There was a reason why almost every genin team had at least one female on its roster, even if another person, say another male would fit the role of the team better than any female would or could.

Chakra, while a part of all living things; could be somewhat dangerous in large amounts being gathered or used at once. The larger the amount of chakra you use the larger effect. Medical study and advancement in science had allowed ninja to discover that when large amounts of chakra was used, a self made chemical would release itself into the body to try and take the place of the missing chakra. Usually with some rest, a person's chakra would eventually be able to replace the chemical, but in large amounts, the chemical could take the place of chakra, meaning that until said chemical was released naturally, your body would begin to lower its chakra reserves. The chemical was named Uzine.

Now for females, this was no problem; as their bodies didn't react to the chemical that was released from chakra. For some reason, they were able to slowly release the chemical without any side effects. Males on the other hand were different.

The chemical would continue to grow in a male's body; not releasing itself like it would in females; which meant men had to find a way to easily and quickly remove the chemical to allow their chakra to return.

There were a couple of ways found among men to remove the chemical, most of which would not be sufficient on the battlefield or quick enough for practical use.

Then, after a large amount of study, trial and error; it was discovered that the quickest and easiest method for removing the chemical from a male's body was stimulation.

The stimulation would cause the chemical inside the body to react strangely, almost angrily. With enough stimulation; the chemical would find its own way out of the body, usually fusing itself with whatever liquid and or gas it could attach and fuse with.

Because of the way in which the chemical had to be worked out, it was deemed necessary and almost always mandatory to have at least one female on a single team of ninja. The men were taught a simple way to work the chemical out themselves, but in case they couldn't work it all out, a kunoichi was required to help.

There were a few exceptions from the rule. Even though almost all female ninja were required to help their male counterparts, should they need it; there were a few conditions that would exalt the woman from duty. The most common reasoning would be clan status. Females born from noble families, and that hold status in their clans were excused from performing said duties.

It was important for ninja to work together, and most village elders looked at the actions required by female ninja as another way for people to grow closer.

Sakura Haruno disagreed. She knew and understood the stimulations of becoming a kunoichi and had decided to accept the responsibility whole heartily. She and almost all the other females in her class; excluding Hinata Hyuga, all had to take an instructive class on how to easily and effectively work out the chakra stealing chemical if the male wouldn't be able to himself.

When Sakura was placed on team seven she was both over joined and devastated. She was as happy as could be to learn she'd share a team with her love interest Sasuke Uchiha. She'd happily help in any way he could possibly need; and even offer her services if she felt he may be running low of chakra and stocked up of the dangerous chemical.

Unfortunately, after a few training sessions and missions together, Sakura learned that no matter how much energy Sasuke used and how much Uzine his body would build up; he would never accept her help, even when she practically threw herself at him in offer.

While it did hurt to realize that she wasn't wanted from her love; it almost destroyed her when she learned that the other genin joining her team would be Naruto Uzumaki, someone she could say she almost hated.

If being honest with herself, she did pity the blond haired orphan, but all pity was thrown aside by how annoying the boy could. Constantly begging her for dates and asking to hang out only to be told no time and time again frustrated the pink haired ninja.

She almost condemned herself to damn nation when she learned he'd be on her team, but found herself pleasantly surprised when she realized while the blond did continue to badger her for a date, he almost refused to ask for help with relieving himself of the built of Uzine he would obtain.

While she still didn't like Naruto, she was thankful for this. She was worried her sensei would require her help often but so far Kakashi had managed himself perfectly. She knew that as the male body grew, the less Uzine would enter the system as the body became more and more adapt to it. She figured Kakashi must have had quite the arsenal of jutsu and experience for his body to almost never require the help of removing Uzine.

So as it sat, Sakura had in her mind been lucky to be put on a team of men that had not required her assistance, at least for a while….

She watched Kakashi stand up and walk away from the hot fire that Sasuke was nice enough to make for the team. Currently there were four tents set up around the camp site, and three members of team seven were present.

About an hour and a half ago Naruto had embarrassedly gone to his tent, his body sluggish from his chakra exhaustion and the build of Uzine in his system. While Naruto was away the tree other members discussed their mission. A simple C rank mission had turned into a high B after some bandits had attacked them, trying to steal the storage scrolls they were currently bringing to a small village in the forest.

