Harry was sweating. He was standing in a room of people looking to nowhere in particular and unaware of everyone's presence. His hand was tightening and loosening the grip around his broomstick unwittingly.

It was the day of the Quidditch game, Gryffindor against Slytherin game and although the Quidditch game against Salazar´s House was always nerve racking this time it was even worst, at least for Harry. He had to play against Draco to catch the snitch and win the game but… How could he? All the previous nights spent in the pitch with Malfoy, all the teasing, touching, kissing and snogs were constantly on his mind. Draco was always on his mind and the last thing he wanted was to play against him and see him as his rival again.

Harry ran his fingers through his hair that was starting to stick to his forehead due to the sweat.

"Bloody hell, the game hasn´t even started yet!"

Harry felt a finger poking his shoulder and turned around to see a beautifully braded ginger hair. Ginny.

"Harry, the game´s about to start…You´re the captain shouldn´t you say a few words to the team?"

Harry sighted.

"Sorry, Ginny. I´m just a little nervous I can´t really…so I really can´t make an encouraging speech right now….I… ahhhh… I can barely even speak but you are a great leader! Could you do it? Pleaseee. You take the team to the pitch I just…need a minute alone."

"Yes, sure. I can do it. I get it the first game with Slytherin is always a struggle."

Ginny gave him an understanding smile as she turned around.

"And you are even more nervous because of Malfoy."

Harry turned around so fast he almost lost balance.

"What do you mean?! What has Malfoy to do with this?!"

He had raised his voice without even realizing. He sounded defensive.

Ginny cocked a brow and looked Harry up and down like he was from another planet.

"Well he is the seeker and so are you. It´s one against another and you always were enemies so we can´t really say if he´s going to plain clean so…"

Harry breathed out empting the air he was forcefully holding in his lungs.

"Oh yeah… You´re right."

Ginny was still looking Harry weirdly but she turned around and went away.

Harry breathed in deeply and sharply. He took a few steps back a sat on a bench trying to calm himself down.

He was going to get out there and play like he always did. It was just a game for Merlin´s sake! It was not like it was the first time he was playing against Malfoy… But it was the first time he was going to be publicly close to Malfoy after knowing how soft his lips were, how tempting it was to run his fingers through that silky hair, to caress his perfect, pale skin….Oh, fuck! Why was he thinking about that that NOW?!

Harry got up and tightened the grip on his broomstick. He knew what he was going to do!

He got out to the Gryffindor changing rooms and into the pitch. The day was sunny and warm for October. Harry flinched at the sudden change in brightness.

Both teams were already in position to start the game, a school divided in two colors, a pitch separated in red and green.

Harry got himself in position, he was not letting that…beautiful prat get him distracted, he was just a git that thought Harry was slower than him and Harry most definitely was not! He was going to win this game, just because he was snogging Malfoy he wasn´t letting that… gorgeous snake catch the snitch.

Ginny looked at him, her face an interrogation. Harry nodded. He was ok, he was ready and he was going to win!

Looking right in front of him Harry saw a glimpse of platinum blond hair and striking blue eyes that, he could swear, winked at him but he wasn´t sure because the game started and everyone took flight as the balls were released.

In a usual game the teams wouldn´t give everything they had right in the beginning but a Gryffindor versus Slytherin game was not a regular one. They were quicker, played with determination and, most of the times, rage, neither parts were there to lose their time or points, they started with everything they had.

The game was ten minutes in and they were tied by two points. Harry was flying trying to see the snitch but the only thing he could see was Malfoy. Damn that bloke! When had he become so attractive? Since when did the Quidditch robes looked so good on him, tight in all the right places? And since when did he got such a fine arse?

Harry shook his head. Focus!

A red robe flied past him faster than light speed.

"For Godric´s sake, Harry! Catch that damn snitch?"

Harry started to look around again flying through the pitch trying to avoid the bludgers.

Harry stopped. Draco was right in front of him looking around and Harry couldn´t help himself…he was staring at him.

Draco locked eyes with Harry and smirked as he took off again looking for the flying golden ball.

Harry zoned out. He was in the pitch physically but his mind was wandering.

Suddenly he felt like he was being watched. He looked and saw Malfoy staring at the place he had been looking while his mind wandered.


Harry had been looking directly at the snitch! Draco passed through him and Harry knew that if he moved he was fast enough to catch it first but he was frozen and couldn't make himself move as Draco flew past him and caught the snitch.


They landed and all eyes were on Harry.

Harry looked…happy! Malfoy on the other hand looked angry!

Both of them started to walk in each other´s direction.

Harry was so happy. What happened had just been the proof that his feelings for Draco were true. He had just put Malfoy before Quidditch. He had just spent the entire game seeking for Draco instead of the snitch. They had talked about this, there was something happening between them. They were actually really good together. A fact they had discovered together in the nights they had been spending together in the pitch and that had surprised them both

They stopped in front of each other everyone around them ready to stop them from killing each other.

Harry looked up. Draco was about five centimeters taller than him, a fact he would never admit out loud despite their height difference being clear has water.

Draco was furious. His hands were tightly closed into fists, his right one still holding the snitch and his jaw strongly clenched.

"POTTER, what the hell do you think you´re doin-…"

Harry stepped forward, got in his tiptoes locking his arms around Draco´s and crashed their lips together.

The audience gasped.

Draco was paralyzed. His arms had stop midair, his eyes were opened in shock. Was Harry really kissing him in front of the whole school?!

Draco closed his eyes, grabbing Harry´s waist and pulling him closer. No. No. What was he doing? He was angry!

Draco pulled Harry back violently and punched him right in the face. Harry backed off immediately but he didn´t looked angry, he looked hurt.

"I don´t need your pity, Potter! Do you think I need you to let me catch the snitch and win?!"

Harry looked astonished.

"Let you catch the snitch?! Are you mad? I would never let you do that! Do you think just because you´re fucking gorgeous I would let you catch the snitch if I saw it first?!"

Draco´s face was flushed completely red.

"Wasn´t that what you just did?! You were looking at the bloody snitch I flew past you and you didn´t even move!"

Now Harry was angry.

"Since you´re so bright didn´t it crossed your mind that I was looking at you not the snitch? Didn´t you realized I couldn´t take my eyes out of you, I couldn´t stop thinking about kissing you, and about when you became this bloody beautiful and when your arse had become this good?! Bloody hell, the snitch was right in front of me and I didn´t even saw it because I was looking at YOU!"

Draco´s jaw dropped as well as everyone´s in the school.

Draco stepped further again.

"So…I won? You didn´t let me catch it just because you pitied me?"

"You bloody prat I would never do that!"

Draco grabbed the front of Harry´s robes with his left hand pulling him closer and kissing him fiercely. Harry locked his arms around Draco´s neck as Draco moved his arms to Harry waist pulling him up.

All students couldn´t believe what they were seeing.

Draco pulled back reluctantly and smirked.

"So…you were thinking about my arse, uh?"

Harry giggled.

"Those pants make wonders to it."

Draco smiled.

"I´m sorry I punched you in the face."

"You´re a prat, you know that?"

Draco shrugged his shoulders and kissed Harry´s lips softly.

"Malfoy, do you still have the snitch in your hand?"

Draco´s arms around Harry´s waist pulled Harry a bit closer.

"Oh, yes…I´m not letting it go for a long time."

Harry pushed Draco´s face down and whispered in his ear.