Part 1

-Come on, come on, hurry up, Todd.

-Wait. -Todd stopped upon hearing the cat speak, as he stood on the ladder.-Where are you going?

-Sorry, improv is fun and great and everything, but you guys are really into improv.I'm gonna go with my friend,- Todd said nervously as he glanced at Bojack who was urging him to go.

-Your friend?- the cat was obviously mocking him.- I didn't realize this man was your friend , then, by all means, go with him, , see, I thought this was the man who sabotaged your rock opera, who constantly abuses you and makes you shower with a hose in the yard.

-I invited him to.- Bojack cut him off.

-The one who's never said a kind word to you the entire time you've known this your friend, Todd?- the sound of his voice was almost hypnotizing and was mixing with the sounds of the ocean.

- It's more complicated than that.- Todd averted his gaze.

- Is it? We're your friends, Todd.- said the improv lady as she gestured around them.

- More than that, we're a family.-added the improv guy.

- I, uh,- he mustered nervously. It felt as if they were pushing him. He felt his mind overflow with all kinds of thoughts. Of his life, his friends, Bojack... Was he even his friend to begin with? What exactly was he to Todd?

- Hash browns!- Suddenly Bojack shouted out while pointing up.

- What? I heard hash browns.- the improv guy claimed in a fancy manner. - Martha, did you see my hash browns?

- Oh, my God, do you ever turn it off?- Bojack groaned as he held his now aching head.-It was hash browns, not first morning you stayed with me.- he looked straight at Todd.- You kept making them and I kept eating them and then I threw up in the pool and that made you throw up in the pool. I got mad at you for throwing up in my pool , you said, "I'll clean it up."

- And did I clean it up?- Todd hesitated a bit before asking.

- No you didn't.I had to call the pool cleaner.- Bojack said half laughing, while Todd laughed out and smiled slightly as he continued.

- And you said, "Thank you for letting me stay here.I don't have anywhere else to go." And I remember when you said that, "I don't have anywhere else to go," because I felt good about myself...And I don't feel that way a lot...- he hesitated as he hugged himself as if he was cold.- Letting you stay with me was the best thing I ever did on purpose.I don't think I ever told you I should have.

Because you're my best friend, Todd.

The cat just stared in disbelief as Todd smiled as he climbed down the ladder.

-Let's get out of here.


-I'm not gonna lie, if you just made all that up, that was some really good improv. Game recognize game.- the cat finally spoke as the improvs just nodded in agreement. But Bojack and Todd didn't hear him. Well, at least they didn't want to hear him.

-Am I really your best friend?- Todd asked while Bojack continued to stare off to the sea, while occasionally checking out for other boats.

-Yeah. I mean... Shit, I don't know what to say,- he scratched his head awkwardly.

-This whole thing between us really is complicated.- Todd noted as he crossed his arms.

-I'm not the guy to say this kind of thing, but, um.. I think we're something different. Something...- he paused to search for the appropriate word.

-Something more? - Todd added while taking his hand.

-Yeah... Something more.- Bojack said as if confirming