Iron Body Glass Heart

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Ch.1: Beginning of a new heroes Arc.

My body is made out of blades.

He lived his life with no regrets. He told the Wrought Iron Hero he would walk down this path, and regret nothing. That he would follow his ideal to the end, no matter how hypocritical he found it, he would see these borrowed dreams through to the end. He tempered his body through training and conflict, for years before setting out with his companion by his side…

My blood is of iron and my heart of glass.

His body bled for his ideal, while his heart and soul fractured like glass for each person he failed to save, for every smile he was unable to protect…and each one he was forced to take away…

I survived through countless battles.

He entered hundreds if not thousands of battlefields. Some were small skirmishes others massive wars that would determine the fates of nations. His Dream, his Ideal, lead him through countless battlefields

Not even once retreating.

Even when all was apparently lost, he refused to give up. More often than naught he would have to be dragged from the battlefield by his companion.

Not even once being victorious.

No matter how many battles he won nothing ever seemed to change. When one evil was vanquished another rose from the void, it left to fill its place. It was like trying to kill the ocean, one drop at a time. But he persevered.

Now I lie here alone.

In the end, all die alone. The greatest heroes of legend, Cu Chulainn, Hercules, even the great King Arthur, all died alone as legends. No one stands forever…not even a modern hero like himself… Cu Chulainn fell to the machinations of Medb and the spurned goddess Morrigan. Hercules to the wicked wiles of women and Hera. Both women scorned. While King Arthur fell to her own sister and bastard child. But hero fell not to the machinations of gods or spurned lovers, but to the Great White Dog. The servant of the Ninth of the Twenty-six Dead Apostle Ancestors. Primate Murder.

Forging iron on a hill of swords.

At his core, he was a mage, not a swordsman, nor an archer, but a mage with but a naught but two spells to his name…

Thus, my life needs no meaning.

The first defined him as a person, and the second, the second established him as a legend. For his second spell placed him on a pedestal that only five others could claim. In the end, the Hero known as Emiya Shirou, the Wrought Iron Hero, Demon King of the Sixth Heaven died, content, wanting only one thing…to make others happy. He died with no regrets, knowing full well he was leaving the world a much better place than he found it. And thus, he went on to the next great adventure…





SCANNING…RESULT FOUND. Contact with fae-artifact interrupted transmigration process.

Solution to quandary?

ASCENSION TO THRONE OF HEROES? Negative. Soul already exists on the Throne. See Heroic Spirit, EMIYA.

TOTAL PURGE OF SOUL AND IDENTITY FROM DATABASES? Negative. Unique existence, Sword Incarnation. The loss is unacceptable.



Reincarnation was a funny thing. When one dies, their memories were to be wiped, and a new personality was put in its place. While their former nature, life, and deeds were recorded by the Akasha Records for all eternity. Unless of course, one becomes famous enough to become a Heroic Spirit, then they are removed from the cycle of reincarnation entirely. However, much like how magecraft manipulated of the laws of the World much like programmers would manage a computer program, Akasha was much like a computer in regards to how it operated.

It filed away the deeds of a person, then much like wiping a disk, it erased the memories and personality before uploading a new one and sending the next soul out to live its life. This was what normally happened anyway. But several factors would cause the cuore of the being known as Emiya Shirou to be seen as a 'bug' within a flawless system.

This could be attributed to several factors.

The fact that he though in no way shape or form, possessed the blood of Oni-kind, nor was he an Dead Apostle Ancestor, yet he, a mere human had the 'alien common sense of demons' and with it, the ability to manifest a Reality Marble. It could have been the fact that for a majority of his life, he unknowingly had in his possession Avalon, the mystical sheath to Excalibur that could defend against even the power of True Magic itself. Perhaps it was due to the fact he claimed the Sixth Heaven for his own.

