'd have bitten him.


Well, maybe not too hard.

Didn't want any injuries, after all.

"Why didn't you tell me sooner?!" He yelled through the room as he jumped into his pants (quite literally), and Percy snorted from where he was huddled with Nico's laptop still.

"Dude, we weren't going to interrupt you two and if our lives depended on it. Probably because you'd have ended our lives." He remarked, and, while that was observation was absolutely true, Will still let out a frustrated sound, slipping into his shirt hurriedly and making for the door.

"Will." Jason's voice sounded, and Will forced himself to stop, looking around in question as well as frustration.


He wasn't even done asking when Jason's lips were already pressed to his forehead, and a jacket, as well as his medic pouch were pushed into his hands.

"Take care, love."

For a moment, Will just stood there, his mind blank, his heart in his throat, his lips still parted, the left-over calm from his afterglow spreading through him happily.

Then he shook his head, his face heating as he shot Jason a dark look – though he did lean up to give him a gentle peck, before waving towards his other two boyfriends.

"Alright, I'm gone. Love you. Bye." Will quickly called, then turned to go.

He heard them reply, though he couldn't catch what they were saying, instead already out the door and running for the infirmary.

First of all, Kayla was going to kill him.

Second of all, if they ever moved to New Rome and he ended up having a job and whatnot, he wanted them to see him off just like this.

For a moment, his vision came back to the front of his mind, but he forcefully pushed it back down.

Then, he decided that he'd just like the guys to always see him off like this for whatever, as long as it was in this very way.

For the rest of his life.


When Will came back, Percy had already picked up some dinner for him so neither he nor they had to leave again.

Will seemed to like that.

Percy watched him eat with a small smile on his face as he leaned over his chair, listening to Will telling them about how some frightened, younger kids had told him about 'the mighty Clarisse'.

He'd wrinkle his nose at that just because of the nature of their relationship, but in this case, Percy decided she truly had done a mighty deed.

Apparently, once she had heard of Kyle assaulting Will in the infirmary, she had taken to…well, to 'picking fights' with people who had started spreading rumors or gossiping too much or downplaying anything – or being horrible human beings, in general.

Which meant that she had generally walked up to anybody she had managed to overhear, just to then yell 'Do you want to pick a fight?!' – and promptly punch them in the face without even giving them a chance to reply.

Yeah, Percy definitely had to thank her at some point when he saw her around next.

Nico shot him a look that said 'Do it'.


Percy winked at him and looked back at Will, watching him gesture slightly as he talked.

Not quite as much as Nico sometimes did, but it was still noticeable (and cute).

He also liked the way his freckles stood out so nicely against his skin again.

One day, he'd so count all of those.

And had anybody seen those eyes?


They gleamed so nicely whenever Will got passionate.

At this point, Percy had to admit he had lost track of the conversation, because Will was speaking in medical terms he didn't understand (though it seemed to have to do with the supplies, not the Campers, anyways), but he still couldn't stop smiling and watching him, anyways.

His boyfriend.

His. Boyfriend.

They were all his boyfriends.

Percy kind of wished he had a smartphone or something, so he could text people and write them about his boyfriends, with a winking smiley behind the word 'boyfriends' each and every time.

Which…was a very random, and kind of weird wish.

Percy loved it.

He loved them.

"Will, don't look, but Percy is making heart eyes at you." Jason sold him out cruelly and Will instantly glanced around at Percy.

Percy wasn't quick enough to hide his expression, though he turned to glower at Jason the next moment, anyways, no matter if his ears were heating or not.

"Did not."

"Did too." Jason retorted, and Percy stuck his tongue out.

"Proof?" He demanded, but to his surprise (and horror), Jason turned to look at Nico, who was grinning and waving with his camera.


"Unfair!" Percy wailed, while Will threw him an unimpressed look.

"Oh, so that's what you were taking a photo of. I was wondering what you were doing." He remarked, and Percy pouted.

"Couldn't you have stopped them?" He asked, but Will merely stretched and got up from where he sat, moving towards Percy slowly as he seemed to ponder that for a moment.

"Nope." He then replied, poking Percy's nose – and Percy was about to pout even more and complain, but then Will already leaned down with a small chuckle and pressed his lips to Percy's cheek.

Needless to say, Percy forgot all about being upset, instead grinning and reaching out to move his arms around Will's midriff, tugging him closer to kiss…his ribcage.

Through his shirt.

Hm, maybe he should have gotten up.

Nah, this was great, too.

Will laughed, stroking through his hair for a moment as Percy looked up at him with a cooked grin.

He liked it when Will laughed.

It sounded so wonderful, he wouldn't want to miss it in his life anymore.

"Aren't you two just adorable and in love?" Jason asked, but it didn't seem teasing.

Percy moved his head to peek past Will's arm towards the blonde, and found him looking at them with a soft, affectionate expression on his face.

He smiled back at him, then burrowed his face in Will's shirt.

"You smell like disinfectant." Percy noted quietly, inhaling Will's scent.

"Wow, what a surprise." Will deadpanned and Percy was tempted to try and bite him.

Instead, he tried blowing a raspberry – which didn't work, but Will still laughed, anyways.

