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(I don't know a thing about MLP, so I am basing the characters' reactions on what I saw reading Sweetmiss' story.)

"This is demon talking / jutsu"

"This is normal dialogue in the original story"

""This is flashback/ Thoughts in the original story""

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Reading "The Prince of Storms": Discord's cousin comes to play.

Equestria – Fluttershy's home -

"You sure you can't help me?" the gentle pegasus asked from outside.

"Naah! I am busy now!" the mismatched dragon-pony-everything-else hybrid answered stretching lazily on the sofa.

"Doing what?" Fluttershy asked curious while peaking from the window.

"Nothing! It's a very tiring discipline, you know? VEEEERY Stressful!" the Draconequus answered yawning.

"HOWDY-OOH! WHAT'CHA DOIN'?" a new voice asked exuberantly from outside.

"Oh, God! That voice..." Discord whimpered going wide-eyed while burying his face under a pillow.

"Oh! And who are you?" he heard Fluttershy ask curious.

"Me? I am Anarchy! Did Dissy forget to mention me?" the voice replied making Discord go red-faced in blind anger.

"MY NAME IS NOT DISSY!" he roared running outside to glare at the intruder.

"DISSY! DISSY! DISSY! DISSY! DISSY! DISSY!" the other Draconequus standing in the garden sang smirking, he was very similar to Discord, but for whatever reason his body parts instead of being in various colours like Discord were all coloured in shades of purple with each part showing a different gradient of colour seemingly chosen at random.


"You never told us you had a cousin," Fluttershy said looking at the two confused.

"...I am not one to go around flaunting all the disgraces that happened in my life..." the other answered bitterly.

"I am a disgrace to you? I thought you loved me!" Anarchy said with an exaggerated pout.

"Just like one loves a toothache...And why you are purple?" Discord answered crossing his arms.

"Yeah, why am I purple? It is SOO out of style now!" Anarchy answered grimacing and then snapping his fingers once to turn his skin colour to mixed shades of green and yellow mixed randomly without any form of order.

"Better!" he said smirking.

"Good, now that you came here and managed to annoy everybody. Kindly go away. SHOO!" Discord answered materializing a zipper floating in the air to open an hole towards literally NOWHERE and then start pushing his cousin towards it.

"OW, COME ON! It has been hundreds of thousands of years since we last saw each other!" Anarchy said whining.

"Yes, way too little pause between each visit." the other said grumbling.

"Spoilsport!" the green Draconequus said breaking-down to water, forming a puddle and then re-compacting several feet away still showing a childish pout.

"Grrrr! What. Do. You. Want?" Discord roared each word separately.

"He knows that our powers can't affect each other, that's why he is brooding; he hates to not see things go his way." Anarchy whispered to Fluttershy making her giggle a little.


"Yes you are!"

"I am not!"

"You are!"




"Please?" Fluttershy asked covering her ears to protect them from their screaming.

Sigh! "Why you are here?"

"I wanna read a story with you, like mommy and aunty used to do to us!" Anarchy answered huffing.

"Don't remember me THAT, you kept suckling your thumb the whole time!"

"Aww." Fluttershy said cooing.

"...The one of his foot, not the hand."

"Eeeew!" the pegasus gagged with a green face.

"I stopped doing that now!"

"You did?" he asked with narrowed eyes.

"...More or less."


"I WANNA READ A STORY WITH DISSY!" Anarchy yelled petulantly.

"OKAY! FINE! WE'LL READ YOUR DARN STORY!" the other Draconequus yelled in exasperation.

"Thank you!"

"But then you'll go away, and do not return unless I (If for some unfathomable reason I go completely mad) call you personally, deal!?"

"...Deal." the other said grumbling



"So?" Fluttershy asked as the silence kept mounting.

"AH! Yes! The reading room!" Anarchy answered flushing and snapping his fingers making everything turn to white, an endless white with nothing in sight, not even the earth or the sky.

"Where are we?" the pegasus asked worried.


"You mean..."

"In a non-place. The guy here has a disturbing love for theatrics," Discord answered summoning a chair for himself and a puff for Fluttershy.

"Like you?"

"I am an artist! Do NOT confuse my job with his!" he answered growling.


"Always the grumpy one, that's why I have WAAAAY more friends than you!" Anarchy said smugly.

"I won't dignify that with an answer...So? This story?"

"I'll go take the others so we will start!" the green Chaos Entity answered disappearing from the room.

"The others?"

In answer to the shy pegasus question an hole opened making Fluttershy's friends along both Celestia and Luna fall near them in a mound of groaning ponies.

"OWIE!" Pinkie Pie moaned with spinning eyes.

"I can't feel my hooves anymore...OH! There they are!" she said elated.

"Those are mine, Pinkie..." Rainbow Dash answered from under AJ.


"Where are we?" Twilight asked confused once they finally managed to regain their footing.

"A non-place...It's been a while since we saw one, we don't seem able to open a portal...What about you, Sister?" Luna asked as her horn refused to light-up in Magic.

"Neither can I Teleport us out, Luna. We are blocked here."

"IT WAS NOT ME!" Discord said immediately.

"...Suuure!" Rarity muttered as every eye of the new-comers locked on him.

"Yep! It was me to do this!" Anarchy answered reappearing near the group.

"AND WHO THE HAY ARE YOU?!" Dash yelled in surprise.

"My cousin. And it's painful even just to admit we are related." Discord said.

"And what does he want?" Celestia asked as she moved in front of Twilight and the other Elements in a protective manner.

"I want to read a story together! Like friends!" he answered smiling wide.

"A story?" Pinkie asked.

"Yep! I like to go world-hopping from time to time, and I have found this WONDERFUL place where people write and publish their own versions of existing franchises for fun and where other guys can then write insulting Reviews telling them to go kill themselves because they suck or believing their ideals and ideas to be SOOOO GOOD that everyone should just listen and write THEIR STORIES the way THOSE GUYS want instead! Isn't it awesome?"

"Oookay...and?" AJ said unsure.

