Wright and Co. Law Offices
April 7, 2018, 7:30 AM

Mia Fey stepped into the old office, looking around. It was a mess of snacks, drinks, and everything that she would nag Phoenix from the afterlife to clean up. She noticed a wine bottle on the table as well as a few glasses. This had better be Maya's doing, because if Phoenix got my sister drunk, I swear…

Oh my god…

On her couch, Maya lied to the side of Phoenix, her back rested on his chest, his arm wrapped around her stomach, her hand holding his. So they finally did… Took your damn time, you dorks! Although, Diego and I weren't exactly any better ourselves…

Mia walked over to the side of them. They were out cold, obviously exhausted from the time they stayed up to. Mia smiled at the two of them, especially at her sister for finding love. Maya… I couldn't ask for a better man to be with you… Phoenix Wright is a wonderful person for you. Trust me.

Her focus switched to Phoenix. He had confessed his love to her right in front of Mia some time ago, but Mia couldn't be happier to hear him say those words. Thank you, Phoenix. For protecting my sister and honoring the Fey name…

As she had done many times in her spirit form, she leaned down, placing a kiss on Phoenix's forehead. He never felt them, but they were Mia's way of showing appreciation. Apart from frequent visits to Diego, her time in the afterlife was spent with Phoenix and Maya. She wished she could bet money with someone on how long it'd take for the two dorks to confess… It's kind of boring in the afterlife sometimes.

Mia walked over to the kitchen to find a massive mess of food… I swear to Ami, I'm haunting these two until my office is as sparkly as the day I died! Minus the blood… Hm? What's this? Mia spotted a bag on the floor of the kitchen. It was small and she leaned down to it, looking inside to see the contents.

A white card with a purple shell that had been drawn on… Phoenix was on it. I remember seeing this drawing with Maya when she was kidnapped. She drew it for moral support… Yet she still hasn't shown him?! I need to give you a lesson or two on love, Maya Fey… Same to you, Phoenix!

Mia used the powers of her afterlife self to blow a gust of light wind and knock the bag over, spilling out the card and waking Phoenix. I have to go back now, Phoenix… But I swear, you two had better be the best damn couple I have ever seen when I get back next time!

Phoenix's eyes rose to spot Maya lying down in front of him, an arm wrapped around her stomach. Gah! What the hell did I do last night?! Phoenix backed up, panicking for a second, before finally letting the memories flood back to him. Oh right… I confessed to her…

Phoenix smiled at his new girlfriend, placing a kiss on the side of her head, before jumping off the back of the couch and leaving Maya to sleep. He walked over to the kitchen where he heard a noise, and spotted something… Odd among the mess. A white card.

Phoenix squatted down, picking it up and flipping it in his hand, looking at the picture. His eyes widened when he saw it. Maya drew him… Was this while she was kidnapped? Was this the evidence Von Karma delivered last night? It was personal evidence… And this is personal evidence for Maya alone.

Phoenix laid the card back on the ground, and looked at Maya one last time. We may have our hard or down times, and I may be so pissed off at you sometimes… But you complete me, Maya Fey. I couldn't ask for anyone better.

I love you, Maya Fey.


A Thousand Years – Christina Perri

I took the idea of Shelly watching the trial from the anime. Plus, I needed a confession, dammit! As well as a reason for Maya to continue living to the second trial…

That One Aloof Guy:
*BLUSHES MADLY LIKE PEARL* THANK YOU! It's always an honor to hear someone say your work is accurate to the games!

I just had to get Mia involved in this story. Any sort of romance between Phoenix and Maya must require her approval, after all! But I do think she approved straight off the bat when she called them to meet in the office...

That One Aloof Guy:
It does make sense. I know you're quite the Phoenix and Mia shipper, so I'm really glad you liked their interactions here! If only she lived longer… *crashes from sadness*

Ah, that wine was going to come in SOMEWHERE, and at the perfect time, no less! I have to agree with you, Mia
definitely did NOT love Feenie version of Phoenix… She had a hunk of a Diego, after all! I don't think even the most desperate of women would fall for that mess…

That One Aloof Guy:
I don't like murdering people though… (Okay, that's a straight up lie.)
This story was going to be short, but I didn't want it to feel rushed, so I'm glad I achieved in that aspect! Using complicated words while you're fluffed up is… Odd XD BUT I LOVE IT EITHER WAY!

Brock's Geodude:
And appreciation for you is still very high!

Hearing those words from one of the best Narumayo authors fills my heart with more joy than you can imagine! Thank you so much!

Ah, thank you thank you thank you! Narumayo is just perfect, isn't it? *bats eyelashes*
I'm male, dammit, why am I getting so girly over a ship…

Thank you very very very very much! I really wanted to flesh out the kidnapping with this story, and me glad you liked! Ah, Maya spends her, I mean,
his money on whatever she pleases XD Pearl shall spare these two dorks for now, but you do point out a good fact! Everyone loves Mia Fey, really, so it was a bit unfair of Maya to ask that question XD I, myself, am writing a full life story on her, so I've grown attached to our… Favorite big meloned lawyer!