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Sookie's POV

Tonight I'll be for lack of a better term, painting the town red. I'm going to Fangtasia; a place just a few months ago seemed like the most dangerous thing I could possible do. Now the idea of going to a vampire bar seemed more exciting than scary.

Two weeks ago, they asked me what I wanted for my missed birthday and this was all I wanted, a night where my world was normal. I was surprised Godric and Eric not only are letting me go tonight, but it was their idea.

For the first time in my life, I'm being treated like an adult. I'm not used to this kind of trust. I know part of them wanted to put me in the panic room and nail the door shut. But I think they understand that a life hiding under my bed isn't a life, it's a prison sentence. I'll never be truly safe again, but that's ok, I won't let it turn me into a basket case.

I've spent my entire life being locked in a glass bubble, I was afraid of experiencing anything. I was told the only place a Fae belongs is on their side of town, unless it couldn't be helped.

I didn't know there was any other way until I met Amelia. Her mother was not only a Fae but a nature witch. Amelia grew up in the community of magic. It was just as dangerous as being a Fae, but she didn't live in a glass bubble, if anything, her mother let her roam like a gypsy.

Now that I'm an adult I still looked both ways before crossing the street, but I'll never live in fear again. I think I've more than earned the right to say there are worse things in life then visiting a vampire bar on a Friday night.

Normally the idea of a night out didn't excite me.

I'm not a club girl; I've never desired to be on a 'Girls gone Wild video' doing body shots. I'm the girl that gets dragged to clubs by friends. But here I am standing around waiting on my ride to Fangtasia's young adult club.

My dress was hidden in the backpack beside me.

I brought it from Kmart's online outlet, it looks amazing. Eric will be surprised when he sees it. To finish the outfit Eric brought me new shoes from New York this morning. I think they're french but I'd have to ask my sister. Shoes are shoes to me.

It's been two weeks since Snap tried to hall me away and they haven't been back since. Snap insisted on interviewing me personally, but they didn't get what they wanted, not even close.

I told the judge that after Snap's failed attempt to take me away, I was too scared to leave the house. I also insisted I felt safer with people I knew for the interviews.

Snap sent a list of questions about Sebastian and his family to Godric. Eric, Orion and Godric interviewed me with the judge present, so my statement would be admissible in a court. I fully intend to testify at his trial, but I wanted to make sure that my statement was on record.

The down side is that for two weeks I've been stuck in the house. Godric can't insist I'm to catatonic to move if people see me at the local skate park popping wheelies. I also can't be seen partying the night away in the Fangtasia entertainment complex with my friends.

I should've known Godric would find a way to fix things.

Havenwood provides our residence with free education, including University. We have enough property taxes to cover this, but Sebastian's clean-up bill, including the bridge was brutal.

Rather than dip into the town savings accounts to cover the short fall Godric had a different idea. Godric arranged for Havenwood's Twitter feed to announce the Fangtasia Ball.

For one night only, all the profits from Fangtasia and Teentasia would be donated to Havenwood's school system.

I couldn't understand how the club owners expected people to pay 450.00 dollars a ticket, until I saw the door prizes. It was everything from a signed football from the Chicago bears, to a cameo appearance on Blood-Ties, the hottest vampire soap opera on TV.

It was the grand prize that got my attention. Both clubs will hold a raffle for drinks with Eric or Godric during the ball.

Just the vision a thousand girls clawing each other eyes for drinks with Eric boiled my blood. It was only after Eric assured me that the female winner for him was 'pre-selected,' did the plan become clear; I didn't have a thing to worry about.

I missed Teentasia's grand opening, but I've heard the clubs an experience you'll never forget.

The Fangtasia complex is massive. During the day it's a family entertainment venue, it caters to humans who like visiting Havenwood, without the risk of being vampire puppy chow.

Once the sundown alarm sounds most humans left Havenwood in a hurry. Everyone knows the night belong to the residences, if a hairy werewolf wants to run in the moonlight, that's his right as a resident. This is a Supernatural town, designed around our needs and expectations.

The same went for vampires, as long as they stayed in their part of town at night, nobody made them wear fang caps or anything else they wore to protect other races. Fangtasia is one of the few public places where a vampire could for lack of a better phase, 'let their fangs hang out."

Not that the club was very dangerous, if a vampire bites a customer without written permission they end up in the Havenwood jail. They get a year in jail or a fine that's 10% of their yearly income. That alone keeps most vampires in line, even the very wealthy ones.

