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Hello all my lovely viewers, and welcome to my latest Naruto fiction, this one has been in the workings for a long time due to the long term planning that myself and my Co-writer (Ryujomaru15) have put into it. We've put our heart and soul into this beauty and it's been a refreshing experience having another author help me plan and point out my mistakes to help me improve.

Originally this fiction was my brain child but when Ryujomaru15 asked for the details of the fiction we got busy and so found this awesome fiction coming to life, so far we've built up this nice little reserve of chapters to post, but I've decided to test the waters and give you all a taste of what we've come up with, so please give us a review at the end and let us know what you think of it so far, the chapters will be longer than my True Uzumaki chapter given the amount of attention I'm putting into this and with the improvements Ryujomaru15 is adding to my work, the guy is a lifesaver, my chapters will be at a minimum of 10k words per chapter and in great detail.

Now just to give you some details on what this fiction will contain, if you read the summary you will see there will be harems, let's face it harems are a constant thing with any of my fictions, but they will be small, and after weeks of planning both myself and Ryujomaru15 have settled on the final harem girls, and those are set in stone and will not be changing, both Naruto and my OC will have harems as well as another character who I will name later, there will also be multiple side pairings throughout the fiction with as well as other original characters here and there to fit the story line.

There will be Sasuke bashing in this fiction but it will be at a level that is reasonable and justified, there will be the Fanon civilian and Clan council, but bashing from them will be minimized and used only to improve the story, there will be no senseless bashing of any kind.

Now I'm sure there is one question on all most of your minds when you saw the Harem and M rating, you're wondering when the lemons will be happening, sorry to say this is not going to be a Smut fiction, while yes lemons and limes are inevitable, they will not be for a long time, relationships need to be built first, and the storyline is what matters, while yes I enjoy writing the smut as you all enjoy reading it, I'm not the only writer in this fiction so I can't smash two characters together like Barbie and Ken and make them go at it like rabbits, there will be dates, and there will be trust built before we get to the dirty fun.

"Kage Bunshin"- Jutsus

'What a drag'- Thought

"To troublesome"- Speech

'Ningen'- Demon thought

"Ningen"-Demon speech

Chapter 1

Konoha was in ruins, buildings destroyed or burning, corpses cluttered the rubble. People had never known what had hit them when the Kyūbi no Yōko appeared out of a cloud of smoke and began to devastate the village without mercy in a bloodlust filled rage.

Now yellow spiked glowing chains that entangled its large body as it gnashed and growled at its captors far from the village in a large clearing in the woods bound the mighty bijū.

Around the clearing a large dome had been erected its structure made of the same chains that held back the Kyūbi while their energy created walls between them to keep anyone outside back while the events inside took place.

The chains were coming from a single woman inside the dome; she had fair skin, violet eyes and long crimson red hair down to the base of her back with should-length strands that framed both sides of her face with a black clip that parts her hair to the left. She was wearing a white high-collared, sleeveless blouse under a green long, loose-fitting dress with a wristband on her left wrist and standard shinobi sandals.

Behind her was a man with slightly tanned skin, bright blue eyes, and spiky blond hair with bangs framing his face. His attire was a blue long sleeved track suite with two bands on both of his sleeves, a green flak jacket: with three pouches on each side of the chest, a neck guard, extra padding over the shoulders (which is fastened on by steel buttons), and a zipper down the middle, a blue Hitai-ate on his head with a leaf symbol engraved on it over it. He also wore a short-sleeved long white haori that was decorated by red flame-like motifs on the edges with the kanji for "Yondaime Hokage" written vertically downwards closed in the front by a thin, orange rope over this attire.

But both were not going to stay in this world for long, as both stood in front of an alter holding back one of the Kyūbi's claws, however they had both been pierce through their midsections by the sharp claw that had been heading to the sleeping forms on the alter, they were two sleeping babies, one wrapped in orange with messy blond hair with three whisker marks on his cheeks, the other with messy crimson red hair which was finer than the firsts wrapped in a red blanket a shade darker than his hair.

Behind the pair holding back the claw was translucent gaunt spectre with a demonic visage. It is much larger than an average human, possessing long, shaggy white hair, from which two red horns protrude, with a mouth full of sharp, jagged teeth, and a very long, almost serpentine tongue, and purple-coloured skin. It is draped in a large white garments and carries a set of prayer beads in its left hand and holding a tantō in its right hand now looking down at the scene.

The man spoke; "Kushina, I'm almost out of time." he spoke to the woman with blood dripping from the sides of his mouth in obvious pain. "It's time for the eight trigram seal, I'll add our chakra so we can speak with Naruto later on, please say your goodbyes."

The woman, Kushina, looked down on the sleeping babies and smiled as best she could in her obvious state. "Naruto…. Kenta, don't be picky about your foods, eat lots both of you, so you can grow up big. Take bathes every day, and stay warm, and Kenta don't let Naruto stay up late at night you'll both need your sleep. Make friends, you don't need a lot of them, just a few that you can really trust. I'm not one to talk, but do your best in school and Ninjutsu, everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, so don't feel down if you're not good at something, help each other, that's what brothers are for. Respect your teachers and seniors at the academy. Oh and don't forget the three shinobi vices: be especially careful when lending or borrowing money. Make sure to save the money you earn from missions. Don't drink any alcohol until you're twenty-one. Drinking is bad for your health, so do so moderately. And as for women, I'm a woman myself, so I don't know much about this, but there are only men and woman in this world, so its ok if you're interested in a woman, just try not to go after bad ones, try to find ones just like mom. Speaking of vices, watch out for Jiraiya-sensei, ya know. Naruto, you will face a lot of pain and suffering in your life, believe in yourself and rely on your brother in the end family is all you really have, Kenta look out for your little brother and protect him, believe in each other and believe in your dreams, but most of all believe that your dreams will come true." She said as tears started to come to her eyes, "There are so many, many, many, many, many, many more things I want to share with you both. I wish I could stay with you both longer; I love you both so much. I'm sorry, Minato, I spoke for too long." she finished in apology to the man behind her, as tears streamed down her cheeks, who just smiled lightly and shook his head.

