Sorry I haven't updated! I got busy with other stories!

Dear Diary,

Today Harley totally roasted McKenzie! OMG SQEEEEN it was awesome!

"Hey Dork 1,2,3 and then crazy Dork!" Mckenzie cackled like and evil witch. (No offence to witches, just bad ones. Like that unbridge person from Harry Potter)

"Hey Evil Clone 1 and 2 and evil *BEEP*" Harley smiled while saying.

Chloe,Zoey, and I were SHOOK!

"How dare you use those words with me! Wait until my father hears about this" never mind. She's Draco.

"Okay... bubye" Harley said no flinching an inch.

She looked at her with a horrible look.

She sashayed away. I HATE IT WHEN SHE SASHAYS!

Then the school started to clap! And then Brandon looked at me, which melted me! I was literally a pile of thick goo! SQEEE


I woke up and got a text

"My father gave me permission to do some things. I know your secret Nikki. You little buggy Bratty, BUG GIRL" McKenzie texted me.

I got the ...

"You will follow my Harley to back off and leave Chloe and zoey. And... BRANDON!" Her vicious world cut me through my heart like a deadly tiger, I was slowly bleeding. From the inside

Sorry I haven't written. I have gotten bored with this story. I will end it in a month or 2. I love you all!