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Running Free

Chapter 1
A Young Mercenary

"Brad" a young girl pushed him in a Command Wolf's cockpit. "Go, don't stay here or they'll get you too. You must escape. Don't worry about me, I can manage on my own. We will see each other again, I know you'll make sure of that. Now go."

"No Anna, I won't let them take you, I'll never leave you, I'd die first. "Brad reached up to the young girl. "Your only 7, your coming with me."

"No I'm not. I know I'm young, but you can escape. I will find you. Now go." She pushed the cockpit closed and began to run away until a large man grabbed her and knocked her out.

"Anna" Brad screamed and sat up in his bed sweating. "Man not that dream again, it's been seven years since that incident."

"Brad, are you ok?" Bit ran in wearing only his boxers.

"Bit, would it kill you to put something on." Jamie walked in and tossed Bit a shirt. "I heard you screaming, Brad. Are you ok."

"I'm fine" Brad pulled on a shirt.

"BIT CLOUD" Leena yelled at the top of her lungs.

"Gotta go," Bit went running down the hall.

"Get back here Bit" Leena had an empty box of cookies in her hand. " You ate them all, now you pay. " She went running after him.

"Ahhhhhhh" Bit came running past them again, but tripped.

"I've got you now." Leena took the empty box and began hitting him with it.

"Ow, ow, ow." Bit screamed.

"Want some popcorn" Jamie looked at Brad.

"Where'd you get that." Brad replied as he took a handful.

"Oh, I just ran to the kitchen and quickly heated it up." Jamie bent down to ask Bit if he wanted any until he heard a crack and Bit's screaming.

"I have got a feeling he doesn't want any, Jamie." Doc appeared dressed and ready for battle. "Leena are you done?"

"Yes dad." Leena stood up straight and fixed her hair. "That feels better", she walked off whistling.

"Ow, a little help." Bit was smashed into the wall and Brad helped him up.

"Ok listen up team, the real reason I'm out here is to tell you that we've got a battle this afternoon." Doc was excited.

"Against who" Bit cracked his back and stood up straight. "Ah that's better."

"I don't know how you do it Bit." Jamie turned to Doc.

"Anyways, we're up against the Vipers Team again." Doc smiled.

"The Vipers Team." Leena appeared from behind the corner with a doughnut in her mouth.

"Yes, to make up for the one the Elephander ruined." Doc turned to Bit, "I want you to use the Snyder, the Vipers have really strong shields now, that will be hard to penetrate."

"K, Doc." Bit looked over at Leena. "Hey isn't that one of my doughnuts"

"Yes" Leena smiled.

"But it's mine." Bit's mouth was wide open.

"Bit, Leena will you pay attention. I'm not done yet." Doc looked down. "We still have one problem."

"What dad" Leena hit Bit with the last bite of the doughnut and he quickly picked it up and finished it.

"Ok, that was weird, but the Vipers have hired two mercenaries, so we need 5 fighters. We'll have to hire a mercenary ourselves. Brad you know the most about this kind of stuff where do you think we should go to hire one?" Doc turned to face him.

"Hmmm, I would have to say New Hope." Brad sat down on the couch.

"This could cost us a lot if we're not careful. We need to hire a first timer, a nobody." Jamie started the Hover Cargo. "Let's get going we don't want to waist any time."


"Get back here. You know the Backdraft does not accept traitors. You saw what happened to Stoller."
A woman in a Zabat yelled.

"Pierce, will you just shuttup." A young teenager in a Storm Sworder blew a hole in the side of a Whale King. "It's not like I wanted to be a member of the Backdraft."

"Shay, don't do this. Think of what all we've done for you." Pierce launched.

"What all you've done for me. You've made me forget my past, the only family I know I have betrayed the Backdraft and is a mercenary." Shay shouted back. " See ya later" Shay activated the booster on her Storm Sworder and before she knew it, she was long gone. " That feels better, no more Pierce breathing down my neck. Now I can be a mercenary at last, and use my skill for good. First, I need to go to New Hope and dye my hair and buy new clothes. Then I need to find a team, but who will hire a nobody."
"Ok we're here team. Brad, Bit, and Leena I want you to go looking for someone to hire, bring them back here for my final decision." Doc went back to playing with his Zoids models.
"Brad, I'm going to go shop." Leena waved and started to walk away. " I hope it won't be to much trouble."

"Ya, and I'm going to go to the new Parts Shop down the road." Bit turned around and then started to run.

"Man, those two always run off when there is work to be done. Looks like it's up to me to find a mercenary." Brad walked in to a bar. " New Hope brings back so many memories, this is where Anna and I lived and were separated. I will find you."

"You looking for a mercenary" A girl with red hair and ragged clothes looked up. "Woe your Brad, the pilot of the Shadow Fox with the Blitz Team. Your in Class S."

"Ya," Brad seemed kind of proud. We've been Class S for 6 months now. Thankfully the Backdraft hasn't resurfaced yet. "So are you a mercenary. A little young aren't you."

"Ya so what, I'm looking for my first job." She seemed offended.

"Great job Brad" Leena came running with some shopping bags.

"You found someone." Bit was holding 10 bags for Leena.

"Uh, I...I mean yeah I guess." Brad look at her eyes and she winked. I know those eyes.

"Wow your Leena Tauros, also a member of the Blitz Team, the Gun Sniper pilot, right." She stepped forward.

"Ya, look Bit she knows her pilots." Leena smiled.

"Ohmigosh, Your Bit Cloud, I've always wanted to meet you." She shook his hand.

"Comon, he doesn't need any more pride." Leena grabbed her hand and pulled her off balance.
"So what kind of Zoid do you pilot" Doc scratched his chin.

"I pilot a Storm Sworder Triple S." She seemed very proud.

"And what's your name" Leena sat down on the couch next to Bit.

"It's Shay." She leaned up against a wall.

"And how old are you" Brad couldn't help but stare. She seems so familiar. But from where.

"I'm 14." Shay raised her eyebrow. "And why are you staring at me."

"Sorry" Brad blushed and looked at Doc. "So"

"Wow a Storm Sworder Triple S, those are impossible to get, there are only like 10 in existence." Doc smiled. "I'm ready to see your test flight."

"Ok" Shay smiled. "Storm come." A Storm Sworder swooped down and opened it's cockpit.

"Wow" Doc screamed as Shay ran out of the Hover Cargo.

"Start whenever your ready' Jamie turned on all the stats.

"Ok" Shay started up in the air and turned on the boosters and instantly broke the sound barrier.

"Wow, she really knows how to pilot that Zoid" Bit was in shock. "I wonder who taught her."

"I've seen enough." Doc smiled. " Your hired."

"Yes" Shay shouted.

Those eyes, where have I seen them before, they're like ones right out of a dream. Who is she? Brad was in his own little world.

Next Time

"Hi it's Shay. It's battle time at last, the Vipers Team are no match for me and Storm. But what happens when the Backdraft decides it is finally time to show payback to the Blitz Team for what they did to them. Man I can't get away from them. Oh no, I'm in trouble, huh, why is Jamie helping me, I don't even know him. Anyways next time on Running Free.
A Flying Crush & Dark Battle, Ready fight.

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