"And so I found this pretty little story and saw that Dissy and you others appeared in there as well and so I started remembering how many good memories we had together and-"

"I have not good memories about you...And to find stories about me and the ponies here as if we were fictional characters...How far did you go?" Discord asked with narrowed eyes.

"Eleventh? Twelfth?...No, it was the Eleventh Dimension, why?" Anarchy asked.


"What?" Luna asked.

"The guys in there are crazy, completely nutters! That's why they have no Magic or powers of the sort in there! I don't want to know what kind of people he had met THERE."

"The girl I took this from was okay, one of the few decent ones. But, back on topic! Since we are here, and only Dissy here other than me can get you out...We are going to read one of those fanfictions together!" the Draconequus said excitedly.

"Open a Portal! Open it! NOW! I won't stay here and read a Fanfiction coming from who knows where!" Rarity ordered immediately.

"If I have to suffer from his being here then YOU OTHERS TOO will share my agony," the other answered crossing his arms.

"There is nothing wrong with Fanfictions, I wrote some Daring Doo ones myself once or twice..." Dash muttered, falling silent as everyone moved to look at her in disbelief.

"I-I-I mean...Fanfic-Shfanfic, Booo!" the pegasus said lamely with a vibrant-red face.

"We will read that story, Mister Anarchy, but then you will let us go." Celestia said sighing in pure sufferance.

"OKAY! We only need the other half of the Characters and we are ready! Give me a minute!" Anarchy said disappearing again.

"Other half?" Discord said taken aback.

Few seconds later and a new hole opened to let several people fall down in an heap with a chorus of 'Eeep's! And cursed of various genre.

"What the hell happened?" a young man with raven-coloured hair asked groaning.

"I don't know..." the pink-haired girl that had landed on him answered unsure.

"Then get-up, Sakura!" Sasuke answered shoving her away from him.

"You okay, Hinata-chan?" the blond boy near the couple asked to the girl that had fall on him and was now sitting on his face.

"Uh-hu. And you, Naruto-kun?" the pale-eyed girl asked blushing at their position.

"Oh...I don't mind, it feels nice," he answered winking and making her blush harder.

"Please have some form of self-control, you are not in private!" another blond haired woman said hauling both teens to their feet.

"I didn't know you had it in you, Naruto." the last member of the group, a man with silver hair and his face completely covered bar a single eye, said chuckling.

"Eeeh! You are just jealous, Kakashi-sensei!"



"WHOA! A talking horse?!" Naruto yelled back.

"...Uh?! I already saw you somewhere..." both said at the same time.

"MAELSTROM CHRONICLES!/MLP!" both then yelled with wide eyes while pointing at each other.

"Eh?" the others said confused.

"Maaan! Hinata-chan has the whole VHS collection of your show! Reruns and spin-off comprised. I didn't know you were real." Naruto said amused.

"EEEEEEP!" shrieking in embarrassment the Hyuga girl simply stood hidden behind her boyfriend to evade the curious looks of the others.

"We didn't know you others existed either, and we do posses the whole Manga collection (rigid cover copies)...but in the anime adaptation you had red mane...and you were an Unicorn." Luna answered confused.

"My mother has red hair, awesome red hair...Are we a bunch of manga characters for you others?"

"Apparently." Celestia said unsure.

"Well, Naruto's name can be translated as Maelstrom, so if he is the Main Character...It does make some sort of sense." Tsunade said unsure.

"And we have our own anime too, how was my voice actor?" Kakashi asked curious.

"And mine? It's not easy to transmit my character's reasons and Sorrow without overdoing and turning me into a whiny emo." Sasuke added.

"..." Sakura just looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

"I have an image to defend." the Uchiha man answered shrugging.

"To be honest we think Canterlot's adaptation sucks, we prefer the original Neighponese Audio with subtitles," Luna answered huffing.

"S-S-Same for me...English with subtitles..." Hinata admitted shyly.

"Where did you get them?" Discord asked.

"Seventh Dimension," Anarchy answered proudly.

"I see..."

"Why we are here?" Tsunade asked growling, only her staying on the defensive in that situation.

"That living disgrace of my cousin," Discord said pointing at the giddy Anarchy.

"Decided to kidnap us all because he wants us to read a Fanfiction I suspect contains our respective groups...So if we don't want him to whine, cry and bother us until the end of time I suggest to go along with it and read this damn thing."

"That's it?" Kakashi asked incredulous.

"Yep!" Anarchy answered.

"Whatever, let's just read this story you wrote and be done with it." Sasuke said sneering.

"I didn't write it...She did! I just took a copy of it with her permission," Anarchy answered opening a small hole in space to grab something in side it and show the others a young human girl with long hair and wearing a Rainbow Dash shirt that the Draconequus had tied-up and gagged before putting her back where he was keeping her.

"Oh, yes! She really looks like someone voluntarily letting you borrow her story." Dash answered rolling her eyes.

"Whatever! Shall we start?" the Draconequus said rubbing his hands together.

"Wait!" Naruto said as he listened to Hinata's whispering in his ear.

"You sure I have to?" he asked groaning.


Sigh! "Okay...Can we please exchange autographs?"

"We don't mind! Except for the brooding one, we never liked him in the show so we don't want his." Luna answered eager.


"The Author seemed too enamoured with your character...And we find your Magical Eyes to be too Hax to be fair." the Moon Princess answered huffing.




"..." no-one had the courage to answer as Naruto and Kakashi simply scratched the back of their necks while the girls simply coughed uneasy with Tsunade even looking around as if greatly interested by the scenery around them.


"...Eeeeh..." the other members of the Shinobi group just did their best to not look at him directly.

"Screw you, guys...I am not a broken Character..." the Uchiha muttered with a childish pout and crossed arms.

Completely ignoring the sulking Sasuke the two groups rapidly exchanged autographs while Anarchy summoned a thick book containing the story and Discord, begrudgingly but nagged by Fluttershy into doing it, created chairs and puffs for everybody.

