A pressing matter

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After Hermione here's about a person on staff at Hogwarts that discreetly helps young ladies hard pressed for a rutting, she decides to finally rid her self of her virginity, but is completely surprised who it is. Will she go through with it?

A/N: Just wanted to mention that Hermione is of age. I know it's not cannon. But I really wanted to do this very "inappropriate" encounter. The characters maybe a little OOC and I'm sure people might be unhappy with the idea of Severus "preying" on students. But I have my reasons for this. In the form of another chapter if there is enough of interest.


Hermione was hiding in the quiet stacks of the library trying to enjoy some uninterrupted reading time. Upon returning to Hogwarts after the war to finish her seventh year, she had been met with people constantly following her praising her as a hero. She didn't care for the praise and really just wanted to take her N.E. and get on with her life. So whenever she could find a quiet moment she would take it. However this quiet moment was interrupted by two gossiping Slytherins. An olive skinned one and strawberry blond haired one.

"Were the rumors true?" The darker skinned one asked. The blond nodded

"Yes, it was just what we heard from that Ravenclaw. He was very discreet."

"He didn't hurt you, did he?" The dark skinned one asked with special emphasis on the word hurt.

"No. Actually considering who he is, I expected him to. But it wasn't at all a terrible experience." The blond blushed a bit.

"Would he see you again?"

"He said he would entertain a repeat meeting so as long as my marks were still good and I didn't get him trouble. And since I did enjoy myself I wouldn't want to get him trouble."

"Tell me what happened, Aggie." The dark skinned one really was interested. Aggie, she remembered the blond from one of her classes Agatha. And if she remembered correctly her friend's name was Marley.

"Well just like Nina said. I went to his office and said what she said to say and he sized me up and invited me in." Office? She thought. That means it was a professor or someone of authority. She normally didn't eavesdrop like this. But her curiosity was piqued, since she was very interested in the subject matter.

With her growing popularity she wasn't getting the offers she was looking for. She wasn't really interested in a relationship with a guy who was looking to gain spill over publicity or someone to cherish the ground she walked on. Because she knew for a fact that she wasn't any one special, just someone who managed to survive. No she was looking to rid her self of her virginity and hopeful he would know what he was doing to make sure she enjoyed the act. Marley's voice broke her away from her thoughts

"Did you guys do it in his office?"

"Yeah. But he made things comfortable. It wasn't romantic or anything. But I got off" she blushed beet red "and so did he." She thought this was what she was looking for. But was afraid that whoever it was would turn her away. But she wanted to do this. So she gathered her things and went to see if she could locate the Ravenclaw gal named Nina.


She knew Nina not by association, mostly her reputation. She had her lip pierced and she often got in trouble for wearing the ring in class. She also knew she was one of the girls who was fancied a cig. So she went down to where she knew the students who didn't wanted to get caught would often frequent. She entered the old dilapidated greenhouse. She walked in with confidence, not wanting to stand out too much. But it didn't matter, she was given many odd stares. She found Nina standing alone near the rear entrance. She notices Hermione right away and her bee line coming straight for her.

"Since when des da princess of Gryffinder start enjoyin fags?" Nina said with a thick accent she wasn't sure she could place. Hermione kept her voice low

"That's not why I'm here. I actually wanted to talk to you about something else. A rumor I heard from Agatha of Slytherin." Nina's jaw dropped hard.

"Thart stupid bitch. I told her ta keep her gob shut..." Sensing she was thinking Hermione was going to rat the guy out. She interrupts her

"You misunderstand. I'm um interested." Nina sizes Hermione up. She lightly giggles

"I know ya Gryffinders think ya are all so brave. But I don't think ya'll want to try yar hand wit him."

"Can you leave that judgement to me? How do I go about this?" Nina laughs with mirth

"It's yar funeral. But here's what ya need ta know. Ya will need to go to his office. Preferably on Friday or Saturday evenin , after dinner. So not conflict wit mornin classes." She takes a long pull from her cigarette and continues after she puffs out the smoke. The smell making Hermione a little ill. "Ya'll knock and wait fer him to answer. When he does, ya gotta say da phrase 'I've come to ask ya for yar assistance wit a pressing matter' he'll size ya up and if he finds yar offer appealin he will invite ya in. But if denies it, then thart's it. He says 'no' more than he says 'yes'. Possibly lookin to find those who won't make trouble fer him. Not quite sure what his criteria is, though." Hermione nibbled her lip try to concentrate

"Where is his office?" Nina laughs again nearly choking on the smoke in her lungs

"Aren't ya more concerned wit who he is?"