"Don't worry. Naruto, Kenta, my advice to you both as your father… is the same as your chatty mother just said with one extra, Naruto listen to your big brother and Kenta look out for your little brother, I'm so sorry neither of us could be there to watch you both grow up, but this is all we can offer you." Minato said as he peered around Kushina to the sleeping forms on the alter before smiling contently as he closed his eyes and spoke, "Hakke Fūin…" as a bright light engulfed them.

Scene break

Several hours later, in the tallest building in Konoha, the Hokage tower. A man in his late fifties sat holding the oldest of the babies in his arms while the younger blond lay in the crib in front of them.

The man was of short stature compared to most, his tanned-skin starting to develop wrinkles, has two lines running vertically under the outer corners of each eye, and a few liver spots under his left eye. His hair was dark brown with a spiked upward, and had a messy dark brown goatee. He was Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Sandaime Hokage of Konohagakure, respected by all who knew him, and revered for his two titles, "The Professor" and "Shinobi no Kami."

Now Hiruzen sat looking down at the babe in his arms and the small child looking back up at him, his blue eyes innocent and carefree. Hiruzen could only give a small smile to the child as he held him with a small sigh.

"Barely one day old in this world and you and your brother have been through so much, the deaths of both your parents, your younger brother becoming the Jinchūriki of the Kyūbi," Hiruzen whispered as he looked down to the child, as a small frown came to his face, "the civilians calling for both your heads out of sheer ignorance, Danzō asking to take your brother for his Ne program, both of which I will never allow to happen." Hiruzen said as the small babe wrapped his fingers around one of his own making him smile. "You're a fighter, just like your father and mother." Hiruzen said before taking a sad breath in the memory of his former successor and wife now past, "I'm sorry, no child or children should grow up missing a parent let alone both. I'm not sure what the future holds that awaits you both, but know this, I will do everything in my power to make sure you both live happy lives and grow up just like your parents would want, I couldn't face Minato or Kushina in the afterlife if I didn't." Hiruzen finished with a small smile as the babes eyes started to close as the Sandaime Hokage stood up.

Moving to the cot in front of them he placed the small babe down into it right next to his blond younger sibling who was already sleeping. With a smile Hiruzen fixed their blankets before watching the eldest drift off to sleep, "But whatever happens, I know you'll both be fine."

Time skip- 10 years

The sun shone bright over Konoha as the shops began to open and the civilians started their days. It had been ten years sense that night of the Kyūbi attack, ten years since the village had known that horror, while the village had recovered and mourned its loses, there was still an air of hatred about the village, though it was buried deep down but often flared up. Its focus was on one or both of the only two occupants of the twin joined apartments in a rundown apartment complex in the red light district of the poorer part of Konoha.

The building itself was recently restored on order of the Hokage to house its two newest occupants, who shared the twin joined apartments. The building itself was a U shape with the joined apartments on the top second floor on the left side of the building.

The apartments are identical clones of each other except for the different paint colours, one had a warm white paint and the other a warm grey, both with wooden flooring in an open space planed design, with kitchen, bedroom and living room all in one space and the bathrooms were on opposing sides.

The kitchen spaces were plain with metal and hardwood worktops with a plastic coating finish, both had sinks and cookers though only the second apartment looked to be in use.

In the bedroom of the first a head of spiky red hair can be seen under the plain white covers, the bed was a solid wood frame that looked recently new, beside the bed a digital alarm clock went off, it was a rectangular metal clock with a black screen with bright red numbers and a push switch on top.

As the clock turned to eight it started beeping over and over again making the occupant of the bed groan as he turned. The red head opened his eyes showing the cerulean blue orbs and squints at the light as he reaches out from below the cover and whacks the alarm clock silencing it before running his hand over his face to wipe the sleep away.

Pushing himself up into a sitting position the cover falls from the red heads torso showing he's shirtless and was quite lean, not extremely muscular but he didn't have much baby fat, and there was some muscle definition showing he was quite active, but there were some light scaring from what looked like knife wounds on his arms and a few on his chest but all looked to have healed long ago.

With a yawn the red head got out of the bed and stretched his arms up as he closed his eyes, all he was wearing was a pair of black baggy pyjama bottoms and no socks. He was roughly four feet nine inches, which is tall for his age.

Opening his eyes again now slightly more awake, he started over to the door joining the apartments and gave it a rough hard knock.

"Naruto, time to get up, I'll be in to make breakfast in ten minutes." the red head called through the door getting a mumbled response.

Hearing the response the red head turned and headed to the bathroom. Walking in the bathroom was a simple square room enough space for a small shower, sink and a toilet. The tiles on the ground and wall were plain white and stopped half way up the wall where a white paint started. Turning on the sink the boy filled it half way before dunking his head in the freezing cold water before pulling his head out his eyes wide and hair dripping wet as he panted from the sudden burst of cold as he reached for the towel, now wide awake.

Finishing drying his face the boy looked himself over in the mirror, his face was somewhat narrow with a curved chin with softened features, his red hair was messy and in spikes with long bangs on the sides of his face making his cerulean blue eyes stand out even more.

Walking back into the bedroom to get dressed the boy couldn't help but be thankful for the new apartments he and his younger brother were living in now, after they were both kicked out of the orphanage a week ago. They had started to live on the streets, but were found on the first night by a mask wearing shinobi in the shape of a dogs head with spiked up silver hair, he had brought them to the Hokage and they had spent the night in his office and the next day he had gotten them both these apartments after the orphanage refused to take them back, their reason being the pranks the younger of the two played and the fights the older one got into defending the younger one.