"Who will be first?" Celestia asked sighing.

"We will," Luna said making the book float in front of her.

"We'll try to stay in character while reading..." she added before clearing her throat.

"Chapter 1: The Maelstrom has come..."

"It has my name in it already...I am worried." Naruto muttered shivering.

Canterlot - Castle – throne room -

A female winged creature was silently looking outside the windows of the empty room with an air of apprehension on her normally composed face, subtle trickles of sweat slowly falling from her forehead while thousands of scenarios played in her mind at blinding speed.

She was known as Celestia, and she was now about to see what the two most daring gambles she had took a thousand years before will translate into.

One was about exiling her beloved sister, that had got Corrupted a thousand years before and turned into an evil entity re-named herself Nightmare Moon, that Celestia had banished on the very moon of their world immediately after...


"It was more desperation than a gamble, I can assure you." Celestia commented sighing.

"We are not holding it against you, sister, you know this." Luna answered with a gentle smile.

"It doesn't mean it didn't pain me to do it,"

"We know."


and another, more twisted in hindsight and that was now showing more downsides than Celestia herself could have imagined even in her darkest moments.

"...And both are about to blow-up on my face," she muttered with a sigh of defeat.

In exactly a week the moon, stars and pretty much the whole Universe will seemingly help Nightmare Moon in her escape from her confinement, and even if Celestia had slowly (and painfully as well since it went against everything she herself stood for) moved things so to have the reincarnations of the ONLY thing able to truly help her sister to meet and purify her, the fact that the second 'Victim' of her thousand-years-long countermeasures was also finally showing its restlessness was drawing the Alicorn spare in worry.


"So the story starts from the events of the Summer Sun Celebration..." Twilight realized.

"Our very beginning," Rarity added smiling tenderly at the memory.

"You really manipulated events like that, Celestia-san?" Sakura asked curious.

"Yes and no. To be honest I was aware of Luna's incoming return as Nightmare Moon and Twilight's role in stopping her; everything else like the identity of the other Elements of Magic was unknown to me. If I sent her to Ponyville was to FIRST have her learn the importance of friendship and THEN see if her presence could attract the other dormant Elements as I suspected her own would do, I love my student too much to use her like a mere pawn." Celestia answered making the purple unicorn blush a little.

"I am more worried about the second Gambit you took in that story..." Sasuke said with narrowed eyes.

"Me too, I have a BAAAD feeling about that," Kakashi added.

"Then I am not the only one..." The Sun Princess admitted.


"I am not even sure the Elements of Harmony will work on him...he is not driven by Darkness, his rage will probably being justified by my literally tearing him away from what he thought was his home, his friends and family...even giving him back part of the memories those people erased had been source of further anger instead of's a wonder the barrier held for the entirety of those three months," Celestia muttered while looking towards one of the sealed chambers of the palace, a place where only she could enter.

What she could not know was that the 'prisoner' inside the light-coloured sphere of energy had not been trapped for three months, but had instead followed the suggestion of the secondary entity inside his body and used part of the memories Celestia had given him to understand how his new body worked; slowly, painfully recovering the same control over his power that he used to have before getting forcefully took away; she had tried to give him memories of his youth and enough info about language and basic workings about his body and possible Magic in hope that he could use that as a starting point to then learn the rest by himself, what she couldn't imagine was that a second mind could 'Block' those info, dissect them and keep only the fundamental parts like the notion about using the newly formed horn on his forehead instead of his hooves to fight.


"That's sounds like kidnapping." Tsunade growled.

"Eh?" AJ asked curious.

"Ponynapping," Hinata supplied.

"Ah! Ah get it, thanks!"


"...I know how the show works." the Hyuga girl muttered looking down.

"Why am I there?" Naruto asked worried.

"What do you?...Oh!" Luna asked before noting the detail she had just read.

"You talked about a secondary entity inside the prisoner's body...It sounded suspiciously like Kurama, and so me." the blond explained.

"Have you by chance took him in your world by force in case your plan for Twilight-san failed?" Tsunade asked marching in front of the young man as if to protect him.

"P-P-Please calm down, I-I-I am sure the story will tell us why and if mister Naruto is there!" Fluttershy offered nervous.

"Eh! We have found a pony version of you, Hinata!" Sakura said smirking and making both girls turn cherry-red in embarrassment.

"Where were we...Ah! Here it is!" Luna said as she returned to read.


"Your Majesty? The special ship you asked for is ready," an armour-covered Pegasus said after entering the room.

"Good...tell the soldiers to vacate the area around us as instructed while flying at the accorded distance, I want only the bare minimum crew on board...the less people are around the Treasure the better I will feel," Celestia answered nodding.

"Anything dangerous? We can take that to Ponyville ourselves while you fly secure on the ship, no need to risk your life, Princess," the guard offered with a worried tone.

"Thank you for your offer, but it's my responsibility, I would have preferred leaving everything sealed in the vault but I don't feel at ease being too far away from such a dangerous thing," the Princess answered.

"Sorry the boldness, your Highness...but...wouldn't be better just destroying it if it is so dangerous?"


"WHAT?!" the Konoha group roared as one.

"Calm down, if that Celestia acts like me then I am sure she won't go along with THAT idea." the Sun Alicorn answered trying to placate the guests of their latest misadventure.


"I am afraid that even if by far the most destructive thing I had ever seen, I can't simply destroy it...thing that I fear is also near-impossible even should I wish to," Celestia answered sighing.

("See? She is against the idea,")

"I understand, sorry for my words, Princess," the guard said with a low bow.

"You are just worried so I won't hold it against you. Now go, we still have a lot to prepare," Celestia said with a gentle smile.

"ROGER!" the guard answered before disappearing from the room.

Sigh! "It's time to face the music, and the repercussions of my choices..." the Princess said before steeling herself and moving towards the imprisoned pony.

The Next Day – Ponyville – Library -

"OH MY GOSH! I-It's already time?! We are not ready yet! There is still the catering to organize! The decorations are still getting adjusted and..." a young, purple unicorn rambled in shock at seeing Celestia enter the room she was in.


