It was a sight to behold.

The wind swirled around, preparing for its arrival. Stepped out of the fog were its familiar. A parade of colorful animals with serpentines and balloons and everything that reminded her of a carnival. Kyoko smirked bitterly at the thought.

If this was a carnival, it might as well be the carnival of death.

She could see a familiar figure stood among the parade. It was Homura. The redhead widened her eyes in disbelief. She was going to fight it - the strongest witch ever in existence - alone? It was a desparated situation, everybody could tell. But her amethyst eyes said otherwise. It was filled with determination. Kyoko shook her head. Homura was truly something.

Just what kind of bastard would she be, if she let Homura fight on her own?

She jumped down from her hiding spot and walked toward Homura. "Hey," she casually said, "You won't survive if you face that thing alone, you know?"

The effect was instantaneous. The purple Puella magi whipped around at her voice, her eyes widened in surprise. "Kyoko?" The redhead nodded. "The one and only." She averted her gaze to the horizon. "So, the witch is coming huh?" She smiled. "Need a hand?"

Homura nodded wordlessly. Kyoko smiled in satisfaction and then transformed. A bright, red light swallowed her in the process. After a few second the light died out, revealed her in her battle dress. Homura too, followed the example. Neither said a word as they waited. Waited for the arrival of the witch.

And then came the queen.

'She' emerged from the gray sky. The witch wore an elegant blue Victorian gown and a pointy hat. It had no legs but gears - a big-ass one, even. Out of all the witchs the Puella magi had encountered, this one resembled a witch most.

Also most terrifying.

It needn't hide in a barrier. Its mere presence brought destruction to the surrounding. Hundreds of people died upon its arrival. Buildings and buildings were levitated from the ground. Its dreadful laughter rang through the air.

'She' was the Stage-constructing witch, grown from the combination of countless other of its kin. She was a legend to Puella Magis, only known through rumors. Few had actually encountered her, and almost none of them survived to tell the tale. The world was 'her' stage. Until 'she' completely changed the whole of this age into a drama, 'she' would not stop rotating. 'She' would turn all of fate's misfortune to nothing. 'She' would flood the earth with magic, and take all of humankind into 'her' play.

A moving stage construction.

'Her' name was Walpurgisnacht.

Tomorrow, and the day after, is the night of Walpurgis.



Normally, Hibari Kyoya didn't attack girls.

No, he wasn't being sexist. In his view, girls or boys were the same. Weak and pathetic. Those herbivores always fled at the mere sight of him. He didn't fight girls because they knew better than to approach him, and it wasn't worth it.

That was until he met her.

The thing was, he always patrol around the city in the dead of night. He didn't need any more herbivore like him disrupting his Namimori. The orange herbivore and the baby already brought enough trouble, too much for his liking. On the other hand, they attracted stronger herbivores too, and this somewhat pleased him. Just somewhat.

And why midnight? There's less crowding, less useless herbivores to deal with. And he certainly enjoyed the cool, chilling, peaceful air.

Then a clicking sound caught his attention. His eyes darted around for any suspicious herbivore and finally, after ten seconds, they laid on a girl in front of an ATM. She had ridiculously long pale red hair that was tied up into a high ponytail. Her bangs made it hard for him to make out the color of her eyes. Was the girl breaking the ATM? He narrowed his eyes. She dared to steal money in front of his eyes? Unacceptable. He growled loud enough for the girl to hear. "Herbivore."

The redhead turned around. He could see it, the mischievousness and the fire in her red eyes - was she wearing contacts? "Herbivore?" She spoke, sucking the pocky stick in her mouth, clearly confused. "Do I look like a vegetarian to you?"

"A herbivore is a herbivore." He replied, his cold eyes fixed on hers. Every herbivore he had come across would flinch under his glare and run for their lives right now.

However, she did not. In fact, she didn't seem like she was bothered by his killing intent at all. She just lazily stood there, her scarlet eyes bored into him, daring him to make a move.


Neither of them moved for a long time. Her lazy stare was locked with his piercing one. They were waiting for the other to falter. And he wasn't going to back down from this battle of will.

Finally, after a very long time, she released a sigh and shrugged. "Whatever. For your information, I eat meat too."