As he finished getting dressed by pulling on a white T-shirt with a red band going from his right shoulder to his left hip, he lifted a black strip of cloth and tied it around his head keeping his spiky hair up and out of his face.

Giving a final yawn and stretch the boy walked over to the door and knocked again, "Ready or not Naruto, I'm coming in." he said as he turned the handle and opened the door.

As he walked in the he smirked seeing the yawning and stretching form of his younger brother coming to greet him.

He had bright blond hair and a rather chubby face with three whisker birth marks on ether cheek, as he finished yawning he opened his eyes showing the same cerulean blue eyes that his brother shared, he was wearing a pair of light blue pyjama bottoms and white shirt with a black night cap on his head.

Seeing his brother the blond smiled, "Morning Kenta-Nii."

Kenta smiled giving a small chuckled, "Morning Otōto, you go and wake yourself up and I'll get breakfast on the go." he said shaking his head

With a groggy nod Naruto turned and walked to the bathroom on the other side of the apartment while Kenta went into the kitchen area and started going through the cupboards. Opening one after another he started to frown, 'Out of food again, and there's no telling what they'll charge us this time if I go now.' Kenta thought as he opened the last cupboard and sighed as he took out the content, two instant ramen tubs and sighed, 'Breakfast of champions' he thought rhetorically as he put the water in and put them in the microwave before sitting down and sighing.

Naruto came out of the bathroom and saw his brother sighing and walked over, "What's the matter Nii-chan?" he asked hating to see his big brother worried.

Kenta shook his head with a sigh, "We're out of food again, I'm going to have to go see Jiji and see if he can have our groceries sorted by other means, I swear that girl is over charging us for our food." Kenta said as Naruto sat down.

"I'm sure Jiji can help he always does." Naruto said as he tried to think of a way to brighten the mood before smiling, "Hey, do you want to help me prank some guys today, I've got loads of ideas!" Naruto said exaggerating by throwing his arms out wide making Kenta smirk before he shook his head.

"Sorry Otōto, maybe later when I get back from seeing Jiji about our food situation and some other things." Kenta said with a small smile this got Naruto's attention.

"What "other things"?" Naruto asked curious as to what his older brother was going to be seeing their grandfather figure about.

Kenta smirked, "I'm going to see if Jiji can help me start my shinobi training early, I'm sure he has some books he can lend me so I can start, maybe he'll even take me on as his student if I ask him, he trained the three Sannin and they were the strongest shinobi in the village. To be taught by him or them would be amazing." Kenta said his mood brighten up.

Naruto blinked seeing his brother's enthusiasm, "But we've got two years before we start the academy Nii-chan, what's the rush?"

Kenta smirked as he reached over and rustled his brother hair "You can never be to prepare when it comes to things like this Otōto, remember that." he said with a smirk as his brother pushed his hand off his head and pouted.

"You always act so much older than me, even though there is only five minutes between us." Naruto pouted at his brother treating him like a little kid.

Kenta smirked, "Bigger brothers always grow up quicker, they have to in order to look out for their Otōtos'." he said as the microwave finally dinged and Kenta got up to get the food.

Taking the bowls out he put them on the table and handed Naruto a pair of chopsticks, they pulled back the lids and Naruto inhaled the smell like it was a sweet perfume.

"Aaaah, food of Kami-sama for breakfast. Is there any better way to start the day?" Naruto smiled as he took in the scene

Kenta chuckled as he shook his head at his brothers words, "Well I'm not sure about Ramen for breakfast but it will do for today." he said as they put their hands together and bowed, ""Itadakimasu"", before starting to eat.

Scene break

In the tallest building in Konohagakure, the Hokage tower, was the Hokage's office, the room was comfortable meant for the Hokage to be able to go about his duties as such, the far back of the room was rounded with multiple windows allowing light to fill the room, in the centre of those windows was the lager desk of the Hokage with stacks of paper work on one side. On the opposite end of the room were two sofas with bookshelves filled with many books that have been read behind them.

Behind the desk sat a tired and weary Hiruzen Sarutobi, his face showing his age more and more with every passing year. The last ten years had taken its toll on the elderly Hokage, he had hoped to no longer be there as it was over ten years ago he had named his successor, but sadly he had no choice after the Kyūbi attack and the death of that successor but to retake his position, it was the only way he could protect his successors legacy, had he not, he was sure they'd have been dead by now or worse for young Naruto, turned into a mindless puppet for wars, as had been the suggestion of his war advisor when Naruto's status had been told to the council.

Now his days had been filled with more paper work than he ever had before, the majority of the paper work was all from the council, the civilian side was always trying to scrape more power from him or slip laws by him that were just too ridiculous to even comprehend. Sometimes Hiruzen cursed his second sensei for ever creating the council, he agreed the civilians should have a say as it was their village as well, but to quote the Nara clan, they made things more "Troublesome" than it needed to be, his paperwork pile wouldn't even be a tenth of what it was now if it wasn't for the civilian council, he couldn't even remember the last chance he had to train, and he knew it was starting to show. He was grateful for any distraction he could get from the bane of his existence, and this morning that distraction came in the form of a small hand knocking on his office door.

"Come in." Hiruzen said as he stamped another denied on another useless law attempt, he looked up when the door opened and the young Kenta came in smiling seeing his grandfather figure, "Ah Kenta-kun, come in what brings you here so early in the morning?"

Kenta smiles closing the door, "I thought now would be a good time to come and see you and assumed you'd be less busy in the early morning," he said before eying the paperwork, "guess I was wrong, I can come back later if you'd like."

Hiruzen smiled at Kenta's cleaver thinking but shook his head, "No that's fine my boy I could use the distraction from this paperwork." Hiruzen said as he lifted his pipe, "How are you and Naruto fairing in your new apartments? I've been meaning to come by but this paper work has kept me so busy I can barely get away from my desk these days."

Kenta grinned, "The apartments are great Jiji, thanks again for them, it's so much better to have our own space rather than back at the orphanage when it was just the two of us to that small room and single bed."