"It's nice for that girl to go through all the trouble of keeping you so much in character, Twi!" Spike said snorting.

"I am not like that." Twilight muttered looking down.

"Yes ya are, sugarcube. But we love ya jus' for that all tha same!" AJ answered giving her a gentle bump on her flank with hers.

"Thank you."


"Twilight, calm down. I am here because I need a special brand of favour, one that I could not put on parchment and send you, something I had took care of personally up until this moment, but now requires further help...and I am forced to ask you as I can actually trust only you for this," the Princess answered.

"EVERYTHING! Whatever you need!" Twilight Sparkle, personal student of the Alicorn princess, answered immediately while standing to attention.

"It's a serious matter that requires maximum secrecy...come with me," Celestia said before both disappeared in a flash of light.

The two soon appeared in an empty room only containing the glowing sphere of energy holding inside Celestia's most foolish mistake, second only to her own sister's banishment.

"What is that, Princess?" the young girl asked.

"I call it 'treasure' as it is, in it's purest form and at its origins, what was at HIS birth..." Celestia answered sighing.

"Him? Somepony is in there?" Twilight asked curious.

"I'll tell you an old story...a sad one. Over a thousand years ago there was a mother; the most pure, gentle of the mares, a beauty as pale as the moonlight and as gentle as the breeze of a night of day she fell in love with one of the guards that had swore to protect her with his own life, and even if their relationship was not frowned upon, the two still wanted to keep everything a secret...maybe as a sort of game, or maybe in fear that somepony WOULD have something against them," Celestia said.

"Then? What happened?" the young unicorn asked.

"From their union a young pegasus was made, even as a colt he was as brave as his father but as gentle as his mother, truly the fusion of both parent's best qualities. But then Corruption took the mother, forcing a great power to separate the parents from the colt; the young stallion had been once again returned to a state of infancy and cast away, so far that even the Mother could not reach him and twisted into a new shape so that he could not be summoned or even recognized, and apparently with even the few memories his young mind had of his life here erased by the same people that swore to keep him a world of anger, war and constant tension he grew strong, stronger than anything we had ever seen...and I have called him back...and imprisoned him in that sphere." Celestia answered.


"You think us to be that pretty?" Luna asked amused.

"Well, I do think that; I would not have used that prose normally...But I find it fitting." Celestia answered nodding.

"Oh my! Thank you!" she said preening.

"Am I the only one noting the fact that you kidnapped someone back to your world after sending him away without actually checking how was his life in the place you sent him to?" Sasuke said incredulous.

"That description was too vague though...YOU TOOK THE WRONG GUY!" Kakashi yelled with wide eyes.


"Is a common trope in fiction, your counterpart had cast someone away after turning him into a new shape, I bet into an human, but then instead of calling the same guy back you took somebody else..." the masked Jonin explained.

"ME in that case," Naruto realized in dismay.

"Exactly, as a good excuse to start a Cross-over."

"I-I-If I ever was forced into such a situation, I would have made sure to NOT make nor that mistake or others you think that version of me did, I assure you!" Celestia tried saying shocked.

"Maybe she talks about my father? She may have sent Minato Namikaze away and by chance mistook me for him," Naruto tried saying.

"We'll need to continue reading to know...What's the pairing by the way?" Hinata asked in dread.

"Ehm...Maybe we should leave that for later." Luna answered nervous at the glare the Hyuga girl was sending her.

"Read." the girl hissed in answer to that.


"But...why?" Twilight asked confused.

"He needed to return, I hoped he could help me resolving an ancient problem of our world, but I had not realized that I would have basically...kidnapped..."

"It's ponynapped...sorry" the Unicorn corrected her automatically before blushing.

("In character!" "Shut-up, Spike!" "At least I seem to be aware of my mistake...")

"Excuses are not necessary as he had been turned into an human, they use the term 'Kidnap' in that case. And as I said, I didn't realize that I was taking him away from what he believed being his life to take him here...he had been rightfully furious, especially when I made another mistake in showing that he had basically lived a lie that lasted twenty years from his point of view." the Alicorn said.

"Human? Like those creatures from legends?" Twilight asked.

"They are real, but legends never described them as a belligerent race that unfortunately had never felt the power of Harmony and Friendship like we did and still do,


"HEY!" the Shinobi group said offended.

"We are not savages!"

"My apologies, but I remember you that it is not the REAL me saying that." Celestia answered.



"They are real, but legends never described them as a belligerent race that unfortunately had never felt the power of Harmony and Friendship like we did and still do, or at least those he had lived with acted as such. The ones that raised him where by far the most powerful kind, and even if while in that human body he had no access to his 'Normal' pegasus powers, he had rose to the top to become the strongest, towering over everyone in strength and yet never losing that same gentleness and pure heart he had as a colt," Celestia answered.

("Oh! Thank you! I know I am awesome!" "Stop preening, Naruto/Dobe!")

"So he returned into being a Pegasus once you called him back?"

"Not exactly...but this is not important at the moment; I hoped that recovering his memories would have helped, but I was wrong. I need you to keep this sphere in check should something happen that would stop me from mounting guard on him, he is a young stallion as apparently the world I took him from had Time working differently, that explains why after a thousand years he is barely a young adult older than you...can you do this, Twilight? Can you help me mounting guard and keep the secret? Not a single Pony can know about him until I'll be sure he won't get revenge on every being that cross his path," Celestia asked, no, pleaded her student.


"Me and Kurama don't take kindly to brain-wash, so I fear that the ME in there won't be happy once out of his prison." Naruto offered with an apologetic tone.

"They do hate that, I can testify." Sasuke added wincing.

"More than brainwashing, the Princess seemed to have just tried returning you memories of our world," Rarity said.

"Try to see it from an outsider point of view," Sakura pointed-out.

"It was not very nice have somepony try to give you memories not your own, it's true." Pinkie admitted.

"Thank you," the blond shinobi said smiling in gratitude making her giggle.