Before cruelly shoving him away.

(With which he meant Will applied the gentlest pressure to Percy's shoulders, and Percy got the hint and let his boyfriend go free.)

"Do you want me to take a shower?" Will asked softly, and Percy frowned for a moment, glancing up at him as Will was tangling his fingers in his hair.

Then he shook his head.

"It's nice. Suits you, Doctor Solace."

Will's cheeks flushed slightly, and Percy watched it happen with the greatest satisfaction.

He really did like being called 'doctor'.

Percy wondered whether Will actually had any fantasies in that regard.

He decided he'd definitely have to ask once they were more comfortable with the whole sex-thing.

Not necessarily because he was into anything of the sort, but because he was a curious little shit.

"Is that so? Know what, I'm still taking a shower. Goodbye." Will suddenly said and tried to pull completely away, but Percy wailed and tugged him tighter again, causing Will to pull him with him, along, chair and all.

"Nooo~, stay!" Percy wailed, and Will looked surprised for a moment, before he snorted out a laugh and flicked his forehead.

"I'm only going to be in the bathroom, you dork."

"Way too far away." Jason remarked from the bed, winking at them, and Percy stuck his tongue out again, though he absolutely agreed.

Nico just watched them with a warm smile.

He had been in a much more relaxed mood ever since his super-rushed handjob with Will.

Now that had surely been something.

Percy had noticed Nico had started behaving a bit oddly, but he had sort of just assumed it to be because everything was still so new and he was getting used to the change.

Kind of sad, considering that Percy had been Nico's only boyfriend before this.

Percy definitely should have known better.

But Nico seemed fine now.

A lot more relaxed, a lot more at ease, and maybe even a tiny little bit more confident.

"Percy, the quicker you let me go, the quicker I can shower, and the quicker we can proceed with the naked cuddles." Will put in, and Percy immediately let him go.

Naked cuddles.

Yes, he wanted that.

It was going to be awkward as hell.

He could barely wait.

Though he did hope a teensy bit things just might turn sexual.

Not that he was desperate yet, but…he was just so curious!

"Aww okay…" He pouted more for show than anything else, and the guys chuckled, sending him knowing looks, before Will disappeared into the bathroom.

How would things work out?

How would they do it?

Would they take things slow-slow, as in, like, handjobs like with Nico, until they got more and more comfortable?

Or would they let things escalate?

Would Nico bottom?

If so, how would they do that?

Percy had already decided he would try and stay out of their first time together a bit, so Will and Jason would get to enjoy themselves thoroughly with Nico, since Percy had kept Nico to himself for so long, after all.

Also, he didn't want to fall back into old patterns.

He already knew Nico's body fairly well, knew what he liked, knew what set him off.

While he knew Will knew the same things, too, Will had still never gotten to actually put his knowledge to use, but Percy surely had, and Nico was used to Percy doing these things.

So he was worried it would end up being just Percy and Nico, while Jason and Will would end up just watching, and he was absolutely certain he didn't want that.

Instead, he hoped to stay out of it a bit, though he hoped they'd let him watch.

He had never been one for watching, always one to take action, but he had also watched that handjob earlier (though he hadn't seen all that much and it had been over pretty quickly), and that hadn't bothered him one bit.

Also, he just…wanted to be there, really.

He knew Jason was right with what he had said earlier, of course.

They wouldn't always manage to all be there, especially not with their different schedules and duties, and even then, one couldn't expect them to all be in the mood at the same time.

Hell, he was pretty sure they definitely wouldn't even have some sort of orgy each time things got sexual, anyways, no matter the circumstances.

That wasn't the point of their relationship, anyways.

But…Percy still hoped they'd at least manage to be together for the first few times, until they got a bit more comfortable and used to it.

"Percy, you're drooling." Jason noted with an amused expression, and Percy instinctively wiped at his mouth, though he knew he wasn't drooling.

Nico bit back a small laugh.

Perc shot them both dark looks.

"Oh shush, Sparky. You're just jealous." He remarked, though he had no idea what Jason could be jealous of.

"Oh really? Of what? Your ability to drool? Nah, you can keep that." Jason retorted, and Percy huffed.


"Of my stunningly good looks." He then shot back, posing dramatically on his chair.

Nico nearly choked on his spit as he tried to gasp and laugh at the same time.

Jason merely raised an eyebrow.

Then he sighed dramatically, and Percy's eyes lit up.

"Oh, you're right. Who am I kidding? You're so roguishly good-looking, I just can't compete. Especially since you're wearing those ridiculous – I mean fabulous – 'The little mermaid'-boxer shorts of yours." Jason then lamented loudly, not sounding believable at all, though he did let himself fall backwards into bed with a devastated sigh.

Percy snorted, then glanced down at his boxer shorts.

Oh, true, he had forgotten he was wearing those.

Damn, now he was surprised Will hadn't commented on them.

Then again, he was surprised Will hadn't said anything about finding him in just his shirt and boxer-shorts, with his jeans torn to shreds next to the door.

(Which absolutely hadn't been his fault.)
(Stupid lava wall and crazy kids with spears…)

Though, in all fairness, none of them could deny they usually tended to be half-naked around each other much more than completely dressed.