Hiruzen chuckled at Kenta's happiness, "That's good to hear my boy, now what have you come by so early for? I assume it must be important, you're normally with Naruto every day like you two were joined at the hip."

Kenta smirked rubbing the back of his head sheepishly, "Nothing gets by you Jiji," he said with a nervous chuckle, "I was wondering if I could ask you to arrange for mine and Naruto's groceries to be collected by someone else from now on?"

The sudden request made Hiruzen quirk and eyebrow as he took his pipe from his mouth, "And why would you ask for that Kenta-kun? If you're nervous about going alone, I'm sure I could have someone sent with you until you're surer of how to do it yourself?" Hiruzen suggested thinking he might just have been nervous but blinked again when Kenta shook his head.

"That's not it Jiji," Kenta said with a small frown, "it's just that I've noticed something the last time I went to the shop, the girl at the till charged me way more than what the bill should have been for the food, I made sure to check the prices before I took them to the till, and the looks the girl was giving me and Naruto, they were just cold and full of hate."

Hiruzen frowned hearing that and curse in his head, 'I was afraid of this, there hasn't been an incident like the first since I put that ANBU unit on them, but it appears that they've found another way to abuse these two, well that's stopping now.' Hiruzen thought as he sighed, "I see, well I don't see why we can't arrange that for you." Hiruzen said as he gave Kenta a small smile and took out note pad from his desk drawer, "Come and give me a list of all the things that you need and I'll have someone pick them up for you and bring them here while we talk.", 'The longer we talk the less time I have to work on this accursed paperwork, he-he.'

Kenta bowed in thanks as he came over and started listing all the things they needed from the shop. After five minutes Hiruzen nodded and pulsed his chakra into a seal on his desk and the door to his office opened as his secretary came in. Hiruzen handed her the list, "Please have someone sent to purchase those items from one of the local shops and have them brought here, and arrange for it to be done once a week." The secretary took the list and nodded, as she started to leave she shot a disgusted glare at Kenta, who returned it in kind, Hiruzen caught the secretaries glare and scowled at her "And when your done with that, you can clear out your desk your services are no longer required." he said scowl still on his face shocking the secretary who could only nod in acceptance and leave. Hiruzen rubbed his brow, 'What is this village coming to?' he asked himself mentally.

As the door closed Kenta couldn't help but smirk and turn to his grandfather figure smiling, "Thanks again Jiji, this will really help."

Hiruzen smiled, "Your most welcome Kenta, always come to me if there's anything you need, I'll be more than happy to help you."

Kenta nodded, "Actually Jiji, there is one more thing you could help me with, if it's not too much trouble?"

Hiruzen chuckled, "Its fine my boy, what is it that I can do for you?"

Kenta grinned hoping he wouldn't be turned down, "I was hoping you'd be able to lend me a copy of some scrolls on beginners Ninjutsu, Taijutsu and chakra control."

The sudden request shocked Hiruzen for a moment as he blinked hearing it, "My boy why would you want such things, you don't start the academy for another two years?"

Kenta nodded, "I know Jiji, it's just I want to get a head start on the basics so I don't fall behind, I'm thinking that all the students from clans will have training from their parents before going so I'll already be at a disadvantage, I want to lessen that as much as possible."

Hiruzen looked at Kenta shocked at his logical thinking and couldn't help but smile, 'It's almost as if its Minato standing in front of me defending his reasoning, they're so much alike its almost scary.' Hiruzen thought before nodding, "Very well Kenta-kun, I'd be more than happy to help you," he said before getting up.

Hiruzen walked over to the book shelves and started scanning their contents before pulling out two scrolls, "Here we go," he said as he turned and handed them to Kenta, "That first one is on the three types of chakra control exorcises for beginners I'd recommend starting with the leaf balancing exorcise before moving on to tree claiming and water walking." Hiruzen recommended, "The second is on the three basic Ninjutsu all students learn at the academy Bunshin, Kawarimi, and Henge, these three are the fundamental basics that every shinobi much know that's why the academy teaches them." Hiruzen continued explaining, "Now as for Taijutsu, that would be better studied under a sensei, that way you can discover a style which is suited to your own personality, and it just so happens that we have a Taijutsu expert here in the village, he is a master of the Gōken (strong fist) Taijutsu style and is fluent in over thirty other forms of hand to hand combat, I believe he would be best to teach you when the time comes."

Kenta couldn't help but shiver, "Um Jiji, he wouldn't be the guy I've seen running around the village screaming about the "Flames of youth" is he?"

Hiruzen sweat dropped, "That would be him, his name is Might Guy, and while he may be a little eccentric", 'make that completely insane', "but he is also one of the most hard working Jōnin this village has, and would be the best option in learning any Taijutsu style."

Kenta nodded understanding his grandfather figures logic, but couldn't help but think that his future Taijutsu lessons might prove to be rather strange. Then another thought crossed Kenta's mind, "Um Jiji, where do I go to get other Jutsu? After I've learned these three that is."

Hiruzen smiled, "Common Jutsu that many our shinobi use can be found at the shinobi library, clans have their own personal libraries in their compounds so the shinobi library is for none clan shinobi to go to or for clan shinobi to research Jutsu that might better their clan styles. Sadly I'm afraid you won't be able to enter as you need to be a registered shinobi of Konoha to do so."

Kenta frowned hearing that he had really hoped to go there after he had learned these three Jutsu he had been given.

Seeing Kenta frown Hiruzen smirked slightly as if reading his mind, "Don't worry my boy, when the time comes that you need more Jutsu to learn, I'll draft you up a permit to allow you to enter the library and I'll even assign you a training ground to practice in, as long as you can show me you've learned all three of those Jutsu I've given you that is, that way I'll know you can handle the Jutsu in the library."