"I don't brainwash ponies and humans..." Celestia muttered dejected.

"We know, sister. We know." Luna said reassuringly.


"E-Everything! You can count on me, Princess!" the young Unicorn answered nodding.

"Good, I personally sealed this room and the ship as a whole, only me and you will be able to enter while the others won't even register its existence. Now show me how things are progressing, I am actually curios about how this Summer Sun Celebration will be like," the Princess said with a more calm smile.

"Right away! Please follow me, your Highness," Twilight said while the two moved outside the room, sealing the entrance with a series of heavy metallic noises.

""Did you hear that? Someone spun some bullshit around so to appear crystal clean and smelling of roses,"" the prisoner thought with a sneer.

"Just wait until we will be sure you won't trip on your feet...hooves...whatever, then we will burst out and have the bitch learn what happens when you fuck-up with people's lives," A second voice, this one deep and inhuman, echoed in the stallion's head.


"Told you," Naruto said grimacing.

"Being that rude was not necessary though," Fluttershy said.

"I am sorry for that, but I was probably super angry in that situation," he answered shrugging.

"And for a good reason!" Tsunade said glaring at Celestia making her flinch.


""With long before I can return to my Top Form?"" he asked.

"If we are lucky, just a week, here Natural Energy is even thicker than back home, but there is not even the slightest spark of Chakra in those creatures as I could not feel any...a little bit more patience and you will be able to do even the most complex technique with this horn of yours alone," the voice answered.

""Good, the Sage Mode and frog katas will be a little bit more difficult to adapt, but I never lacked imagination. I can't wait."" he answered smirking.

"Well said, Naruto...well said; we have a week to finish adapting the Rasengan and its variants to being horn-generated along the remaining techniques we know, but the bitch luckily had the 'Brilliant' idea of giving us the basics of how to do their 'magic'...useless crap if you ask me, we will show them what real power is once out of here," Kurama, Nine-tailed Biju, answered with a similar feral grin.


"Yep, it was clear it was me...but listening the full confirmation is even worse."

"Who's talking with you?" Spike asked confused.

"OH! RIGHT! I forgot about that Fox!" Anarchy said snapping his fingers and summoning the titanic Biju near the Shinobi group.

"I was hoping to not be added to this farce, to be honest." Kurama admitted sighing.

"Nice ears, Bunny! I mean, Foxy! Hahahaha!" Dash said laughing loudly.

"ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAR!" in answer the Nine-tailed fox roared at a millimiter of the Pegasus' face making her fall silent instantly.

"Okay! I won't mention the ears EVER AGAIN!" Dash shrieking and nodding frantically.


"Is he always that grumpy?" AJ asked while looking at the Biju warily.

"You should read the Manga, he can be even worse." Luna answered nodding sagely.

"Screw you."

"Our point exactly."



A week Later – Pavilion -

"Our dear beloved's has been so long since we have seen thy precious, little sun-loving faces, too long as a matter of facts." A female Alicorn with the skin as dark as the moonless night said with a purring voice.


"To be completely honest, while we were trapped on the Moon in that twisted form, we spent several decades focusing on preparing that speech and the following ones only...It was the only thing we could do to pass the time." Luna admitted blushing.

"That version of you was a tiny bit narcissistic, unfortunately." Celestia admitted sheepishly.


"It kind of was." Rarity admitted with a low voice making the other Elements nod along with her.

"Oh, Horse-feathers..." the Moon Princess groaned in shame.


As the cries of the ones present grew in volume with their calling for Celestia to show-up, in the deepest recesses of the lonely airship hidden not too far away by layers upon layers of illusions, the sphere of light holding the Sun Princess' prisoner started sparking in energy.

"It's a solid barrier, that much I will admit, but still, just an annoyance," Naruto muttered as he closed his eyes to focus.

"Eh! Some negative emotions made their presence known...the sad thing is that by their standards whoever is here now must feel like a monster, but to us? I would barely classify it as 'Angry Kitten'...and that with me being generous, this guy is nothing compared to Orochimaru or Madara." Kurama said snickering.


"I find it hard to believe, Nightmare Moon was a being of Darkness, the manifestation of Luna's Darkest Side..." Celestia said.

"Pfft! You ponies...Evil...Pfft-Huhuhu!...T-Threatening." Sasuke couldn't help it, his expression morphed into one of barely-restrained amusement at that statement as he tried to not laugh.


"Huhuhu! Nothing, nothing. We just have other standards for Evil, that is all." Kakashi answered with a very condescending tone and an eye-smile as he and the others valiantly tried to not laugh out loud.

"And yet I feel like me and my whole world has just been insulted..." the Sun Alicorn muttered unsure.

"Me too." Twilight admitted while the others just nodded.


"But still, I can't feel that Celestia's presence as clearly as I did before, she must be pretty far-away," the other answered.

"No chakra, but they have such an over-abundance of Spiritual Energy that we can still sense them through the Sage Mode, the fact that Natural Energy here is more abundant also helps...just like following something under-water by tracking the ripples it leaves behind," the Biju said.

"All the better for me, I want to kick that woman's ass for what she did THEN go back to Konoha, resurrect Sarutobi-Jiji and my father and beat them into a paste! THEY SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME!" Naruto said while yelling the last part and actually making cracks appear on his prison.

"Calm down, we have a bad guy here to defeat so use the bastard as a chew toy to burn-out some steam, then we'll have all the time to have that...horned horse? Whatever is the right term, pay for what she did." Kurama answered.

"All right! let's break-out and fight, I am tired to stay immobile like this, I NEED SOME ACTION!" the blond said eagerly.

"Then summon the Truth-Seeking Balls and eat through this light-show, it's starting to hurt my eyes," the Biju said.

"You really like those don't you? I'll never understand why, they are boring!"

"Oh shut up! We have an OP ability and I pretend to see it used!"

"Okay-okay, let me put-on the right 'dress' then, we are going to crash a party and we have to look our best!" Naruto answered laughing as he opened his now yellow eyes while his body started transforming.