"Not really." Nina couldn't control herself any more. After she stops laughing again

"Ok Gryffinder I will show which door to knock on. And leave ya to decide if ya can knock on it this weekend or next or wheneve." She put out her cigarette in one of the cracked planters which was filled with other cigarette butts. She lead her back into the castle and down toward the dungeons. Hermione's heart started to beat so loud she thought Nina could hear it. They were no more than half way there before Hermione stopped, knowing exactly where she was being lead. Apprehension and fear broke out in her gut. She knew whose door she needed to knock on, and didn't really know if she could do it after all. Nina noticed Hermione stopped and looked at her. "I told ya, this ain't fer da feint of heart. But if ya want someone who knows what he is doin and ya won't rat him out. It will be a good time. That is if he wants ya. Since I trust ya know where ya goin, then I'll leave ya to think it through. But I will leave ya wit this final thought. He is very very good. I know from personal experience." She winks and walks back up the stairs.

Hermione was battling with herself. She had told herself earlier that she didn't care who it was, she just wanted a real man to take care of her. But this was a major wrench in the works. There was a lot of history between the two of them, and she wondered if she could trust herself to enjoy it; with him.


Hermione spent the next three days thinking it over. She weighed the pros and cons. The biggest con being he will hear her request and slam the door in her face. She wasn't sure if she could handle that level of rejection. Her pro and con list was weighing heavier on the pro side. And while she mulled over her decision she still had to attend his classes. She found herself getting lost in fantasies; while she tried to make it look less obvious that she was distracted, it didn't help that the man snarking at her was the very star of those fantasies. She was wound up so tightly that she felt like her stomach was going to snap like a over stretched rubber band.

Friday night after eating very little at mealtime, she waited for him to leave the head table and she started her descent to his office but even before she got to the hallway closes to the door. She chickened out and ran back to her room. She tried again Saturday. She spent the whole day working on her nerves. She figured if he said no then at least she tried. She put her Gryffindor bravery up and slyly walked toward the door. She waited a moment to timidly knock. It seemed like an eternity before the door opened and she was face to face with him. His dark form tower over her. She swallowed hard

"Granger." He stated, but there may have been a bit of questioning in his tone. Not wanting to sound unsure or scared she replied

"Professor, I have come to ask you for your assistance with a pressing matter." She all but almost whispered the last part. She looked down then up to see actual shock in his eyes.

He definitely was conflicted. Since the hallways was empty and free of roaming ghosts he took the moment to think this through. He had seen many young ladies try and ask for his special services. But never would have ever thought she of all people would show up. He couldn't say he wasn't intrigued. Thinking over her assets, He did notice that she was easy to look at, especially since during the war she lost so much weight but has filled out nicely now. She was smart enough to know what they were getting into. But he was confused as to why she would choose this route for herself. She started to shuffle a bit under his scrutiny. He normally would say yes or no and move on. But he felt compelled to ask. "You do know what you are asking?"

She nods and answers "yes." She stares up into his eyes so he knew she was serious. "I wish to learn from a someone who knows what he is doing." He was completely taken aback that this was happening, but he steps aside and let's her in the office. She blushes thinking 'I don't know why he accepted. But glad he did' he stops her and gives her his best withering stare

"You come her willing to learn, fine. But what happens In here stays in here. Are we clear?" She nods "I would prefer verbal answers. You are so vocal when you shouldn't, but now a cat has your tongue."

She struggled to decide how to respond when he says "you're a virgin." It wasn't a question, he was just stating the obvious.

"Yes I am. So I am a bit nervous. But I came here knowing what I wanted and wasn't put off by the knowledge it was you. I actually thought you would slam the door in my face." He sighed and rubbed his hand over his face. He didn't mind virgins. They just take longer to get things going. He wondered if she would be just as vocal in the throes of passion. The thought making his member twitch. It took a moment for him to figure how he wanted to handle tonight's events. The only thing he kept thinking was he wanted her to beg for everything. Put that loose tongue to work. He looked at her with an evil smirk and said "Beg."

