Prince Aemon Targaryen

The sun was blistering hot as he stood on the balcony of his sister's room. Prince Aemon Targaryen, aged three and ten, silver of hair, and violet of eye, he was a Prince of the Blood, of a dynasty that had long ago been exiled, and his sister was getting ready to be presented to her new husband to be. The thought was an infuriating one, it dampened the good mood he had been in for some time, beforehand. His sister was marrying a horse fucker, a member of the Dothraki, so that their brother could try and claim back what was stolen from them, so long ago. Sighing, Aemon turns back away from the balcony and the sun, and walks into his sister's room, where she is changing.

His sister with her silver hair, and her violet eyes, much like his, was beautiful, she had always been beautiful to him, even when they were children, and now she was getting married, and the thought deeply angered him. "You don't have to do this you know." He finds himself saying, trying desperately to not sound angry.

His sister, Daenerys, looks at him, and smiles sadly. "We both know I do brother. Viserys has commanded it. And he is the head of our house, we must both do as he says."

Aemon feels anger grow within him, even larger than that which had already been there. "Why? Why must we go along with this madness? Viserys knows just as well as we do that the Dothraki are afraid of the sea. They will never cross the fucking Narrow Sea, to take us across and place his bony arse on the throne. And if this Khal had but a lick of sense, he'd remove both Viserys and I, and place you on the throne. But these horse fuckers don't know sense, and so he won't. Viserys is a fool."

His sister had moved toward him during his time of ranting and now, she places a hand on his cheek, and whispers. "Be careful of what you say brother. We might be able to speak freely, but we both know that these helpers of ours are listening and reporting back to Viserys and the Magister. We cannot say things we do not mean."

Aemon sighs, feeling his sister's hand on his cheek, and all the emotions that that brings. "I know, but still, for all his talk of being blood of the dragon, Viserys really does not know what means. Otherwise, he'd not be selling you off like some piece of meat to the highest bidder."

"But he would merely do the same if we were looking toward Westeros." His sister reasons. "This would be no different either."

Aemon wants to be angry at his sister for being so casually accepting of this, of their new situation, he wants to ask her, if this means nothing to her at all, but he does not. He has long since learned to keep silent on things when it comes to them, it is part of the reason he is considering leaving, but he knows he cannot. Aemon would never leave his sister alone, not with Viserys, and definitely not with some horse fucker. "I know. Still, I do find it odd that the magister has told our brother to look to the Dothraki, when he himself has more than enough gold to buy an army for us many times over. Why does he send us off to the Dothraki?"

His sister shrugs. "I do not know. I merely know what has been told to me, and I think we should both accept that brother. If we question too much, Viserys will not be one to forgive. And neither will my new husband."

That gets Aemon to speak his frustrations. "You should not be scared of some horse fucker. If he dares hurt you, I will kill him myself."

His sister looks at him with some amusement, her voice is soft but querulous when she replies. "He has not been defeated by anyone in battle, Viserys said as much earlier. How do you expect to defeat him brother?"

Aemon smirks. "There are more ways than simply fighting in battle, to kill someone sister."

His sister looks horrified at that. "You must not say such things Aemon, they could get you into serious trouble!"

Aemon shrugs. "I do not much care, I will do what I can to make sure you do not marry this horse fucker." He pauses for a moment, and then asks his sister. "You do not want to marry the horse fucker do you?"

"Of course not." Daenerys replies. "I want…." She trails off. "I do not know what I want, but I do not want to marry Khal Drogo. But it does not much matter what I want, our brother has decided I shall marry him, and so I shall."

Aemon sighs, pressing his head to his sister's, he breathes out softly. "I know sister. But I swear to you, on all that we love and care for, I will do all I can to make sure this marriage does not go through, or that it lasts."

His sister smiles sadly, and it breaks his heart. "I know you will brother." After that they break apart, and go their separate ways, Aemon to his rooms to prepare for the meeting with the horselord, and Daenerys remaining in her own room, preparing for the same meeting.

That evening, the horselord comes to see his sister, and Aemon takes one look at him, and instantly hates him. The man is tall, muscled, and a barbarian, he glances at Dany and says nothing, riding off, leaving them all a bit stunned. He finds himself agreeing with Viserys, when his brother calls the man a savage, and a cur, but Aemon knows that his brother will not break the betrothal now, still so hungry for the throne that seems ever elusive. Aemon watches all of this, and then moves inside, breaking the walls of his room that evening in his anger.