Another Zootopia fanfic? I really love Zootopia too much. So recently, I did an AU story on what would happen if Nick and Judy met as kids. But I liked the idea so much that I say "What the heck? Let's just make it a whole thing." Let's face it, both Nick and Judy were adorable when they were kids. So a few things before we start the story. Nick will still be living in Zootopia, while Judy will still be living in Bunnyburrow. Nick will have both his mom and dad. If anyone has ever checked out some of the original concepts for Zootopia and things with Nick and his dad, they know what I'm talking about. I actually liked that and the Zistopia AU enough to use bits from it. For Judy, she will still start with being on the farm with her mom, dad, and 275 siblings. For this chapter, the story will start a day before the talent show. Judy is handling her final preparations for little play, while Nick and his parents are planning to have their first trip outside of the city. I'm really excited to start this story. I don't know how long this is gonna be, but I know it's gonna be longer than 7 chapters. So, let's get things started.

Zootopia is owned by Disney.

When someone meets another person that is important to them, is it a random meeting or is it fate? This could be said about the relationship of a rabbit named Judy Hopps and a cunning fox named Nick Wilde. Working together, the two were able to save the city of Zootopia. But... what if the meeting of Nick and Judy took places at a different time and a different place? What if... Nick and Judy met each other when they were young little kids? How would the two affect each other's lives? Let's change things a bit and find out, shall we?

Inside a nice big house in Bunnyburrow lived a huge family of bunnies. In one of the rooms in the house, slept a little grey girl bunny along with 30 or so of her siblings sleeping in the same room with her. The little bunny woke up from her bed and stretched a bit. She looked up at the window and saw the sun shining. Meaning that it was morning. This little bunny was around the age of 9 and was currently wearing light blue-colored pajamas with little carrots. This little bunny went by the name Judy Hopps and was ready to take on the day.

Judy looked around the room and notice that all of the siblings were still asleep. Now normally, a good sister would wake them up and say "Come on, everyone. It's morning. Time to rise and shine." But when you have as many siblings as Judy has, you learn that it's every bunny for themselves. With that thought in mind, Judy quietly got out of her bed and slowly walked outside of the room. She quietly walked down the hallway, hoping none of her other brothers and sisters woke up yet.

"Okay. Looks like the coast is clear." Judy thought. At least that's what she thought until she heard the voice of her mother calling all of her children.

"KIDS! TIME FOR BREAKFAST!" Judy's mom shouted out.

"Uh oh!" Judy said looking worried.

At that moment, all the doors from the hallway started to open and her brothers and sisters came out the doors. Seeing this, Judy immediately started running. She knew if she didn't run, she would end up being the last person to get breakfast (if she actually gets anything). A few of her brothers and sisters got in front of her. Judy ran a little bit faster and then hopped off the walls to get ahead of her siblings. She then made her way down the stairs and slid on the railing. She then did one more dash to the dining hall and was able to be the first person sitting at the long table with hundreds of chairs. Many of Judy's other siblings sat down on some of the other chairs. Judy's mom, Bonnie, came over with a plate of blueberry pancakes and placed the plate in front of Judy.

"Good morning, children." Bonnie said. "You all know the rules. First come, first serve. Since Judy was the first here, she gets the first batch."

"Alright!" Judy shouted out happily.

The rest of Judy's siblings groaned in disappointment.

"Sorry, everyone. You snooze, you lose." Judy said smirking. She then cut a few of her pancakes and took a bite. She chews her pancakes with a look of joy on her face.

This was Judy's life every day. Living with her big family on the farm. Having to rush down the halls for every meal so she wouldn't be the last one fed. So you can say that living with so many other people can be a bit difficult. But what is it like for a person who doesn't have this problem?

From over 200 miles away was the city of Zootopia. A city where millions and millions of different mammals live together. In a nice little apartment house with a shop upfront lived a young little fox with his two parents. In a little bedroom, slept the little boy fox under the covers of his bed. The light from his windows hit near his eyes, making him begin to wake up. The young fox, around 9 years old, was wearing a white shirt with blue pajama bottoms. This young fox went by the name of Nick Wilde. Nick got out of his bed and went into the bathroom to start his morning routine. You know, brushing his teeth and his fur a bit. After that, he changed into a white baseball t-shirt with red sleeves and blue jeans. Nick was now ready for the day. He went downstairs to the dining table where three plates were set. Fixing breakfast in the kitchen was a vixen wearing purple dress jacket, red skirt, and a white beaded necklace. This was Nick's mom, Francine Wilde. Nick sat on one of the chairs near the table.