"Hn." He replied. She raised an eyebrow at his answer. "By the way, who are you ?" She didn't know him? She's not from this town then. And he hated that.

"None of your concern." She frowned at the answer, putting her hands on her hip.

"What? How rude of you, a lady is asking you here." She paused, her pocky stick leaning on the edge of her lips, "The least you could do is answer it. It's common sense, buddy."

"Doesn't matter," He replied, "All you need to know is you're disrupting the peace of Namimori"

"Peace? You're the one who interrupted me from doing my job." She retorted.

"You're busting an ATM."

"So? Survival is important" She shrugged. "And so is money. Not like I can get a job." She crouched down again to casually resume doing the previous activity as if he wasn't there. Was she look down on him? "But still, it's embarrassing, getting caught red-hand."

He could feel his patience wearing thin "Stop what you're doing and leave, herbivore."

"Leave?" She asked, annoyance in her voice. She didn't even bother to look up at him.

She got guts, he had to admit. Not everyone could be so casual with the infamous prefect, except the baby. And now her. He raised his tonfas. The sound of metal must have caught her attention as she titled her head to face him at such an extreme angle that he thought it was impossible to do that.

"You don't own this place. You don't have an effin' say on what I do." He noticed her gaze flicked down to the tonfas for a second before glancing up at him. "Tonfas, really? Such a strange choice of weapon. But, it's not like I'm the one to complain." She grinned.

Oh how he wanted to wipe that cocky grin off her face. "I'll bite you to death." He growled menacingly. Her grin only grew wider. "Oh, kinky, don't you?" She took a bite of her pocky and then continued to leave it between her teeth. "I'd like to see you try, boy."

And that was all he need before he launched himself toward the redhead. He swung one of his tonfas down, waiting for its cold metal skin to hit her pale flesh.

What he didn't expect, however, was the redhead jumping backward, successfully dodged his blow. And on her hand was a handful of money. "Sorry, Tonfa-boy," He twitched at the nickname, "But I'm busy. Until next time, 'kay?"

The feeling of surprise in the prefect soon faded and was replaced with excitement. An interesting herbivore. "Do you think you can escape from me?" From what he had seen, the girl was strong. And he desired battles. This opportunity was simply too good to pass up.

"I don't think, buddy" She shook her head in a playful manner. "I will." After the declaration, she jumped up- he widened his eyes as she jumped off from her position and in a blink of an eye, she was now standing gracefully on the nearby roof, grinning at him smugly.

He calmly watched as the girl was leaping between rooftops. He'd let her go- for now. But it wouldn't be long. As long as she still remained on Namimori, he would find her. No matter where she hid. It's just a matter of time before he bit her to death.

So with that, he turned on his heel and walked away, disappearing into the darkness.


May the fate guide us

Kyoko Sakura didn't know what had driven her to come to Namimori.

"I'll probably return to Kazamino." was what she had said, and Homura raised her eyebrows in confusion.

Together they had, miraculously, defeat the mighty Walpurgisnacht. The witch was a pain in the ass, she had to admit. After the fight, her Grief Seed supply had decreased quite a bit, which was a lot since she had like what, more than fifty? But well, the witch dropped loads of Grief Seed so it didn't matter much. But still.

Madoka had approached them after that, worry and relief on her face.

"Why?" Homura and Madoka asked at the same time. She answered.

"Well, the Walpurgisnacht was down, so there won't be really many witches around here anymore." She paused, "Since there is an excellent magical girl in Mitakihara, I won't have much chance." She pulled out a pocky and ate it. "So I'll leave. Simple as that."

The girls nodded in understanding. Madoka spoke up, "How about going to Namimori?"

"Namimori?" From what she knew, Namimori was a small and peaceful town. Too peaceful for her taste in fact. Nothing interesting was there. But Madoka must have recommended the town for a reason. So she waited for Madoka to continued.

"Well, I heard some... interesting rumors about Namimori. Something about a demon prefect. With strength that can rival with a Puella Magi, if the rumors are true."

"Hmm... sound interesting." She bit another pocky. A strength that can match a Puella Magi's? That had indeed caught her attention. "Okay, maybe I'll check it out." She grinned and patted the girl's head. "Thanks."

