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Chapter 1 - Welcome To Redwood Manor

The excitement and intensity of the crowd, and the fierce level of adrenaline were still coursing through my body like the flow of venom does through the veins of a predatory viper. It was a feeling that wouldn't leave me even after the night of Smackdown was over as I was driving home. Images of my family now began swirling inside my head as I made my way closer to my destination. The smiling face of my beautiful wife who was now six months pregnant with our second child, and hearing my seven year old daughter yelling, "Daddy!" along with the feeling of her throwing her arms around me brought a smile to my face as I pulled into the driveway.

I got out of the car and as I went around to grab my duffle bag from the back seat, I heard a small voice squealing with joy that sent my body tingling with happiness. "Daddy!" I turned and saw my baby girl Alanna running from the house to greet me. Her arms wrapped around my waist just as I had imagined as she hugged me. "I missed you so much daddy." She said happily with a smile across her face as her blue eyes sparkled. I smiled and rubbed my hand through her long blonde hair. "I missed you too baby girl." I replied just as I saw my wife. Samantha's brown eyes lit up as she saw me as I wrapped my arms around her and gave her a kiss. "Sorry, Aly wanted to stay up and wait for you." She said softly as I shook my head. "It's okay." I replied as the three of us entered the house.

Setting my bag down by the front door, I then headed into the bathroom to check myself out. Glancing in the mirror I realised I had forgotten about the wound on my forehead. Bringing up a hand to my head, and running it over the still fresh wound, a stab of pain shot through my head followed by images and flashbacks that instantly began to plague me. It was the night of WWE's latest PPV event Battleground, which was set to be my returning night after I had been out of action with yet another cripling shoulder injury. I was in the ring against The Beast Brock Lesnar, which was set to be the biggest match of the year, and I had my heart set on winning the match. However, in the end the Beast had proven he could conquer the Viper. By the end of the night, after a series of elbows being driven to my head, I found myself lying in the middle of the ring, with a bleeding gash in my head, and Lesnar standing over me in a victorious like fashion, as he had won by what was called a technical knockout.

"Randy? you okay?" The flashbacks faded as reality sank in and I turned to see Samantha standing in the doorway of the bathroom with a look of concern washing over her face. "Did that happen tonight?" She asked noticing the wound on my head as I nodded slowly. "It's no big deal." I managed convincingly as she sent me an accusing look. "You know how it is Sam, it's the price we pay when we're in the ring. We get injured. It's something we as Wrestlers can't control." Samantha sighed and wrapped her arms around my neck. "I know baby." She said softly. "Can I help it If I worry about you? I mean, I don't know what Aly and I would do we ever lost you." I pulled her close so that her head was laying against my chest. "You girls will never lose me." I replied softly. "I'm not going anywhere, I promise."

I pulled away from Sam just as a fresh stab of pain shot through my head causing me to wince. "You okay?" She asked her voice laced with concern as I nodded. "I'm alright." I said reasuringly. "It's probably just a headache. Nothing that two pills of Aleeve can't cure." Samantha shot me another look of concern and I smiled softly. "Really Sam, trust me. I'll be fine." I walked out of the bathroom into the hallway toward my duffle bag and rummaged through it until I found a white bottle with a red cap on it that was labled as Aleeve. Opening the bottle I took out two pills and popped them into my mouth, and as I put the bottle back into the bag an unwanted instant wave of dizziness suddenly washed over me, causing me to wince as I leaned against the nearest wall for support while closing my eyes, as I waited for the wave to pass.

"Daddy? You okay?" Hearing Alanna's voice, I opened my eyes and looked at her with a reasuring look. "I'm okay Aly-bear." I said using my special nickname for her as she smiled up at me. "Come on, let's get you to bed. You need your sleep for school tomorrow." Alanna nodded as I walked with her toward her room. "You're going to be here when I get back from school tomorrow right daddy?" She asked as she hoped into bed like a bunny rabbit. "What do you mean baby?" I asked covering her with the blankets. "Of course I'll be here when you get home sweetie, tomorrow is daddy's day off. He doesn't have to be at work until Saturday morning." I saw Alanna's face lit up as I leaned down to kiss her goodnight. "I love you baby girl." I said with a soft smile as I got up and turned on Alanna's night light before walking out and turning out the lights in her room. "Night night daddy." She said sleepily with a yawn. "I'm glad your home." "Me too princess." I said with a smile as I quietly closed the door behind me and made my way down the hall toward the master bedroom that Sam and I shared.