Whatever the reason, Akasha saw him as something akin to a bug, a glitch in the system. And thus, his soul shunted along quickly into the cycle of reincarnation. The usual process of purging the soul was ignored, yet a new persona was added on top of that which was already in place…creating a rather unique situation for the soon-to-be newborn in question.

"I swear to Oum after this, you're getting a vasectomy Xanthus Arc!" The woman in labor cried as she squeezed his hand in a vise-like grip.

"Yes Leona whatever you say, now just push!" Xanthus told his wife.

Squeezing his hand even harder, she cried out, "I am pushing! It's all your fault I'm like this for the eighth time!" Leona cried out through her contractions.

"I can see the head! Just give us one more big push Misses Arc!" the doctor told her calmly.

Doing as the medical professional commanded, pushing hard. Moments later a healthy cry of a newborn was heard, and Leona was panting from exertion while smiling happily.

"It's a boy!" The doctor, Dr. Avery Evergreen said, before adding, "No discernable Faunus trait. But congratulations on having a son you two. No doubt all of his older sisters will spoil him something rotten. Just let us get some info down on him and clean the lad up a bit, and then you can have him."

"Of course Dr. Evergreen thank you." Xanthus, a giant of a man with blonde hair and green eyes, said kindly.

A few moments later after his weight, hair and eye color, and aura levels were taken the baby was returned, the doctor sporting a surprised look on his face as he handed the child to his parents, who proceeded to nuzzle and cuddle with him. After a few minutes, Leona a lion Faunus with a mane of multicolored hair as her trait noticed Dr. Evergreen was still there, supposedly wishing to speak with them.

"Is something wrong Doctor?" she asked.

Shaking his head, the medical professional replied, "No, not wrong per say. It's just the lad there-"

The Doc was cut off by Xanthus saying, "Jaune, Jaune Julius Arc."

"An excellent name." Evergreen said with a nod before continuing, "Jaune there has an utterly massive level of aura."

Both parents blinked in surprise. 'Massive level of Aura?' they both thought.

"How massive are we talking?" Leona inquired.

"Well on average a fully grown adult without Hunter training has an Aura count of forty. A person who's gone through such training could have aura levels in the high hundreds, while veteran huntsmen like Ozpin are known to have aura levels that exceed one thousand, though it's rare...however an unconfirmed theory going around in the medical field is stating each generation is building off of the last, and that Faunus have more Aura than humans on average, though nothing is confirmed. So perhaps little Jaune here is strong because he is from an old lineage of Hunters. Who knows?"

Both husband and wife nodded, having been hunters themselves before settling down, Leona herself having served on the same team with the Headmaster of Beacon, Glynda Goodwitch, and her husband back when they were in the Academy together, and during the Great War. Knowing this Xanthus pressed, "But Jaune?"

"Jaune has an aura level of 1390. Nearly thirty-five times that of an average fully grown adult, and almost twice that of average Hunter, that being around seven hundred twenty."

Both parents looked gobsmacked. Then they looked down at the infant in their arms who was sleeping soundly against his mother's bosom. The Doc chuckled, "Yes, I suppose my face looked much the same when I first looked at the result. At first, I thought I did something wrong, so I did the test again. Same result. Then I checked the machine to make sure it was working right. Again, same result. So by my estimate, should Jaune receive proper Hunter training, he could roughly almost double that number as Hunters are trained to use their aura, and it grows as they do through their formative years, increasing by forty every year till the age of eighteen. Hence the seven hundred twenty count average should one not come from a Hunter background."

He paused then allowing the parents to absorb this before he continued, "Should his aura grow at an average rate, Jaune would have an aura level of two thousand one hundred ten, close to twice that of Ozpin, who holds the record for the highest Aura ever recorded at fourteen hundred I believe. Quite amazing, really."

After a moment, Xanthus managed to find his voice, "I-I see, thank you, doctor. If you could, please let our daughters know they could come in now, that would be great."

"Oh, of course, Congratulations again you two. I expect great things from young Jaune in the future."