Not that vampires had to fight for a meal in the bar. They had enough willing human patrons.

The night of the ball both boys left for Fangtasia early. They were helping Orion with an Elven problem before heading to the club. Nobody really knew who owned the complex, it was rumored to be owned by the mob, the Authority, even humans. I think part of the mystery is that it's a question nobody really wants to find out, its more fun to guess.

Godric told my security staff to stay outside and patrol the grounds. they were told to leave me in peace while I rested.

Around 7pm I saw the air shimmer then Orion appeared, "Ready to go Sookie?"

I gave him a bright smile in greeting, "I'm more than ready."

"Excellent Sookie, I'll be with you at all times tonight in the shadows, unless you're with Eric of course. Also, as Godric requested I found a way to get you to the club and home safe and sound."

Orion lifted my hand and placed a smooth purple stone inside. It glowed for a second before fading away in my hand. A few seconds later the portal stone appeared in Orion's hand again.

"I tied my portal stone to your spark. I rather not give you a stone you can lose or stolen. In such a crowded place anything can happen. Remember; at 2am it will automatically bring you back here. I'll be there when you port, make sure no strangers are nearby at the time."

As we faded away I smiled in eager anticipation.

When I appeared in Amelia's bedroom to say I was confused was an understatement. Standing in the room was Amelia, Jennifer, Orion, and my sister Emily.

Emily gave me a grin the moment I appeared,

"You didn't think I'd miss your first night out since your returned sis?"

We almost fell over during our group hugs. They then gave me rapid fire questions about life in Vampire Heights. As they laughed at my stories I came to a realization. For the first time in months I felt normal. I took so much for granted before; I'll never do that again.

Orion handed us each our Teentasia tickets, he said he'd return in exact one hour. After he was gone Emily rolled her eyes, "He thinks we'll be finished in an hour, so male."

I gave Emily a pointed look,

"Yes, he really is coming back in an hour so we have to rush, he's taking us in whatever condition we're dressed in."

The girls started running around in a panic trying to grab hair curlers and makeup.

Amelia wrinkled her nose as we rushed around her room, "We'll smell like wilder-beasts with all this rushing, but we don't have time to shower again. Lucky for you girls I'm a witch."

Amelia waved her fingers and our skin appeared freshly washed, with a hint of lavender. She laughed at our looks of disbelief.

"It's a new trick mom taught me, it's water magic, hanging around her nature Coven is dull but at least they teach me cool spells."

I grinned at Amelia in admiration, "You could sell your services at our local gym, I know plenty of girls who'd pay good money for that treatment after a workout."

Emily nodded in agreement,

"Speaking of magic, what did Godric give your mom to hide our pointy ears and nose? Even if we hide our scents we still look Fae."

Amelia walked over to me with a slightly giddy look,

"I'm glad you asked, your sister's the key, she's half Fae but looks fully human. She'll be our ticket inside. Don't worry Sookie this won't hurt a bit."

"Ouch, Amelia what the hell," I said after she yanked an eyelash from my face.

Amelia looked at me sheepishly,

"Oh come on it wasn't that bad. In my grandmothers' day we used blood for this spell instead. Be grateful even witches march to the drum of progress."

I rubbed my tender eyelid and glared at her, "yes thanks for not bleeding me for a night out."

Amelia dropped my eyelash in a bowl that was quietly boiling on a hotplate in the corner,

"The ingredients for the spell are rare and expensive, but Godric got my mom everything she needed to make it. While that's boiling, Emily, time for the fashion police to go to work."

Jenny looked at the cooking pot as it boiled.

"I wish we had this spell when we visited Teentasia opening night. I don't care that the goblin illusion spell was cheap, it sucked dancing with warts on my face. There isn't enough beer in the world to look pretty under those conditions."

We opened our bags and removed our party dresses. Emily picked up Jenny's dress first; it was black sequence with matching red pumps, "Not bad, the right blend of sexy without desperation, perfect as always Jenny."

Jenny smiled and hung her dress on the ornate dressing stand in the corner.

Emily picked up Amelia's dress from the stand next. It was dark blue, with sleeves that ended at the wrists. The bottom half of the dress stopped just above the ankles. However it was the back of the dress that draw our attention, it contained a red raven that appeared to move in the light.

