A Son in Need

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Chapter 1

Aragorn had been traveling for days. He was on his way home to visit his family in Rivendell. It had been far too long since he had seen them. He was anxious to see his father, and the twins. But Aragorn was getting nowhere quickly. It had started pouring earlier that day, and it hadn't let up since it began. Before five minutes into the rain, Aragorn had become soaked to the bone. Luckily Rivendell wasn't much farther away. He could already see the outline of it. He gently nudged his horse to a faster pace, wanting to get out of the rain as quickly as possible.

"Father, it's so good to see you again. I've missed you". Elrond smiled upon seeing his son. "It's good to see you too Estel but let's get you into some dry clothes before you catch cold".

Aragorn smiled in agreement and went to his room sighing with relief as he peeled of his wet clothes and put on dry ones.

"You know, a hot bath might do you some good. We wouldn't want you to get sick". Aragorn turned around to see one of the twin elves smiling at him. "Elladan it's good to see you". "And you onooro"

"Though I must disagree with you. Although a hot bath does sound tempting, I think that I shall be happier with my family. I'll be fine."

His brother's dark eyes gleamed with a smile. "Tulya, lets eat". The two brothers walked to the dining hall together, deep in conversation.

Fifteen minutes into dinner Aragorn grew tired and chilled once again. He was so tired he only caught bits and pieces of the conversation. Deciding that he had had enough for one night he stood up to go to his room.

"Estel, are you feeling all right" questioned the lord elf.

"Yes Ada, I'm feeling fine. I'm just a little tired from the journey home. I'll be alright after a good nights sleep."

Walking over to meet his son Elrond gently placed a kiss on his forehead and smiled. "Maara. Sleep well Estel".

"I will Ada." With his fathers blessing Aragorn slowly walked to his chambers and got into bed with a sigh. It felt good to be in a soft warm bed again. He had missed his room. The smell of it. The warmth and use of it. Maybe after good nights sleep his aching chest and pounding head would subside.

It was dark. Why couldn't he see? Opening his eyes Aragorn saw he was underwater. He tried to take a breath, but all he got was murky water. He coughed trying to rid himself of the liquid but he was failing. He was so confused. Which way was up? His lungs were starting to burn. He needed air. Everything was going fuzzy and dark. He forced himself to stay awake. He needed to get to the surface. Everything would be all right as long as he got to the surface. His limbs were getting heavier. He couldn't move. His body wouldn't respond. Everything went black..

Awakening with a burning chest Aragorn began coughing. He couldn't control the spasms. Gasping for air he sat up, trying to breath. His chest hurt. He couldn't stop coughing.

Hearing the coughing fit from Aragorn's room Lord Elrond got out of bed and quickly made his way down the hall. He pushed open the door. Aragorn was hunched over in bed clutching his chest coughing uncontrollably. He sat down next to him and tried to soothe the young man.

Before he had a chance to do anything both twin entered Aragorn's room with concern. "Ada what's wrong?"

"Do not worry Elladan, Estel just needs to regain his breath". Turning to Estel he evaluated the situation. "You need to relax Estel. Try to calm yourself and take a deep breath." Grabbing a glass of water from the nightstand Elrond handed it to Aragorn. Aragorn tried to grab it but his hands were shaking too badly to hold it. Noticing this Elrond took the cup and held it to Aragorn's lips. He took a sip but coughed it back up. "Small sips Estel. Slow yourself". Again Aragorn tried to take a sip, this time succeeding in getting a small amount of water down. He tried a second time able to take more. Finally the coughing subsided and exhausted from coughing Aragorn collapsed back onto the bed. Stroking Aragorn's damp forehead Elrond felt the unnatural heat rising off of it. "Ada".

"Shhh, Estel. You will be alright. I will take care of you. You just need to concentrate on getting better. Can you tell me what hurts?"

Aragorn nodded slowly. "Head.chest.achy.hot.cold". With the mention of being cold Aragorn began to shiver. Noticing the shivering Elrond pulled an extra blanket over his foster son. Turning to the twins Elrond took action. "Elladan go find more blankets, and get my bag of herbs. Elrohir get a bowl of cool water and some cloths. We must work to bring his fever down. I haven't seen anyone with this sickness in ages. If I'm correct Estel has a bad case of pneumonia."

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