I don't plan for this to be a long story, but I plan for it to be my fluffiest and cutest, just in time for NaruMayo: The game…. Oops, I mean Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice ;) For those wondering, yes, I have played and finished the game. I will be posting drabbles on it in a month's time, including another multi-chapter story taking place after its ending. Looking forward to it! With that out of the way, let's jump into the NaruMayo goodness…

Wright and Co. Law Offices
April 6, 2018, 8:45 PM

Another day was about done was about done in the Wright and Co. Law Offices, closing hours were 9:00 PM. Another day without a client, but Phoenix was quite glad. He sat at his desk, still writing up the last bit of paperwork he needed to do for the Engarde case. That terrifying case that put Phoenix off lawyering for quite a while…

That was the case that Maya Fey was kidnapped.

Phoenix could remember the utter shock, the tears he shed when they ended that first trial and he thought he lost Maya Fey forever. If Pearl wasn't there, he would've broken down into a blubbering mess right then and there. Putting Engarde away and giving him the justice he deserved was such a satisfying feeling, especially when Maya came back and he held her in his arms yet again. He did all he could to forget about that dreaded case. It would only command the wolves in his heart to tear away at him even more. He let Maya go by herself to answer a phone call… Dammit, he should've known! None of this would've happened…

The rain started to pick up even more outside, the noise of the drops becoming near deafening. It had been raining all of last night and today, not seeming to stop and only getting heavier and heavier. Phoenix was not looking forward to having to ride his bike home in this weather, but a hot shower and an episode of Sherlock would surely make him a bit better after that. Hell, maybe he could her along to watch with him…

"Helloooo?! Earth to Nick!"

Maya's voice startled the lawyer, and he jumped in his seat, spreading his papers across the place. Maya giggled at the man's clumsiness, and spoke as he went to pick up the papers. "I've been trying to get your attention for the last five minutes! What have you been thinking about, old man?!"

Oh, you know. The fact I blame myself for your kidnapping, the fact I barely rescued you, the fact I am so goddamn glad you're still alive, here and smiling… Phoenix sighed, before setting his papers out on his desk yet again. "Nothing."

Maya knew the man was lying, but he was stubborn as a damn mule when she asked him what's wrong, so she shrugged and moved on to what she was intending to tell him. "Well… We haven't got anything to do for quite a while, it seems."

"And…?" Phoenix asked, continuing to scribble against the paper. Maya stood up from the couch she had been laying on, holding both hands behind her back and leaning back and forth. She stuttered for a bit, but she eventually smiled at the man.

"Well… I'm just wondering if you wanna… Do something sometime soon? Like a movie or… Something?" Maya asked. Phoenix turned in his seat to look at Maya, an eyebrow raised.

"Are you asking me on a date?" Phoenix asked. Maya held both arms out by her sides suddenly, her eyes widening.

"W-what?!" Maya quickly recovered, and she bunched up her fists, holding them out in front her as she puffed out her cheeks. "Did I say the word 'date'?! In your dreams, Nick!"

Phoenix knew the girl was lying, but he really couldn't be bothered to break her psyche-locks. After all, they could just be hiding the fact she wants to drag him along to see the new Steel Samurai movie, and Phoenix most certainly did not want to do that. He went back to his paperwork almost in time as the rain started to pick up. Maya looked out the window, and she saw massive puddles form and cars speeding down the highway to get to their location. "Rain's been pretty bad, huh, Nick?"

"You're telling me. I don't know how I'm gonna get home without drowning." Phoenix sighed. Maya's place wasn't that far from the law office, but Phoenix had to travel about fifteen minutes on bike to get back to his place, and in this weather, Maya couldn't help but feel sorry for him. Sometimes she went to his place to hang out and watch a movie, but that sure as hell wasn't tonight.

"I'm sure you'll live," Maya teased. At that exact moment, wind started to pick up, and strong wind at that. She couldn't help but cringe at her previous statement then. "On second thought, maybe not…"

"Thanks for the moral support, Maya." Phoenix sighed. Maya giggled at the man's obvious sarcasm.

"Always happy to help!"

Phoenix noticed the wind seriously starting to pick up, and that slightly worried him. "Maya, stay away from the windows." He said out of instinct. Maya stepped back immediately, but she quickly eyeballed Phoenix.

"H-hey! I'm an eighteen year old woman, I'll have you know! I know when to stay away from windows! Why are you so worried about me?!" Maya fumed. Phoenix had a reason, of course. He found himself being way too overprotective of the woman, but he didn't care. Ever since the Engarde case, he'd rather her safer than anything else in this world. "I'll close the boards over them, at the very least. Can trust me to do that?"