"Morning, mom." Nick said greeting his mother.

"Good morning, my sweet little boy." Francine said happily.

Nick looked around the kitchen and notice that someone was still missing at the table.

"Where's pop?" Nick asked.

"You know your father. He's always busy tailoring his suits." Francine said. "Go down to his 'workshop' and get him before his breakfast gets cold."

"Okay." Nick said.

Nick got out of his chair and walked down to the basement, AKA his father's workshop. The basement was filled with tons of suits and fabrics in all different kinds of sizes. Doing some stitching on the table was Nick's dad, John Wilde. A tall and suave looking fox wearing a green sweater vest with a red tie under it and white pants.

"Okay. Just a bit more here and there... and this so will be perfect." John said as he was stitching up a suit jacket.

"Hey, pop." Nick said greeting his father from behind.

"Oh. Well if it isn't Slick Nick." John said to his son. "What brings you here, son?"

"Mom says it's time for breakfast." Nick told him.

"Oh right. Guess my mind has been on my suits... again." John said while scratching the back of his head.

John Wilde is a tailor and owner of Wilde and Son, a small suit and tailoring shop. John wanted to make suits for all the mammals in Zootopia. Predator or prey, he wanted all mammals to dress in style. John was also quite an honest man. But being a fox, people who didn't know him didn't think he was trustworthy. But he didn't really pay any mind to that. He always kept his honest nature and had a wide smile. Nick loved his dad and was always curious about why he always made suits.

"Hey pop, why are you always making suits?" Nick asked.

"Simply put, it's because I want everyone to love them and look good in them." John said. "See, I always thought that even the scariest of predators can look nice in the right suit. Someday soon, I hope everyone in Zootopia knows about my suits."

"But... isn't it hard because we're foxes?" Nick asked.

"Naw. It just means that we need to work harder so others see us more than just foxes." John said patting his son's head. "Yet, some mammals don't see past our red fur and pair of chompers." John then picked up his son and made him sit on his lap. "So remember, always makes sure that others see you as more than just a fox."

"I will, pop." Nick said nodded.

"Good boy." John said patting Nick's head again.

The two then happen to hear a loud shout from Francine, who didn't sound too happy.


"Ahh! Mom!" Nick said worriedly.

"Ah geez! When she uses full first AND last names, we're in trouble." John said a little scared. "Guess we better get up there for breakfast."

"Yes, sir." Nick said saluting.

John picked up his son and they went upstairs to get breakfast before Francine scorned them even more. At the table sat the Wilde family, each with a plate of blueberry pancakes and an assortment of fruits. Nick rapidly scarfed down his pancakes. This made Francine a little concerned.

"Nick, slow down." Francine said to Nick. "You don't have to eat so fast."

"Now now, dear. He's a growing boy." John said while sipping his coffee.

"I have to hurry." Nick said eating more of his pancakes.

"Hurry for what?" Francine said.

"It's a secret." Nick said.

"A secret, ay?" John said looking curious.

"Don't you think you should tell your parents?" Francine asked with a sly smile.

"Nope. Not saying a thing." Nick said firmly. Nick then finished his breakfast and got out of his chair getting ready to go in a hurry. "Okay, I'm heading out. See ya!"

"Be careful out there. Don't go out too long." Francine shouted out to Nick.

"Yeah. Yeah. I know. I'll be fine. Love you both. Bye!" Nick said putting on a red cap and walking out the door.

Nick walked outside of his house and was now on the streets of Zootopia. The city was always busy and many species walked the streets. Nick is always a friendly kid who would often greet everyone he passed with a quick "Hello!" or "How are you today?". Simply said, Nick loved living in the city. But one thing that Nick really loved was stopping by Junior Ranger Scouts Headquarters. Nick wanted nothing more than to be a part of the Ranger Scouts and join their pack. He always had the image of him wearing the uniform and standing all tall and proud in his head. But for now, that was just a dream.

"Someday soon, I'll join them." Nick said to himself as he walked away.

See, Nick doesn't really have many friends. It's not because he isn't good. It's just that being a fox makes it a bit difficult. Nick believes if he joins the Junior Ranger Scouts, he could finally have some friends and be a part of a group. Even if the Ranger Scouts had no predators, that didn't discourage Nick. Nick then continues to venture around the city.

Now, let's get back to Judy. After breakfast, Judy left her house holding a lot of supplies for something. She brought all she could to a big red barn in town. There were three other animals with her. A boy jaguar cub, a boy black cougar, and a little black sheep girl. There was a lot of stuff, included musical instruments, cardboard boxes, costumes, and some backgrounds on the stage. Judy seems to be the one directing everything.