And with a final wave of goodbye from Madoka, a nod from Homura and a grin from her, she set off to Namimori.

That was the story of two weeks ago. Now that she had been here, she quickly found a place to sleep. It was a rental of course. And the people here was so kind that it made it easier to- erm- steal stuff (not that she was proud of it- but survival was important)

However, that changed when she encountered the infamous protector of Namimori.

Apparently, that guy didn't have a habit of normal people. How could she know that the most feared person in this place always patrols in effin' midnight, instead of going to sleep like normal people?

Now she knew why she hadn't come across a lot of gangs like the other cities, even when it was 12 o'clock.

Her first impression of him was aloof. Like a cloud.

"Herbivore" was what he had called her. So that was his term for weaklings? An irregular turn of phrase, she mused. Was it because he views the world as a food chain?


She could feel his glare on her. Threatened her, analyzing her, screaming at her to run away.

Not that she was affected by it. He wasn't the only stubborn one. So she returned the gesture with her own, albeit a lazy one, but it was still a glare. The competition last for a long time. She mentally smirked. It looked like she had found a rival. Of stubbornness.

As much as she wanted to continue, however, she still had unfinished business here. The night wouldn't last long, and she was falling short of cash. So she ignored him and returned to her previous activity. It would only take a couple more steps and voila, mission completed.

She knew he was boiling with anger that was directed at her, for ignoring him. The action would provoke everyone, including her, so she wasn't really surprised.

She heard a metal sound. She turned around. The raven was holding metal tonfas. Tonfas? "Tonfas, really? Such a strange choice of weapon." Her spear came into mind as she said that, causing her to grin. "But, it's not like I'm the one to complain." Who would use a medieval weapon in the age of Guns and Nuclear weapons?

(At the same time, in an unknown place in Italy, a certain pineapple sneezed.)

This guy was a bloodthirsty type, Kyoko concluded. He would never miss a chance to 'bite people to death' as the prefect put it.

He had strength to back it up, too. Madoka wasn't kidding when she said the guy could put up a fight with a Puella Magi. He lunged at her with an impressive speed that no normal people could be fast enough to dodge. Just what the heck did he eat?

Fortunately, she was not normal in any way. Plus, she wasn't be called 'the fastest magical girl alive' for nothing. So she avoided the upcoming blow with ease. While Mister Herbivore was widening his eyes in surprise, she instantaneously approached the ATM and collected the money. Just as she finished, her opponent snapped out of the current state and prepared to land another strike at her.

From what she had seen so far, with this fella as an opponent, she would have to transform in order to get away unscathed. And she would like to avoid that scenario, thank you very much. A Puella Magi's secret wasn't something to be spilled so easily.

"Sorry, Tonfa-boy," she watched with satisfaction as the boy twitched at the nickname. "But I'm busy. Until next time, 'kay?"

"Do you think you can escape from me?" He replied. Of course he would say that. She slightly crouched to prepare for her escape. "I don't think, buddy" She shook her head in a playful manner. "I will."

Not giving the raven a chance to attack her, she jumped off the ground and land on the nearby roof. While a Puella Magi's agility, strength and speed could only be boost while she was under transformation, it wasn't necessary to dress-up to perform a long, abnormal jump. While doing this would for sure raise suspicion, but it was still a preferable alternate choice, as nothing Magical-girl-related came into the scene here. She took a final glance at the stunned expression on his face, letting the grin crept up on her face and leaped off the roof.

Now that she was alone again, she pondered at the events. With Tonfa-guy came into the picture, it would be harder to perform stealing from now on. She frowned. And she would have to fight that guy more often since it would be impossible to avoid that guy. Namimori was his territory, and the town wasn't that big to begin with. She thought of her Grief Seed supply which was carefully hidden in her room. Her grief seed supply, unless she fought witches on a weekly basis (which was unlikely since only Mikitahira had that many witches, and Walpurgis just had been defeated too so now not even Mikitahira reach that amount), would last for at least ten years from now. But if she had to fight that violent mons- guy (she was more a monster than that guy was) on a, she dare say, daily basis, she would at some point had to use magic. Then just exactly how long she would last, even with a Walpurgis-level Grief Seed supply?