"I am of the same idea, we should use those more often," Kurama said pointing at the book.

"Not everybody likes to go Overkill, fur-ball." Naruto countered.

"Tch! You are not fun, brat!"


- Meanwhile -

"Are you sure you want to come with me?" Twilight asked while watching Royal Guards getting threw around by the powerful bolts of lightning launched by Nightmare Moon.

"You said that, girl! Those Elements or whatever can stop her, that's not something one can do alone!" a cyan pegasus with rainbow-colored mane answered nodding.

"Dash is right! If ya have a way to stop tha' crazy horse then ah help as well!" a pony with a cow-girl hat added.

"FOALS! No-one will stop us! Our night shall last fore..." Whatever Nightmare Moon was about to say failed when both back legs of a mysterious pony struck her face; Time itself seemed to briefly come to an halt as the helmet around the Alicorn's head slowly deformed under the power of the attack while air rippled behind the mare, then, as if a spring had been released, the dark Alicorn went shot away as a blur, demolishing several houses and leaving behind a long trail of destruction as she was sent flying all the way out of the small town while kicking up a cloud of dust of immense proportions.

"Damn! I guess I overdid a little..." the strange figure said with a sheepish grin.


"Hmmmm! Yep! That's me! Awesome entrances and all!"

"Never saw why you felt the need to go through all the trouble of making a cool entrance, dobe." Sasuke admitted confused.

"It's all a matter of presentation! If you are awesome you HAVE TO remember everypony of that! It gives to the show a whole bigger meaning!" Dash explained with fiery eyes as she took fly in her excited talk.

"See? Someone got it! HIGH FIVE, GIRL!" Naruto said making Dash sprint to bump her hoof on his open palm.

"I like ya, Dash-chan!" he said amused.

"Same here, you are an Awesomeness-Holder just like me!" Dash answered winking making both laugh.

"Grrrr!" Hinata meanwhile looked at the cyan mare while growling subtly.

"L-Let's keep reading, shall we?" Luna said as she looked at the two girls in apprehension, dreading the moment in which the pairing will be forcefully red aloud.


He was a tall, imposing stallion with three markings on each cheek wearing a strange bandanna with a leaf engraved on it, his body was seemingly made of golden fire forming a light-coloured coat on his back and a dark-coloured "bodysuit" underneath that covered his torso reaching down to his front legs up to the hooves and then down to his back legs, this time stopping just above his hooves but also changing the latter's colour so to look like those too were made of the same fire-like energy of the cloak, his wings too left behind tiny swirls of flames as he folded them on his back.

The stranger was also sporting a light-coloured circle on his abdomen as well as golden markings around his collar and black ones on his forehead around his horn, on the back of the coat there was a strange marking of an eye; unknown to them that was indeed the symbol of the Six Paths Senjutsu: a Rinnegan above nine magatama.

("Aah! I am in Sixth Path Sage Mode!" "Six Path-what?" "We will explain later, Miss Twilight.")

"W-Who are you?" Twilight asked in surprise before she looked behind him and from where he came, thing that had her paling considerably once understood WHO he was.

"Name's Naruto. Nice to meet ya." the stallion answered while still looking at the deep gash Nightmare Moon left on the road with her tumbling.

"Y-y-y-you are the prisoner! Why you are out?!" the purple unicorn asked with a shriek.


"Hey! I am not the Boogeyman!" Naruto said pouting.

"I guess I got a bad impression from what Princess Celestia told me and the need to keep you imprisoned," the purple unicorn answered unsure.

"But YOU do not think the same, right?" he asked worried.

"Not really, you seem to be a nice pon...Guy?"


"A nice guy, so it's nothing to be worried about,"

"Thank you!"

"Think nothing of it." she answered smiling.



"You okay, Twilight? Who is he?" one of the other girls with her asked.

"Celestia was holding him sealed away in the hope of helping him re-integrate with Equestria after...certain circumstances...but now he is out! Why now?!" she answered.

"I sensed some bad intentions and decided to help. Where is that woman that trapped me?" the flaming stallion asked.

"Oh-oh! I know that! She had been sent on the Sun by that big dark meanie!" the pink mare of the group answered with a cheerful voice.

"So she is dead?" Naruto asked.

"No, she is certainly alive as her Magic is attuned to the sun," Twilight answered.

"I did we bring her back? I want to be the one kicking her ass, and I..."

"Flank..." the shy pegasus muttered.


"If you...if you have to be that rude can you at least not curse?...i-if it is not a problem," she replied while looking down.


"Never, if an ass it is, an ass he is going to call it." Sakura said smirking.

"HEY! I am not like that!"

"Yes you are, Dobe." Sasuke answered smirking.


"Not my style, if an ass it is, an ass I am going to call it," Naruto answered, making Dash snort at his serious expression.

("Told you!" "Dammit, Sakura-chan!")

"We need the Elements of Harmony to stop her and me and the others were about to go retrieve them," Twilight said.

"Ah! I see. Do you want me to keep her occupied then?" he asked.

"Why...why would you help us?"

"Because contrary to what Celestia thinks, I am actually one of the Good Guys, I just don't like being forced to leave behind my friends and home because apparently I was never told that I came from here," Naruto answered.

"I am sorry," Twilight said meekly.

"Were you the one that called me here?" he asked.

"" she answered.

"Then why you apologies? I know who I am angry with so I won't go around attacking random people," the stallion answered.

("That was a very mature answer, Mister Naruto." "Thank you, Twi-chan!" "STOP SEDUCING MY BOYFRIEND!" "H-Hinata-chan?!")

"Okay! We are wasting time! Can you keep her occupied until we return?" Rainbow Dash asked.


"I am a girl!" she hissed angrily.

"Sorry...Girl, I am completely different from whatever you have seen up until now, give me some credit," he said smirking.

"Thou are indeed different..." Nightmare Moon growled as she reappeared above the group to show her bruised face twisted into a furious snarl.