With a whistle Emily hung the dress on the stand,

"Amelia did I ever tell you how cool your mom is. The raven looks like it's really alive; she did that for you?"

Amelia nodded while stirring the boiling pot, "She made it for a party last month. One of the witches in our circle became a full member. I was surprised she let me keep the dress."

Last was my dress, Emily pulled it out and blinked,

"Sookie please tell me they didn't let you shop online on your own?" She held up my white peasant dress by her fingers. "This is something you'd wear to court when you're guilty."

I yelped when my dress burst into flames, then vanished. Amelia shrugged at my outraged look, "You'll thank me Sookie when you're not living in a trailer park with a guy named Bubby. That dress will only lead you to a bad end, don't worry I'll get you something decent to wear."

Amelia went to a chest tucked behind the clothing stand. It looked very old but the hinges didn't make a sound as she opened it. She returned with something like looked like an oily drop cloth. "Here Sookie, I know it doesn't look like much now….."

I didn't let her finish as I looked at the stained cloth, "Please tell me you sent my dress to another plane rather than destroy it, because I'm not wearing an oily rag."

Amelia shook her head to stop my tirade,

"No you don't understand, the real dress is hidden by an illusion spell. It's enchanted to remain invisible to prying eyes."

She waved her hands and the cloth began to glow, the light was so bright we shielded our eyes. "Ok everyone open up your eyes, you're in for a treat."

We opened our eyes and gave a collective gasp. The dress was stunning.

The royal blue dress was knee length with short sleeves. It was topped with a golden mini cape overlay. The column skirt flared outward to emphasize the waist. The finishing touch was the slight V neck on the back. It was perfect.

I was hesitant to touch the dress, it couldn't be real, "Wow, Amelia why is this amazing dress locked in a chest? Thank you so much for loaning it to me, I love it."

Amelia smiled and gave a small bow,

"I'm glad you like it, the dress is from Faery. It's been a family project for generations to fix its magic, but so far no luck. The dress may no longer be magical but its perfect for you. Besides your shoes are worth 3,500 dollars, your 30 dollar dress would stand out, and not in a good way."

Emily looked at the dress thoughtfully,

"She's right, the dress was made for you Sookie, and those shoes are killer hot. However, my clothing tastes are more burlesque when clubbing. Hey Amelia, if you have something more my style in that chest, let me know."

Jenny chuckled as she curled her hair,

"I think that you're stuck with your outfit Emily. Amelia's all out of 'stripper on the prowl' dresses, but she can check again."

With a laugh Jenny ducked away from Emily's mock attack. I never understood how two people who teased each other so relentlessly can remain friends. Despite their personal jabs Emily and Jenny were best friends.

Once we finished our hair and makeup we quickly tried on our dresses. My dress oddly enough was a perfect fit. If I didn't know any better I'd say the dress shrunk to fit my frame while putting it on. However, my green lace up satin flats didn't match my new dress.

Amelia rubbed her fingers against my shoes and the color changed from green to gold, "I prefer heels Sookie, however if you intend to dance, these babies will be just what the doctor ordered."

After giving Amelia a thank you hug I finished dressing with the rest of the girls. After we were done Amelia went to the simmering pot and filled four cups with the liquid. She handed us our cups, but nobody was in a hurry to try it first, not even Amelia.

Amelia rolled her eyes at our hesitation,

"Really it's safe; my mother made this not me, FINE… I'll go first." Amelia drank the odd smelling brew in almost one gulp. A few seconds later her face started to stretch and twist until she looked and smelled completely human.

After a moment we all drank our cups. Mine wouldn't make me look more human, I already appeared human. However, it would change my voice, mask my scent and alter my appearance. Nobody would know who I am tonight; for a few hours at least, I could have a normal life.

We finished putting on our makeup with only five minutes to spare before Orion appeared.

Orion sharp voice commanded our attention,

"For those who don't know this, the illusion spells will only last eight hours girls, so meet me across the street from Fangtasia in exactly six hours, NO EXCEPTIONS. Once I make sure Sookie's ported safely home, I'll port the rest of you back to Amelia's bedroom."

Once he was ready we linked hands and Orion started rubbing the stone while chanting.

In a few minutes I will be entering the doors of Teentasia.

I knew Orion will remain in the shadows behind me, but that didn't change my excitement. In every sense of the word I was on my own for a night of fun…..Let the Games begin.