He got the exact reaction he was hoping for. Her brown eyes grew as wide as saucers. He didn't want to debase her, just see her squirm. She fidgeted a bit and in an unsure voice. "Please, I want you to..." He put his hand up forcing her to stop.

"You will address me as Professor Snape." Finding the idea of her sensually pleading her professor for pleasure, was something Snape found increasingly arousing. She let a small frustrated growl. And started again

"Please, Professor Snape, will you fuck me?" He was very satisfied with her request, especially since she used foul language, something he assumed she would never use.

"I accept, Ms Granger." He could see she was satisfied with herself. But he could see she was lost. Not being a romantic in any sense. He didn't feel the need to swoop her up or kiss her. Which is what he assumed she was hoping for. He did step closer using his height and imposing form to make her shutter and with a deep seductive voice told her "slowly undress for me." She halted for a moment but slowly started to remove her uniform. Piece by piece until she was standing in front of him in just her matching white cotton panties and bra. She was about to remove the bra, when he stopped her hands. "Do you touch yourself for pleasure seeking purposes?" She blushed

"Yes." She said quietly. She felt so exposed with him walking around her, observing her like she was an abstract piece of art and trying to understand what she was.

"Have you brought yourself to orgasm?" She didn't know how to answer. He moved in close and whispered in her ear from behind. "If you have to think about it, then the answer is no." She jumped and shutter at his breath on her neck and being so close to her without touching her. She looked into his eyes.

"It's just I do it until I can't take it and then stop." He snickered at her candor.

"You do realize that you are denying yourself. That feeling of overwhelming pressure is the first lines of the chorus." She didn't realize and wondered how the real deal was going to feel like. "Remove the rest and I want you to touch yourself." She was blushing even more. But did as instructed. Placing her panties and bra with the rest of her clothing. Then her hand moves between her legs. He watches as she clumsily teases herself and then starts to rub at her clit. While her other hand lays limp to her side. He was going to teach her so much. "Have you ever played with your breasts while you stroke yourself?"

"No, professor." He smirked. Oh what he was going to teach her tonight. She will be wanton and think of him. He always got drunk off the power in these situations. He had these girls at his mercy. Granger wasn't any different, inexperienced and eager to learn.

"I want you to use your other hand and play with you nipple while you touch yourself." He could see her swallow hard but her limp arm moves up and starts rub and lightly squeeze her nipple. He reached out and put his hand over her hand that was tweaking her nipple and showed her what he wanted her to do. He could see instantly that the new sensation was pleasant to her. Then he summoned his office chair to where they stood. He sat and took her hand that was frigging her lower lips and started to assist her masturbation. He moved her fingers so she was probing her insides and moved her thumb to rub her clit. The placement was perfect and he watched as her hips started to thrust in time with her fingers. He moved his hand away so he could watch. But noticed that she started to pull away when her body started to wind up. "No Ms. Granger. You will continue to frig yourself until you come apart. I will assist you, but with your own fingers." She looked a little tense. But allowed him to get her hands back into position. One playing with her nipple and the other he held while she rode her own fingers.

She was panting hard. The sensation was very intense and she was becoming frightful. Usually if she got this far on her own she would stop, not wanting to push herself too hard. Scared of the building pressure. She whimpered but it only encouraged him to move her hand faster. Her legs were getting weak and she was sure she was going to collapse. She started to gyrate her hips hard and her head lolled back. She was becoming panicked, it was too much. He must have noticed her distress. "You need to relax. Let the feeling wash over you. When you fight it, it can be painful." His gruff voice sort of calmed her frantic mind and she focused on feeling. She liked squeezing her nipple the feeling shot through her body. Making her pant. The feeling of Snape's hand over hers, moving it fast was equally as good. But the part of her that brought her here was screaming, wishing it was his fingers and not hers. Before she knew it the pressure wasn't as painful and the build up was leaving her breathless. He could feel her core throb through the small touch. He wanted her to beg for the release. Stopping her fingers, she whimpered again but this time more out of need. "Ms. Granger, I want you to plead for your orgasm." She let out a loud groan

"Professor Snape please I need to come. It hurts. Please." Her voice was full of need. He moved her hand faster, bringing her release hard.

And like a shot of lightning, her body tightened and then released. She spiraled with the feeling of her first release. It was intense, but satisfying. But before she could catch herself she lost the use of her legs and dropped. But before she completely collapsed. She heard Snape curse and reach out and grab her. He sat her in his chair until she could breath normally and focus her eyes.


