Wow it's been a long time since I have touched a keyboard with the intent of writing a Sailor Moon fan fiction. But 4 months later I am writing this new one....I hope you all enjoy It's Always Gonna Be Love. Please Review! I would really appreciate to see how you guys are going to like this one!

"Where am I?" Hino Rei asks looking around the grand palace she now stood in. "Who's there?"
"Rei." Her name comes out softly as a woman with long silvery hair steps in front of her.
"Queen Serenity." Rei drops onto one knee bowing before the queen, "Am I dead?" Rei asks suddenly remembering the battle below her, remembering how she had pushed Usagi out of the way of a blast directed at her.
Queen Serenity nods softly, "Yes, my dear you are. But I saw what you did for my daughter down their. You are a true guardian so I brought you here to grant a wish, any wish you would like."
Rei's brow furrows, knowing what her heart wishes for more than anything but knowing Usagi's true mother wouldn't like the request.
"Your heart years for the Prince of Earth." Queen Serenity states slowly.
"I know I can not have him." Rei softly states tears filling her eyes. "He is Usagi, Princess Serenity's soul mate."
Queen Serenity gazes into Rei's eyes, as if to read her soul, "You wish for nothing more. You would prefer to be dead then take away my daughter's soul mate."
Rei nods softly, "I wouldn't ever do anything to hurt Usagi-Chan, ever."
"I know this, this is why I am going to send you to a universe that my daughter doesn't even exist in." Serenity states.
"Serenity I strongly disagree with this." Another woman emerges out of the shadows, this one with long black hair twisted into a style similar to the queen's.
"Rei, this is my sister Fate, she doesn't like when I mess with universes." The silvery queen smiles softly at Rei, "But you have always been so selfless when it comes to my daughter. You deserve one thing for yourself. So Hino Rei I grant your wish."