I know I've been pretty shitty at updating but I've deleted most of my unfinished fics and I'm looking at this as a fresh start with my fics; I can't promise I'll update everyday but I will try have regular updates.

'What's meant to be will always find a way.'

The first thing he sees is her shoes; those shiny black heels confidently walking across the cobbles. Her brunette hair, which is longer than the last time he saw her, flows straight down her back. It's been years since he seen her, three to be precise, his life is so different now and as he catches a glimpse of the pram she's pushing he can see her life is also very different.

'Daddy!' A little voice shouts and he turns around to see Elliot, his and Leanne's son, running towards him.

'Hey, buddy.' He says lifting the two year old into his arms. Elliot James, EJ for short, was born two years ago and is very much a daddy's boy. Although he's biologically Steve's son, something no one has ever found out, Nick's name is on the birth certificate and he raises him as his own.

'Is that?' Leanne asks glancing at the doors to the Rovers.

'Carla...' Nick replies quietly.

'Hey, you... You should've phoned and Steve would've picked you up.' Michelle says grinning as her best friend makes her way into the pub.

'I drove up... Didn't see the point of flying and paying for extra baggage when I could fit everything I needed in my car.' Carla replies shrugging her shoulders.

'I feel like it's been forever since I seen you.' Michelle says as she rushes towards Carla.

'It's only been like four months.' Carla replies smiling as she hugs her.

'I know... I know but you've changed so much.' Michelle says.

'Well I've lost the baby weight so I'm not as fat.' Carla replies and Michelle laughs.

'That's not what I mean... You look, you seem happier.' Michelle says and Carla nods her head.

'I am happy. Amelia has given me a purpose in life, a reason to live and I needed that more than anything.' Carla replies glancing down at the little girl in the pram.

'She's got so big, Carla.' Michelle says and Carla smiles.

'She's changing so much everyday and she's been rolling over nonstop recently.' Carla replies causing Michelle to gasp.

'Really? That's amazing.' Michelle says.

'I see you moved on then...' A voice says and Carla turns to see Gail standing behind her.

'I did.' Carla replies.

'How long did it take you then? A day, maybe two?' Gail asks and Michelle moves to stand in between the two women.

'Longer than your precious son or so I've heard.' Carla replies.

'He was heartbroken.' Gail says and Carla laughs slightly.

'Heartbroken? Yeah, enough that he knocked up someone else within months.' Carla replies.

'And you didn't seem to wait around, obviously.' Gail says gesturing to the pram.

'My daughter is four months old. I wasn't with anyone for well over a year after I left Weatherfield... I made a mistake sleeping with Robert but don't you dare act like I didn't love Nick.' Carla replies before turning to Michelle.

'Can I go through the back? I didn't come here to be judged by people who don't know anything.' Carla says and Michelle nods her head. She grabs hold of the pram handle and makes towards the back.

'Gail, you don't know what's been going on with Carla. She has every right to move on just like Nick has. The mistake she made was three years ago, you need to let it go.' Michelle says.

'I accepted her into my family and she broke my son's heart.' Gail replies.

'If you are intent on having a go at her everything you see her I suggest you avoid coming in here until she's gone back to Devon because I am not willing to watch you have a go at her when she's not done anything wrong.' Michelle says gesturing to the door. Gail gasps slightly before turning and leaving the pub.

'Shall we go to the Rovers for dinner?' Leanne suggests as Nick lifts Elliot onto his knee.

'Do you think that's a good idea? She'll most likely be there.' He says and she shrugs her shoulders.

'And? That shouldn't be a problem unless you still have feelings for her?' She replies.

'I don't. You know I only have feelings for you, I just didn't want it to be awkward.' He says.

'It won't be awkward, well not for me anyway...' She replies and he nods his head.

'Okay, let's go to the Rovers for dinner.' He says.

'So how've you been?' Michelle asks sitting opposite Carla who has Amelia cradled against her chest wrapped in a pink fluffy blanket.

'Good.' Carla replies.

'How's Jake?' Michelle asks.

'Fine... I was thinking we could go shopping tomorrow, take Delilah and Amelia?' Carla suggests in an attempt to change the subject.

'Yeah, okay. I can get Steve to watch this place.' Michelle says and Carla nods her head.

'Okay.' Carla replies quietly as the door creaks open and she glances up to see Nick and Leanne make their way inside, Elliot balanced on his hip.

'Oh great...' Carla mumbles. She glances down at Amelia as the little family walk by the table they're sitting at.

'Do you want to go through the back?' Michelle asks and Carla shakes her head.

'No, I'm fine. I just didn't expect to bump into him this quickly.' Carla admits glancing down at Amelia who coos up at her mother.

'You'll be fine. You've got Jake now, haven't you?' Michelle says and Carla nods her head.

'Yeah, I've got Jake.' She mumbles slightly.