Kenta smiled again hearing that realizing what his grandfather figure was doing, he was giving him incentive to learn the academy basic Jutsu before the others so he wouldn't take on something that was above his level. 'Thanks Jiji, this will be perfect I have to get stronger and be ready, I can't be defenceless not when I have to protect Naruto.' Kenta thought as he smiled, "Thanks Jiji, I'll get these Jutsu down no problem, but I was wondering if you could spare someone to show me the ropes in how to start, even if they're just out of the academy, I just want a hand to make sure I'm not making a fool out of myself by doing it wrong."

Hiruzen smiled, "That's a very cleaver thing to ask Kenta" he said in praise before thinking for a moment, 'Perhaps I could kill two birds with one stone with this, at least for now, she's been refusing to take anyone for the past two years not wanting a Genin team, perhaps a single student would be better', Hiruzen smirked, "and I believe I know just the person to help you." he said before snapping his finger and an ANBU guard appeared to his left, "Please fetch Anko Mitarashi for me." he ordered before the ANBU bowed and disappeared via Shunshin.

Kenta blinked at the speed of how things were going, 'Wow that was easy, I knew I would get someone, but I never thought it'd be so quickly, I hope whoever this Anko is can help me.' Kenta thought to himself only to be pulled from his shock by a knock at the offices door.

"Come in." called Hiruzen to whoever it was.

The door opened and two people came in, one was an ANBU wearing a boar mask holding multiple bags of groceries. The second was a young woman in a white high collar shirt and black mesh armour over the top of it, wearing a brown skirt with a purple side pouch and black shinobi sandals, with white wrappings around her left thigh under a black kunai pouch.

The ANBU set the groceries down beside Kenta before bowing to Hiruzen and disappearing into a swirl of leaves.

The girl gave Kenta a curious glance before she stood in front of the Hokage's desk and bowed, "You sent for me Hokage-Sama." she said taking her formal tone, this was the 'Professor' and 'Shinobi no Kami', you showed him respect.

Hiruzen nodded and gave them both a smile that for some reason sent a shiver down both their spines as both gulped unsure of why they felt a little worried about what was going to happen.

Hiruzen chuckled slightly, 'Glad to know I still got it.' he though before smiling again, "Anko I have a long term assignment for you with continuous pay for as long as it continues given that its none optional at this stage." the professor informed her making her frown somewhat.

Kenta raised an eyebrow at the statement, 'So he's making teaching me a mission, and a non-optional one at that? Why? Hasn't she taught anyone before, she doesn't even look seventeen.' Kenta thought, as he looked to the girl curious as to whom she was exactly.

Hiruzen then cleared his throat, "Kenta this is Anko Mitarashi, Anko this is Kenta Uzumaki, your new student." Hiruzen said with a smile, that was when Anko's eyes widened in realization of why this mission was non-optional for her.

"Hokage-Sama are you sure this is wise, saddling me with this Gaki?" Anko asked trying to be as polite as possible about it, "He doesn't even look old enough to be out of dippers yet. What exactly do you want me to teach him? How to use crayons?" Anko asked, as she couldn't help glancing at Kenta with a smirk.

That was when Kenta's eye twitched and a smile came to his face that was similar to the one Anko glanced at him with, "Firstly it's very nice to meet you as well Mitarashi-san, but I feel like I must point out, should you call me that again you will find one of those kunai in your holder shoved up somewhere on your person that you would find most unpleasant, or maybe you wouldn't, given how you look."

The sudden outburst made both Hiruzen and Anko blink looking at Kenta, Hiruzen was shocked, Kenta had always been polite and well-mannered always keeping himself calm, there was a time he actually though there was some Hyūga in him to be so stiff at times, to see him actually react like that was a revelation and one that brought a cheerful smile to the old man's mental face, 'And there's the Kushina in him, she was never one for taking lip from anyone, oh these two will make quite the pair if they get into it.' Hiruzen smirked

Anko blinked looking at Kenta before a smirk of approval came to her and she laughed, "Ha-ha, that's some mouth you got on you there Gaki~, call me Anko, and don't bother with the sensei honorific I'm waiting to see what your like first before I even think about making it official and that." she added as she held out her hand to him.

Kenta smirked "Sure thing Anko-san." he said as he took her hand and shook it.

Hiruzen smiled seeing them getting on, "Well seeing that you're acquainted now I might as well give you the full assignment Anko." he said before he cleared his throat and took out a missions scroll, "Anko you are to be Kenta's instructor for the next two years in the shinobi arts, you'll still be doing missions outside of the village every once in a while when needed but when able you are to instruct Kenta in his training for the academy. What he wants to learn is up to him it seems he already has some ideas in mind and will need directions, I recommend you add physical conditioning to the agenda before you start anything more physical." Hiruzen continued as he wrote everything he said down, "I will be arranging for Gai to meet with you both when he gets back from his mission so that he might help Kenta chose a Taijutsu style that he can begin learning. Anko, as a newly appointed Chūnin passing on knowledge is also a vital role, I expect a monthly report on Kenta's progress. Pay for the assignment will be made weekly, it is a B-rank assignment so pay will be distributed as fit as it is continuous. Training expenses will be covered so be sure to keep recites, and if he still requires extra instruction after the two years the assignment will be extended on request." Hiruzen finished as he signed the scroll making the assignment official as he handed it to her.

Anko took the scroll with a nod of acceptance and understanding as she stowed it in her side pouch for review later as Kenta grins.

Hiruzen grins also, "Alright now that's sorted, Kenta you'll need some staring gear, kunai and shuriken for now," Hiruzen said as he started filling out another scroll, "the tower has a large armoury so instead of buying them I'll just assign you a set of each to get you started, you'll have to buy your own once you start the academy, it also has a wide assortment of weapons down there, I'd recommend you pick one to try and learn, most shinobi have something that makes them unique in battle perhaps you'll find one down there that you'll like." he said as he handed the second scroll to Anko, "Give that to the girl at the armoury desk and she'll see you're sorted, now go on the sooner you start the sooner you'll grow stronger."