Mostly because there was no reason for so much clothing when one kept staying in bed, even if they weren't sleeping and just lounging on there to chat and waste the day away.

They should get a sofa in here.

Then they could lounge around on that, instead, and watch TV when they weren't doing Camp activities.

They could also watch TV from the bed, he guessed, but he still wanted a sofa, anyways.

Or a pillow corner.

No, wait, no pillow corner, that was only going to be defiled by two certain somebodies.

Then again, so would the sofa…

Wait, but now he'd be able to defile it with them…

Alright, he was in for either!

Percy got up and tugged his shirt off, since they were about to go to bed, anyways, then started moving over to where Jason seemed to be playing dead on the bed.

Or maybe he had fallen asleep.

He leaned forward to peek at his face, and found Jason peeking back at him, just to then dramatically whine and put his arm over his face.

"No, go away, you gorgeous human being in your astonishing attire. Your beauty burns my soul."

Percy cackled.

This guy.

Nico sent them both wary looks, though Percy could see his lips twitching.

"You're both such kids." Nico remarked drily when Percy started straddling Jason's hips, trying to move his arm to make him look at him.

Percy merely cackled louder.

"You can't escape my beauty, Jason. Give in to the call of the siren. Let me pull you under the waters of lust and temptation. I'll show you the world." He reasoned with Jason, who was laughing and shaking his head and keeping his arm over his face, that tease, while also mumbling something about Percy quoting the wrong movie.

Percy ignored it.

"Don't sirens lure in their prey with songs?" Nico muttered warily, and Jason snorted.

"Don't encourage him, Nico."

"Hey, I can sing! If I want to, that is. Want to hear it?" Percy offered with a wiggle of his eyebrows, though Jason couldn't see.

"Will I die?" Jason asked skeptically, and Percy pinched his stomach.


Jason flinched and whined, so Percy did it again, then pushed his hands under Jason's shirt to tickle him.

Things with Jason were…weird.

Not bad weird, but…

Well, Percy had to admit he hadn't thought that through completely, back before they had gotten together.

Jason had always sort of been there, and always been part of the whole idea of 'having all four of them happy' (duh).

But it hadn't really occurred to him what the two of them would be to each other until Jason had started going on and on about how much he loved Will and Nico…without ever as much as mentioning Percy.

It had actually hurt, if he was being honest.

Which was weird, because, well, he hadn't exactly been any different towards Jason…right?

But he had told himself he'd be fine with whatever, that it didn't matter, that things would work out one way or another and he'd be happy with anything, as long as the four of them could be happy in the end.

Jason had of course looked right through that, though.

Percy still remembered that kiss all too vividly, the way Jason had just suddenly leaned over, the way his lips had been so timid and overly gentle, as if scared of scaring Percy off.

He hadn't.

Gods, no.

Percy had been surprised, yes.

But he had also felt that odd tingle inside him, and the urge to kiss back.

So he had.

It had been the gentlest, yet also most gratifying kiss he had ever had, in a really weird way.

He had…actually really liked that.

He had also absolutely loved the way Jason had pulled back, looking at him in surprise and oddly out of breath, just to then start babbling about 'Yes, definitely yes' and whatnot (Percy hadn't been listening much).

Percy had definitely liked the way Jason had looked at him.

Especially when he had suddenly looked uncertain, studying his eyes and asking whether it was a 'Yes' for him, too.

Percy hadn't even known what he was talking about.

Instead, he had merely tugged him right back down for a real kiss.

That was back then, though.

Since then, they were sort of as always again.

They kissed every here and there, pretty much whenever their competitive streak got a bit out of hand (always Percy's doing, of course), but Percy had to admit they were a lot less involved than Percy and Nico or Percy and Will were.

He wasn't sure how he felt about that.

He also wasn't sure he wanted to find out, because that meant he'd have to sit down and think about whether or not he wanted to change something about it.

In a way, he'd like to do more with Jason.

But at the same time, he didn't know how to initiate it without pushing to compete or whatever.

Jason didn't really do anything if Percy didn't initiate it.

The blonde laughed beneath him, still trying to get Percy to stop tickling, and Percy cackled triumphantly – until Jason suddenly grabbed hold of Percy's sides and rolled them over, pinning him to the bed, his hands immediately snatched and held up above his head.

Well, damn.

That certainly put a stop to Percy's thoughts.

Jason was on top of him, still panting slightly and with his glasses nearly sliding off, but he still looked triumphant and smug.

"Gotcha." Jason purred.

Yes, yes he did.

Percy tried not to shiver at the sound of his voice, but it was futile.

Same as it was futile not to let his gaze hush down Jason's body ever so quickly.

If Percy was being honest with himself…this was exactly why he wanted to do more stuff with Jason.

He didn't want to admit it to himself just yet, and he sure as hell wasn't going to say anything out loud, but…

He kind of…really liked this.


Jason, on top of him, pushing him down, looking at him with that dangerous gleam in his eyes.

He wondered whether Nico had ever felt that way about Percy pinning him down.

"Lies. I could escape anytime." Percy retorted, trying to sound unfazed, but something in Jason's eyes told him he knew.