"Took you long enough, Princess! Did I give you boo-boo?" Naruto asked amused.


"Aaah! Battle Quippage! It's been a while since we met a worthy opponent in this discipline, we used to be simply unbeatable!" Luna said with a longing sigh.

"Then you would love to fight those three, they are Masters of it," Tsunade said pointing at Naruto, Sasuke and Kakashi that immediately smiled smugly in answer.

"And what about me?" Sakura said offended.

"Meh! You are still learning, you lack the really sharp tongue necessary for it," the busty woman answered shrugging.

"Shannaro..." the pinkette muttered sulking.


"You insolent foal! BEGONE!" she answered while amassing storm clouds around herself and launching several bolts of lightning at him.

"GO TAKE THOSE ELEMENTS! I'll buy you as much time as I can!" he answered while disappearing in a burst of light and incredibly dodging each and every lightning bolt before head-butting the Alicorn with enough strength to send both through several houses and making the terrain tremble from the impact.

"That was fast!" Dash said with wide eyes before getting dragged away with the others.

" are the most annoying, insufferable, miserable brute we ever had the misfortune to meet!" Nightmare Moon hissed as her horn glowed white-hot in power from her rage alone.

"Thank you, I like to leave a good impression; it's a pity that I will only keep you occupied while the others bring here those Elements or whatever, but at least I will make some exercise while we wait, I have been sealed for way too long for my tastes," Naruto answered chuckling.

"And you think you will be able to stop us? And with what kind of army?" the Alicorn asked smirking.

"Look, I'll tell you in terms that even you will understand...I am a One-Stallion Army!" Naruto answered.

("Pfft!" "He is not joking, Miss Dash. Believe us, we saw him in action.")

"You foal, have you any idea how many times we saw young pegasus and unicorns call themselves like that? It has lost its meaning nowadays!" she said laughing.

"Wanna bet?"

"To think we were going to take you..."

"TAIJU KAGE BUNSHIN NO JUTSU! (Massive Shadow Clone Technique)" Naruto yelled as his horn flared-up even more before thousands of clones of himself (all sporting the same flaming cloak) appeared around him and Nightmare Moon.

("Daaaarn!" "We told you so.")

"...Seriously..." Nightmare Moon squeaked as the horde of clones plus original rained on her from every possible direction.

Sigh! "We are starting to think that this was not an idea as good as we thought." she muttered sadly.

Everfree Forest – with Twilight and the others -

The small group was running, or in Dash' case flying, as fast as they could towards the abandoned castle the purple unicorn said the Elements had been hidden in.

"We are almost there! Keep running!" Twilight yelled.

"You think that he will really be able to distract her long enough?" Rarity asked worried.

"From what I can tell you about it, Celestia called here a Pony that had been banished just like Nightmare Moon, the problem is that the place he had sent to was a world drowning in wars that turned him into an hardened warrior; he had apparently lost any memory about Equestria and so now he may resent us for basically ponynapping him away from his home...he somehow gained friends in that violent place and so he rightfully doesn't like this situation, but the Princess was hoping to have him understand that his place is here and that he will be able to find new friends. Unfortunately he got free before he could calm down enough to have us explain everything peacefully, and now I don't know what to do!" she answered as far-away echoes of explosions were still reaching them no-matter how deep in the woods they were moving.


"Again with the violent world..." Tsunade muttered bitterly.

"Although, considering their standards," Sasuke said shrugging.

"It is still bad manners to point that out," she replied huffing.

"We have other standards, that is by now clear; but it is also true that it doesn't excuse us for repetitively remember that," Celestia added nodding.

"The one that wrote this doesn't know both our worlds in detail since for her we are works of Fiction, so I guess a tiny bit of "Misinterpretation" can be excused." Luna said.

"She must be angry already to have been robbed of her story, aggravating her further about this would be bad." Kakashi said humming.

"I didn't rob anybody!" Anarchy answered indignant.

"You did, idiot." Sasuke answered waving him off.


"Whatever, just be quiet." Discord added silencing his cousin.

"You know? We should organize some exchange, some of us going to their world and some of them come here, to help understanding." Dash offered.

"We are okay with it!" Luna said immediately.

"You are biased, sister. You love the series." Celestia answered laughing.

"We are still okay with the idea!"

"It is something to think about...But with each party under Genjutsu or Magic or whatever making them appear like the locals, even if we can pass your kind as just Wandering Summons visiting Konoha...Humans would make quite an impact in your world." Tsunade said.

"I am sure we will be able to work out the details." the Sun Alicorn answered nodding.

"That being said, the chapter is almost finished, we shall continue reading." Luna added clearing her throat to continue reading.


"The fact that he's helping us instead of that crazy mare is a good start though!" Applejack answered.

"You heard him, he is an hero! Of course he will help us!" Pinkie Pie added smiling.

"I only know that Celestia defined him 'the most destructive entity ever seen' and that she needed him for something, maybe she hoped to use him against Nightmare Moon in case of emergency, or at least as a way to buy her (or in this case us) time to use the Elements of Harmony," Twilight answered as a dense mist was slowly rising around them and rapidly getting thicker.

("He holds the same 'Title' in Konoha too," "Baa-chan!" "Hush! You know it's true!")

"You silly foals! As if somepony could really stop us!" Nightmare Moon's voice resounded around the small group, although an edge of exhaustion managed to slip through her tone.

"By how you talk it seems that he still managed to take a toll on you," Dash said with a challenging tone.

"Insolent! It was by mere luck that he managed to catch us by surprise!" the disembodied voice replied angrily.

"You sure? As far as I remember it was you the one to turn into mist and run towards here..." a male voice said in amusement.

"YOU!" Nightmare Moon roared.

"And who else?" the flaming stallion said from a tree branch.

"How did you find me?"

"In this state I can sense your presence, you may not have chakra like me, but you all have such ridiculous reserves of Spiritual Energy, that you people call Magic, that I could still track you down. Satisfied?" Naruto answered as part of the mist condensed back into the Alicorn showing how her body was covered in bruises while standing on shaking legs.