Snape was in the midst of watching the young witch completely lose herself, which he found exceedingly sexy. That he didn't notice her body sway and buckle. He said a quick curse "shit!" And caught her before she hurt herself he gathered her up and put her in his chair. She was still breathing hard and could see she still hadn't returned from her release. He gave a glance between her legs to see the evidence that spilled from inside her leaving a small amount to spill on the seat.

While she recovered, he made the room more suitable for the upcoming events. Transfiguring the chaise into a makeshift type bed relighting the fireplace so it would be warm. Her little show was enough to make him more than ready, that he had to adjust his pants to accommodate the growing need. It only took Hermione 5 minutes to return to from her stupor. When her eyes showed cognition he asked "How was your first true orgasm?" She was silent for a moment.

"It was bloody amazing. After I relaxed a bit." She blushed at her own thought. But doesnt verbalize that once he told her to relax did it actually started to feel great. "I imagine it would be better with something more than my fingers." He raised an eyebrow at her musing. She was desperate he could tell. Too bad he was going to make her work for it. He was going to slowly drive her mad. This was an unusual evening, he normally didn't play with the girls like this. But it was Hermione, he had growing need to tease and torture her sexually.

"Indeed." Was his only reply. "Now get up and get on the bed. Before you ruin my chair." Oh the look of horror that passed her features was fantastic. She looked down to see her body expelling fluids in a small stream, pooling on the chair. She leaped up so quickly like the fluid was lava and she wished not to be burned. He chuckled as she scrambled out of the chair and on the bed. "Lay on your back." She did as he said. Up until this point he was still fully dressed in black button down and trousers, having removed his teaching robes once he came to his office after dinner. He undid his cuffs and rolled up his sleeves. But still didn't remove any clothing besides his boots. He slithered over her, she shivered at his closeness. And in that same sensual timber "ask me nicely to touch you and where." Her thoughts were so loud he could almost hear them.

In her mind she wanted to feel what his hands were capable of doing. She remembered how his breath on her neck earlier made her shiver "Professor Snape will you please touch the side of my neck." He inwardly smirked. If she wanted him to show her what her body was capable of, by way of her erogenous zones. Then he will gladly leave her panting and thrashing.

"Do you just want my hands to touch you?" As he let his finger nails lightly scratch down her neck. She jerked at his touch and moans slightly.

"What do you mean?" She says sort of breathless. He smirked and leaned down and began to kiss and then nibble her neck. She let out a gasp and squeak.

"Now I ask again, do you just want my hands?" He had stopped his assault on her neck to ask and she got frustrated. She wanted his mouth back on her neck.

"Dear god. Please!" She pleaded

"I can't do what you want if you don't ask properly." She knew he was toying with her. But if she wanted this to happen she would have to bend to his whim.

"Merlin's balls. Please Professor Snape I want your mouth and teeth on my neck. And your hands on my breasts." She groaned louder. Hoping he would get back to it. He enjoyed her pleading and went back to nibbling on her neck and moved his hands to to start to cup and squeeze her breast. She starts to moan and writhe beneath him. He liked how responsive she was. When he decided to squeeze her nipple between his fingers, her back arched up with a loud "Uuhh!" Without prompting she groans out "Please, God please Professor Snape move your mouth."

"Where Ms. Granger?" She growled.

"Damnit." She said quietly while he continued to roll her pebbled peaks in his finger. "To my breasts, please Professor!" She whined. He let her slip on saying his name. He was tormenting her and lowered down to her breast, which were a nice size. Just enough for his hands to cup and her pert nipples were a very cute color of dusty rose. He eagerly went to the left and licked and nibbled on it. Which she started groan and thrusting her hips. But the best reaction was when he flicked it with his tongue. Her back arched and she let out a loud cry.

Still determined to torture the Gryffindor, he removed his mouth from your chest and before moving to the right one. "What about my hands Ms. Granger." He drew out her name. She was in a bubble of lust that she almost missed his prompt. She couldn't think about his hands she just wanted his mouth on her breast again. In an attempt to help her blood restricted mine focus, Snape lets his hand roam down her stomach causing her flinch and then to settle just above the apex of her thighs. It did the trick, her hips jerk up wanting to have his hands touch her there. That moment Snape choose to bite down on Hermione's nipple and she let out a loud scream.

