AN: Yes! I've finished this story so now I can finally post it! Since it's not that many chapters (3), last posting date should be Valentine's Day. This idea came to me after watching an episode of the 'Cosby Show'. In the episode, Theo comments how Cliff, Elvin and Martin don't know how to romance their wives because they are married. So, the guys talk about how they romanced their wives and it ends up becoming a challenge between them who can romance the wife the best. Cliff won of course, so it got me thinking—who is the most romantic among the DBZ men—Goku, Vegeta, or Krillin? Hee. Hee.

Romancing the Wife

Part One

Goku, Krillin and Vegeta kicked back Capsule Corp. watching "Rush Hour II" on TV. It was a rare opportunity that these three men got together. Vegeta wanted nothing to do with Goku unless they're sparring and Krillin doesn't associate with Vegeta, but he rarely see Goku since they both spend time with their families. Krillin told them it would be a fun movie to watch, since it had a lot of martial arts.

"I don't care how great a fighter this Jackie Chan is. I can beat him easily."

"I don't know, Vegeta. Jackie Chan is a pretty good martial artist," Krillin said.

"Are you insinuating a human is a match for me?!" Vegeta growled.

"Calm down, Vegeta. He's only kidding," Goku said. It still amazed him how a simple joke could rile up the Saiyan Prince.

Gohan came in the living room. "Hey, what's that you're watching?"

"Rush Hour II," Goku answered and went back to watching the movie. "Where's Goten? You're two ready to go home or something?"

"He's still outside playing with Trunks. I'm gonna go. I have a date with Videl."

Krillin snickered. "Gonna kiss your girlfriend, Gohan?"

Gohan blushed and scratched the back of his head. "Yeah, so. What's wrong with that? She is my girlfriend."

Krillin snickered again. "Ah, young love."

Gohan rolled his eyes annoyed at Krillin. Every time he mentioned Videl, Krillin would always tease him. So, he has a girlfriend and Krillin's acting like it's a big thing. Lots of guys have girlfriends. Frankly, the whole teasing was getting annoying so Gohan shot it back at him.

"At least I kiss my girlfriend, unlike you who don't kiss or even romance your wife."

Krillin looked at Gohan stunned that he would say that. "Hey, do I have to call you over whenever I kiss and romance my wife?!" Krillin argued.

"No, but when I was at Master Roshi's house once, we were playing cards and 18 came in the house with Marron crying and she had a load of groceries in her hand. She obviously looked tired and could use a hand from her husband, but did you get up from your seat? Noooooooooo! You just said, 'Hey, babe, did you buy something good to eat?'"

Krillin knew Gohan had him there. He didn't help his wife and he got an earful from 18 after Gohan had left, but hey, he had a good hand and didn't want to risk losing the game.

Vegeta snickered. It was a joy seeing Krillin squirm and trying to talk his way out of that one.

For some reason, Gohan felt like going after him too. He was stronger than the Saiyan Prince and if he wanted a fight he could defeat them. "What are you laughing at, Vegeta? You don't romance your wife either."

Vegeta stopped laughing and looked at the teen growling. "What I do with my mate is none of your business!"

"Yeah, but you could appreciate and help her more. I came over one time and Bulma was getting dinner ready and she had Trunks on her arm and he was crying like crazy. You came in the kitchen for something to drink. Bulma ask you to either hold Trunks so she can get the turkey out of the oven or you get the turkey out of the oven while she change Trunks' diaper. You told her, 'You had the kid. You cooked the turkey. You do it,' and you just left the room."

Vegeta just folded his arms and grumbled. Why did he have to help? It was Bulma who had the kid and cooked the food. According to him, it was her responsibility.

Goku snickered. "He has you there, Vegeta, at least I did change Gohan's diapers."

Gohan turned his attention to his father. "Don't even start laughing, Dad, after what YOU put Mom through."

Goku silenced his mouth and gulped.