The moment the man opened the door, eight people stampeded in, with a ninth coming in slower than the rest, a stylized pistol-grip cane in one hand, a mug of hot coffee in the other.

"Doctor Evergreen," Ozpin greeted with a polite nod before he sipped his cup, "Was there a problem with the birth?"

Laughing heartily, Evergreen replied, "Oh no, nothing like that Headmaster. It just seems we've found the 'you' of the next generation if young Jaune's aura count is anything to go by."

Raising a pencil-thin gray eyebrow, Ozpin mused, "Oh?"

"Oh yes, I'd tell you more, but doctor-patient confidentiality and all that." Ozpin nodded in understanding, and goodbye before approaching the bed that had all of the Arc Clan, plus Glynda surrounding the new addition.

"Congratulations you two, you finally have a son," Ozpin said before taking a sip of his precious coffee.

"Isn't he just precious Ozpin?" Leona cooed at her youngest, who was currently being held by Noir, her third eldest.

Smiling slightly the Beacon Headmaster replied, "He certainly is. I heard from the Doctor little Jaune here has quite an impressive Aura count. Though he didn't give me anything specific, he said they had potentially found the 'me' of this generation. So, I find myself intrigued. Just how much aura does my nephew possess?"

Leona sighed, "You never were one to let mysteries linger were you Oz? Well, if you must know, our little Jaune here has an aura level of almost fourteen hundred."

Glynda blinked in surprise, "That's higher than Ozpin's own aura level. Are you sure the doctor didn't make a mistake, or maybe a machine malfunctioned?"

"He did the test three times just to be sure." Xanthus crowed with pride.

Another sip of coffee before, "Astounding, I'm sure he'll make an excellent Huntsman when he comes of age."

"Hold it right there Ozpin!" Leona all but snarled, "Not even a day old, and you're already trying to decide your nephews' future? I don't think so. My son will not be a part of your Grand Games Ozpin!"

Ozpin wisely backed away, Leona was a lion Faunus, and as such, she was very protective of her children. It was just in her nature. And though he was strong, Leona was no slouch. Back on team GLOX (Clocks), she was the powerhouse of the team, while he had sheer speed due to his time alteration semblance. He may be able to avoid her blows, but only for so long. So, he backpedaled, "I meant no such thing, Leona. I would merely be surprised if the boy chose not to become a Huntsman. With both of your backgrounds, combined with his truly impressive aura…Well, it does seem a bit wasteful for him to not follow the same path as his parents, don't you think?"

"Ozpin," Xanthus said, his usually jovial voice growing slightly firm, "While we would like nothing better than any of our children to follow in our footsteps, ours was and is, a dangerous line of work. Should any of our children, not just Jaune choose the path of the Hunter, Leona and I shall fully support them. But only if they choose it, of their own volition…do you understand me?"

"Perfectly." The Beacon Headmaster replied between sips of coffee.

Xanthus nodded, "Good, now would you like to hold your nephew?"

Leaning his cane against the wall, he took up the baby with one arm smiling as he slept soundly despite being passed around by almost a dozen people. Ozpin didn't know whether or not this boy would choose to become a Huntsman in the future, but for some reason, at that moment, he felt like he could bet his semblance that he'd be seeing him daily in about seventeen years.

Seven going on eight years passed and Jaune Arc lived a normal life, he played laughed had fun, hobbies. He tended to act more mature, caring, and helpful than his age would suggest, but, being one of two men in a house full of eight women, one could chalk it up to him having to mature emotionally rather quickly or face hormonal rage.

Then, a month before his eighth birthday, something odd began to occur. Jaune began having a recurring dream. Swords, spears, daggers, armor, and shields of all make and model. They were impaled in the earth point first like grave markers for fallen soldiers. He stood atop a hill overlooking this destitute battlefield the sun stuck in a perpetual twilight, turning the blue sky caramel. In the distance, flames ringed the horizon.