"Maya…" Phoenix sighed. Maya shut the wooden boards over the window, and she went around the room, closing every window and board as the wind started to pick up, sending the wild rain flying sideways. The room got darker as the boards went up, and as the final board got put up, it was complete darkness in the office. Phoenix got up and walked to the light switched, and as he reached for the familiar place, he suddenly placed his hand atop of someone else's. He was surprised, to the say the least. The hand was soft, soothing, warm and beautiful. The lights turned on and Phoenix saw that he had placed his hand on Maya's. They both went for the light switch at the same time.

Phoenix and Maya awkwardly withdrew their hands at the same times, both blushing in sync. They quickly walked back to their places, the only sounds being 'Um…' and 'Sorry…' The rain echoed in the office and Phoenix went back to the paperwork. "O-Okay… Um… How about we play some tunes to pass the time? It's nearly closing hours, so I don't see a problem."

"Maya, you know I hate it when you play your music." Phoenix sighed. Maya gave Phoenix that one evil eye that Phoenix had a love/hate relationship with.

"That's exactly why I'm doing it!" Maya grinned. She grabbed her phone, hooking it up a pair of speakers she had bought (With Phoenix's money) about a week ago. The first guitar chords of Sweet Child O' Mine by Guns N' Roses started to play, and Maya stood atop the couch, grinning as she played the famous electric guitar with her own invisible, imaginary guitar. Phoenix never took Maya for a rock girl, but it seemed the last year had proved him very wrong.

It was becoming difficult to focus on the paperwork before him, but Phoenix knew he'd never get it done the moment Maya Fey walked through the door. Eventually, Maya started to sing the famous lyrics…

She's got a smile it seems to me
Reminds me of childhood memories
Where everything
Was as fresh as the bright blue sky
Now and then when I see her face
She takes me away to that special place
And if I'd stare too long
I'd probably break down and cry

Maya's voice actually wasn't half bad, although nothing compared to the amazement of Axl Rose's voice. Phoenix swore she was going to tip the couch with the amount of jumping around she was doing.

Oh, oh, oh
Sweet child o' mine
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Sweet love of mine

Phoenix couldn't help but chuckle at the fact that even though Maya was an eighteen year old woman, she still jumped about and, in basic form, acted like a child in all ways. Maya kept going with the song, almost tipping the couch at one point.

She's got eyes of the bluest skies
As if they thought of rain
I hate to look into those eyes
And see an ounce of pain
Her hair reminds me of a warm safe place
Where as a child I'd hide
And pray for the thunder
And the rain
To quietly pass me by

Phoenix checked the time. Eight Fifty-Five. He'd be out in five minutes… Out into that rain and those brutal winds. He sighed with frustration, but surely he'd be fine. Just gotta push through Phoenix… You survived a tazer, goddammit! You'll be fine!

Oh, oh, oh
Sweet child o' mine
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Sweet love of mine

"Maya, I think now's the time for you to shut off the music!" Phoenix called out. Maya fumed at him, but she gave in. It was nearly closing hours anyway, she could rock out at her own house… And in her underwear with the privacy she had, no less! She shut off the music, slumping back in the couch and recovering from the exhaustion of the workout she just had. Phoenix could hear her wheeze's from the other side of the room, and he had to admit, they were quite humoring.

That's when he heard footsteps outside the door.

Someone must have a lot of determination to push through those winds and get into the Law Offices. Phoenix turned in his seat to face the door, and the footsteps got louder. It was almost something ripped straight out of a horror movie, but Phoenix didn't need to worry. The door opened to an extremely wet Dick Gumshoe.

"H-hey, pal… I-I got something for ya…" Gumshoe panted. He'd obviously been running and pushing through the rain and wind, and Phoenix couldn't help but feel sorry for the detective. "Oh, I'm getting your carpet wet! I'll be quick!"

Gumshoe ran in, placing a bag on Phoenix's desk. "Ms. Von Karma has delivered something from overseas. She says it's 'personal evidence from the Engarde trial'." Gumshoe explained. He quickly turned to walk away, but he froze at the door, turning around to look at Phoenix again. "Um… Ms. Fey? Why are you hiding behind Mr. Wright?"

Phoenix raised an eyebrow, and quickly turned around to see Maya, crouched, hiding and shivering in sheer terror behind Phoenix. She looked absolutely terrified, like Dick was there to murder her. Maya quickly leaned around the chair, and her expression immediately lit up. "O-oh! It's you, detective! S-sorry, it's just, you know… Cold and everything, haha…"

Even Gumshoe could see Maya was trying to hide something. "You doing okay, pal? You know, ever since the-"

"FINE! I AM DOING JUST FINE!" Maya suddenly screamed out of what seemed to be fright. She quickly cleared her throat, putting a forced smile on. "I-I'm doing just fine, detective. Thanks for asking… I-I'll be okay."

