Title: It's In Her Kiss...

Chapter Eleven

Author: KissThis

Rating: Pg-13...might change to R in later chapters.

Summary: Takes place about a year after the fight with Galaxia and the leaving of the Starlights. Visions plague Healer, and she desires to return to Earth. And a romance ensues with many obstacles and bumps along the way. Usagi/Yaten

Disclaimer: All Sailormoon paraphernalia belongs to Naoko Takeuchi. The plot, though, was dutifully thought of and recorded by my faithful plot bunnies.

A/N: Ok. Mainly an explanation chapter. Ok, I'm not sure about the exact time Sailor Moon started, so I'm going w/ 1996 which should be right, if not...oh well. *Munches on some cookies* What else? Oh yeah! I tried to explain most of the things in this chapter, but there's just a tad few more things I'll go over in the next one. Plus, we're gonna get some fluffy romance and some D-R-A-M-A in the next chappy! Let me hear a shout out from the people in the back!


"Setz, I-I'll need you to do a search on some names." Usagi instructed. Her shivering had wound down after Rei had returned with warm blankets. Now wrapped in one of these blankets she leaned over Setsuna's shoulder as the woman pulled up a search browser on Rei's computer.

"Ok, give me 'em."

"Two women...Yuni and Suki...about Hotaru's age..."

It was then that Michiru returned with dry clothes. She handed a set to Usagi and the blonde thanked her quietly. Setsuna's fingers whizzed over the keyboard giving off a steady clacking rhythm.

"I'm gonna go change."

Setsuna sighed in frustration and turned in her swivel chair to face Usagi's retreating form. "There are thousands of women with those two names. How are we going to find them?"

Haruka stepped in; "Do they have any special features? Any discernable traits?"

Usagi paused in the doorway. It was clear to all present that something drastic had happened at the beach.

"Yeah, there is one thing..."


"They're dead."

The door slid shut behind her.

The faint sounds of Usagi moving about behind the screen door were the only sound in the silence that had descended on the group. Makoto coughed slightly.

"Well that narrows it down a bit."


Usagi's sigh of exhaustion was no louder than the 'coo' of a dove; being only a small fraction of the mental and psychological torment she battled with. She clutched the blanket tighter around her with one hand and pressed the dry clothes to her chest. Her steps to the bathroom were shaky but as heavy as lead. When she reached the small room she slid quietly inside and turned around.

"When are you gonna tell me what's going on?"

With shaky hands she set her clothes down on the bathroom counter and leaned against the door. Feeling a sudden chill, Usagi wrapped her arms about her torso, but no warmth came to her. When she looked up her eyes would not meet Yaten's and when she finally began to speak, her voice was low and uneven and her eyes were fixed on the tile of the hot-tub-like bath.

"They...they made me see things." One of her quivering hands floated over the side of her face, "They got in my h-head..." Her eyes locked on Yaten's for a moment before the drifted away again; darting all over the room.

The blonde licked her lips nervously, "A-are you ok?" The love and hopefulness was not shielded in her voice, but Yaten was confused as to why she would not come closer. Despite the boiling water in which she was immersed, Yaten's body turned to ice.

"Usagi, pet...did you mean what you said in the water?"

Usagi's breath hitched in her throat, and she was suddenly terrified at being "trapped" within the looming stone walls. Her hand groped frantically behind her for the doorknob. Her dark blue eyes were like those of a frightened rabbit as they locked on something behind Yaten.

"Leave her!" Usagi cried. The muffled sounds outside the door instantly died.

"Hmm. Is this one precious to you?"

Yaten jumped from the bathtub with a surprised shout. Seconds later a fully dressed Sailor StarHealer was standing in her place.

A young woman stood upon the rim of the bath and leaned nonchalantly against the bathroom wall. Her pastel pink hair was in tight curls about her shoulders. Amethyst eyes were elegantly oval in shape and scrutinized them with mischievous indifference. The outfit she wore consisted of a simple Greek-ish-like toga, that when actually stared out, was impossible to tell the color of; as it continued to shift and blend with the lighting.

"So nice to see you again so soon, Moon." The woman giggled, even as the battle-ready scouts burst into the bathroom. "Silly toysie is scared...I hope I did not break her."

"S-Suki..." Usagi whispered.

"What's going on, Usagi?" Jupiter asked, not taking her eyes off the intruder.

"Go away...go away...go away..." Usagi let out a pitiful whine.