Jason raised an eyebrow, leaning down further, so Percy could feel his breath on his skin, and Jason's grip on him tightened slightly.

"Oh really?" He purred, and Percy could feel his skin tingling.

Who was he kidding, his entire body tingled.

He was dimly aware of Nico watching them, but he couldn't make himself look around at him to check his expression.

As it was, he couldn't tear his gaze away from Jason at all.

"Yes…" He replied, trying to sound cocky, but his voice was slightly breathless, and the way Jason grinned slowly in reply wasn't making it any better either.

The blonde came even closer, and Percy had to work hard on not letting his breath hitch.

"Escape then. I dare you to." Jason breathed against his lips, his tone way too seductive for his words, and Percy gulped.

For a long moment, there was silence, and Percy couldn't even think about moving, about 'escaping', his eyes glued to Jason's lips, his breathing irregular, his entire body begging for Jason to have mercy on him and just kiss him already.

Then he watched Jason's triumphant grin widening and took injury to his pride.

He was just collecting his thoughts and trying to form something he could snap at Jason to show him his place, but then Jason suddenly dipped his head down and mouthed at Percy's neck – and that cruel ass just managed to make Percy gasp, loud and clearly audible in the other wisely rather quiet cabin.

Just his luck.

Percy was about to complain, but then couldn't, because Jason was sucking on his skin in a rather tantalizing way that only risked him moaning again, and he wasn't going to do that until he was free and had shown Jason he could fight back just fine.

He started struggling against Jason's hold, but Jason didn't let go, instead smirking against his skin and moving to the front of his throat.

Percy managed to tear free, which probably surprised him more than Jason, but then he wasn't thinking much anymore, already grabbing Jason's face and pulling him upwards into a hot, desperate kiss.

This was all Jason's fault!

Percy kept using that excuse as he and Jason started mashing their lips together at a wild, frantic pace.

He also used that excuse when he shifted under Jason and urged him between his legs so he could wrap them around him clumsily, not liking having them stuck under him whatsoever.

It was also that excuse he kept telling himself as his fingers tangled into Jason's hair and brought him down harder, making both of them gasp.

Then Jason's body dropped onto his, and, yes, this was all definitely Jason's fault.

"Damn…" They heard Nico whispering next to them, sounding slightly awed, but Percy couldn't make himself look around, instead letting his head fall back to bare his neck as Jason started kissing down along the side of it again, his movements a lot less controlled than before.

The realization was much more gratifying that it probably should be.

Percy didn't care, instead letting out a low moan.

Jason shivered, his hands first seeming unsure of what to do, but then he moved them to Percy's sides, stroking over them surprisingly gently, given that his lips and tongue were harsh and unforgiving on Percy's skin as Jason moved down his collarbones to his chest.

They hadn't gone quite this far before.

Usually, they returned to kissing before they could explore too much, since they had wanted all four of them to be comfortable with each other before anything else happened.

Now, Jason didn't seem to care anymore, his lips getting dangerously close to his nipple.

Percy sure as hell wasn't going to stop him.

"Well, damn. That's certainly one sight I wasn't expecting." Will remarked as he exited the bathroom, and Percy groaned, already reaching out to keep Jason there.

Unfortunately, Jason apparently hadn't even intended to move away, which meant that Percy's desperate attempt had been absolutely unnecessary – and of course blatantly obvious.

Jason looked up at him with a mischievous grin, raising one cocky eyebrow at him.

Percy only had time to blush and huff and decide Jason was the worst – before Jason proved him right by sucking his nipple into his mouth, making Percy let out a sound that reminded him of a dying whale.

Desperate and loud.

Jason seemed to hesitate for a moment, but then seemed to get the hint Percy liked it, because he continued, seeming…oddly curious, to be honest.

Yeah, right, as if Jason didn't know what to do with-…

He couldn't finish that thought as Jason gave his nipple a gentle tug, luring another moan out of him.

"Shit, that's hot. Jason, switch to the other one, it's more sensitive."

Fuck you, Will.

Percy opened his mouth to complain, but Jason of course instantly followed Will's advice, and Percy thrust his head back into whatever he was laying on as Jason started his ministrations on his other nipple.


He gasped and moaned, his eyes now permanently shut so he wouldn't have to look at any smug faces, and his fingers started moving from Jason's head to his shoulders.

Jason had such broad shoulders, so unlike Nico.

Percy had no idea what to do with them, so he ended up letting go, anyways, instead letting his arms drop to his side uselessly as he tried to ever so subtly arch into Jason's touch.

Jason seemed to notice, anyways, smirking against his skin before letting go of his nipple with another timid tug on it.

He just knew Jason was going to say something, so he instantly had his hands back at the sides of Jason's face and tugged him back up to meet his lips in a kiss.

Jason had the audacity to chuckle, though it seemed pleased, not teasing, and Percy decided to let him get away with it for now.

He couldn't even make himself try to dominate the kiss, instead letting Jason take his breath away with his tongue.

They should probably stop now, or they'd be the next going through a very rushed handjob.

Not that Percy would really mind.

Jason gave him a last tantalizing swirl of his tongue, then they parted, both of them breathless, both of them grinning at each other.

