Part One: the Backstory

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Chapter 1

My name is Spock. I suppose the Terran term to describe me would be that I was 'a geeky friendless nature boy', and that would be pretty accurate. But if being 'a geeky friendless nature boy' means that I am the first Vulcan to discover… well, you'll see. But I wasn't friendless. Not really. But my friends aren't quite Vulcan, either. My closest friend was I-Chaya, my pet sehlat. I didn't wish I was friends with the other boys. Really. If they were shallow to accept someone who was half human, then who needs them anyway. But my story began a long time ago, well, not so long really. Not for someone with a lifespan of 200 years. But that's beside the point. It started several years ago, when I was six. I often went out into the desert with I-Chaya, where no one else was, and told my mother I was studying. In reality, school lessons were all ridiculously easy. I didn't want anyone to know that I found them so, of course. No reason to seem more different than I already was. But I-Chaya accepted me for who I was, and really, however illogical, I loved him for that. We were the best of friends, and did almost everything together. In fact, one day, I started to realize that I understood him. Not completely, of course, but not just reading the wagging tail, or the hanging tongue. No, I understood some of his words. I had long believed that he understood much of what I said, this may have been at least partially because he belonged to my father before me, and had been among Vulcans many years. But when I realized I could understand him… I thought it was some strange ability of my human half, something to be ashamed of. I certainly did not tell my parents, or any others! But soon, I began to actually try and learn the language! It may have been, in part, because I wanted to rebel. I was angry at my parents that day, and wished to do something not-Vulcan, to go against what was expected of me. In secret, of course. I could not risk my father being disappointed in me. But soon, I truly wished to know my sehlats language! It was fascinating, and I-Chaya was glad to teach me. It was incredible, how well I came to further know my pet. In fact, I began to see him as less of a pet, but as perhaps, a cousin. I came to realize that he had feelings, emotions, and thoughts, that were far beyond what Vulcans believed sehlats to have. They thought sehlats to be animals, unthinking, yet I discovered that was not true. Or at least it wasn't true in the case of I-Chaya. In any case, there was one day that I was exploring with I-Chaya, when a sandstorm blew up. I tried to get to safety, but I was only 6 years of age, and could not face the storm. I surely would have died had I-Chaya not rescued me, and dragged me off to a cave, which was as far as he could take me in such weather. It stormed all night.


Spock awoke in a dark cave with I-Chaya sitting over him. There were some leaves in the selhat's mouth, and Spock chewed on them obligingly. I-Chaya's ears perked up at something, and he walked away. Spock attempted to sit up, but a pounding headache efficiently ended that attempt. He began to meditate on the pain, and it soon began to fade. Yet the leaves appeared to have a severely tiring effect, and Spock soon sunk back into unconsciousness, unaware of the conversation outside the cave mouth.

"Please, Clawsworth!" I-Chaya begged. "He is only a pup, and even besides he is not fully taker to begin with! I raised him and his father, I can vouch for him. He will keep our secret. He has no friends among the takers, he may be trusted, I promise you."

"Farsight, I know you care for the pup, and I know he is not among the takers, but he has aligned himself with them. He cannot be trusted. We will keep him here and care for him till he is healed enough to travel, then you will return him to his birth parents. That is all."

"He could bring peace!" I-Chaya, whose name in selhat was Farsight (or it would be if translated) insisted. "We must allow him to see! What have we to gain in keeping distance from the takers, if something more can be brought? I tell you, he is not like them, he could bring change!"

"Farsight, your name is true, for though your eyes are keen, also do you look ahead to the future, alert for change. But perhaps you see to far. The takers are not ready for change! They have plans even now to expand! They have no intention of return anything."

"Perhaps that is so. But it need not be that all be changed. We may simply work in the life of Spock. He may help prepare the way, and would that not be enough?"

"You gamble too much." Clawsworth growled, in his deep voice. "We cannot trust the son of a taker. That is all. He shall see no more of us, only you. It should not take long for him to recover, his wounds are not serious."

"I understand, however I hope yet to change your mind."

"I know, but you shall not. Turn your mind to other things, Farsight. There are things which can be accomplished now, why waste time on the unachievable? I hold the greatest respect for you, but this is more than time will now permit." I-Chaya (or Farsight) hung his head, and Clawsworth bowed his head in dismissal, and walked away. I-Chaya turned, and walked back to Spock, and lay by his side, reassuring the boy's subconscious that it was alright now, that everything would be okay. Spock curled into his sehlat's side, a slight whimper escaping his fevered lips. I-Chaya sighed quietly, he had thought this might work. Just for once he's thought it might. Perhaps Clawsworth was right. Maybe it was time to turn his attention to something else. He looked down at Spock. Oh well. At least his pup was safe.