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Oh puddin'!

The morning sun was just barely peaking over the tops of the Gotham city buildings filling rooms with pearlescent rays, all but one a penthouse with its bedroom windows covered by thick blackout curtains. Harley rolled over under the black silk sheets sighing lightly in her sleep before groaning as her body decided it was time to wake up. She opened her eyes slowly blinking a couple times to look at the digital clock on her night stand then mentally cursed seeing it was 6:30. Looking beside her she smiled seeing Joker still sleeping on his back the arm she'd been curled up in against his chest, slipping out of bed she silently padded to the closet and took out one of Joker's favorite outfits of her's, a pair of blue jean shorts and a flannel button down that clung to her figure, then slipped into the bathroom.

Once in the bathroom she took a quick shower before drying herself off, getting dressed, plugging in her curling iron, and doing her makeup perfectly. Once her makeup was done she began curling her hair humming to a tune in her head while looking over a little list set on the counter.

"Wake up early, check uhh sorta. Shower and look perfect,"

She stood turning off the iron and fluffed her curls in the mirror.

"Check! What's next?"

She picked up the list looking it over.

"Special breakfast in bed."

She smiled and quietly left the bathroom looking back at the bed giggling seeing Joker still asleep but now on his stomach holding her pillow. She left the room humming once again as she skipped into the kitchen and began making Joker's favorite breakfast, crispy bacon, lightly salted sunny side up eggs and her famous pancakes. Organizing the filled plate on a tray with a glass of orange juice and a small vase with a single red rose in it she smiled nodding proudly at her work grabbing the list.

"Special breakfast made now just to take it upstairs."

Picking up the tray she made her way back to the master bedroom and pushed open the door watching the tray so she didn't spill.

"Puddin' wakey wakey, I made breakfast!"

She looked up hearing him groan and had to set the tray down so she didn't drop it upon finding his pale cheeks flushed, sweat clinging to his forehead, he was shivering and seemed to be having trouble getting a proper breath. Moving to sit on the edge of the bed she pressed the back of her hand to his forehead and nearly yanked it back feeling the high fever but the coolness of her skin compared to his heated skin seemed to ease his behavior as his eyes opened.

"Harley why are you lookin' at me like that?"

Harley gave a small smile moving her hand to his cheek.

"You're burnin' up puddin', I think ya might be sick."

Joker gave a weak growl pushing her hand away.

"I'm not sick, I don't get sick."

Harley opened her mouth to argue but closed it as he tried to sit up only managing to prop himself against the pillows before grimacing in pain squeezing his eyes shut. Biting her lip she got to her feet and went to the bathroom taking out a small makeup bag opening it revealing various medicines and other illness objects, digging a little she found the thermometer and smiled to herself going back to the bedroom but froze in her tracks seeing Joker no longer in bed but rather leaning on the wall beside the closet his cheeks more flushed, his skin paler than normal, and sweat matting his green hair.

"Puddin' no! Come on back to bed ya get!"

Reluctantly he let her drag him back to bed and laid down closing his eyes.

"Open up."

He opened his eyes leering at her but only got a stern look in return making him growl but opened his mouth letting her put the thermometer under his tongue before closing it again as she went back to the bathroom and came back seconds later with a damp cloth dabbing his forehead, he wouldn't admit it nor could he with the thermometer in his mouth that the wet cloth felt good against his skin taking away the heat a little. Finally the thermometer beeped and Harley took it back reading it biting her lip.

"102.3, I'm sorry ta say it but you're sick Mr. J. Probably from bein' out in the rain the other day."

Joker growled at her trying to get up again only to be stopped by her hands on his shoulders.

"Nope you're stayin' in bed till that fever comes down."

He leered at her.

"You can't tell me what to do Harley, I ain't stayin' in bed just because of a damned fever!"

With that he shoved her arms away and forced himself up causing Harley to throw her hands up but follow him crossing her arms and smirking when he leaned on the wall closing his eyes holding his head.

"Come on Mr. J, just lay down and the room will Aro spinnin' I promise."