"What do you want?" Healer demanded moving to stand protectively in front of Usagi.

"Nothing really..." Suki insisted almost innocently.

It was obvious the Senshi didn't believe her. Healer's angry glare made Suki's pale lips curve in sadistic amusement. "I just want to torture and kill her."


"Uranus, NO!" Maker grabbed the angry Senshi's arm interrupting her attack. The wicked sabre in Uranus' hand glittered dangerously before disappearing back into her sub-space pocket. "An attack like that in such an enclosed area could hurt all of us."

"Why?" Usagi whispered from behind the scouts.

Suki screamed in anger, as if Usagi was supposed to have known. "You killed me you INSOLENT BITCH!" The water in the bathtub Healer had previously been in began to boil and roll. A violent wind stirred up into a sudden twister like apparition beneath Suki's bare feet.

"I never killed anyone!" Usagi screamed in heated denial over the roaring wind.

"LIAR!" The twister blasted straight through the ranks of Senshi flinging them to opposite sides of the bathroom. Usagi screamed as the tornado enveloped her spinning her limp body around and around and around.

"You must pay for the deaths of my sisters and my family!" Suki screamed; her voice reaching banshee-like decibels.


The wind instantly died and the waters stilled. Usagi was released from her prison of wind to land unsteadily on her feet. "R-Rioku!"

"You've revealed too much, Suki!" The woman that appeared was clothed in the same, strange garments. The structure of her face and her height compared to Suki's labeled her as the younger of the two. Her emerald hair, a few shades lighter than Setsuna's own, was pulled up into a high ponytail. "Yuni is not pleased..."

Despite her seniority over her ally, Suki avoided Rioku's piercing gray gaze. "I-I just wanted to play with my little toysie..." Suki explained, reverting back to her childlike insanity. Rioku grabbed her wrist and the two flickered, looking like they were caught in a strobe light, and then vanished.

The Senshi warily de-henshined.



"They appeared...as Rei...and Haruka...a-and S-Seiya." Usagi's voice wavered, and she shivered despite the warm, woolen sweater she had donned and the feather-down comforter wrapped around her to block out the omniscient chill. "And...t-there was a gun..." Ducking her head to hide her tears Usagi ran a hand through her sea-straggled locks of silver and blonde hair.

The Senshi could only imagine what mental damage the ordeal must have caused Usagi. Enemies' wearing the faces of your closest friends and protectors while pointing a gun at your head was unfathomable. They exchanged uneasy looks as Usagi went on, each silently wondering how severe the psychological wounds were...and if they would, if ever, heal.

When she looked up again at her friends and Senshi you could see the salty trails the tears had left, running down her cheeks. "Why do they want to kill me?" Usagi asked through a half sob.

Yaten wrapped her arms around her as Usagi began to cry again. The blonde tensed in Yaten's hold making Yaten's blood boil at the mental turmoil those women had caused her princess. Usagi relaxed finally as she became enveloped in Yaten's earthy smell and the warmth of her body pressed against her own. "I don't know, love..." The emerald-eyed woman whispered into Usagi's hair.

Michiru leaned over the coffee table from her seat on the ottoman and placed a comforting hand on Usagi's knee. "Why don't you rest."

Usagi nodded distractedly and set down her half-drunk tea. "Yes, rest..."

"Hotaru can you help her? She can lie in my room." Rei spoke up from her perch on the arm of Ami's chair.

The young woman nodded and set down her tea as well. Placing a guiding hand underneath Usagi's elbow she led the dazed Princess of the Moon to the sliding glass doors. Suddenly Usagi let out a pitiful whimper and swung her free hand around wildly. "Y-Yaten?"

Yaten was instantly at her side. With careful love and feeling she clasped her love's cold hand and laced her fingers with hers. "Sshh...shh. I'm here, love. I'm here..."

Usagi noticeably calmed and laid her head upon Yaten's shoulder. Together, Hotaru and Yaten led Usagi from the room and down the hall to Rei's offered bedroom.

Seiya watched from the darkened corner that she had retreated to as her sister led the confused Usagi from the room. The fact that Yaten seemed to be the only one that brought Usagi peace made unwanted feelings of jealousy and hostility, towards her sister, well up inside her.

With her arms crossed over her chest she was clutching them so hard even her short nails threatened to pierce the skin. Peering into the empty cup that dangled loosely from her fingers, she studied the residual tea leaves bitterly.

Life bites...