Gumshoe stood at the door a bit more, eyeing Maya, knowing she was obviously hiding something. Gumshoe's sight went over to Phoenix and he put on a serious expression. "Look after her, pal."

"Don't worry, detective. I am." Phoenix replied. Gumshoe nodded, waving the two goodbye before walking out the door. Maya cuffed Phoenix around the back of the head.

"Looking after me? I'm doing just f-fine, thanks!" Maya huffed. Phoenix rubbed the back of his head where he had just been smacked as Maya grabbed the bag of evidence. She smirked at the possibilities of what could be inside this bag if it were so personal. The bag felt light, almost as if it had one single item in it. Phoenix didn't really care, but he was curious at whatever it was. Maya opened the bag, looking inside.

Her expression dropped as she looked inside. Her eyes widened. Damn you, Von Karma! At the worst possible time…

Inside the bag was a single card. The card Maya drew of Phoenix… She'd forgotten all about it! If Nick sees this, he'll… He'll figure out my true feelings for him… I can't let that happen! It'll make things so awkward between us…

"What's inside the bag, Maya?" Phoenix asked. Maya snapped back to reality, and she quickly sealed the bag, hiding it behind her back.

"Oh, um…. N-nothing at all!" Maya stuttered. Phoenix really didn't have the energy to fight Maya for the bag, so he sighed, making a note to grab the bag later. "T-this rain has got to be on the news! Let's check it out!"

Maya grabbed the remote, switching on the TV and changing it to the news station.

"The weather has made a turn for the wet as temperatures drop significantly and heavy rain pours throughout all of L.A! A thunderstorm is inbound, along with heavy winds. It's setting in to be a massive storm, folks! We at SCN advice all residents to stay indoors where they are and to not come out for the night, as the wind could pose a serious threat. Repeat: Do not go outdoors! That's all for weather…"

Maya turned over in the couch to face Phoenix. "Well, Nick, looks like we're staying here for the night. Rain ain't stopping any time soon."

"I heard," Phoenix sighed. The clock had hit five past nine, but it seemed Phoenix and Maya were staying in the law office for the night. Poor Gumshoe… He'd be out there right now trying to push through this… Hope he's okay…

"This is perfect!" Maya shrieked. Phoenix held both hands over his ears at the sudden yell, and his ears started to ring.

"I'm failing to see how this is perfect at all!" Phoenix called out. Maya ran on the spot, balling up her fists to her cheek with excitement.

"I've been planning this for a year and a half, Nick! Now's the perfect time to show you all this! I got snacks, movies, games and everything to keep us occupied! Even a few blankets! We are set to go for a sleepover at the law office!" Maya shrieked.

"I wouldn't call this a 'sleepover', Maya." Phoenix sighed. Maya ran into the other room to grab some things from the kitchen. He could hear her whispers of 'What first?' or 'Ooh! This!' He eventually heard the microwave be set on, and Maya searching the DVD shelf. Phoenix soon heard the sounds of popcorn being popped, and after a couple of minutes, he then heard the sounds of soft drink cans being opened. After five minutes, he heard Maya call out to him.

"Come grab your popcorn and raspberry lemonade, Nick! We're watching a movie!" Maya called out. Phoenix walked to the kitchen, and was surprised, to say the least, at the amount of candy, drinks, snacks and other such things were in the kitchen.

"You really planned for this… Hey, is that wine?!" Phoenix asked, grabbing a bottle of the alcoholic beverage. Maya snatched it from his hands, glaring at him.

"Whoa, buster! I know you're eager, but let's save the drunken Nick for later, why don't we? Now come on, I've prepared your stuff! I'll set up the DVD!" Maya said as she frantically grabbed a DVD case and ran for the TV. Phoenix had no idea what the movie was going to be, but knowing Maya, it was probably Steel Samurai related. Phoenix grabbed his large bowl of popcorn and glass bottle of the red lemonade, before walking over to the TV. Just as he suspected, the Steel Samurai theme played as the movie menu aired on the screen.

"Okay, let me grab my things…" Maya frantically said as she ran to the kitchen and grabbed her snacks and drink. She also grabbed a single blanket, and quickly set her stuff out on the coffee table in front of her. She threw the blanket over Phoenix, and wrapped herself up with the same blanket. Maya then grabbed her popcorn and drink, and pressed play on the remote to the TV. She then huddled up quite closely to Phoenix, snuggling up to him as she grabbed a handful of popcorn.

"Maya, I-"

"Shhh! The movie's on!" Maya harshly whispered. Phoenix sighed to himself, taking a sip of the soft drink. He leaned back in his couch, allowing Maya to snuggle up further towards him. He could only think one thing…

This is gonna be one interesting night…