Percy knew he should probably rant at him or say something at the very least, to not make it seem as if he was enjoying it quite this much…but at the same time, he couldn't really be bothered.

This was Jason.

He probably already knew, anyways.

"Aww, you're stopping already?" Will asked next to them, and he actually did sound almost disappointed.

Jason pushed himself up to kneel between Percy's legs, and they both looked sideways at where their two boyfriends sat huddled together, their faces slightly flushed, their pupils dilated.

Somebody seemed to have enjoyed the show.

Well, two somebodies.

"Didn't know you were into it that much." Percy teased, and Nico instantly blushed, while Will shot him a dry look.

"Duh. You should have seen your face, Gorgeous. Who'd have guessed Jason could make you look so far gone?"

Wow, he just admitted to it like that.

Could anybody believe it?

Usually, Will did all in his power to deny the most obvious things, but here he was, admitting freely he enjoyed watching Jason…watching Jason and Percy ravish each other.

Though Percy really hadn't done much.

Jason didn't seem to mind, though.

In fact, Percy had a hunch that was part of the reason why Jason looked so smug.

Wait a moment, Jason was looking at him smugly?


"Fuck you, Jason." He grumbled, and Nico snorted, while Jason raised an eyebrow, looking him up and down for a moment, smug grin still perfectly in place.

"Maybe some other day, Percy."

Will let out an exaggerated and drawn out 'Ooh!' that reminded Percy of the Apollo cabin, while Nico let out a small, startled gasp.

Percy couldn't even react for a moment, merely staring at Jason speechlessly.

Had he just…



The silence stretched on, but Percy was too busy with the visuals in his head, thinking of Jason and him, of Percy topping Jason, of paying him back for making Percy gasp and groan so freely, of-…

"Somebody's daydreaming. And drooling. Jason, you know he's going to be dreaming of your butt tonight, right?" Will remarked, and Percy self-consciously wiped at his mouth, though he was very well aware he still wasn't drooling.

Jason chuckled quietly, stroking over Percy's knees for a moment before moving away from between his legs.

Percy had half a mind to wrap them back around Jason and pull him close, but then didn't.

Instead, he rolled over and pushed himself up, studying Will for a moment.

"You're not naked." He remarked, then put his hand on Will's shoulder to dry his hair.

The guys never asked for it, but Percy actually liked doing that.

It was tricky, but it made him feel useful.

"I'm not." Will agreed, trying to suppress a grin.

"Damn, Percy, you really want to see us naked, huh?" Jason asked, sounding amused, but Percy merely shrugged.

"I still think it's a great idea!"

"Then why don't you start?" Will suggested, but Percy hesitated.

Then he eyed him skeptically from the side.

"How high is the chance that I'll end up being the only one who does it?" He asked dubiously.

Sure, he trusted them enough not to laugh at him or anything, but he did know Will liked to backtrack quickly, and Nico could be rather shy by times.

Jason…he probably wouldn't do it just because there was no reason for him to do it.


Percy had been looking forward to that.

Will huffed indignantly, as if sensing his disappointment.

"Hey, we already agreed that we'd do it, Perce. It's just…we're only human, too. We're anxious, you know?"

Wasn't the whole point of this to get them more comfortable with each other?

Maybe Percy was being stupid again, but…oh well, whatever.

"So if I do it, you'll do it, too?" He asked skeptically, and Will rolled his eyes, motioning for him to come closer.

Percy automatically did, and when Will lifted his chin slightly, Percy leaned forward and placed a peck to his lips.

"If you do it, I'll do it, too. Promise. Or do you want to do me and I do you?"

That…sounded so wrong.

Percy bit his lip, and Will snorted, slapping his shoulder.

"You dirty-minded person! You know what I meant!"

Jason chuckled behind them.

"If you two start, I'll join in." He called over, and Will shot him a dark look over Percy's shoulder, making Percy's lips twitch.

"Don't say it like that! Also, what are you shy about?" Will remarked, and Jason huffed indignantly, as if he had every right to be shy.

Percy studied Will's freckles, noticing they were coming closer – then he noticed that was because he was leaning forward again, moving his lips along Will's cheek gently, not even quite kissing.

Will chuckled quietly, his hand moving to Percy's arm to stroke over it.

"There, there. So affectionate. So, you want to do it? Or want to wait another night?"

Oh, he wanted to do it, alright.

He wanted to do anything and everything.

Percy moved his lips towards Will's ear, and Will stilled for a moment, holding his breath.

Yeah, apparently, Will had really sensitive ears.

He changed course, instead moving down Will's neck to place timid kisses there, before nuzzling his face into the crook of his neck.

Will chuckled, relaxing again.

"I want to." Percy replied, and Will gave a small nod.

"Alright. Nico? Are you okay with it?"

"Me? I…ah…yes." Nico stammered, jumping a bit next to them, and Percy turned his head for a moment to shoot him a reassuring smile.

Nico noticed and tried to smile back, and Percy noticed how fidgety and nervous he was.

Aww, it was going to be okay.

Awkward as hell, but still okay.

"Jason?" Will asked, and Percy felt Will's hands moving from Percy's arms to his sides and downwards.