Name: Suki Mikikona

Hair Color: Pastel Pink

Hair Style: Curly; down

Eye Color: Amethyst

Blood Type: AB

Age (at time of death): 16

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Birthday: February 2, 1982

Deathday: February 2, 1998

Favorite Color: Gold

Favorite Gemstone: Aquamarine

Favorite Sport: Badminton

Favorite Food: Sweets

Least Favorite Food: Any type of meat

Favorite Subject: Physical Education

Least Favorite Subject: Physics

School: Muugen Gakuen School

Home Environment: Mother, father, an older sister, and a younger brother and sister.

Dream: to be a model

"Oh my god!" Rei exclaimed. "She died on her birthday!"

Ami leaned over Setsuna's shoulder as the printer whirred to life. "These obituaries are extremely thorough." She murmured and peered curiously over the rims of her reading glasses at the small screen. "Favorite sports, food, subject, dreams!"

It was Makoto who picked up the still warm paper from the printer and studied it. After a moment she handed it to Haruka who gave her a quizzical glance. "She went to Muugen. Did any of you know her?"

The sandy-haired Senshi stared hard at the accompanying photograph and then let her eyes skim over the synopsis of the girl. Ruefully she shook her head, "No, not I at least. That was our first year, and I was too focused on the mission to really socialize."

"Nor I." Michiru admitted, leaning over Haruka's shoulder. "I don't remember her either."

"Bulls' eye!"

The group turned toward the computer alcove to find Setsuna and Ami grinning in triumph. "We've found the other two," Ami reported.

Name: Rioku Hamishi

Hair Color: Emerald

Hair Style: High ponytail

Eye Color: Gray

Blood Type: O+

Age (at time of death): 15

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Birthday: March 16, 1985

Deathday: April 30, 2000

Favorite Color: Black

Favorite Gemstone: Garnet

Favorite Sport: Any martial arts

Favorite Food: Noodles

Least Favorite Food: Chocolate

Favorite Subject: Physical Education

Least Favorite Subject: Home Economics

School: Crystal Blades School of Martial Arts.

Home Environment: Father

Dream: to be the martial arts champion of the world


Name: Yuni Retoi

Hair Color: Sky blue

Hair Style: Long braid

Eye Color: Gold

Blood Type: B

Age (at time of death): 17

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Birthday: September 9, 1979

Deathday: January 16, 1996

Favorite Color: Yellow

Favorite Gemstone: Topaz

Favorite Sport: None

Favorite Food: Sandwiches

Least Favorite Food: Anything sour

Favorite Subject: Ancient Languages

Least Favorite Subject: Mathematics

School: Shibakouen Junior High School

Home Environment: Older brother.

Dream: to become a teacher

"All three went to entirely different schools...I can't imagine how they could have known each other." Taiki mused taking Setsuna's place in front of the computer screen. Taiki and Ami standing next to each other, both in their reading glasses made quite the cute couple. "They must've banded together after their deaths..."

"Hold on a second." Ami pushed her glasses up farther on the bridge of her noise. "One of them went Shibakouen, Minako's old junior high. Hamishi. Yuni Hamishi? Did you know her?"


Ami looked up from the paper to find Minako absent. "Oh, that's right. She went to England to visit her Mum." Taking off her glasses she rubbed her eyes with fatigue, "When is she coming back?"

"Sometime tomorrow I believe." Rei supplied, and Ami of the paper. She glanced at the clock and winced. "Er...today, to be correct. It's 1 AM." She finished correcting herself and went back to looking over the bio of one Yuni Hamishi.

"There's no way Mina-chan could have known her anyway." Rei handed the sheet back to an inquisitive looking Ami. "This says she died in early '96. Minako was still living in England. In fact, by that date......none of the scouts had even been awakened yet – not even Usagi..."

The Senshi present exchanged a glance.

"Well, at least we known the motives for one of the three," Haruka stated bluntly, voicing the thought that no one else dared to. "But what of the others?"

Ami sighed even as Taiki began furiously typing on the keyboard. "It's hard to tell. I'll cross-reference the dates of their deaths with the battles documented in my Data-Pad and the lists of casualties. A-and...we'll see where that leads us."

Makoto nodded and the Senshi settled into their own pessimistic trains of thought, with Taiki's rhythmic clacking of keys on the keyboard, and the subdued beeping of Ami's computer. Not even Seiya's retreat to Rei's kitchen to acquire more tea broke them out of their reverie.


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