Kenta grins as he picks up the bags "Thanks Jiji." he said as he and Anko began to leave bags split between them

Hiruzen smirks, "Anytime Kenta, anytime." he says as he watches the pair leave and the door closed before he sighed, 'The council will kick up a storm about this if they find out, but to hell with them, I'm not the Hokage for nothing,' he thinks before looking back to the pile of paperwork and glares at it, 'Alright you son of a bitch round two, here we go.' he thinks before starting in again.

As Kenta and Anko start to walk away they pass an ANBU in a weasel mask with black hair coming through the hallway heading to the Hokage's office. As he and Kenta pass each other, Kenta stops and he feels a chill go down his spine as he turns to look at the back of the ANBU as he enters the Hokage's office and he feels himself shiver again.

Anko turns to see Kenta has stopped, "Hey Gaki what's the matter?" she asked wondering why he'd stopped.

Turning back to Anko Kenta shook his head, "Nothing Anko-san, its just…I have a feeling that something bad is going to happen." he said as they started walking again, Kenta unable to shake the feeling that this day was the start of many things that would shape the future.

Scene break

Anko and Kenta walked down to the basement of the Hokage tower where the armoury was located, entering the room Kenta's eyes widened considerably seeing the room. Racks upon racks of weapons of all shapes and sizes from exotic swords to spear heads, the walls had heavier weapons mounted on them maces, axes, huge swords there were weapons of all kinds down here the sheer number of them astounded him.

"Wow, this is way more than I expected. Where do all these come from?" Kenta asked in awe

Anko smirked, "From other shinobi of course, the village has its fair number of blacksmiths as well. Any time a shinobi comes head to head against an enemy shinobi in battle the victor usually takes whatever they can from the other in order to better the village and learn other village's secrets. There's a whole division on solely experimenting and testing foreign weaponry that are brought in to discover their secrets. Once all the secrets have been learned the weapons are sent here along with all the notes on how they can be used, it's up to the shinobi who decide to take them on to learn how to use them. Usually it's only Chūnin of above who are given weapons out of here, Hokage-sama must think you're something special to allow you to have one when you're just starting your training."

Kenta nods as he looks up at all the weapons and his mind racing with all the ideas of what he could chose for his weapon. Anko smirked seeing the look in his eyes like a normal kid in a candy or toy store, well to Kenta this probably was a toy store, and incredibly dangerous toy store, she giggled sadistically to herself wondering what weapon the kid would choose to make his own and decided to let him run loose.

"Alright Gaki I'll head to the desk and get your standard equipment, you go have a look around and see what you can spot that you like. I'll catch up with you in a few." Anko smirked when she saw his grin grow before he took off down the aisle like a Raiton Jutsu making Anko chuckle again, 'Ah to be that young and excitable, that kids going to be one hell of a shinobi when he's older if he's this excited now.'

With Kenta

Kenta walked down the aisles of weapons his eyes wide looking up at them all, sword of all different sizes racked on the wall or mounted separately higher up. There was a mass of maces and long handled weapons against one of the wall making Kenta stop and look at them.

He remembered the old man had said he practiced using a Bo staff as his weapon of choice one time, and had even signed the monkey contract to that extent, the Sarutobi clan even had its own Bo fighting style which Kenta had said sounded awesome, but the more he thought about what his grandfather figure had said "Most shinobi have something that makes them unique in battle perhaps you'll find one down there that you'll like", had made him reluctant to choose a Bo, if he was going to be unique he had to choose something else, while it would have been nice to have learned how to used it as his student it wouldn't make him unique.

Turning away from the Bo staffs Kenta headed down another aisle that caught his eye, the entire side of the wall had different pull out boxes in it, each looked to be for a separate weapon and on the front was notice of the weapons name and origins. As Kenta kept walking down he stopped when he saw something that caught his eye. A label that read "Unknown origins" making Kenta blink as he pulled it out and took off the lid.

Inside the box was a very strange looking weapon of sorts, it was clearly a sword by looking at the handle, but its body was broken up into multiple connecting parts. The handle was broke into ten segments each part with a rough leather outer wrapping, but the blade looked to be made up of over a hundred parts, each of which were connected by a strange extending ball joint. The end of the handle had a large metal ring with two smaller ones hanging off it and the tip of the blade came to a curved point like an arrowhead.

Lifting the handle out of the box to examine it Kenta gripped the blade slightly and his eyes widened when all the connection on the blade and handle reacted and connected together in an instant as it took on the form of a solid sword. It was just over a meter and half in length, with no guard and a double edge blade with a clear bevel up the middle of the blade where the segmented joints were clearly visible.

Turning the blade so the light glimmered off the blades edges Kenta was in awe, it was heavy but not overly so and it felt right in his hands.

As he examined it footsteps approached him from behind before Anko's voice broke the silence, "See anything you like Gaki?" she asked coming up behind him seeing him admiring the sword.

Kenta nodded, "This." he said as he tilted the blade slightly as she looked it over.

Anko quirked an eyebrow looking at the sword before she reached into the box and took out the booklet on the blades details and started thumbing through it, "Interesting, says here its origins are unknown, that it was found on mission with no direct village links. The blades and connecting links are all chakra metal so you'll be able to run your chakra through it later, talk about an expensive piece. Whoever lost this must be kicking themselves still, chakra metal ain't cheap."

Kenta looked the blade up and down again with a newer admiration and grinned, "I'll take it." he said with determination making Anko smirk.

"You bet your ass you will, but that thing's going to take more than two years to learn how to use properly, there's no style as far as I know on this type of sword so you'll have to make your own. You up for that?" Anko asked with a smirk wanting to see Kenta's reaction.

Kenta grinned, "Like you said, "you can bet your ass" I am, I'll make it all my own."

