OblongCreamPuff- He will be though I doubt I'll be able to pull off his character. He's one of the best characters in the book. Yeah I forgot about that. It was because Scarlett didn't want to have any more kids right? I can't remember. Let's just pretend for the sake of plot she sleeps with him whenever she's dreaming about those old days she used to be cold and hungry.

As for the basement and attic, I just assumed a house that big would have an attic that gets used and would have a basement to store furniture. I dunno. lol

Bonnie was still trying to pretend as if everything between her and her bother was alright when it wasn't. Her brother had said he didn't wasn't going to marry her. He couldn't have meant that! He just couldn't have. But she had heard him with her own ears. Then again they were too young to be thinking about getting married. Perhaps she had caught him at a bad moment. She did just drop on him out of nowhere and the only kind of love he knew had to be sisterly love. She just had to get him to see it her way. But how though? She couldn't ask mother. No, she'd probably talk about her and Beau. She crinkled her little nose at the thought.

While she did like Beau, she only liked him as a friend. However her mother and Wade's aunt, Melanie, would often talk nonsense about the two being together one day. She wasn't sure if they were joking or were being serious about it. She hoped it was just talk amongst mothers. Then again Scarlett was one to push unwanted child friends on her. Every time one of her mother's friends would come over with a child around her and her siblings' ages, they were all forced to play together. Sometimes the grown-ups would say that they were probably become good friends just because they liked some of the same things. Bonnie really didn't care for many of the children that came over and even hated it when one of them would pull Wade away from her. Imagine someone trying to permantly take her away from being around Wade all the time. That's what happens when you get married. Sure you see your folks, but majority of your life you spend it in a house with a man or woman you loved. She didn't want to get married to anybody but her brother. She didn't care who objected to it.

"I will not marry Beau," she muttered to herself as she started out of her window at the streets down below as it rained. "I'd rather die first."

In order not to be linked to Beau or some other boy for the rest of her life, she needed to come up with a plan to get Wade to fall for her. But how could she do this? She wasn't asking her mother. Mammy wasn't married or at least she wasn't to her knowledge. Even if she was, the little girl was sure the woman would tell her mother she was asking about such things. She couldn't ask Ella either. Ella was too much of a big mouth and she never came across as being interested in boys anyways.

She was just in it on her own. Maybe she just needed to observed Wade to see what he liked. Considering Beau and he got along because they liked doing most of the same things together, maybe being like Beau and Wade would aid her in winning Wade's heart. Yes that's what she would do. She just had to be stealthy with her observations.

Bonnie took carefully watch over her brother too see everything he liked and hated. She knew a few, but not as much as she'd like to know. By the end of the week, she learned had a complete list of things about her brother. Unlike Bonnie, he liked tomatoes and was the only one to properly eat his food while she had the tendency to be a lot more messy eating and her and Ella liked to play with their food or flick it at each other when their mother wasn't look. He also ate everything without complaint including spinach. He liked playing battling games with Beau like Cowboys and Indians and pirates. Wade appeared to prefer Aunt Melanie upon closer inspection as he was a lot more talktive around his aunt than his own mother. She found it strange how Wade would become a little chatterbox around his aunt, but as quiet as a mouse around mother. She and Ella had no problem talking their heads off to their mother. Maybe Wade was secretly Melanie's son. They looked enough alike to be so. She made a mental note to look more into it.

Anywho, there was also Wade's choice in toys and animals. He loved dogs and was often playing with his St. Benard dog their mother got him. He didn't ride Mr. Butler at all. He pretty much ignored the beautiful, black horse. As for toys, Wade liked trains, mini soldiers, wooden swords, and pretend guns. Bonnie knew her mother wouldn't want her with them, but she knew she had her father wrapped around her little finger. He'd get her the toys without question. Mayb not without question, but if Bonnie chose not to answer, it was likely he'd still show his little princess with whatever her heart's desire. If only he could give her Wade. Even if he could, she knew her brother would be unhappy with being forced on her. No, he had to really love her in the way she wanted. How she would do that, she would figure it out. Once she had a clear plan, hopefullys he'd be able to accomplish her mission.

I dunno why, but I've always figured Bonnie would be a smart, calculating girl like her mother. She's a lot like Scarlett in the book and a little here too.

Also yes I did just use the word princess for Bonnie. XD

She pretty much is one with Rhett. He gives her what she wants even when Scarlett says otherwise. I think (I'm not entirely sure so don't quote me on this!) I read somewhere that he does it to Bonnie since her mother's into someone else and he makes up by showering Bonnie with the love he wants from Scarlett. I'm probably wording it wrong, but it made sense at the time. :/