After fighting off the bandits, Kakashi had suggested Naruto create a mass of clones to forge ahead and scatter around the woods to ensure no other attacks were waiting.

Even with Naruto's almost endless chakra, it was no surprise when after eight hours of keeping almost one hundred clones active and alive; he was forced to stop and take a breather.

"This is bad" Kakashi said walking away from Naruto's tent back towards the fire where Sakura and Sasuke sat.

"What's wrong Sensei?" Sakura asked worriedly, hoping Naruto hadn't found anything bad with his clones.

"That buffoon finally kill himself?" Sasuke muttered as his eyes stayed on the fire.

"No…but this can't really be ignored" Sakura watched Kakashi reach into his pocket and retrieve the small orange book his nose was always stuck in.

"What?" she heard Sasuke ask as he finally took his eyes from the flame to look up at their sensei.

"I'm afraid Naruto used too much chakra while scouting all day. He's got way too much Uzine to get out on his own" Kakashi's voice lacked any concern or interest as he flipped the page of his book, his one visible eye slowly coming up to look at the lone female figure of the group, "He told me not to worry about it, but as your sensei it is my job to make sure he's okay".

It was chilly in the forest, hence why she was so close to the fire, but as she watched Kakashi slowly sit down, removing the book from his face; she felt sweat begin to form on her neck.

"B-But he said he's got it" she couldn't help but feel her voice shake as she slowly stood up and took a step back from the now staring teacher.

"Well he doesn't, and that means the responsibility falls on you Sakura" Kakashi sighed as he looked back at his book, "Just get the job done so we can all go to bed. We can't finish this mission if one of our members is slowing us all down".

"B-But Kakashi"

"Just go do it already so I can get this pointless mission over with" it was Sasuke's voice who surprised her now, her face now tinted pink; she turned towards her crush. He, like her sensei didn't seem to show any concern towards her as she shakily stood there.

"S-Sasuke-kun" she whispered quietly almost begging for any support.

"Sakura" Kakashi's voice brought her away from the uncaring blank haired teen, only to smack her back into reality, "Are you a kunoichi or not".

She stared at the man, her mouth slightly agape as he stared up from his sitting position. His eye still appeared to be half lidded, but she knew he was serious.

Not waiting for her to respond, Kakashi continued, "Because every kunoichi I know, knew of the responsibilities that could be tasked to them. You willingly joined the ranks and took an oath to serve under a team and work together with them. Now, one of your teammates, even if he himself won't admit it, needs your help. You may not have asked to have such a responsibility, but Naruto didn't ask to be born without the ability that females have either. So I'll say this one last time, go help him out and be done with it".

Both males watched as Sakura seemed to bite her lip and look over at the tent away from the fire where she knew Naruto was currently inside struggling to help himself.

"Fine" she said after a few moments, her voice quiet and defeated as she began to slowly walk towards the tent.

She couldn't help but flinch when she heard Sasuke mutter, "At least I don't have to listen to either of them for a bit".

She almost stopped at the boys mean words but deiced to keep going, not wanting to confront the last Uchiha and fearing another speech from her sensei.

When she finally made it to the tent, she hesitantly rose a hand to the closed zipper and sighed.

"Kakashi-sensei" Naruto's voice rang as she slowly opened the zipper, allowing some of the cold air to enter the very hot tent, "W-What the hell are you doing! I told you I'm fine!"

"Shut up Naruto" the blonde's eyes widened as he quickly turned away from the opening to his tent, trying to hide himself from the girl who he had been crushing on for the past few years.

"S-Sakura-chan" she heard him stutter as she closed the tent behind her, mentally trying to prepare herself for what she was about to do, "What're you doing coming in my tent like this? Not that I don't mind or anything; just right now is kinda a bad…"

"I said shut up Naruto" Sakura's voice was low and the male could tell she was angry. Sakura's nose crinkled at the hot musky scent that filled her nostrils as she kneeled in the tent. Naruto's back was to her as he sat on his butt, trying his best not to turn his red face towards her. The blonde's signature orange jacket lay off to the side, leaving the boy in a very damp black shirt that stuck to his back. His orange pants were nowhere to be seen, leaving her to almost chuckle at the funny raman themed boxers the boy was currently sitting in.

