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Eric's Pov

I leaned on my desk in Fantasia lost in thought.

It was ten years today that I lost Godric; it was a future that I never saw happening, one without my Maker. Strangely enough only a week later is the anniversary of my memory restoration. That gift cost me Sookie, "I fucking hate July."

I opened my phone, half the screen was taken up by Godric and the other half by Sookie. Godric was smiling at me in Paris and Sookie was in her white dress with the red flowers. Pam tossed a fit when she saw my screen but I didn't give a shit how upset it made her.

Pam's world revolved about her own happiness and mine. Most men would be happy with that level of devotion from a woman, but it came with too high a cost. Time and again her need to be the center of my existence cut Godric out of my life. Once I met Sookie Pam pulled the same shit with her, now they're both gone.

Oh Sookie was still alive, if you could call it living.

She lives in the suburbs married to a banker raising her step children. I saw her just last week wearing her 'crazy Sookie smile' doing her best to look like she loved hosting a charity event. He could see in her eyes that she was bored shitless.

I got dragged to the event because as the CEO of "New Blood" we have a policy of giving not just to vampire but to human charities as well. I ran a free treatment center for V addicts and for people who suffered abusive relationships with vampires. I called it the Bill Compton Recovery Center.

I was surprised to see Sookie at the charity event. Once I left her on her porch years ago we lost touch. I wanted a relationship with her but it was pointless, Bill Compton's Hamlet death made sure of that.

Bill was dead but he was the gift that kept on giving.

Bill's last act assured Sookie would feel too guilty to enter a relationship with a vampire again.

What kind of vampire makes his ex-girlfriend stake him insisting it was noble act, Bill of course. He told Sookie without him she could live in the light with a human husband.

Compton was a self-hating vampire, all he had to do was sit his own ass in the sun and bake. He didn't need Sookie to stake him. Bill knew he couldn't have her but made damn sure I couldn't have her either.

I didn't see Bill's last act as noble but selfish, it gave him from the grave the power to continue to manipulate Sookie's life. It wouldn't be the first time. 15 years ago Bill hired drainers to beat her half to death just to get his blood in her mouth. Once that happened he could control her life forever.

As for Pam every time I talked of resigning to move near my Maker she'd toss a fit. She hated how I acted around Godric; she considered me kneeling at Godric's feet beneath me. Pam refused to understand the love I had for Godric. All he did for me all he saved me from. That kind of emotional connection is once in a life time. Now he was gone, Sookie was gone and all I had were their memories.

So here I sit, I had more money than even Pam could ever spend after her sister was killed in the New York riots. I had all the leaders of the world on speed dial, I was the most important vampire in the world and yet I wanted to meet the sun.

I couldn't comprehend how Godric became so depressed. Now I understood, life without the ones you love is an empty one. Each year without Godric and Sookie became unbearable.

I looked around my office bigger than most houses and wanted it over.

Staring at my phone I started to feel bloody tears on my face, "I'd give it all up to have you both back, just one more chance."

A flash of light almost blinded me then quickly faded.

My Pixie house keeper stood in front of me, she somehow managed to pop directly into my office, so much for state of the art security systems.

"Master Eric, I know what you're planning and it's my duty to stop you. I have a proposal. How badly do you want Godric and Sookie back in your life, what would you give?"

I didn't wait a moment to reply because the answer would remain the same, "Everything, I would give up my wealth, power even remaining beside Pam to have them back."

The Pixie nodded, "Very good, I'll take you to someone who can set things right."

I gripped the hand the Pixie offered me. We vanished within seconds, only a flash of light remained before growing too dim to see.