"PROOFFFEESSSSOR!" She took a breath "please oh please use your hands on ohhhh..." Her trailing didn't deter him

"Yes, Ms Granger?" Oh she wanted to claw his face for being difficult. And she knew he was enjoying every second of her self induced torture. To encourage her he takes another bite of her nipple she arches

"MY PUSSY!Dear god please professor Snape! Touch MEEE!" Her tightly wound up body was so sensitive he couldn't wait to plunge his fingers into her. He lets his hand move down to cup her warmth. She was more then wet. She was drenched. He was always a fan of woman who could be so revved up, like this.

He first slide his finger up and down her slit feeling the extreme moisture, biting back a moan of approval. After a few strokes he starts to test how much stretching he was going to have to do to her opening. He starts to insert his finger inside feeling it clamp down on him. His eyes slightly rolled back into his head at the tight grip. Imagining if it was his cock. He moved it in slowly stopping at each knuckle to test her reaction. With each inch she was moan and moving her hips. By the time one finger was as far as it go he started to thrust it in and out. A beautiful chorus of "ooo's and ahh's" coming from her lips. He then pulled out and on reinsertion added a second finger which illicit a loud scream of the word "FUCK!" Thrusting his fingers faster and prodding at her inner walls she was thrashing with the movement of his fingers and his mouth. To make her body completely fall over the edge he added a third finger. And set his thumb to thump against her clit. It didn't take long with the combination for her the scream out her release all over his hand

"OH GOD, SNAPE!" He was very satisfied with her cries. Almost wishing he instructed her to say his first name. He licked clean his hand, he did enjoy the taste of a woman. Hers was no exception. If he got the opportunity later, he would like to taste her from the spout. He waited for her to come around, when she did he stood from the bed. She stared at him mildly confused. But sat up also.

"If you are ready to proceed..." She nods slightly. "Then you are going to have to ask me if you can undress me. " he could see that she was still trying to calm her racing heart and slow her breath. But she unconsciously licked her lips.

"Professor Snape will you please allow me to get you naked so you can... Fuck me?"

She had noticed that he seemed to respond to her using vulgar language and was determined to do so, even if her throat was going raw a bit from the screaming.

Inwardly he laughed, but signaled her to come forward. She took a couple of hesitate steps forward and let out a sigh. "Is there a problem, Ms Granger?" She blushed

"There's just a lot of buttons."

"Well then I guess you need to get to it." He held his form from shivering slightly as she worked the buttons that began at his neck. Her little fingers trying to work swiftly. He bit back a chuckle as she fumbled. When she got to the last 3 buttons he wandlessly open them. Causing her to growl at him. With her frustration he could see that she had finally relaxed, which would make the rest of the evening far more enjoyable.

He could see the mild frustration in her face as she started to work at his belt and undoing the button on his slacks. He swore he heard her mumble "he could of just done it with magic to begin with." He was ready to call her out on her tone, when her small hand accidentally brushed his clothes erection. He hissed loudly at the feeling. She took it as a negative response and immediately stopped. Through gritted teeth, "So help me girl, if do not complete the task at hand..." He couldn't finish his threat. She mildly gasped and quickly undid his zipper and let his pants drop to the floor. He stood there with his pants around his ankles and shirt open in his boxers. She couldn't help herself to stare. He was very aroused and she could see the tip coming through his boxers. She had never seen a man's anatomy before. She was fascinated by it, she bit down on her bottom lip. She never noticed his eyes studying her. "If you are so interested, then by all means." She blushed, but lowered his boxers and her hands innocently touched him with her finger tips. His member jerked at the sensation of her small warm fingers touching him. He stifled the moan. He moved his hand over hers and showed her how to stroke him. She was a quick study, as always. She felt a sense of pride while she started to move her hand up and down him, and could hear his breathing change and see his hips move in time. She then started to squeeze him lightly and move faster. He wasn't able to contain his moan, but before she was able to continue he removed her hand. She pouted at the sudden stop. Her thoughts went to worrying that she did something wrong. She heard him chuckle. "If you would have continued, I would have had to tease you more to continue." Her response was instantly to blush at the realization. "Lay on the bed. She climbed in to the center of the bed. Her nerves caught up with her, and as he gazed her naked form in appraisal she felt the need to be covered. Noticing she was fidgeting and making to cover herself; he knocked her hands to her sides. "I think we are far from being bashful, now aren't we." His dark sultry voice made her aware of what was about to happen. She gasped when he climbed on to the bed throwing his shirt to mix with the clothes he had kicked away. She swallowed hard when he spread her thighs with his knees and crawled between them. He then lifted his hand and caught something. "Drink this." She noticed the label on the bottle and realized it was a potion for contraception. She sheepishly took it and threw it back. It tasted awful, but wasn't going to complain that he was prepared. He leaned over her and lowered his mouth to her ear. His voice was like silk as it rolled over her. "Beg for it." She was about talk when she noticed that he was slowly jerking himself. The motion was enough to distract, until he cleared his throat.

