Please do note flame at me for changing Hermione's Patronus. I did my reading on it and I consider what I have put her through in this story to be an emotional upheaval, which can cause a Patronus to change form. (Like when Tonks fell in love with Lupin and her Patronus changed into that of a wolf). I put a lot of thought into what form I wanted Hermione's Patronus to change in to and I'm going to explain why I chose a fawn.

First, because it is a juvenile animal, and Hermione's Patronus initially changed after her miscarriage when she was grieving the loss of her and Severus's child. And that is how she explained it to herself, without realizing at the time that the form was complimentary to Severus's Patronus.

Which brings me to reason two. A doe is the mother of fawn, and as such provides protection, safety, and a sense of security for its offspring. Hermione already feels all of these things with Snape when she suffers the miscarriage, but they are increased ten-fold in the intervening years between then and when she gives birth to their son Julian 5 years later.

I'm not trying to say that Hermione needs Snape to be her white knight. We all know that she is more than capable of looking after herself. But as the years go by she realizes that she is truly protected by him. Physically, emotionally, and mentally. He will do everything in his power to keep her safe and whole.

I'll admit I did play around with the idea of changing Snape's Patronus, but I just can't, and I think it makes more sense for Hermione's to change after everything that she's been through. Which is why her Patronus does not change back to an otter, especially after Julian is born. It remains as a fawn, because she is now the mother of Severus's son, his guardian, and Snape is her guardian. So his Patronus remains a doe.

A mother will do anything to protect her child, even give her own life. And yes, this is a reference to Lily Potter throwing herself between Voldemort and her infant son. But in Snape's case his Patronus form and Hermione's represent his instinctual protectiveness for her, and now for his own child.

I hope this has been clear enough. Again, if you don't agree with the decision I've made simply say that and keep the flames to yourself.

Sequel Coming Soon!

I take SSHG back to Hogwarts. However, it will not be picking up where this story is leaving off, so it is not actual a sequel and it's not a prequel. I will be going back to write out the first year of their marriage together, which includes Hermione's pregnancy. I've got some great ideas and some classic Professor Snape moments.

P.S. – more Draco in this story (because I've developed a certain fondness for the Slytherin Bad Boy. Coincidence, I think not!)