Anko smirked, "I think I'm starting to like you Gaki," she said before turning, "Now come on, we need to get this assigned to you before we drop off your shopping and then get you some new clothes, you can't train in civilian clothing, it will be shredded in the first hour." Anko smirked as Kenta shivered unsure what they would be doing that would "shred" his clothing.

Scene break

Back in the double apparent that Kenta and Naruto shared, Kenta and Anko set the bags down on the table top as Anko started looking around the place.

"Nice digs you got here Gaki. You live here with anyone else?" Anko asked looking around

Kenta nodded as he started putting stuff away, "Yep, me and my Otōto, we're twins but you wouldn't know it by looking at us, I have red hair and he has blond."

After a few minutes Kenta had finished putting the shopping away and looked to the other equipment Anko had picked him up, three kunai and half a dozen shuriken, each were razor sharp. He picked up one of the kunai and held it in his hand weighing it and frowned doing so, it was heavy in his hand.

Anko noticed him weighing the kunai and smirked, "It will be heavy for someone not used to holding one, you'll get used to it in no time" she said standing up from the table chair.

Kenta nodded as he set the kunai down, "I never did like how these were designed, no guards and perfect for quick slashes, but not much else. I guess I'll have my sword for those kinds of fights."

Anko shrugged, "Yea, and you can always go to a blacksmith and request a custom design if you wanted, though they'd cost you an arm and a leg and they'd have to be aerodynamic for throwing otherwise they'd be useless." she explained as Kenta put the weapons into one of the bags, "Right come on Gaki time to go and get you kitted out like a proper shinobi."

Kenta's eye twitched, "I swear if you call me that one more time I'll make good on my threat from before and shove a kunai up your ass."

Anko stopped, turned to him and smirked, "Hm, we'll see, where'd a kid like you even learn that kind of language in the first place?"

Kenta rolled his eyes, "You get enough foul comments thrown your way you pick up how to throw them back." Kenta explained causing Anko to blink not sure what to make of that statement.

'Were his folks abusive or something, is that why he and his brother live here?' Anko thought to herself as she tried to piece together what she knew about her new charge as they start to walk out and onto the streets.

Scene break

It was several minutes until they had arrived at one of the several shinobi clothing stores throughout the village, as they walked in Kenta frowned seeing the cold glare the girl behind the till was giving them as they entered and started to look around.

Picking out some clothes Kenta took them into the dressing area and started to try them on while Anko waited outside tapping her foot waiting impatiently, "You done yet Gaki?" she called out after Kenta had been in for a few minutes.

The curtain pulled back and Kenta stepped out wearing a pair of baggy combat trousers with multiple pockets and a black mesh shirt over a white t-shirt and two black elbow pads

"Now that's more like it you're looking like a proper shinobi now." Anko said grinning seeing his new attire.

Kenta's eyebrow twitched again, "I look like a mini male version of you!" Kenta yelled looking at the outfit she'd picked out for him.

"And why is that a bad thing?" Anko laughed as Kenta stormed back into the changing room.

"I'm keeping the pants but the rest is gone." Kenta called out as the mesh shirt and t-shirt came over the railing onto a grinning Ankos head.

After three more minutes Kenta immerged from the changing room again this time wearing a dark red shirt almost brown with a black shinobi flat jacket over it unzipped still wearing the black elbow pads from before with a black mask wrapped around his neck with a red strip going down the left side of it, he had swapped out the open toed shinobi sandals for boots and had donned a pair of shin and knee guards over the baggy pants that were the same shade red as his shirt with a single black stripe down their middle, and he completed his outfit with a pair of fingerless black gloves with metal plated backs and knuckles.

Fixing his gloves as he came out Kenta grinned, "I think this is more my style."

Anko smirked looking him up and down nodding in approval, "Not bad, the shinobi look suites you Gaki, now come on lets go pay and get some extras of that outfit ordered before we get started on your training." Anko said gesturing to the till.

As they both approached the girl glared at both Kenta and Anko coldly as they went to pay, Kenta glared back but was confused as to why Anko was getting the glare as well, 'Why her too? Is it because she's with me or something?' Kenta thought to himself as Anko paid.

Walking out of the shop Anko started to look at the receipt given and slowly her frown turned into a scowl and then total rage, "What the hell!" Anko yelled as she checked the receipt again, "That fucking bitch, I knew there was something off about those numbers, she fucking charged me three times the price for all that! Oh that tears it I'm going to fucking killer her!" Anko yelled as she went to go back to the shop and rip the fake tits off that girl only to stop when Kenta spoke.

"Don't bother." Kenta said as he started to put his kunai and shuriken into his pants pockets.

"Like hell she ripped me off, I'm not about to let that slide." Anko said in anger.

Kenta shook his head, "You'll be getting refunded for the mission won't you so what does it matter, once you show the receipt to Jiji that girl will have all the explaining to do then, you won't have to lift a finger, besides its happened to me before."

Anko looked to Kenta confused as to what he meant thinking that she'd been the reason they'd been over charged due to her history with a certain snake, but decided not to push, "Fine." Anko sighted as they started to continue on their way, "I suppose your right. You're too smart for a Gaki your age sometimes you know that?"

Kenta shrugged as he took out his sword from the bag, "That's just the way I am." he said before he swung the flat of the blade at his waist as it wrapped around him three times before the tip of the sword and the ring on the handle connected as the magnetic strips he attached to his pants held the blade still creating a belt.

Anko smirked seeing it, "That thing is going to come in pretty handy, you'd better take good care of it and make sure to read up on all the notes the research division made on it if you want to master how to use it."

Kenta nodded, "I've already started" he said as he gestured to the pocket on his left shin where the book was sticking out, "I covered the first five pages before we got to the shop and I've already got some idea of a style I want to try."

Anko smirked, "You've still got a long ways to go before you can even start on creating a style. First things first we've got to whip you into shape." she said with a sadistic smirk making Kenta shiver again.

