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Previously on Insanity Trials - "See that's the funny thing about fear Randy." There was a tone now within Sam's voice that seemed to change to that of Bray, and know I was for certain that I was completely hallucinating.

"See fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by belief that someone or something is dangerous likely to cause harm or pain to themselves or to others." I stifled a low growl of irritation now as the vision of Sam disappeared followed by images of the night she was murdered, while Bray's voice still echoed over and over in my mind.

"See the thing is Randy, I maybe the scientist around here, and I may work under powerful people such as the Authority, but the real hard truth of the matter Randy, is that you shouldn't fear Hunter or Stephanie, the only person you should fear is yourself."

"Well, Randy you certainly made a mess of things today haven't you?" Triple H's words felt like a knife twisting in my skin as I flinched and tried not to let it bother me but all I could think about was my wife and daughter.

"Hunter, for the last time I'm begging you please let me out of here." I begged while looking at both of them with tears flooding my eyes as visions of my wife's dead body flashed through my mind. "Please I don't belong here I'm not a killer. The real killer that took Sam's life is still out there!"

I have to figure this out. I thought in frustration as I sat up and ran my hand over my face in exhaustion. My baby girl is counting on me. Just then there was the sound of what sounded like a girl laughing. As I looked around I realized I was probably hallucinating again, but the laughter wouldn't stop and lasted for almost five minutes until suddenly my vision began to blur, and my chest began to ache with pain.

I began to feel like I was suffocating and chocking at the same time as I started violently coughing as a sudden burst of black liquid spilled from my mouth. My vision blurred even more as black spots danced in front of my eyes as I caught the sight of the door opening to reveal a girl with blonde pigtails and a man wearing black clothing with a strange demonic looking mask covering his face. I felt a blanket of darkness wash over me threatening to engulf me as I saw the strange man's cold yellow eyes stare back at me as I finally succumbed to the darkness.


Chapter 5 - House of Horrors {Part 2}

I came to with a pounding headache that seemed to pulse in time with each heartbeat. My vision was still blurry and my stomach churned as I fought the urge to throw up again. Something wasn't right. Something was seriously medically wrong with me and I knew this was my chance to get the hell out of here. "Help!" I managed to scream. "Somebody help me!"

There was the sound of a girl laughing again as my vision gradually began to come back into focus, I once again caught the sight of a blonde pigtailed girl with dyed pink tips at the ends of her hair. Her blue eyes shone with excitement as she noticed I was awake and began to clap her hands in delight. "He's awake! He's awake!" She cried out in with exuberant glee as her blue eyes sparkled mischievously.

Once my vision fully returned I now realized I was lying on what appeared to be an operating table with my wrists and ankles bound with what appeared to be chains instead of leather straps. "What the hell is this?" I asked looking at the pigtailed girl. "Who the hell are you?"

The girl smiled and clapped her hands. "My name is Alexa Bliss." She said. "And I have been been cleansed by him."

"Cleansed? What the hell does that even mean?"

Alexa smiled. "It's simple to understand really. See I was a lot like you once lost and afraid unsure of where my life was headed. Then I met The Fiend."

"The Fiend? Who the hell is the Fiend?" At this point I was fed up with everything going on that all I wanted was just straight up answers but was getting absolutely nowhere.

"He's here to help us all." Alexa replied her eyes still sparkling. "All you have to do is let him in and he can cleanse you too."

Her blue eyes suddenly shifted from mischievous to menacing. Her gaze shifted to me the color in her eyes darkened for a moment as she said in a deep voice, "Let him in Randy. Let...Him...in."

Just then I felt a cold presence suddenly standing beside me as my gaze shifted to a person wearing dark clothing and a demonic looking mask the same guy I saw just before I had passed out and I realized that this guy was definitely not a hallucination. I felt his yellow eyes turn to me and a cold shiver ran down my spine as he let out a demonic laugh echoing that of Bray's laugh and my heart raced in terror as I know realized what was happening.

"Your-Your supposed to be dead." My mind was a whirlwind of confusion. I saw the photos Hunter had shown me. I saw Bray's body along with the blood. Was it possibly those photos could have been altered just to mess with me? Maybe but I didn't have time to play games anymore. Alanna was counting on me to figure this out and to prove my innocence so I could get her out of foster care and be her father again.

"What the hell is going on?" I asked. "Why the hell am I being framed for all this crazy shit that I didn't do?"

The Fiend didn't reply but instead just shook his head while putting a gloved hand to his lips as if telling me to be quiet, which was only making me angrier.

"I need some fucking answers!" I yelled out while struggling against the chains.

"Now, now there's no need to swear Randy." Came Alexa's voice which had now shifted back to the peppy tone from before, which made me get the feeling I was dealing with someone who had multiple personality disorder or something like that.

I drew in a deep breath and tried to keep myself as calm as I could despite the uncertainty of my situation. "Fine, just tell me what is going on?" I while holding back my anger. "Why am I being framed for all these murders?"

"He says it's to atone for your past sins." Alexa replied which made the anger swell back up inside me as I attempted to quiet it back down again.

"What sins?" I asked as I began to hear the voices starting to rise up inside my head again demanding me yet again to kill.





I began to see nothing but a haze of red now as my breathing began to quicken in time with the rhythmic beating of my heart trying to will the voices to stop but to no avail. Just then I felt a hand clamp down hard on my shoulder bringing me momentarily back to reality as the voices began to quiet down causing the pounding in my skull to cease, but as I looked up expecting to see the "Fiend" I was shocked as now standing beside me was a shadowy version of me.

I opened my mouth to ask what the hell this was all about but the other me just stared back at me with the same blue eyes only with a menacing gaze to them as he replied in a distorted voice, "This won't end on your terms Randy." He then began to laugh as I saw the blue in his eyes suddenly shift and darken to a darker shade of blue almost black as he continued, "Soon you will come face to face with everything that you've ever done."

He then began to laugh again the distortion in his voice becoming more menacing almost demonic like as I suddenly began to feel queasy and dizzy. Black spots began to fill my vision again and and my chest began to ache with pain. The feeling of suffocation began to happen again as I started violently coughing all over again. Feeling another sudden burst of black liquid spilling from my mouth once again I heard Alexa Bliss beginning to laugh at my obvious misery. My vision blurred once more as black spots danced in front of my eyes as I fought the urge to pass out but to no avail. With the sound of Alexa Bliss's laughter being the only thing haunting me as I once again gave in to the welcoming darkness.

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