Her only response was him reaching out and putting a hand on her shoulder letting her take him back to the bed where he lid down holding his head.

"You stay put and I'll go get ya some medicine and maybe a little soup."

Her only response that time was a light snore making her smile and see he'd fallen asleep finally. Laying the cool cloth over his forehead she carefully stood from the bed and grabbed the breakfast tray carrying it back down to the kitchen setting it on the counter before searching around for the cold medicine she kept around just in case she got sick but growled not finding it.

"Something wrong miss Harley?"

Harley looked over her shoulder then turned around to face Frost who was dressed for business holding a few papers looking over the arranged food making her sigh and push it to him deciding it was better than letting it go to waste. A little confused, and apprehensive though not without reason, he sat on the stool and started to eat while Harley searched the back of the fridge grumbling as all she found was some waaaay out of date strep throat medicine. Tossing the bottle in the trash she leaned on the counter crossing her arms knowing she didn't have any cold medicine in her bag upstairs but she wasn't about to leave the house with Joker sick. She drummed her fingers on the counter before she smiled turning to Frost making him flinch but hold her gaze.

"I need ya to do somethin' for me Frost."

Frost nodded.

"Anything ya say miss Harley."

Harley smiled, Frost was really the only one she let call her that friendly formal name to everyone else she was just miss or highness.

"Could ya go to the drug store and get some cold medicine, fever reducer and a cold compress or two?"

Frost blinked surprised by the odd list but nodded getting to his feet.

"Right away miss Harley. Is it out of line to ask why?"

Harley's smile turned a little dark.

"Oh not at all Frosty boy! It's for Mr. J, he ain't feelin' so hot so if ya don't get them quick it's bye -bye birdie."

She snickered a laugh as he swallowed thickly then left the apartment. Harley nodded once before pouring a glass of ice water and grabbing a couple saltine crackers and taking them back up to the bedroom. She perched herself on the edge of the bed carefully placing one hand on the back of Joker's neck knowing he was awake gently placing the glass to his lips.

"Here this should help a little until Johnny gets back with medicine."

Joker opened his eyes to see what she was trying to make him drink but relaxed sipping at the water until he's had enough. Harley smiled setting the glass aside lightly stroking his hair.

"Glad to see my misfortune is giving you joy Harls."

His tone was sarcastic making her roll her eyes but continue her actions.

"That ain't it Mr. J, it's just that you're normally takin' care of me so this makes me happy that I get to return the favor."

Joker closed his eyes choosing not to answer her but try and rest a little more. Harley sighs with a smile and moves so she is curled up in the margin between Joker and the edge of the bed with her head resting on her palm while the other still runs through his hair. Before long her eyes start getting heavy and she yawns letting her head rest on the pillow and her eyes slip shut falling asleep her hand now resting on Joker's chest. After about an hour she's woken by Joker rolling to his side facing away from her coughing harshly a few times making her sit up rubbing his back.

"Easy does it puddin', don't hack up a lung on me."

Her response was a weak growl before he coughed a few more times until the spell passed leaving him winded against the pillows. She got to her feet and quickly headed down to the kitchen to see if Frost had come back. When she reached the kitchen she smiled seeing the bag on the counter quickly grabbing the cold and cough medicine bottle and a spoon she went back to the master bedroom finding Joker sitting up against the pillows so his head was resting against the headboard his eyes closed.

Reading the dosage chart Harley shook and opened the bottle pouring enough into the spoon before sitting on the bed holding it out to him.

"Here puddin' take this, it'll help."

Joker opened his eyes looking at the red liquid in the spoon then her before turning away. Harley blinked, this was new sure he'd turned stuff away but this was childish refusal as he kept turning his head away from the spoon.

"Oh for the love of Batman, come on Mr. J ya gotta take it! Don't force me to make ya!"

He looked at her with a raised brow and a challenging look in his eyes causing her to huff.

"Fine then but remember you made me do this."