I found Samantha already in bed with her eyes concentrated on a novel she had been reading but she stopped the moment she heard me enter. "Everything okay?" She asked closing the book and setting it down on the nightstand beside her. "Yeah." I replied with a nod. "Just got Alanna into bed finally. She's really been missing me." Samantha nodded in agreement. "She sure has." She replied with a smile as she rubbed her hand over her stomach. "She's not the only one who's been missing you too."

Setting down on the bed beside my wife, I couldn't help but start to think of my dad. When my dad first started wrestling it was extremley hard on me and my two siblings Becky and Nathan not to see him very much since he was always on the road, but I knew that I wanted to be there to provide for my family especially with another child on the way, I knew it must be hard on Sam. Taking care of Alanna is already difficult enough, but to have her take care of a seven year old and with the new baby coming, I didn't want to have her shoulder the same burden that my mom went through.

"baby, I know you love what you do as a wrestler, but maybe you should think about starting another career so you can be closer to us." Samantha said drawing me out of my thoughts as I drew in a deep breath and snuggled into bed. "I'll think about it." I replied sleepily as I turned out the nearby lamp by my bedside. "Love you sweetheart." The next thing I heard from my wife was a yawn followed by, "I love you too." And with that the lights in the room went out leaving the entire house covered in darkness.

Th next morning, I awoke to the sound of chaos. First was the sound of multipule voices, followed by the sound of Alanna crying hysterically. With panic flowing through me, I snapped my eyes open to find two muscle-bound guys dressed in black suits standing over me. One shining a flashlight in my eyes obviously trying to get my attention. "Daddy!" Upon hearing Alanna's frantic voice screaming, I jolted awake shielding my eyes from the bright light.
"What the hell is going on?" I asked trying to wrap my brain around everything that was happening all around me. I swore I was dreaming and this was all a horrible nightmare, but as I turned now to see if my wife was awake I felt my heart drop inside my chest. Lying next to me in a pool of blood with her stomach sliced open like an animal was my beautiful wife Samantha.

My body shook hard and I felt like I was about to be sick, as the two guys who had been standing over me, placed handcuffs on my arms and wrenched me from the bed. "Randal Keith Orton, you are under arrest for the murder of your wife Samatha Speno and your unborn child." At that moment, I felt my breath catch in my throat and my vision began to blur as I felt myself trying to sink to my knees in grief. I wanted to break down and cry, but I knew I had to be strong, and as I watched a pair of other people who were also dressed in black suits taking away my daughter, a pang of anger began to bubble up within me, but I forced it away, and managed to call out, "Don't worry Aly -Bear, daddy's going to be okay alright? daddy's going to figure this all out okay? Just stay strong baby." Time seemed to then slow down all around me, as though I was watching everything play out like a horror movie.

As the two guys led me over to a police cruiser, I couldn't help but focus on the images of seeing my wife's bloody body, and now the only thought that swirled through my head was that, I'm innocent. I didn't do it, I'm not a murderer. But then again, Looking back, I did suffer from a behavioral disorder called Intermittent explosive disorder, which is sometimes abbreviated as IED. Acording to when I was diagnosed back when I was teenager, was that this disorder meant that I was proned toexplosive outbursts of anger and violence, often to the point of rage, that are disproportionate to the situation at hand, including impulsive screaming that is triggered by relatively inconsequential events. Impulsive aggression is often unpremeditated, and is defined by a disproportionate reaction to any provocation that can be real or perceived.

As I sat in the back seat now of the police cruiser I closed my eyes and tried to think of any point in time during the night where Sam could've died, but nothing came to mind. It was like everything leading up to now was nothing but a big dark blank. Was it possible that I had somehow gotten up in the middle of the night and committed the unspeakbale act and then somehow blocked it from my memory? No way! I knew it wasn't possible. Just because I was diagnosed with this disorder didn't make me a murderer, so why was I was being charged for a crime I knew I didn't do?

I opened my eyes a short while later, just as I felt one of the guys pull me roughly from the crusier and led me into a strange looking building that sent shivers of fear down my spine. For one it wasn't the State Prison, and for two, it was a mental institution, a place for the crimnially insane, and as I found myself being greated by several people screaming and shouting, I couldn't help but feel a sense of terror. I didn't belong here, I wasn't insane like them, so why was I being led here? What the hell was going on?

"We'll take it from here officers." I turned my head suddenly as I reconized a voice approaching me as Hunter Levesque who along with his wife Stephanie was standing there ontop of a spiral staircase dressed all in black as though they had just returned from a funeral. "Welcome Randal Orton," Stephanie said as her blue eyes turned toward me. "Welcome to the Redwood Manor mental institution." I looked from Hunter and Stephanie to the two guys still holding onto me, and couldn't believe what was happening. Again, I just had to ask myself, what the hell was going on?!

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