Title: It's In Her Kiss...

Chapter One

Author: KissThis

Rating: Pg-13...might change to R in later chapters.

Summary: Takes place about a year after the fight with Galaxia and the leaving of the Starlights. Visions plague Healer, and she desires to return to Earth. And a romance ensues with many obstacles and bumps along the way. Usagi/Yaten

Disclaimer: All Sailormoon paraphernalia belongs to Naoko Takeuchi. The plot, though, was dutifully thought of and recorded by my faithful plot bunnies: Fufu, Tofu, Mushu, Kovu, Washu, Princess, Rags, and Patches. (Rags and Patches are twins)

A/N: There aren't enough Usagi/Yaten(Female) pairings out there, so I thought I'd do my part! Yay me!

Once again this is Usagi/Yaten


Sometimes...when she slept...Time would creep up on her, turning her dreams into visions she could not wake from. Dark and cold things from the past. And as she struggled to control the images, collect the scattered emotions that ripped through her, wishing she could wake, she would cry. Water and salt staining her pillows and bed sheets as her hands clung in desperation to the soft comforter that covered her. Then, always, just before she was sure the vision was going to drive her insane and make her cry out from the emotional pain, she would feel arms holding her close, lips brushing against temple. And she would hear the whispered promise that it would be over soon and she would be fine. The ghostly presence would stay with her until the last of visions fell away like wisps of smoke. And her eyes would open, soft emerald pools straining against the darkness, a snowy toned hand falling into the empty space next to her in hopes, that her savior would be there.

But she was always alone. The pale of night wrapping against her and reminding that no matter the prayer, the hope, or wish...she would never again greet the face that, had always, calmed her sleep, made her visions vanish.

Sitting up, Healer wiped the remains of tears from her eyes and slid out of her bed. She padded out of her room and down the hallway to the bathroom. Flicked on the light, blinking back the sudden shock of the brightly illuminated room, stared at the mirror for a minute or two before turning on the faucet and washing her face. The water was cool against her skin doing little to comfort her.

Things were getting worse. In the beginning the visions would hit every couple of weeks. Now they were a constant, a haunting routine and as she wandered back to her room to fetch her robe she tried to sort through what she had seen.

Darkness...always darkness...at first. She would be lost, so lost in the darkness that consumed everything turning it raven dark. Lately, the visions held a climax of herself running at...something......someone...What or who she could never tell. At least, until she woke up.

Silky, ice blue material slide over her nude body as she changed from her bed-robe into a flowing sundress, grateful that today was her day off. She brushed aside a few strands of smoke shaded hair and stepped out into the vast halls of Kinmokusei Palace forgoing her regular ponytail.

In the kitchen of the royal home she went through the motions of retrieving herself a snack. Her favorite and a rarity for the health-conscious woman, a strawberry sundae, because it relaxed her though it was doing a poor job that morning. She sat at the servants' table glancing over at the clock, that rested in the corner, briefly before turning her attentions out the window. Dawn was in a few hours and she would see it rise.





The Powers-That-Be were at their wheel...spinning a web, creating a puzzle. Healer was a vessel of their work. A keeper of what they were about to set in motion.


Fighter stared out the window of Kinmokusei's castle. There were no seasons here, like there were on Earth. There was but one season and it always stayed roughly the same temperature, some type of Utopian weather. She'd often heard Usagi and the others talk about something called Winter and Autumn. She wanted to see what it would be like there.

Yes...it had been 18 months since they had left Earth. She heard the sound of nearly silent footsteps and turned around slowly, already knowing who it would be. Healer stood there looking as morose and somber as ever.

"Hello, Healer," she said quietly.

"Fighter...what is wrong?" She asked. Fighter looked up into her serene and placid eyes. Healer had changed so much since they had returned from Earth, she was more polite , and even caring, but...The fire within her had died, snuffed out by some unseen force that descended upon her fragile shoulders and sucked the life from her. She no longer teased her sisters, or even spoke much anymore, for that matter. For 18 long months she had walked the numerous halls of her home hardly speaking, her eyes distant and troubled, and her demeanor depressingly melancholy with lingering periods of somber thoughts.

It had been quite a change from her self before.