Scene break

The two stood at the edge of a river in a clearing just north of the Hokage monument past the trees above, the area was relatively flat with a slope just before the tree line giving them everything they'd need for Kenta's training as Anko had put it. Trees for the chakra control leaf balancing and tree climbing, the river for water walking, space to have light combat spars and practice Jutsu, plenty of tall trees to use as a on the go battle area later, plus it was secluded and no one would disturb them.

Once they had arrived Anko had set up a privacy barrier around the place for secrecy as it had mentioned to do on the mission scroll, Hiruzen didn't want anyone to find out about Kenta being trained for as long as he could help it, Anko could guess one reason was that the council would start yelling about her history and how she shouldn't be a shinobi much less teach a child or as they would call it corrupt an innocent mind, when in actuality that was only one of the few reasons they'd complain.

"Alright Gaki, so what's the first thing on your to-do list for training well work on it before we get started on your physical conditioning." Anko explained.

Kenta nodded, "The three academy Jutsu, Jiji said I have to learn them before I can get into the library to get more to learn."

Anko slouched, "Great, figured he'd saddle you with something boring like those three. They're the easiest to learn that's why they teach them at the academy. So I take it you've never used chakra before them ether?" Kenta shook his head getting Anko to sigh again, "Ok then that's where well start, but before that this is one and only chance I'm giving you to drop out now, if not I'm going to train you into the ground each day. We'll be training ten hours a day, I'll be picking you up at ten every morning so I expect you ready, we work till one in the evening where we break for lunch, then well be blitzing till eight at night, there's no arguing as It was part of the assignment scroll Hokage-sama gave me, and you'll need those ten hours a day practice if you want to be any good in just two years training."

Kenta nodded his head in determination, "I'm not backing down, I wanted this training for a reason, and I won't quit no matter what."

Anko smirked at the fire behind his eyes, 'This kid talks a big game but let's see if he can back it up, I bet he caves within the week', Anko thought before nodding, "Alright let's get started then." she said still smirking.

Kenta nodded before pausing for a second, "um before we start Anko-san I was wondering just how old are you?"

Anko raised an eyebrow at the question before smirking, "I'm eighteen Gaki, I graduated my Chūnin exams first try, and I'll be expecting the same thing from you in four and a half years' time when your exams come around. Now let's begin your tortu… I mean let's begin your training." she said with a rather disturbing smile making Kenta gulp.

Scene break

It was the days end as Kenta dragged himself back to his and Naruto's apartments, every joint in his body hurt after the day's training. Once he'd figured out how to access his chakra Anko had started him on the leaf balancing exorcise for a few hours before he'd started tree walking, Anko had explained the better your chakra control the easier it was to learn Jutsu, he'd made it three feet up the tree but had fallen so many times he was sure the bruises on his ass had bruises. Then after lunch Anko had begun the real torture/training his physical conditioning, this was to help improve his stamina so he could last in long fights or handle the long travel distances for missions, now most would have just had Kenta run laps of the training ground, well Anko isn't most people, while Kenta was running he had her chasing him with Senbon needles laughing her ass off as she launched them at him for training and he had do duck, dodge, weave, swerve and jump to get away from them and that had went on for four hours with no breaks, luckily the Senbon were blunted so they only left small little bruises but it had still pissed Kenta off something bad by the end, but he was to sore and exhausted to try and take revenge. He was tempted to arrange to set her up to be the victim of one of his and Narutos pranks but decided against it realizing if she could do this to him with blunt Senbon what would she do to both him and Naruto with sharpened ones.

Opening the door to his apartment he left like his wrist was about to snap from the acrobatics he had to do to get away from the Senbon in training and hissed in pain, "Me and my big mouth." Kenta hissed as he opened the door only to get knocked on his ass as he entered by a blond blur.

Groaning in pain as he lay on the floor Kenta looked to see what had knocked him over only to see Naruto on his chest.

"Otōto, what the hell? Why'd you…" Kenta started before stopping hearing sniffling coming from Naruto as his brother looked to him showing the tears in his eyes.

"Nii-chan I was so worried, I haven't seen you since you left this morning, when I got back the cupboards were full but I couldn't find you anywhere I thought… I thought." Naruto cried in relief

That's when it hit Kenta and he cursed himself mentally, it had be a few years but the scars of that night were still there for them both, they'd been chased through the village by a mob when the head of the orphanage had locked them out on their birthday, they'd been trapped in an ally way and Kenta had used his body to shield Naruto as the villagers attacked them, he'd been hospitalized for a week after.

Kenta hugged Naruto back, "I'm sorry for making you worry Otōto, I'm sorry for being so stupid, I was just so excited to start my training I forgot to let you know, Jiji assigned me an instructor after he gave me some scrolls. I'll be training with her most days from now on, but I'll still be here in the mornings and evenings after eight, and I'll have weekends off so we can spend time together all those times, you'll just have to prank the villagers while I'm away those ten hours a day."

Naruto frowned hearing that, he didn't like being away from his Nii-chan but he didn't want to get in the way of his dreams either, he knew It was his dream to be a strong shinobi to protect them both, but he wouldn't be left behind, smiling at his brother he laughed slightly, "He-he-he, I thought it was something like that, I know you want to be a shinobi, so once we start the academy I'm going to get strong too, and I'll get just as strong if not stronger than you Nii-chan and then I'm going to beat you."

Kenta smirked at his brother brighten up and laughed at the statement, "In your dreams maybe Otōto. The only way you'd beat me is if you took Jiji's hat and became Hokage yourself."

Naruto grinned back at his brother, "Then that's what I'll do, I'll become Hokage and beat you Nii-chan, believe it!"

Kenta blinked at the sudden statement and smiled, 'Big brother to the Hokage… yea I think I can settle for that.' Kenta thought before nodded, "Alright then Otōto you're on."

Both brothers smirked at each other, and from that day their paths were set.