She shook her head. She was worrying too much. With that guy or not, she would certainly last for a very long time, longer than she would. And besides, she smiled melancholy, Puella Magi was never mean to live for long.

She bit her pocky that has been in her mouth the entire time and slowly ate it up, savoring the familiar sweetness.

Walking on the earth for more than thirty years, was a fortune no Puella Magi dare to dream.



After a week living here, Kyoko decided, that this town was odd.

Firstly, it would always be approximately five a.m in the morning when a loud noise woke her up. It was a high-pitched scream at first (she cringed at the sound every time she heard it, who the heck can scream that high?) and was then follow by a gunshot (she snapped out of her sleeping state) and finally a loud yell of "REBORN!" was heard. (Seriously, she was trying to sleep here! How come nobody has complaint about this yet?)

Sometimes, she let her curiosity got the better of her and peeked out of the window. And she always gawked at what she saw.

A boy who only wore a pair of yellow boxer ran out of the house at an immense speed. And casually walked out of the door was a strange baby whose hand held a green gun that was filling with smoke at its tip. Kyoko whistled. Who gave the baby a gun?

Out of all things she had expected when she came to this small town, a baby who wears suits was not one of them.

And neither was a boy running around in only his boxers and a bright, yellow flame burning on his forehead. She raised her eyebrows. Wouldn't that hurt?

After a few days, however, she just shrugged it away and went back to sleep, not noticing the baby looking at her direction with an unreadable expression that no baby should have. But when she did, she tried to ignore the dread feeling in her stomach-

'That baby is not normal' something inside her whispered, 'He is dangerous. Unknown. Like Kyubey.'

-to no avail, unfortunately.

And some days after, during one of her 'jobs', she heard explosions coming from the school. She had tried to investigate, but when she noticed the tonfa boy, she gave up the idea. (Later, she learned he loved that school more than everything in the world and would be there most of the time, which made it easier for the redhead to do stuff.)

On the side note, there was a fool here to. Abadoning his life- something every Puella Magi cherished- so easily, and almost suceed too. But the redhead was there, on the rooftop, at that time. She was pissed, very pissed.

"What are you doing, boy?"

He whipped around, his dull eyes widening at her figure. She lazily approached him while munching a cupcake in the procese. After a minute of silence - the only one who was there at that moment was her and the fool- she sat down next to him, observing the school. She had never gone to school since the accident, so it was a decent school, she guess. But not enough for the tonfa boy to love it so dearly.

"Going to give up so easily?" She tried not to raise her voice in anger.

"After the baseball god threw me away, I have nothing left." An answer. A pathetic one but nonetheless, an answer.

"So you lost your only purpose at life. Your life is meaningless without it. Am I right?" He slightly flinched. Then he slowly nodded.

To some extent, she could see a small part of her in the boy. They both lost their world. They were jealous of the others, of the happiness that they didn't have.

But unlike him, she continued to move on. Dull and meaningless it might be, but it was better than to die.

Or worse, to turn into a witch, the very same creature she hunted, the only purpose she had now to keep moving forward.

"You're an idiot. Pathetic."

"You don't understand my feeling." He growled at her. His eyes was sharp, cold and dull.

"You know nothing about me. Do not go around and make assumption that you're the only one who've lost themselves."

His glare softened. She could hear the footsteps was near. Someone was going up here. And she could spot a crowd that was starting to form under her feet. She got up from her position, stretching her arms lazily.

"Well, we got company. No doubt the tonfa boy would be here soon-" she saw the boy raised an eyebrow at the nickname "-so goodbye for now. If you decided to stop being an idiot, that is."

She left, but not before spare a glance at the audience, well-hidden behind the building. She was certain that the mysterious figure caught it anyway.

She had a hunch that it was the baby.

After that fiasco, she soon found the guy again, with the same boy who ran out of the house in boxers everyday, with a goofy grin on his face. She was leaning on the nearby pole when they noticed her. On her hand was a custard cream puff, Namimori style. It was quite delicious. The black hair boy waved at her excitedly, "Oh, you're the girl from before!"

"So you'd decided to grow a brain and not jump off. Congrats."

He laughed. "Yeah, it was pretty stupid of me." He wrapped his arms around the brunet next to him and the said boy yelped at the contact. "If it wasn't for Tsuna, I wouldn't be here now."