Yeah, this was definitely going to be awkward.

"Go for it." Jason replied behind them, and the anticipation and unease inside Percy grew.

"Okay. How do you want to do it, Percy? I take yours off, you take mine off? Want to lay down or stand up? Blanket, no blanket?"

Oh gods, too many questions.

Couldn't they just do it, without negotiating everything?

Percy sighed, going through his options.

"Let's lay down, I don't care about blanket or not."

"Blanket." Nico put in next to them, and Percy could feel Will nod.

"Hey, since we're sleeping like this, what about our sleeping arrangement?" Jason interrupted right when Will and Percy started moving.

Oh, come on.

Couldn't they just get done with it already?

"Well, if possible, I'd like to be the big spoon only." Will muttered, but Percy was pretty sure they had all already known that.

"Nico? Percy? Any wishes?"

They shook their heads, and Jason nodded, holding up the blanket for them.

Why was he always the blanket holder?

Why did they need that blanket, anyways?

Then again, even though Nico had insisted on the blanket, Nico was also the one always getting rid of the blanket, so there was that.

Will gave Percy another look, as if telling him 'This is your last chance to say no'.

It wasn't.

They had agreed on their second day together that all four of them had to stop the moment somebody said no, no matter in what situation or context, and no matter how difficult it might seem to be.

He followed Will under the blanket, letting him take up the space next to the wall, facing him, and could hear Nico and Jason stripping down to just their boxer shorts before following.

"Percy is so excited about this, guys." Will sold him out, and Percy huffed indignantly, though he noticed the tension seemed to lessen the tiniest bit as they laughed.

"That's because it's an absolutely crazy idea. Like ice skating in the middle of the night, with cleaning harpies around and all." Nico muttered behind him, and Percy grinned at the memory.

"We should go skinny dipping once the water is warm enough." He suggested, but that just earned him three immediate 'No'-s.


His hands moved down Will's sides to the waistband of his boxer shorts, and Will took a deep breath, placing his hands on Percy's.

"Okay, I start?" Will asked, uncertainty in his voice, and Percy nodded, before nerves got the better of him after all, and he leaned forward to kiss Will softly.

Will smiled against his lips, then started tugging Percy's underwear down.

It felt weird, knowing he was getting naked with the guys without anything sexual happening first.

If this was happening out of a heat-of-the-moment-thing, he knew he wouldn't think twice about it.

Percy pushed his hip up to let Will tug them down better, and Will pulled away from the kiss to move lower, making Percy momentarily self-conscious, though he decided not to check whether Will was looking.

Instead, he helped getting the boxer shorts off his legs, and then there he was, naked.

Will moved back up, and Percy instantly hid his face at his neck, trying to fight the surge of anxiety that washed over him.

"Alright, now you do me." Will nudged him, and he swallowed, knowing full well Will could feel how he felt.

He nodded, then moved his hands back to Will's boxer shorts, hesitating one last moment.

Then he pulled them down, and Will's fingers clawed his arms for a moment, before he nodded and shifted to let him work better.

Percy felt his face heating when it was his turn to move lower, and he'd love to say he didn't peek – but he did.

He also cursed the blanket for obscuring most of his view.

However, with the momentary flash of light when Will moved his arm, he did see…

"Now I get why Jason calls you 'Freckles' with that certain undertone." Percy remarked when he pulled Will's boxer shorts out and threw them off the bed.

"You peeked!" Will exclaimed, sounding and looking absolutely betrayed.

"Duh. You should see them up close, Percy." Jason suggested, and Percy did want to do just that.

"Do you mean he…oh…" Nico mumbled behind him, and Percy grinned to himself.

Will tried to look at him reproachfully, but couldn't quite manage, not with that blush on his cheeks, and his freckles glowing.

"It's adorable! And sorry, I couldn't resist. You can peek too, if you want?" He offered, though the thought of Will checking him out right now made him more than a little self-conscious, especially given that he was half-hard.

Then again, Will had seemed the same way, so he guessed it was okay.

"So you two are naked? Splendid. Nico, are we going to do it ourselves, or do you want me to…"

"You can. If you want." Nico instantly replied, and Percy wondered whether it was just his own excitement, or whether they seemed a tiny bit more eager now.

Or maybe they were just extremely nervous.

Or maybe both.

He and Will both glanced around, and weren't surprised when Jason instantly moved closer behind Nico, his hands disappearing under the blanket.

Stupid blanket.

Nico's face turned pink, then he noticed Percy and Will watching and straight-out hid his face in his hands with a small wail.

"Hey, it's really not that bad." Percy soothed, turning around to stroke through his boyfriend's hair.

Will snorted.

"Yeah, we can't even see anything!"

He sounded so upset about it, too.

Percy shot him a pointed look, then blinked when he felt Will coming closer from behind.

Alright, weird.

They weren't touching yet or anything, but the thought of Will coming closer when he was naked was most definitely different.

Then again, it was only one layer difference, what was the big deal, even?

This was it, Percy should have cuddled naked with Nico more often.

…Why hadn't they, again?

Jason threw Nico's boxer shorts over his shoulder, and Nico looked ready to combust.