"Please Professor Snape, I-I need you inside me." She said it as a whisper, but her body started to flush every where. With precision he showed even in the classroom, he slowly started to enter her. She groaned at the new sensation and started to breath faster as he stretched her insides more and more with each inch. He took a slow pace until he was almost entirely sheathed inside her. But had to stop due to her clenching so hard it was making it almost too hard to breathe.

"You need to relax. It will hurt if you can't relax." She realized how much she was tensing, almost like she was trying to squeeze him out. Which was the exact opposite of what she wanted. She tried to relax her muscles and she visibly sees in his face when he was glad she released her grip on him. He moved back some then thrusted forward, faster then she was ready for. She let out cry when he finally sunk completely inside of her. He didn't move. He settled there until she began to fidget. "Are you ready?" He asked tenderly. She wiped the tears from her eyes and nodded.

That was when he started to move his hips at brisk pace. Each time he thrusted inside of her, she saw stars. She could feel a similar build up in her body as before, but it was sharper and more frantic. She was starting to thrash as he orchestrated her need to get to what she was expecting to be one hell of a orgasm. She began to worry as it was building far more intense then before. She heard him moan and grunt as he moved. He lifted her leg to settle it on his hip, the angle was mind blowing. She could hear unfamiliar sounds escaping her lips. Then she felt her body reach the precipice, he shifted his hips and she screamed his name as she fell over the edge.

Her inner walls gripped him hard when she finally came. The pressure helped him finally find his release, with a loud groan. He always prided himself on finding his end as well as hers. But the feeling of complete satisfaction filled him. She was just a responsive as he wanted and she felt so good. He wanted more, but knew she wouldn't be ready. He got up and pulled back on his boxers and pants and made his way to his private bathroom. He went and grabbed a a vial of pain reducer and went back in time to see her return. She sat up and blushed. She fidgeted again as she tried to think of something to say, but couldn't find any words. She noticed that and he smirked at her

"It seems I have found a way to render you speechless." She flushed with anger, but because she couldn't say anything due to her pleasure filled mind. He seemed to have won. He handed her the vial in his hand. "Take this, you'll still be sore in the morning. But this should help."

"Thanks." She drank the potion and handed back the empty vial. She got up and gathered her clothes and walked into the bathroom. She didn't know what to say to him. She enjoyed herself and was glad that it wasn't too degrading. But what do you say to the man who just took your virginity. "Gee thanks for sticking it to me. See you in potions on Monday." She dressed and tried to fix her insane hair. She found a hair binder in her skirt pocket and tied it up in a messy bun, then splashed water on her face. She took a deep breath and walked back into his office the transfigured furniture were back to normal and he was dressed again. She looked at him as he leaned against his desk. "Umm I guess thanks and it was nice." She didn't like the word, but she couldn't think of anything that fit. She picked up her robe and made for the door. When she felt him grab her wrist and pulled her toward him.

Against his normal behavior, he pulled her back and kissed her hard. She sighed and slightly moaned into his lips. When they finally parted, he said breathlessly "You will return next Saturday." She nodded and he released her wrist and she walked out the door.

She quickly made her way back to her dorms and stops in the bathroom. Running in and slinks to the floor. She let her fingers touch her lips. The whole experience flashed in her mind. But the invitation to return was more then she could have ever expected. There was a fire in his eyes that matched the intensity of the kiss. She was nervous and excited for the next night together. She just needed to keep herself focused this week. She blushed at the thought of being in his class listening his commanding voice or watching his hands. She said to herself "something tells me a pressing matter will turn into a pressing need"