The blonde-haired blue-eyed boy stared out at the scene with impassive boredom written on his face, 'Not this dream again!'

But it was, it was the exact same dream that had been reoccurring for all of three weeks now. At first, he thought it was cool, dreaming of a forgotten battlefield like this, but nothing ever happened here. He just sat and stared at a hill and plane covered in blades until he woke up. Well, not this time! This time, Jaune Arc got to his feet and began walking amongst the veritable armory of weapons. As he walked amongst the blades, one set in particular caught his eye. They were a pair of falchions, one black with a tortoise shell pattern, the other a cloudy white. Each had a stripe of color from the other running down their centers within that, a black and white circle with two dots of the other color in the center. The grips were wrapped in black leather, and the overly large pommels were of red metal.

Next to the crisscrossed blades was a great black bow made of some unknown material. Walking over to the blades, he picked them up. The moment he did, two names entered him mind's eye. Kanshou and Bakuya, the Married Twin Swords. These foreign names made him drop the blades in shock, where the clattered into the dusty earth.

'What was that?' Jaune asked himself. Deciding to try something, he reached out towards the black bow…the moment he laid his hands on it, he heard an unfamiliar voice say two words.

"Trace on."

"Trace on? What does that even-Gah!" Jaune cried out as burning hot pain flared throughout his body and in his mind's eye, he saw the barrel of a revolver rotating before firing.

"AHH!" Jaune awoke with a startled gasp, lashing out with his arms and sending his sheets flying off of his bed. Feeling like his stomach was in his throat, he just managed to make it to the bathroom before he retched loudly into the toilet.

The young blonde was so busy emptying bile in the bathroom, he didn't hear the knocking at his door, nor when said door was forced open, but he heard his youngest sister, the eleven-year-old Indigo a dependable though a bit overly emotional girl call out, "Jauney, is everything ok?"

"No, I think I've got a fever," Jaune called back.

"Oh no, not on your big day!" Indigo cried out.

Taking several deep breaths through his nose, Jaune said, "I'm just turning a year older Indy. It's not that big a deal. Not like I'm attending Signal or something. Now can you go get mom or something? Please?" The last word came out as that of the sickly child Jaune was, rather than the mature adult he often acted as.

Thus, Indigo Arc knew her little brother indeed was feeling his worst. For she knew it took a lot for her little bother to actually act his age. Not that his maturity was an act, no. Often times her brother though the youngest of all of them, was easily the most responsible. He felt he had to be the 'man of the house' whenever dad was gone on missions, and he was always ready and willing to cook if mom wasn't in the mood.

Indigo was just about to hurry out of the room when a calm, quiet voice asked, "What's wrong with Jaune?"

Turning on her heel and placing a hand over her hammering heart and brushing her dark-blue locks out of her eyes Indigo chastised, "Noir, you almost scared the life out of me!"

"Only almost?" She said with a ghost of a smirk, "Then I shall have to try harder next time."

Noir was 5'11, with long flowing black hair and eyes that flashed burnished gold. She wore a black silken camisole that clung to her like spider silk, and she could like all in the family, move on catspaws when she desired, which for her, was often.

"Indigo, is that Noir?" Jaune called from the bathroom.

"Yes Jaune, I'm here. What's wrong?" A hint of concern in her inquisitive tone.

Again Jaune called from the bathroom, "I'm not feeling well sis, could you stay with me while Indy goes to get mom?"

A curt nod, "Of course," She then turned to her youngest sister, "You heard him, get going."

With that, she entered the bathroom scrunching her nose up only slightly at the smell emanating from the toilet before giving it a glance and saying, "Well you didn't throw up dinner. What's the matter Jaune?"

"Is Indy gone?" He asked in response.

"Yes, why?" Noir asked curiosity piqued.

"And you just got that job with those Schnee jerks right?"