Looking at the floor next to the boy, Sakura couldn't help but give a disgruntled look at the thick white liquid that lay splattered before here.

"Geez" she couldn't help but mutter as she looked at the amount of semen the blond had already worked out of himself. The entire floor was covered in the stuff, leaving barely enough room for the both of them to move without moving into the sticky discharge.

"S-Sakura-chan" she heard the boy weakly mutter without turning towards her.

Sakura could only ground out an angry, "What" as she tried to avoid the splattered floor.

"W-What're you doing here?"

Biting her lip as her eye twitched, Sakura couldn't help but sigh once again. Just like Kakashi said, it was her responsibility and it wasn't totally Naruto's fault considering every male ninja suffered from the condition.

"We can't have you slowing us down" Sakura said as she slowly wiped some sweat from her neck, feeling the intense heat of the tent attack her body, "Kakashi said you're too stupid to help yourself so he sent me into help".

"W-What?" she watched Naruto sputter as he turned his head towards her, still keeping his shoulders pushed forward, trying his best to hide himself, "I told him not to though! I don't want you to have to help me!"

"Yeah, me nether" Sakura said as she scooted a bit closer, trying her best to get comfortable, "But it looks like we're both out of luck. Let's just act like adults and get this out of the way, now turn around!"

"W-WHAT" Naruto's voice seemed to pitch itself three times higher as he tried to cover himself even more than he already was, "No freaking way. I already said I won't make you do it".

No growing angry with her frustrating teammate, Sakura couldn't help but growl, "God damn it Naruto, this is gonna happen whether you want it or not! Kakashi and Sasuke both made me come in here, and I'll be damned if it was for nothing, now turn around before I beat the snot outta you!"

Thanking whatever gods were watching, Sakura gave a small cheer internally as Naruto shakily began to turn around, using his arms to pivot his body.

Sakura could help but groan from the amount of sweat that was currently dripping from the blond as he turned. He'd clearly been going at it for a while, and had already drenched the floor of his tent. Sakura didn't even wanna imagine how many times he'd already cum and how many more lay in wake considering how much chakra he had and had used.

Looking down at the blonde's groin, Sakura couldn't help herself as her face began to heat up.

Even though Naruto tried to keep his legs together, trying and failing to hide the cause of his embarrassment; Sakura was able to see the hard cock that jutted from the crotch hole in the boy's boxers.

"W-Why's it so big?" She couldn't help but ask herself as she eyed the large piece of flesh that slowly leaked a clear liquid. While she'd seen much larger in books, Naruto was very large for a fourteen year old. The thick cock that slowly bobbed between the clearly nervous boy's legs had to be at least seven in half inches, and way too thick for her hand to fit around.

"D-Don't stare at it Sakura-chan!" she heard Naruto whine from above, causing her eyes to shoot back up towards his oceanic pair.

"S-Shut up baka!" she said as she slowly positioned herself into a seated position, careful not to sit in the semen that lay on the floor.

"Scoot forward and open your legs or I'll break em" Sakura quickly barked as she looked at the blond, "And you aren't gonna tell anyone about this Naruto, otherwise I'll make sure you never walk again!"

Getting a nod from the scared boy, he did as she told him.

Her eyes followed the piece of flesh as it seemingly started to inch closer and closer to her as he scooted closer. With his legs now open Sakura was able to get a better look at the thick veiny member that was barely able to squeeze through the small hole of the blonde's boxers.

Giving one last sigh, Sakura shakily raised a hand and muttered, "Don't get used to this".

Before Naruto could even give a response, his eyes were forced shut as he felt a small soft hand latch onto his sensitive penis.

Sakura couldn't help but smirk as she watched Naruto almost fall back, barley managing to catch himself on his elbows as he began to breathe heavier.

"It's hot" Sakura thought to herself, remembering one of her teachers explaining to them the many techniques off working out a males Uzine build up.

Bringing her other hand to the thick head, Sakura lightly squeezed, earning a low groan from the male.

