Chapter 2

Rei pushes herself off the couch and picks up the cordless phone handing on the wall, "hello?'

"Rei dear." Rei immediately recognizes her mother's voice.

"Hi mama." Rei responds wandering through the house.

"I'm glad I caught you before you left, listen can we meet an hour later at the restaurant?"

"Sure." Rei responds entering the bathroom. "Is something wrong?"

"No, it's just something I ordered is supposed to come in an I need to sign for it."

"Mama, why can't one of the servants sign for it? " Rei asks sighing inwardly at her mother's logic.

"It's Jerry's birthday present and I don't want to risk one of them slipping and telling him anything about it."

"Oh OK..." Rei stops suddenly as her eyes fall on something sitting on the counter.

"Rei-Chan, honey are you there?" Rei's mother's voice eventually breaks in through Rei's stunned brain.

"Yeah, sorry mama what were you saying?" Rei asks.

"I was just saying meet us at Raphela's at noon, OK?"

Rei nods and realizing her mother was expecting a vocal response she states, "all right see you then.," before hanging up the phone.

Rei picks up the box and stares at the sign, here was the thing that she had been unable to recall, the pregnancy test she had taken the night before and telling Mamoru that he was going to be a father.

A bright smile falls across her face as she stares in the mirror as she twirls a lock of her shoulder length black hair. After awhile Rei finally realizes that she should probably be getting ready so that she can meet her mother for lunch and she turns on the shower.

"Hi Mama." Rei hugs her mother in greeting. Everything about her is in perfect order, from her short dark hair to her long manicured finger nails and the fashionable, undoubtedly expensive designer dress. The twins, Laurel and Katie seem to be in the same condition their mother is Laurel's hair is in the same style as Naoko's while Katie's hair seems to be a bit longer and styled differently. But the girls attitudes are obviously very different, Laurel seems bored to be there while Katie looks slightly more cheerful. They outfits capture their personalities as well, Laurel wears gray pants and white button down blouse while Katie wears green cargo capris, a blue shirt and in her hand she holds a pink hat.

"Rei-Chan we thought we would have you over for dinner for Jerry's birthday. Do you think you and Mamoru can make it?" Naoko questions.

Remembering the pocket calendar Rei had found and slipped into her purse she pulls it out and finding the square that has "Jerry's Birthday" written in it she nods, "I don't think we have anything planned, I will have to check with Mamoru but that shouldn't be a problem."

Naoko smiles and nods, "good. How has Mamoru been doing?"

"He's been good," Rei responds, "really busy, you know."

"The life of a doctor." Naoko nods, "I love that dress on you, where'd you get it?"

Rei had randomly picked the pink 50's styled dress out of her closest, "I can't remember."

"Well it's just precious." Naoko gushes, "but your hair is at an awkward length isn't it, though?"

Rei takes a deep breath, "I guess."

"I'll make an appointment with my hair stylist, don't you have that Christmas party tonight?"

"How do you know about the Christmas party?" Rei asks.

"Well I have to find out these things on my own, since you don't seem to care whether I know what's going on in your life or not." Naoko comments tapping her nails on the table, obviously impatient for the waiter to arrive.

"I'm sorry Mother, I just think about it, Mamoru had to remind me of it this morning."

"Well then you're going to need a dress." Naoko comments.

Rei shoots a look at her sisters who seem to be begging her to take the critical attention off of them, "if you think that's what I need mother, and the girls don't mind me cutting in on their shopping time."

"We don't mind!" Laurel and Katie quickly chime in.

"Good, then we can get your hair cut, your nails done and find you a dress, we do have all day after all." Naoko states as the waiter heads their way.

When Rei got back to her house 6 and a half hours later exhausted was the only word that could describe how she felt. She had a bag with her newly acquired dress that she immediately dropped on the chair next to the chair she dropped into. Finally realizing that she had to be ready to leave in an hour Rei finally hoisted herself out of the comfortable chair and walked over to the blinking answering machine.

"You have four new messages."

Rei skipped the first two message and then saved them they were both for Mamoru the third caught her attention though. "Hi Rei, it's Dad, listen I'm going to be in town in a week and will be in town for a week or two, I thought maybe we could get together. I'll call you when I get to Tokyo, I love you." Rei takes a deep breath in between the messages, this was some life Queen Serenity had dropped her in. "Fourth message 4:30 p.m. Rei I'm running late at the hospital but I will be home around 7, in just enough time to get showered and dressed, if you could set out my suit I would appreciate it. I love you."

Rei touches her hair gently, the hair dresser had taken a little more than an inch off and then had twisted it into a complicated twist and used nearly half a bottle of hair spray to hold it in place. Glancing at her watch Rei sighs, she had half an hour before Mamoru was to get home so she set about pulling out his suit and getting it ready for him and then she pulled her dress out of the wrapping the department store had placed it in.

When Mamoru got home he quickly kissed Rei and headed to the shower leaving Rei to quickly pull the knee length, slightly flared out spaghetti strap red dress on and tie the forest green ribbon around her still slim waist, she was pregnant but obviously not very far along. Rei barely managed to apply her make-up with the barely usable nails her mother had insisted she get for the party, to go along with the dress they were acrylic nails with red french tips.

"You look beautiful." Mamoru breathes coming into the bedroom in his white towel, quickly drying his hair.

"Thank you, but you look like you are going to make us late to this party." Rei laughs handing Mamoru his suit so he can quickly change before they hurry toward the pary.