Eight years. Four deaths. One child all alone.

Teary doe brown eyes were guided to loving arms of a mom and dad that weren't his own. Two other eight year olds stared in confusion and awe, bark, doe and hazel all met, unaware of the world ahead of them. Two walked forward, away from the mom and dad. A boy and a girl. The girl smiled and wrapped her arms quickly around the teary eyed boy. The other walked over more cautiously, only to be dragged into the hug as well.

Life as they all knew it, had changed.

Seven years later.

"New York?"

"I can't believe it."

"It might not be so bad. Besides, we'll still go to Grunkle Stan and Ford during the summer."

"It's not quite like California guys. New York is a whole other animal."

"We fought a one-eyed flying dapper dressed demonic Dorito when we were twelve," one dead panned.

"Without government assistance and chaos everywhere. We think we can handle your hometown."

"Even with the supervillains?"

"Especially with the Supervillians! We are epic!"

"We can handle ourselves. And even if we couldn't-"

"-We still got you!"

"Gee thanks."

"Dipper, Mabel, Peter. It's time to go!"

The three brunettes smiled to one another as they left there house for the last time, and began the long trip to their new home across the country.

Sitting in the back of a van, they drove across the country just mere days before the school started, just a week after the twins' fifteenth birthdays. Who knew that they would be thankful for a water main breaking in New York, delaying the start in school?

Dipper and Mabel sat by the windows, sandwiching their live in cousin between them. Peter listened to Mabel gushing about all the inspiration for her sweaters and all the friends she was going to make and even about how happy she was her braces were off. Dipper was reading his book, a journal form their Grunkle Ford with some of Grunkle Stan's graffiti.

The year of their thirteenth birthday made them all closer.

Living with the man they called Grunkle Stan, discovering he had a twin brother, one who had traveled across dimensions, meeting and discovering so many creatures, and living through Wierdmageddon, as they had called it. He had been following the twins, quiet, but still there. Mabel had a habit of dragging the two boys around anyway.

And they were there when he had nearly been eaten by that Spider creature with Grunkle Stan. He still had a scar from the bite she inflicted on his left hip. According to Ford, he was lucky to be alive. According to Stan, he was very lucky to be alive.

Perspective, Peter guessed.

Though, not without its' faults.

"So I was thinking, we should all wear matching sweaters-!"

"Whoa Mabel. No way-"

"C'mon Dipper... Oh I could make sweater vests! Blue for Dipper, pink for me, and oh maybe red for Peter!"


"You will not deny me this Dip-dot!"

"Not the vests," Dipper groaned "Anything but the vests."

"So sweaters?"

"You're not going to drop this are you?" Peter asked.

"Nope!" Mabel grinned. Dipper sighed.

"Fine. We'll wear the vests."

"Yes! Oh this is going to be great! A little pine tree on Dipper's... A shooting star on mine... And we could put a little spider on yours Peter."

"Not cool Mabel," Peter grumbled crossing his arms.

She snickered as she went back to planning their first day in their new school in New York.

With all the glamorous ideas and new city ahead, the three teens let their minds wander into what was to come.

"So this is Midtown high," Dipper commented looking at the brick building. His hair neatly brushed and White and blue pine tree trucker hat sat innocently on his head. He pulled on his white sleeves that Mabel picked out to go over her hand made sweater vest, a light blue color matching his favored hat, with the same pine tree over his left breast. He felt his sister's arm wrap around him, with the same type of white shirt and a similarly made vest. Her's though, had a shooting star, identical to the one on her sweater back in their new house. Mabel gestured with her other arm, reaching back behind her. She grinned when she heard footsteps.

A body walked up next to her and she threw her other arm around the approacher.

It was Peter, dressed in yet another white shirt with a red sweater vest. On his left breast was a small stitched spider. Like the twins, it was hand stitched with love from Mabel.

"That's where mom said we were being dropped off. Kind of reminds me of our old school," Dipper commented.

"Yeah, but the patches of new brick mixed with old, I'm guessing from the cleaner cement, there have been some supervillains crashing in," Peter commented, "Wonder how fast the construction guys really are here..."

"Villains? Here? Well, it's a good thing I brought my," Mabel paused for dramatic effect, removing her arms from Dipper and Peter, reaching into her bag, and pulling out something as she screamed, "Grappeling hook!"

Both Dipper and Peter groaned with identical face palms.

"I thought you left that thing at home," Dipper commented. Mabel twirled the hook in her hand with a cheeky grin, "One can never be too prepared in a new city bro-bro."

"We are so going to get detention for this."

"Psh, like anyone is going to find it," she said stuffing it back into her bag.

"C'mon guys. We need to get our schedule," Peter commented.

The three walked into the school slightly curious, glancing at lockers, classrooms, and early bird students who had gathered. Basically, like every other high school they had ever seen.

Dull, boring, and a certain air of attempting to be perfectly spic and span while gum was surely hiding in the underside of certain fixtures.

With Mabel's giggling, and Dipper's judging, Peter searched for the principal's office to get their schedule.

All the fun and less than half the California girl vibe.

More newness. So, what do you think?