At the school of Royal Woods, Lincoln was leisurely walking across the hallways when he saw a peculiar sight: Cristina, his fellow classmate, holding a VR machine with a game that had he and his sisters in the cover.

So, intrigued by this sight, he approached the girl and gently asked, "Hi Cristina, what do you have there?"

She hastily hid the game and machine on her back and began sweating. "Are you okay?" Lincoln asked, tilting his head.

The girl nodded with a nervous smile and soon pointed at something, causing Lincoln to look at the object in question...which was nothing but a wall. Once e turned back, Cristina was nowhere to be seen and the machine and game were on the ground in perfect condition.

So Lincoln took a closer look and soon found a note on the VR machine. All it read was "For: The Loud House" with a couple hearts next to it. So Lincoln figured it meant his house, after all what house could be more "Loud" than his own, and took the game and the machine back to his house.

Back at the Loud House...

Linc, at the living room, finished setting up the VR machine and put the game into the console. "Let's see what's up with this thing," he said as he turned the console to "ON."

After waiting for a couple seconds, Linc watched as the machine started to load the title screen. He focused so much on watching the screen, in fact, he failed to see Luan and Luna were sitting at his sides.

"Hey Linc, what do you got there?" Luan inquired, causing Lincoln to jump in sheer terror.

Once the boy hit the ground, the title screen of the game appeared: showing a small, androgynous figure shrouded in shadows with an "?" on their body, with the Loud sisters-and Lincoln-forming a heart around them as a spotlight illuminated them. Above them came the title, "The Loud Sim Date," also with hearts on it.

Luna and Luan were immediately surprised by what they saw. "Whoa, no way, is that us?" Luna asked before giving Lincoln a puzzled look. "What are we doing in your game, bro?"

"Clearly, he wanted to share the spotlight for once," Luan chuckled, "But seriously, though, what are we doing in your game?"

"I don't know, the game's not even mine," Lincoln answered as he got up. "I saw Cristina giving it a look and saw it was meant to the loud house, so I figured it was a gift for us."

"Hmm...well, we should figure out what this game's about," and so, Luna approached the VR helmet and checked it. "I'm gonna take a guess and say we need to use this thing to make it work?"

"I go after you," Luan stated.

Luna put on the helmet and was immediately. "Wow, no way, mate! The screen's right in my face! I wonder if it'll follow me if I spin around the room?" so Luna spun around in place, frowned, spun again, and said as she wobbled around the place. "Oh, the title doesn't follow me, and there's nothing but darkness outside of it."

Luna hit Luan and the comedian put the rockstar on the couch. "You should probably take a little rest," she said as she took off the VR helmet. "Now's my turn!"

So Luan put on the helmet, went back to the TV and pressed the title, causing it to change into a character select screen. "Whoa, really cool," as Luan made her character, Lincoln took a look at the screen and scratched his chin. "Hey Linc, did the TV change?"

"Uh, yeah, it did," Linc responded.

"Ha, sorry control remote, but you've been replaced!" Luan proclaimed as she finished her character. Once she finished, she confirmed the character and put her hands on her hips as the screen loaded. "There, I'm done with my character! Teenager, female, black and dressed like a goth!"

Luna and Lincoln immediately gave the comedian a look of bewilderment. "I honestly thought you were going to make a comedian-style character, like yourself," Luna blurted.

"Just 'cause my jokes are predictable doesn't mean I myself am," and then the game finished loading and a message appeared. "Let's see. Welcome to The Loud Sim Date, a game where you can date and-"

Luan suddenly fell silent as she mentally read the rest of the message. Not helping matters was that Luna went closer and read it to herself as well, leaving her equally speechless. "Is this game-" Luna asked.

"Yes," Luan blurted as she took off the VR helmet. "Did I just-"

"Yes," Luna answered.

And then, two words escaped their mouths in unison:

"Oh no."

"Why? What's the problem?" Lincoln took a quick look at the message and... "Oh no!"

And a second later, the trio panicked.

"Quick, somebody turn off the game!" Lincoln exclaimed, flailing his arms and running around in circles.

"Okay, but first I need my guitar," Luna said.

"And I need to practice my jokes," Luan added.

This made Lincoln stop and give his sisters an "are you serious?" look. "True, I probably shouldn't waste a perfectly good guitar on that game."

"And the system probably doesn't have a sense of humor, either."

So Lincoln walked to the machine and turned it off. However, when he tried to take the game out, the game remained practically glued to the system. "Well, I guess I can't try to take it out tomorrow."

Lincoln put a sheet over the system before turning to Luan and Luna. "Okay, we need to make sure nobody else finds out about this thing. Who knows what the rest of my sisters will do if they find out about I brought this thing," he told them. "Can I count on you to keep it a secret?"

Luna and Luan exchanged stares, then shrugged with smiles on their faces. Lincoln, feeling he had done enough, went back upstairs to his room as Luna and Luan watched him.

"Rock, Paper, Scissors to determine who gets to play it tomorrow?" Luan suggested.

Luna cracked her knuckles as she answered, "Let's give it a shot, mate."

1, 2, 3, GO!

Luna picked rock, while Luan picked paper.

"Ha! I knew you'd just rock n' roll with it," Luan chuckled.

So, not feeling like playing the game now, the girls went back to their rooms as well, leaving behind the covered game system.

-Next Chapter Preview-

"Who told you my name?" Virtual Lynn inquired.

Shocked at the response, Lincoln covered his mouth and watched as Virtual Lynn gave him a look, shrugged and took her football back.

"So, say, if you're feeling better later, would you like to hang out or something?" she asked to Linc's character. "I've got a small bit of my schedule time free today, and I still haven't figured out how I'm going to waste it."