She looked at 'Tsuna'. The boy was short, he had an impossible spiky hair, and he looked like he couldn't even hurt a fly. But as they said, appearance could be deceiving.

"So you're the one who save him? Good job saving that idiot over there."

The brunet flushed embarrassingly at her words. "A-ah, you're wrong! I-I didn't do much."

"Well, the idiot say you save him then you save him. Are you saying that he's wrong?"


"Then? Just accept the damn compliment." His face became even redder before he clumsily nodded. She sighed. "Whatever."

Just as she turned her heels over, the small boy grabbed her wrist. "Ah, w-wait!"

She turned her head around in the same impossible angle as she always did. His eyes widened slightly. "M-my name is Sawada Tsunayoshi, but you can call me Tsuna instead," he paused and pointed to the boy next to him, "and this is Yamamoto Takeshi. W-what's your name?"

She didn't answer right away as she stared at him, causing the boy to gulped nervously. Nobody talked for quite a long time.

She was the first to break the silence. "The name's Sakura Kyoko. Nice to meet ya."

The idiot- Yamamoto - let out a laugh, "Haha, Nice to meet you too! Thanks again, Sakura-san!"

Tsunayoshi sheepily smiled, "Nice to meet you too, Sakura-san."

"Yeah yeah." She waved her free hand in a lazy manner. "Formality and all that crap. But call me Kyoko instead. Sakura sounds weird." She paused. "Oh, gotta go, before the precious prefect of yours bite me to death"

"Y-you mean Hibari-san?" Oh, so that was his name.

"If your Hibari-san prefer to bite people to death with a tonfa then yes, I mean Hibari-san... Say what's his full name?" She wouldn't miss a chance to learn more about him. When your opponent is the notorious 'demon' of Namimori, knowledge is power.

"It is Hibari Kyoya. D-do you know him?" She ate the cream puff in one bite. "You could say that." She took out from reborn-know-where another cream puff. "Want one?"

Yamamoto gladly accepted it while Tsunayoshi just shook his head frantically. "N-no thanks, Sa-Kyoko-san!"

She shrugged. "Suits yourself." But before she could gave the baseball star the cream puff-

"Herbivores, you're crowding." Damn. Here goes the bloodthirsty skylark. So much for escaping. Out the corner of her eyes, she noticed Tsuna's face turned white. Huh, she had never known a human could be so pale. Apparently, she was wrong.

"Hiieee! H-Hibari-san!" She slightly winced at the shriek. When she finally regained her composure, she noticed that the skylark's full attention was currently directed towards Tsuna and the idiot.


If she was discreet enough, she could escape him.

So, with that in mind, she quickly but quietly backed away from the scene. And later, when she'd been far away from Tsuna and his group, she swore she heard a loud, piercing "WAIT WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU'LL BITE KYOKO-SAN TO DEATH?" and then "WHEN DID YOU GET HERE REBORN!?" She licked the cream off her lips.

Well, it was hardly a surprise at this point.

After all, oddity in Namimori is normal.

And it wasn't like she hate the chaos that followed.


The wheel of fate is turning

"You aren't a normal baby, are you?"

It wasn't long before the fedora baby approached her. When she saw him from afar, she had always felt this... thing around him. Abnormal. Hidden. Dangerous.

And now that he was in front of her, the feelings just grew stronger. It just didn't make sense.

"You are quite sharp for a fifteen years old." He smirked. He was interested. In her. She could tell.

"And you are too smart for a baby." She was smiling. But on the inside, she was sweating. What would he do?

"Am I?" He smiled innocently. But she was no fool. There was nothing innocent about that smile.

"Cut to the chase. What do you want?"

Approval in his tone. "Yes, cut to the chase." He looked at her, his onyx orbs showed no emotion. "You're correct. I'm not a normal baby."

The curtain has been lifted.

"I'm Reborn, a hitman from the Vongola Family."

It sounded impossible.

"And Tsuna is the 10th boss of the Vongola."

But deep down, she knew it was true. Every words he said. It was nothing but truth. And it scared her.

"So, I ask you. Do you want to join Tsuna's Famiglia?"

Let another show begin.

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