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Warning! This has Marcel bashing, if you like him you might want to skip this one. You've been warned, proceed at your own risk!

"But as touching brotherly love ye need not that I write unto you: for ye yourselves are taught of God to love one another." 1 Thessalonians 4:9 KJV

Elijah stormed down the dimly lit corridor, the expression on his face causing anyone in his path to quickly get out of his way. He had just… extracted his younger brother's location from that usurping scum, Marcel. When he'd heard exactly what he had done to Niklaus, he had felt a righteous fury sweep through his entire body, eradicating every thought but finding his little brother. Despite Niklaus' many faults, he would never deserve what Marcel had done to him.

Niklaus was person who thrived around people; he didn't like or trust hardly anyone, but his charisma had a magnetic pull that would draw people in and he reveled in the attention. Granted once they'd been around him for awhile they would generally grow to fear or hate him. But Niklaus was someone who thrived when he had an audience. The fact remained that Niklaus needed human contact and Marcel had left him completely isolated and in agony for five years. Even Mikael had never done anything like that. Beat him? Yes, frequently. Completely isolate him? No, he'd a least had Elijah. Once Elijah got that accursed blade out of Niklaus' chest, he would drive it through Marcel's shriveled, blackened heart.

Elijah came to a stop in front of the wall that his brother was trapped behind. He pulled back his fist and drove it straight through the masonry that separated him from his suffering sibling. He gripped the edges of the hole and began ripping down the wall that had cut his brother off from humanity for so long. When the wall was gone and the dust had settled enough to see through, Elijah caught the first glimpse of Klaus in five long years. His little brother was a mess; his hair was long and matted, covered in cobwebs and dirt, and he had a scraggly beard covering his face. The rest of his body was equally filthy and cobwebbed.

Elijah's heart clenched painfully as he took in the desiccated form of his baby brother. He reached into the hole and gently pulled him out of the cavity that had held him prisoner and carefully laid him of the stone floor. He didn't want to leave the blade in his brother for a second longer than necessary, and it wasn't as though they had the possibility of an infection to worry about. Elijah rolled up his sleeve and reached into his little brother's chest, wrapped his hand around the handle of the blade, and withdrew the offending weapon. Klaus' body seemed to relax, but he remained unconscious.

Elijah wasn't really surprised; Klaus hadn't fed in half a decade. He carefully scooped up his unconscious brother and retraced his earlier steps to the upper levels of the formerly elegant Mikaelson compound. When he reached Klaus' old room he saw that Freya and Hayley had done as he'd asked and changed the sheets as well as leaving some blood bags on the bedside table. However he bypassed the all of that and went into the adjoining bathroom. He placed Klaus in the claw-footed tub and removed the clothing that was hardly fit for such a title anymore. Elijah filled the bath with warm water and proceeded to clean the built-up debris off of his brother.

It reminded him of when he'd performed the task when Klaus was a baby and a toddler. After his brother was clean, he carefully cut and shaved the excess hair that was so unlike Niklaus' usual preferred style. He pulled the plug and removed the still body from the tub, drying him off, laying him on the bed, and clothing him in the garments that had been laid out. He pulled the sheets over Klaus and sat down next to him. Elijah picked up a blood bag and held it to Klaus' lips, squeezing it gently.

After the first bag was gone, some color had returned to Klaus' face and he was starting to drink. By the third, he was holding the bag himself, but he still wasn't registering his surroundings. However, after he'd finished the fifth, his hunger appeared to be sated for the time being. He looked around and for the first time, actually saw his surroundings and his older brother. When his eyes landed on the form of his older brother sitting next to him the blue orbs showed a rapid succession of emotion; surprise, fear, uncertainty, affection, and cautious relief.

"'Lijah?" He asked hoarsely, voice rusty after such a long period of disuse. "Are you… real?" he asked warily.

Elijah smiled sadly and lifted a hand to cup his little brother's neck. "Yes, brother, I am really here." He replied softly.

Klaus closed his eyes and leaned into Elijah's hand. "'Lijah." He whispered in relief, a tear making its way down his face.

"It has been too long, Niklaus." Elijah said as he gently wiped away the tear, the sight bringing tears to his own eyes, but he refused to let them fall.

Klaus attempted to reply, but he was overcome with emotion as he accepted that this was indeed reality. As he looked up to the one person who had always meant safety and comfort, Klaus was hit by the weight of had felt like an eternity of fear, loneliness, and torment.

Seeing the turmoil on his brother's face, Elijah leaned down and wrapped his arms around him, drawing him to his own chest. Although he had always tried to deny it and "Be strong, Niklaus!" Klaus had always felt like Elijah's hugs were a refuge from the pain of the real world and he felt that safety wrap around his battered soul once again. Elijah pressed a brotherly kiss to the top of Klaus' once again clean and short hair, running his hand over the back of the soft strands.

Neither brother spoke. One was adjusting to feeling like a person again after being treated like an unwanted object; the other was reveling in having his little brother safely in his arms again and his family being reunited. The older just let the younger absorb as much comfort and safety as he needed. There would be a time for words and the rest of their family later; there would also be a time for retribution. However now was the time for the brothers to reconnect and soothe the pain that the extended separation had inflicted on both of the Originals.

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