"Okay, guys! The talent show is tomorrow. We have to get everything ready." Judy said to them.

"Don't worry, Judy. We'll get everything finished before then." The sheep said sounding hopeful.

"Umm... Judy? My costume is a tiger. I'm a jaguar." The jaguar said holding his costume.

"A tiger costume was all they had. You'll have to deal with it." Judy told him.

"You do know the difference between a tiger and a jaguar, right?" The jaguar asked.

"One has spots and the other has stripes?" Judy asked.

"It's more than that." The jaguar stated firmly.

"Yeah... well now's not the time to discuss that." Judy said. "Just deal with the costume."

"Fine..." The jaguar said looking a bit disappointed.

"I'm okay with whatever." The cougar said. "Just as long as I get to show off my music skills." The cougar then grabbed some drumsticks and started to beat on his drum a few times.

"Now... let's review what we are gonna do for our play again." Judy said. "I tell the story about how mammals were savage centuries ago. Then Kyle, you pounce and attack me. Then I scream and shout out 'BLOOD! BLOOOOD! BLOOOODDDD!' and throw these ribbons up." Judy then threw some red ribbons in the air. "Then I fall down to the ground and squirt out this ketchup and... DEATH." Judy then pretending to be dead. "Bobby, that's your cue to play the drum."

"Right." Bobby said before playing the drum a bit.

"Next, I'll explain how back in then mammals were divided into two groups. Prey and Predators. Then the boxes come down and we change into these robes." Judy said getting back up. "Then Sharla, you do some of your dancing as I explain over time we evolved."

"It was the thing I was born to do." Sharla said happily as she twirls around.

"Then after that, we all switch to the costumes of the things we want to be when we grow up." Judy said. "Sharla as an Astronaut, Kyle as an Actuary, and me as a Police Officer."

"You SURE you want to be a Police Officer when you grow up?" Kyle asked. "I mean… you're a bunny and being a cop isn't…" Before he could finish what he was about to say, Judy gave him an angry glare. He admittedly stopped talking after that. "Uhhh... nevermind."

"Being a police officer may be a hard line of work, but it's not impossible." Judy said. "That and I want to be a cop to help make the world a better place."

"If that's what you really want..." Kyle said shrugging.

"You go for it, Judy." Sharla said being supportive.

"Oh, I almost forgot. Just one more thing." Judy said.

Judy then happily skipped to a large cardboard drawing and used a crayon to add some finishing touches to it. The drawing was the huge city, Zootopia.

"Done!" Judy shouted out happily and putting down the crayon. Her friends all looked at the drawing as well. "Check it out, everyone. Zootopia. The city where anyone can be anything."

Judy always hoped that one day she would go to Zootopia. She wanted nothing more than to grow up and be a cop and keep the streets of Zootopia safe. Even if others didn't support her, she was willing to go as far as her dream could take her.

Now, let's get back to Zootopia. Nick has just finished walking around Downtown Zootopia and went back home. He went into the living room, where his mom was watching tv and his dad was just reading the newspaper on his chair.

"Hey, mom! Hey, pop! I'm back." Nick said greeting his parents.

"Nick! Did you enjoy your walk around the city?" John asked.

"Don't I always?" Nick said as he walks to the couch and sits on it. "Everyone here in the city is always so lively."

"Well, I hope you've been a good boy." Francine said.

"Of course. Can't be bad, right?" Nick said with a smile.

"So son... there's actually something that we wanted to tell you." Francine said to Nick.

"What is it?" Nick asked.

"Well... the three of us haven't really gone out in a while, so your mother and I decided that we should have a little trip tomorrow." John said.

"A trip? Awesome!" Nick said sounding excited. "Where to? Tundratown? The Meadowlands? Sahara Square?"

"Actually... the place we had in mine is a bit different." Francine said. "The place we plan to go to is actually outside of the city."

"Outside of the city?" Nick said tilting his head. Nick has lived in Zootopia all his life. There are still parts of the city he hasn't gone to yet. But going somewhere OUTSIDE of the city was something very new to him.

"Just a small town about 200 miles from here called Bunnyburrow." John said.

"Bunnyburrow?" Nick said with a look of curiosity.

And so... the Wilde Family are planning to go to Bunnyburrow. A family of foxes going to visit a town filled with mostly bunnies? How is that gonna work out? You'll have to find out in the next chapter.