Healer blinked, seemingly understanding the silence. "You miss it don't you?" She sat next to Fighter upon the window sill and glanced out at the dawn sky before Fighter spoke to her.

Fighter smiled weakly and nodded, brushing coal colored bangs from indigo eyes. "Hai, but only a little." She sighed and looked out at the sky as well. Healer nodded then smiled gently, understanding her sister's pains. She, too, was missing things...people...from Earth as well, although her pains were ten-times stronger than Fighter's. And if those pains weren't answered, she truly felt that she would go mad...


She was ready to tell the others. She decided. She couldn't wait through another day of visions, another night of the same and all those emotions. Too many emotions hitting all at once, mixing the past with the present and future. She knew that the Powers-That-Be had placed her in the center, always the center...she was not comfortable in that position.

The large park was silent early in the morning. One or two couples breaking the solitude but she didn't mind them. She kept her jade eyes shut. Breathing in and out slowly concentrated attempts at stilling the beat of her heart. She was already plagued by loneliness, like a great black hole inside her body that sucked all the life from her and squashed every happy thought with skilled, shadowy hands; she didn't need the sight of happy couples all around her to feed the physically painful emotion.

What would she tell them?

It was cool. A light breeze here and there wandering around her, picking up her long and unbound hair. Certainly it was going to be a fair day, not too warm, not too cold, but just right...just like every other day on Kinmokusei. Everything was bound to be just right that day...she could feel it in her bones.

Healer took a deep breath and stood up beneath the shade of a Sakura-like tree and let the light blue petals fall from the flowered boughs and drift down all around her immobile body. She ran her tongue lightly over sugar-pink lips and started the long trek back to the palace where, with a single decision, her mind might finally find its rest.


"Oh, Healer." Princess Kakyuu whispered, trailing a loving hand down her Senshi's silver tresses, "I shall miss you so...but perhaps....perhaps you shall find the rest you seek."

Crystalline tears wove salty paths down both faces as Healer kneeled before her Princess, and kissed her soft palm. "I shall remain, if you wish it..." Healer whispered with a bowed head and shaking voice.

Kakyuu bent and lifted up her senshi and friend, "How can I deny your request when I know that only the one you love can bring you from this depression you have slipped into." She chuckled slightly, bring Healer's tear-filled gaze to the crimson orbs of her leader. "I have seen the way you walk the halls without a word, but with your cares evident upon your face and in the way you carry yourself."

"Take care of the others." Healer begged, already beginning to wipe the tears and their wet trails from her alabaster face. The thought of seeing Usagi again was slightly overshadowed by the imminent knowledge that she'd never see her sisters, her home, or her Princess again.

Kakyuu looked at Healer in inquiry. "Don't you want to say goodbye?"

Healer sighed, "They just wouldn't understand that I have to leave. I'm not sure if they even understand my dreams..." Healer felt more hot tears enter her eyes. Blinking them back she turned and started walking to the Palace doors. He heard footsteps entering the main room she had just vacated and curiosity got the best of her.

Princess Kakyuu was standing there with Maker and Fighter talking to her. Healer stood in pure awe as she listened to the words being spoken.

"...Are you sure you want to leave, as well?" The red-haired woman asked. The two women exchanged a loving look and nodded without a second of hesitation.

"Hai, Princess." Maker said quietly, but firmly with Fighter nodding her agreement to the statement.

Kakyuu nodded with a sad smile forming on her cherry red lips, "I know you both ache for Earth as well...and I know that you three are stubbornly inseparable. It saddens me, even more than your decision to leave, to think of what would become of you if you stayed – burdened with both your desire for Earth and the pain of Healer's severing."

"But you shouldn't come because of me..." Healer protested, making her presence known. Maker and Fighter looked over at her and smiled shaking their heads. "No, Healer, we're a family. A place isn't our home, we are home no matter where we go," Fighter said, surprising Healer with his sudden need for Healer's love. "Besides," she went on, "We too miss Earth..."

Kakyuu understood their need for Earth, and tried to put on a good face for them. They had grown and matured since they'd gone there, and she no longer wanted them to stay if it wasn't their wish. And when they were gone the Palace seemed strangly........empty.


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