Many of you probably know what this is from the chapter title alone. For those of you not aware, Blizzard has joined Ubisoft in being sued for workplace harassment. Whatever scraps of goodwill I had towards Blizzard have disappeared along with their reputation. I would say I want old Blizzard back, but honestly I'm not sure it ever truly existed.
At least, not in the way we wished.

I don't know what state OW2 will come out in, and to be quite frank, I no longer give a damn. I might look into the story eventually, see where they go with it, but I will not buy or play it.

Thank you for following and reading, I enjoyed writing this while it lasted and really wished I could have returned to finish it off properly. With the developments mentioned above, however, I find myself with no desire to dig deeper into Overwatch.

This fic was an experiment, a test of writing in a free-form unplanned manner. It is messy at times, to be certain, but that is part of the fun. Creating a world where OW refused to do so was interesting, and a good experience for worldbuilding. I could have done better, but that's okay.

As for where this fic was going, it was basically going to be Chief, Arbiter, and various team members going to Omniums around the world and dealing with Forerunner nonsense. Very basic storyline, easy to bring in new characters with the dynamic locations however. Somewhat ironically, the ending line I was planning for was, "...the greatest prison is the one you build yourself."
Somewhat pompous as that may be, it did give a nice title for the story. It was going to be looking at Tracer's fear and mental state from her time in the slipstream, an inspiration from and for the first chapter of this fic. Obviously the story drifted a bit from that, but it still could have worked in.

At the very least, it is a fitting phrase to describe Blizzard. They dug their grave, now they get to lay in it.

For myself, all that is left is to say goodbye. May you all find another fic to enjoy.

Good luck and take care,