"Your sheet of neglect and lack of acknowledgement to Mom can go around the planet twice."

"Well, hey, I was busy saving the world, and…uh, dying to protect the planet," Goku said trying to talk his way out of it or at least Gohan mentioning everything on his sheet.

Gohan folded his arms. "Hmp. Whatever, Dad. I know you're a hero and you saved the world and the lives of people ever since you were a little boy, but you still neglected Mom. If you heard the number of times Mom cried to sleep at night after you died, especially after she learned she was pregnant with Goten or even notice how sad she looked when you're off training and she wanted you to spend time with her…" Gohan stopped unable to continue. "Basically, what I'm saying is that your wives do a lot for you and you don't appreciate it." Gohan looked at his watch. "Aw, man. I'm gonna be late if I don't get out of here! Videl is gonna kill me! Bye!" Gohan said and flew out the door.

The room was silent for a few minutes. Only the sound of the television was heard before Vegeta sneered at Goku. "He's right, Kakarot. You DON'T appreciate your mate. You're worst than all of us."

Goku frowned. He didn't mean to put his wife through so much, but he had to do it. The weight of the world rested on his shoulders. He had to defend the Earth no matter what. Goku loved this planet and he wanted it to be peaceful for his wife, children and friends.

"Hey, don't be too rough on Goku. It's not like he had a choice in marrying her. She tricked him."

Vegeta laughed. "Sounds about right. I don't see how he can court a woman anyway."

Goku just ignored Vegeta. If he responded, then Vegeta would know he was getting to him. He kept his eyes on the movie, though not interested in it now. All he can think about was Chi-Chi and how it looked that he didn't appreciate her when he did. He appreciated her. He loved her. He was grateful for what she'd done for him and given him. His thoughts were cut off when a hand was waving in front of him.

"Hey, didn't you hear me, Goku? Yoo-hoo!"

Goku looked up and saw Krillin in front of him. "Huh, what?"

"I said are you in. Vegeta is."

"In what?" Goku asked confused.

"Wake up, clown! Are food and fighting all you think about?" Vegeta asked annoyed.

Goku ignored Vegeta and looked at Krillin. "What are you talking about, Krillin?"

"I say that we show Gohan that we can romance our wives. We each gonna take our wives to dinner and give her a gift—price is no limit, but it has to have meaning to it. So, you can't just buy your wife a ticket to the spa."

"Why not?" Vegeta growled. "The woman would like that."

"It's a nice item and it shows her that you can buy her expensive things. That's not showing you care, but if you buy a time capsule holding important memories for the two of you and open it on a special anniversary together then that shows meaning and THAT'S romance." Krillin explained.

Vegeta grumbled and crossed his arms again. "Fine, but I'll still win."

Krillin snickered. "You? You didn't understand buying love and showing love."

Vegeta growled. "Shut up!" 

Krillin cowered and shut up. He knew when to push Vegeta's button and be quiet when he goes too far.

"When you do want to do this?" Goku asked.

"How about next Friday?" Krillin suggested. "But we can't tell the wives about the gifts."

"Fine with me!" Goku said putting on his cheerful smile. 'Maybe I can prove to Chi-Chi how much she means to me.' He suddenly frowned. "But how will we know who won?"

"By our wives reactions. Whoever gets the biggest reaction is the winner," Krillin explained.

"Sounds simple enough," Vegeta said and looked at Goku. "Even for you, Kakarot."

Goku shrugged his shoulders and gave him his carefree grin. "I suppose. I guess I should get Goten and be going now. Chi-Chi's gonna have dinner on the table soon." He waved goodbye and left looking for Goten. Once he found his son, they were on their way home for dinner. Goten was chattering away at playing video games with Trunks.

Goku smiled, though not really paying attention. He was thinking about what to get his wife. He had a week to find a gift to make up for  years of neglect and lack of acknowledgement he didn't give his wife. How was he going to do it?

To Be Continued