'How beautiful does mumma look, Amelia?' Nick says as he makes his way towards Carla as she runs her fingers through her hair.

'I look a mess... My hair won't sit right and I can't decide on which lipstick to wear.' Carla replies shaking her her head.

'Stop stressing yourself out, Carla. Your hair is lovely and I'm sure whatever lipstick you pick it'll look perfect.' He says placing his free hand on her shoulder and feeling her instantly relax at his touch. It's been eighteen months since they left Weatherfield, since she left Jake; it took a long time for Carla to become 100% comfortable around Nick after everything she'd been through.

'Can you make sure everything is in her bag? We should probably actually take a her pyjamas so we don't have to try change her when we get back.' She asks and he nods his head.

'Course... Let's go get your pj's.' He says bouncing Amelia on his hip.

'You know, I'm lucky I even got in this dress.' Carla says turning slightly and running her hand over her slightly rounded stomach.

'Mmm... You really have popped this week, haven't you?' He says and she nods her head.

'It's crazy how fast I'm growing. There's no way people aren't going to notice this tonight.' She replies, her hand resting on her stomach as he smiles at her.

'Well maybe it's about time we let people notice? We're well past the safe mark, aren't we?' He asks and she sighs.

'I guess.' She replies quietly.

'You don't think Aidan will be mad we didn't make it to the actual wedding, do you?' Carla asks as Nick opens the door to let her push the buggy into the Bistro.

'Of course not. He'll just be happy you're here now.' He replies smiling as they're instantly greeted by a restaurant full of people they know.

'You okay?' Nick asks.

'Mmm... It's strange being back here.' She admits and he nods his head.

'It definitely is.' He replies.

'You made it!' A voice squeals and Carla turns just in time as Kate flies towards her and wraps her arms around her.

'We made it.' Carla replies.

'Oh my god, are you?' Kate asks pulling back to glance down at her stomach.

'Eighteen weeks...' Carla replies grinning as Kate's hand moves to rest on Carla's stomach.

'Congratulations! I'm so happy for you both. God, if anyone deserves this it's you two.' Kate says moving to hug her sister once again.

'Thanks, Kate... Where's Aidan?' Carla asks glancing around the room.

'I'm not sure. He's around here somewhere... Why don't I take Miss Amelia and you two can go find him?' Kate suggests.

'Okay.' Carla replies passing the buggy to Kate. She slips her hand into Nick's before dragging him through the dance floor which has been made in the middle of the Bistro to try find Aidan.

'Congratulations!' Carla says grinning as she wraps her arms around her brother.

'Thank you! I'm so glad you were able to make it. Have you not brought Amelia?' Aidan asks.

'Yeah, she's with Kate somewhere.' Carla replies gesturing around the room with her hand.

'I don't want to be rude and I may be completely wrong here but are you?' He asks gesturing to Carla's stomach causing her to smile.

'Pregnant? Yeah. I'm a little over eighteen weeks.' She replies.

'That's amazing.' He says and she nods her head.

'Another little girl... Anyway, this is your big day; where is the beautiful bride?' Carla asks.

'Over there with Leanne.' Aidan replies and Carla sighs.

'Ah, okay. Well I'll give that a pass until she's on her own.' Carla says and Aidan smiles sympathetically.

'Things still not going good between you?' He asks.

'She's fine with Nick; he comes and picks up the boy's whenever we have them but I'm just the bitch that stole her man, again.' She replies and Aidan sighs.

'Maybe in time things will get better.' He says and she shakes her head.

'I highly doubt it.' She replies.

'What about Darcy?' Nick asks, his hand resting on Carla's stomach as Amelia sleeps peacefully in her travel cot.

'Nah, I don't really like that. What about Thea?' She asks and he smiles.

'Elliot, Amelia, Frankie and Thea... I like it.' He replies.

'What about a middle name?' She asks.

'Hope? Thea Hope Tilsley?' He suggests causing her to smile.

'That's settled then.' She replies as she rolls onto her side so she's facing him.

'I don't think I've ever properly thanked you, Nick... For finding me, for loving me but most of all for saving me.' She says softly and he shakes his head.

'You don't have to thank me. Regardless of what happens I'm always going to be here to find you, to love you and to save you if you need saving which I'm hoping you never will need saving again.' He replies kissing the top of her head.

'As long as I've got you by my side I know I'll always be safe.' She says.

So this is the end of this story; I honestly can't thank you all enough for the support especially when I went awol for months. I do have quite a few ideas for a sequel which may possibly include an appearance from both Rob and Jake so let me know if you'd be interested in that?