"Now I just rub the underside" she thought as he used her other hand to slowly begin stroking the underside of the big cock, keeping her hold on the head, slowly and softly twisting it in her smooth palm.

"S-Sakura-chan!" from the way Naruto was moaning her name, Sakura guessed she was getting the desired effect from the large cock.

She could feel the length pulsate in her hands as she began to quickly stoke the flesh. She couldn't help but feel a bit interested as she watched the clear liquid that had dripped from the head begin to turn much whiter and begin to slowly thicken.

"I'm so gonna half to go to the river and wash up after this" she whispered as she quickened her pace, watching as the liquid ran over her small hands, covering her skin and allowing her to quicken her strokes.

"T-Too good!" she heard Naruto growl lowly as she continued her assault on his cock. She looked up at the blond, noticing he was still wincing in pleasure, eyes closed. His head was thrown back as he body arched into her hands, his elbows shaky as the struggled to keep him up. Sakura's eyes couldn't help but wander as she noticed his sweaty shirt had began to ride up his stomach allowing her to see the blonde's muscled abs.

Sakura almost slapped herself as she felt her tongue swipe across her lips at the sight.

Looking back down at the now trembling flesh in her hands she couldn't help but feel the pink hue return to her cheeks.

"H-How good does it feel?" she asked as she twisted her hand across his tip, careful to catch all the precum, slowly jerking his length with it.

"I-It's amazing S-Sakura-chan" Naruto's deep and pained voice sent a tingle up her spine as she began to stroke harder, wanting to hear it again, "S-Sakura-chan's the b-best".

"Flattery eh?" Sakura could feel her own body becoming sweatier by the second in her red dress as she slowly leaned down, managing to catch a big whiff of the blonde's sweaty scent.

She felt the cock jump in her hands, and knowing what was about to transpire, Sakura moved the hand from the head; joining it with her other; and managing to finally fully wrap her hands around the thick meat.

She noticed that Naruto's elbows had finally given out on him as he slowly leaned down, panting harshly in the hot tent as he arched into her hands.

"C'mon….c'mon!" Sakura couldn't help but mutter as she began to quicken her pace on the cock, "Finish for mama!"

Her voice, along with the pleasure he was receiving from her amazingly soft hands, seemed to be enough to finally push Naruto over the edge.

"Holy" Sakura managed sputter out as she tried to avoid the cum that quickly began to shoot from the now jerking cock. The first four shots she noticed, had such a strong push behind them that they shot up and hit the roof of the tent.

"So thick" she thought as she continued to jerk the cum shooting penis, her hands becoming covered in the white thick almost mucus like substance that just wouldn't stop shooting from the moaning blond.

"S-Sakura" Naruto barely managed to cry out as he literally covered almost everything with cum. Thankfully; Sakura had managed to point the spewing penis to the side that was already covered in the blonde's previous loads.

After a full two and half minutes of teeth grinding, eye squeezing orgasm; Naruto's cock had finally started to slowly stop shooting, coming to a slowly dribble.

Letting go of the large member, Sakura quickly grabbed the blonde's jacket at began to wipe up all the cum that had been thrown on her during Naruto's orgasm.

"They didn't warn us that there'd be this much" Sakura complained quietly as she finished cleaning herself, her eyes still lingering on the now slowly softening cock.

Naruto's eyes were barely open, stuck in a gaze as he tried his best to catch his breath.

"T-That was amazing" he finally managed to grunt out as he lay in a pile of sweat, his chest heaving as a grin came to his face, "S-Sakura-chan! Y-You're awesome!"

"Yeah well" the pink haired girl couldn't help the small pink hue that came to her cheeks as she began to slowly crawl backward, throwing the now sticky jacket at the blond, "G-Get cleaned up. You're all empty now so I'm going!"

Getting a small thumbs up from the still laying blond, followed by a wheezy, "S-Sure thing Sakura-chan".

Turning back towards the zipper, happy to feel cool air hit her oh so hot body, Sakura whispered, "And remember what I said. You tell anyone about this and you're dead".

Naruto didn't even get a chance to respond as the girl quickly jumped out of the tent, zipping it back up behind her.

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