"I'm naked."

Wasn't he just adorable?

"Me too." Percy grinned at him, and Will hummed in agreement behind him.

Nico stared at them, then shook his head with a small 'This is crazy!', before he turned around and…surprised the hell out of Jason (and them) as he suddenly dived under the blanket to help him out of his boxer shorts.

No, seriously, they could see Jason's eyes widen in surprise for a moment before he started blinking rapidly, though he certainly didn't stop Nico in any way.

Then, Jason suddenly blushed and huffed, and there was a small sound from under the blanket.

"Sorry, Jason!" Nico exclaimed, sounding a tiny bit breathless.

Wait, what had happened?

"No need to apologize, Nico." Jason replied, and when he noticed the guys staring at him expectantly, he merely shot them a rather satisfied smirk.


Nico came back from his adventure, throwing Jason's boxer shorts off the bed, too, his face beet red.

"We're naked." He noted, and Percy snorted.

Yes, they sure were.

Something nudged against his lower back for a moment, then Will pulled back a tad further from him.

"Cuddling is going to be fun tonight." Percy commented wryly, and Will and Jason chuckled.

"Indeed. I'm sorry, Percy. Nerves seem to be getting the better of me at the moment." Will muttered behind him, and Percy glanced behind him.

"No worries. I trust your freckled dick not to try anything funny."

That comment earned him Will's fist to his shoulder, though it didn't hurt one bit.

"Watch it, or my freckled dick might reconsider."

"As if." Percy shot back, and Nico groaned.

"This is going to be a long night, isn't it?"

Oh yes, it was going to be.


"You'd guess he'd come tell us first, but no, not a single message, not a single prayer saying 'Oh, hey dad, we're dating now'. Nothing. But, of course, that kid's mother gets an IM-call and everything." Hades grumbled as he sat on his throne just for the hell of it, his wife right beside him, reading a book.

She and her weird streaks sometimes.

There one would guess she had sneaked away from her mother and down here to spend some time with him, but instead, she had only come to read in peace, apparently.

She was just as rude as his own son.

There he let him and his friends stay, did all in his power to keep that sun boy protected, bent several rules so they could have 'fun', and tried to give them a good vacation before the apocalypse came crashing down, and this was the thanks he got?

Officially, he had still not been informed of his son dating all three of those…kids.

But, of course, Sally Jackson got to know first thing.

Hades huffed in annoyance, pushing himself back into his throne a bit more.

His wife, as compassionate as always, merely chuckled, turning a page in her book.

"Oh, don't be like that. You know how it is to be young and foolish. They are so excited and happy about finally being together, you think he's really going to think of the Underworld? You know very well that Nico isn't very fond of the darkness." She reasoned, and Hades grumbled to himself even more, though he knew she was probably right.

It was a shame, though.

He had hoped his son would…well, learn to be okay with this place.

After all, Hades had even taken it upon himself to refurnish his room and all!

That had been a lot of work!

Especially considering he had had to leave the Underworld in the care of Alecto (which had been a very bad idea) so he and Persephone could go up into the human realm and act like…humans.

Ugh, he was never setting foot inside an Ikea again.

How did humans survive that, anyways?

Maybe he had underestimated them, after all.

Then again, that 'game store' – which hadn't even had anything he'd consider a 'game' at all, instead only holding weird small cases and a bunch of cardboard boxes with plenty of obnoxious colors and fancy (ugly) writing on them – hadn't been much better, either.

And the looks they had gotten.

He was never listening to his wife again when it came to clothing choices.

Yeah, if he ever had to set foot in the upper world again, he'd march down the streets in his robe of the damned, wife and her crazy fashion ideas be damned.

"Still." He grumbled, but she didn't seem very moved.

"Just give him some time, I'm sure he'll let you know soon." She replied, her nose still in that book.

What was she even reading?

He glanced at the cover as she turned another page, and rolled his eyes to himself.

"You and your Greek heroes."

She merely shrugged, not even looking up.

"It's a good book."

Yeah, whatever.

"Maybe I should pay him a visit." Hades mused, more to himself than her, sitting up at that splendid idea.

Now that Nico wasn't just dating that Jackson-kid, that meant Hades, as a good and responsible father, should have a little chat with that sun boy and the Roman/Greek-kid.

"Isn't he asleep by now?" She put in, and Hades slumped again.


He flicked his wrist and made an alarm clock with human time appear out of thin air, but kind of forgot about gravity, and the thing went crashing down into the ground before he could catch a glimpse of the time.

His wife merely laughed and turned another page, while several undead came rushing forward out of nowhere to clean up the mess.


Hades crossed his arms in front of his chest again and let himself fall back into his throne.

"This is stupid."

Persephone didn't say a word.

"I'm going to check on him." He decided, and was about to get up, when she suddenly snapped her book shut.

"No, you won't."

He turned towards her with a miffed expression

"I am the Lord of the Underworld, I do what I want." He stated sourly, but she just looked back at him completely unfazed.

"First of all, don't use that tone of voice with me, mister. We both know I lead this place just as much as you do, if not even more. Second of all, you know how important this is to Nico. Let him be happy and enjoy himself. Think about it, he probably thinks you already know, because you're a god. That woman couldn't have any other way of knowing, of course they called her. Third of all, do you really want to show up in that cabin right now, unannounced, and with no idea what they're up to at this very moment?"