"Jaune they're not that bad, they did hire me and gave me funding and a salary for my research." The third eldest Arc sister chastised.

"They hired you because of your last name, and as a scapegoat for all of their racist practices." Jaune shot back, feeling too awful to beat around the bush.

Noir didn't even bother to refute him. Instead, she retorted calmly, "I'm well aware. But if I can give people hope-"

"False hope."

"And use what I discover to advance Faunus in the eyes of the general public-" Noir continued as if her little brother hadn't spoken, only to be cut off again.

"Oh, so you're using the Schnee for their money. Wow, I didn't realize you were so devious Noir."

'He always gets so pessimistic and sarcastic when he's stressed out or ill.' Noir thought before she sighed and decided to change the subject.

"What happened Jaune?"

The blonde was silent for a time before he finally spoke, "You believe in things that can't be explained right?"

"I believe that certain theories have yet to be proven correct. Such as the exact nature of the Creatures of Grimm, and the very nature of Aura and its relation to Dust itself. I am a scientist Jaune, not a preacher. As such it is my job to test things and see if they prove true or not, not just blindly believe them to be so."

The eight-year-old nodded, "Good because something weird has been happening to me lately, and I may need your help sis."

Raising an eyebrow, Noir said, "Explain."

He told her of his recurring dream, of the endless plane of swords and other bladed weapons, and how just recently, he'd went out and touched them.

"Kanshou and Bakuya… names you heard in your head when you touched them?" A nod from the youngest Arc. "Hmm, strange. Then what happened?"

"I picked up the black bow and heard something else. Something like a phrase or passcode." Jaune replied as he thought back on it.

"What was it?"

It was really weird, just two words but…it made me burn up when I said them aloud in the dream. The words were…Trace on."

Once again, Jaune felt heat and pain flow through him once again. But it didn't feel nearly as bad as last time. Now it was more akin to stretching disused muscle than the vomit inducing fever he'd had previously.

"Jaune your aura spiked ever so slightly when you said those words. How curious. Is there anything else you can remember? Anything at all?"

Rubbing his temples in thought, the blonde did recall one missing detail. "Right before I woke up, I saw a gun like a revolver being chambered back and firing."

"Some sort of last moment apparition? An image induced by your fever, or perhaps…" Jaune knew his sister was deep in thought when she spoke aloud like this so he stayed quiet and waited for her to finish.

"It could be part of some kind of psychological trigger along with the words I mean."

"A psychological trigger? You mean like hypnosis?"

"Indeed, in fact, according to a recent paper I read published by a Gepetto Poledina, it's believed that the soul can be touched even manipulated through used of such techniques." Another pause before, "He even theorized one could activate their aura's and even find their semblances should they enter a trance-like state."

Slowly Jaune nodded, "Let's say you're right, and something did happen to trigger my aura. How do we find out?"

Before Noir could answer, the door to his room burst open and their mother yelled, "Jaune, sweetie are you alright?!"

Yet what frightened the blue-eyed blonde more than his mother's impending coddling was the look in his sister's eyes. For there he saw hunger. Hunger mixed with curiosity. Jaune gulped as he suddenly felt like a guinea pig who was about to be subjected to all manner of horrendous tests and experiments.

"Once mother is finished fretting over you, we'll simply have to…run some tests."

Jaune shivered involuntarily, and it had nothing to do with his fever. 'This is turning out to be the worst birthday ever.' Jaune had thought to himself before the torture known as 'motherly coddling' began.

Little did he know that by day's end, a series of strange events would snowball together, leading to this particular birthday becoming one he would remember fondly for the rest of his life.

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But anyway, I wanted to try something different from my usual style of writing in which I ATTEMPT to update a fic everyday/every other day rather than every couple of weeks or months like I usually do. Hence, the shorter chapters, but hopefully more frequent chapter updates. That said, tell me how I did. Good? Bad? Meh? Please let me know in a review/PM. Thanks for reading and till next time, Peace out all!

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