Before he could act she put the spoonful of liquid into her own mouth and kissed him forcing the medicine into his mouth and not moving until he swallowed, once he did she pulled away wiping her mouth and shuddering at the taste in her mouth.

"Urg ew, that tasted like crap, but at least ya took it."

Joker narrowed his eyes at her.

"Don't ever do that again or else."

Harley looked at him and couldn't help but laugh at how he looked, his cheeks still flushed but more from embarrassment than fever, her lipstick smudged over his mouth, his arms crossed over his chest and as close to a pout as he'd dare show. Hearing her laugh he growled looking at her.

"What are you laughing at?!"

Harley managed to stop laughing holding her sides.

"I'm sorry puddin'."

Her smile turned to a smirk as she moved closer to him.

"And what exactly is it you'd do ta me if I make you take the medicine again?"

Joker met her eyes and pulled her into his lap roughly but not enough to hurt her just make her gasp as she found herself straddling him.

"Don't get cocky with me kitten, just cause I'm sick doesn't mean you won't be punished."

Harley raised an eyebrow still smiling at him.

"And how are ya gonna punish me when you don't even have the energy to stand up?"

Joker's face lost all traces of playing making her flinch and swallow thickly before cringing as he raised his hand then laughing trying to squirm away as he tickled her side.

"Ahhh! No stop! Please!"

Joker smirked continuing his assault one arm holding her waist in an iron grip while the other tickled her till tears rolled down her cheeks.

"Are you goin' to be a good girl and not force daddy to take the medicine again?"

Harley nodded trying to grab his hand.


Joker smiled victoriously stopping his assault and holding her as she slumped against him her laughs turning into slow breathy giggles before they stopped as she nuzzled his chest closing her eyes. He traced small circles on her back before looking down at her as she lifted her eyes to his.

"Some anniversary huh?"

Joker looked at her confused before it struck him it was the anniversary of the day he'd created Harley Quinn and they'd rose to rule over Gotham's underground, he'd had a surprise planned for her involving causing chaos all over the city then coming home to the surprise. Tearing his eyes away he looked at the drawer of his night stand before kissing her cheek.

"Get in the drawer and take out the box in there."

Harley extracted herself from him enough to open the drawer and grab the little red velvet box then sit in his lap with her back to his chest examining the object in her hands.

"It's not how this was going to go, I was going to take you to cause all kinds of trouble the come back and…"

His words trailed off and as she looked at him over her shoulder finding him flushing again she grabbed the cold cloth and began dabbing at his forehead until he grabbed her wrist.

"Just open it."

Harley looked at him confused before turning back around and opening the box. She nearly dropped it as her hands started shaking looking at the object nestled into the soft red velvet, a ring with a slim silver band, three rubies shaped like diamonds and smaller rubies alternating with black onyx stones halfway down both sides of the band. Tears filled her eyes as she liked at the ring.

"Oh puddin'!"

Joker looked at her.

"You better like it, it was a pain to get ahold of."

Deciding to play his own trick on him she forced her smile away as she took the ring out and slipped it on examining how it sat perfectly on her finger.

"I don't like it,"

She paused smirking hearing him growl and his hands clench into fists before she giggled turning around placing her hands on his shoulders pressing her forehead to his.

"I love it puddin'!"

Slowly his anger receded and his hands held her hip as he closed his eyes.

"Silly woman, why do I...why do I…"

His words trailed off making her brows knit together as he looked like he was trying to force his words out. She gently cupped his face.

"It's okay Mr. J, I get the message, 'stupid woman why do I put up with you?' right?"

Joker opened his eyes before shaking his head taking her face into his hands taking a deep breath.

"No, shut up for a second so I can tell you that I...that I love you!"

Harley looked at him wide eyed tears falling down her cheeks as she looked at him baffled.

"Y-you what?"

Joker screwed his eyes shut growling.

"I love you, you stupid, insufferable, annoying, insane, amazing woman!"

Harley's face broke into a smile as she threw her arms around his neck kissing him not caring about getting sick.

"I love you too Mr. J."

He rolled his eyes but kissed her back holding her close to him.