Hades opened his mouth to argue, then closed it again.

He hated it when his wife was right.

Nico probably did think he already knew.

(He did know, after all.)

But still!

His son had even sent him a Christmas card!

Even though they did not even celebrate that strange and useless holiday!

Nico could send him that, but he couldn't mention that he had finally managed to make things work between himself and those three troublemakers?

Seriously, if it wasn't for Persephone's last argument, he'd so show up in his cabin right now.

However…his wife was right.

There were things no father wanted to see their child doing.

Hades grumbled loudly, putting his elbows on the arm rests of his throne to prop his head up on them.



"You check on him, then." Hades decided, and Persephone gave him that look.

The one that said she had known he'd say that, but that she couldn't believe he'd actually do it.

"What? I don't want to see them engaged in any physical activities. However, if it's safe to go, I will. I'll need to talk to the kids, won't I?" He reasoned, but she didn't look convinced, nor impressed.

"You really don't. You nearly made the Jackson kid wet himself with your last talk. How do you think my sun boy will react when you suddenly show up and act like the big, creepy dad that will drag them into the Fields of Punishment single-handedly if they dare touch your son the wrong way?"

He made a face.

"Well, I will drag them there, it's only fair to warn them first, right? Plus, it's not my fault that Jackson kid is a wimp." He argued, and his wife rolled her eyes.

"You kept telling him he's not good enough for your son and that he should think about his happiness. You knew full well he was already doubting himself more than enough."

Yeah, well, he didn't like the kid much, okay?

"But I told him that so he'd realize Nico wanted the other two, too! I was trying to help!" He exclaimed, throwing his arms up and making a couple of skeletons explode by accident.


He made a face, watching the bones scurrying around to set themselves back together.

Persephone sighed.

"Well, your help wasn't very helpful. But you didn't want to listen to me, did you now? I told you, if you want them to figure things out, then either leave them to themselves, or help the Jackson kid out. Not scare him and make him doubt himself even more."

Hades shot her a sulky look.

"Well, it did make them get closer, though."

She waved off.

"Unimportant. They'd have gotten there by themselves a day or so later, anyways."


"You didn't do anything to help them, either." He remarked, and she sighed loudly, before moving her hand through the air briskly and making an image appear out of thin air, looking like the shadows his son managed to conjure up around him (when he actually was in control of his powers, that was).

Hades wanted to peek, but then remembered Persephone's words, so he moved his hand over his eyes, instead.

"Are they decent?" He asked, but his wife didn't immediately reply.

"Well…" She then started, and he wasn't sure he even wanted to hear the rest of her sentence.

"They're not having sex, if you mean that." She then murmured, and he was about to lower his hand, but something about her voice made him halt, thinking there was more to it than she might let on.

"But?" He asked when that evil woman didn't continue, and she chuckled.

"Well…they're naked. Just naked. They're in bed, cuddled together, your son beet-red in the face, and they're naked. I will never understand humans."

Yeah, Hades wouldn't, either.

"Well, that ruins my plans of showing up unannounced, I guess. As much as I'd like to scare the Jackson kid, I'm pretty sure I don't want to see his-…"

"Yes, darling, I get it. What a wonderful father you are, so respectful of your son's privacy. I love how you prioritize your son's comfort over any other, foolish reasons not to show up in his cabin and wreak havoc on those poor boys. It is truly remarkable." His wife sassed him, and he huffed and let his hand drop from his eyes to shoot her a glare that hopefully conveyed he still didn't like that Jackson kid.

But then, his gaze fell on the screen, and those four boys, and his own son, looking unhealthily red in the face, but…Hades thought he also looked rather happy.

"Just look at them, though. They're finally together. Come on, admit it, you're happy for them. No matter how upset you are about them not letting you know, you're still happy for them." Persephone mercilessly called him out, and Hades sighed.

Yeah…maybe a little bit.

"My children so rarely experienced happiness." He said quietly, and found her hand on his.

"I know. But he's doing so well, don't you think?"

"He is." He agreed, looking back at the screen until his wife let it dissolve.

They sat there in silence for a long moment, both of them just following their own thoughts.

"They're so young. It's not fair." Persephone then said quietly, and Hades turned to look at his wife.

"I told you not to get attached."

"Says the one doing everything in his power to make them comfortable. They grew on you much more than on me, and you know it. Even the Jackson kid."

Hades didn't reply.

Getting attached was dangerous, especially for them.

Then again, these kids were their only hope, as cruel as it was.

"They have to face so many horrors, and so soon, too." Persephone whispered sadly, shaking her head to herself, and Hades squeezed her hand – a gesture he had seen Nico and Perseus doing countless times.

"They still have some time, though."

"Not enough. Never enough." Persephone argued, looking grave.

Yes, she had gotten attached.

"They'll make it." Hades reasoned, and his wife sighed deeply.

"I hope they will."

"They will."

Persephone shot him a small smile.

"You got attached."

Hades sighed.

But he didn't argue the statement.