"You still need to defeat us! And as for now you still lack in power, you weakling!" the Alicorn spat furious before cringing at the glare she received in answer.


"Uuh! Never do that!" Sasuke said taking-in an hissing breath.

"What?" AJ asked curious.

"Underestimate him...It's a bad move, he takes it as a challenge to prove you wrong," the Uchiha answered touching his jaw grimacing in probable phantom pains from past fights with said blond.

"Yeah, he does that." Tsunade admittedly sighing.

"Very stubborn while doing that too!" Sakura added.

"He gets very one-track-like in mindset until he succeeds." Kakashi said nodding sagely.

"Screw you, guys! HEY! Can I switch side and join you? My friends are a bunch of mean bastards!" Naruto answered offended.

"I too want to switch side," Kurama added lifting his hand.


"Luna, please, stop acting like a groupie," Celestia said sighing in dismay.



"I usually don't like to overdo...but I hate when people underestimate me, so for the next three minutes only I will show you the 'next step' of my abilities, because remember, if I didn't use my full power up until now it was only because I don't want you dead...get ready." he answered with narrowed eyes.

"Is that so? Thou think you can scare us with some bold claim? SHOW US THEN!" Nightmare Moon answered.

("BAD. Move!" "STUFF IT, TEME!")

"...Really?" Naruto asked taken aback at her answer.

"Hoy! It's her funeral after all, show her my avatar form, I bet they never saw anything like that here!" Kurama said with a feral smirk.

Sigh! "I hate when the bad guys go all 'I can take everything you can dish-out', it makes me feel bad to then beat them to dust..." the flaming stallion said before his body seemingly exploded into a towering pillar of energy that then rapidly took the MASSIVE shape of Kurama's body along the nine tails and rings around the eyes to accompany the skeleton-like lines on the rest of the body.

The Unicorns, Pegasus, earth pony and one Alicorn present could only watch as the avatar of energy kept growing in size until it completely dwarfed the whole forest and the surrounding area before roaring with unmatched anger at a millimetre of Nightmare Moon's face.



"Yes, Fluttershy-san?" Tsunade asked.

"Visual help?" the shy pony asked.

In answer the blond shinobi smirked and once got the 'Green light' from Anarchy simply activated his Sixth Path Sage Mode to summon around himself the towering chakra construct representing Kurama to take in an huge breath.

"ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAR!" and thenletting out a deafening roar to enact the scene the Moon Alicorn had just read almost blowing away the observing ponies.



"...Please don't ask for more Visual Helps, Shy." Rarity, with her mane standing ram-rod rigid from the power of the roar asked unamused.

"Okay." the other answered weakly.

"The Arc animation didn't make it justice,"

"Just keep reading, Luna." Celestia answered groaning.


And while the girls were surprised by reflex at seeing that happen, the Corrupted Alicorn Princess was showing all the signs of being extremely worried as her eyes were bulging wide open while the irises and pupils had visibly shrunken to the point of looking almost absent; what they didn't know though was that Nightmare Moon was also screaming inwardly as for some reason her voice kind of refused to come out of her open mouth.

("I wonder why," "No Comments allowed, Miss Dash!")

"ARE YOU SATISFIED, LITTLE HORSEY? MY COMPANION HERE MIGHT LIKE TO PLAY NICE, BUT I DON'T!" Kurama said using the avatar's mouth before one of his huge paws grabbed the still shocked Alicorn to throw her back to Ponyville like a shrieking bullet and with enough strength to have her leave behind a sonic boom out of the sheer speed her body reached.

"Sorry for Kurama's antics, he is usually more calm. Go fetch those Elements, if she wants me and him to get serious then she has to hope you will find them fast; my techniques are not made to be gentle," Naruto added before the huge nine-tailed fox made of energy sprinted towards the corrupted princess with a new deafening war-cry.

"Okay..." Twilight answered with a weak voice while ignoring Dash trying to revive the fainted Rarity and Fluttershy behind her.

"That's one hay of a talent, sugarcube...but what talent is that?" Applejack asked while trailing in awe the amount of destruction the huge Biju Avatar left behind just by moving.


"It's just awesomeness, just like me." Dash answered smugly.

"That's right!"


"You are starting to worry me, Hinata." Sakura admitted.


"I honestly don't know, but let's move fast, because I fear there won't be enough Nightmare Moon for us to use the Elements on otherwise," Twilight answered before the still shaking group renowned their efforts towards the Elements of Harmony.

-With Naruto – Several Minutes Later -

"Is this more of your liking, Princess? If I were you, I would stay still and wait for those pretty girls to help you with those Elements," the stallion said from his place inside Kurama's spectral head.

"WHAT ARE YOU!? How can you do such things? Why did my sister left such a in-equine creature like you anywhere near Equestria?!" Nightmare Moon asked while still keeping distance from the enormous creature.

("That's a very rude thing to say, sister." "We were Corrupted...And we would like to see YOU in our place, Celly!")

No matter what she did he didn't seem possible to stop or deter, he could break illusions faster than how she could cast them, any spell she used was either dodged or countered by his clones or the spiraling spheres of energy he could summon on the tip of his horn, that if he didn't outright let her struck him and then get-up as if nothing happened, and the huge body of energy he was piloting was apparently totally impervious to anything she threw at it through telekineses no matter how big.

"Believe it or not I originally came from here before she sent me away, where I ended I had Kurama here sealed inside me, that had me gaining the ability to use and wield chakra, the energy everyone there had in their bodies; from there I just grew-up becoming the strongest ever before she stupidly thought that I would have gladly left behind everything I had gained after breaking my back on a daily basis and risking my life to fight crazy bastards with dreams about World Domination once brought here! I even fought against a veritable goddess and came out victorious! And now look at me! I am here fighting a tantrum-throwing flying horse that could not accept the fact that someone would SLEEP during the night! So do me a favour and drop whatever you are doing that is keeping Celestia on the Sun so she can come here and send me back!" the other answered.


"A goddess?" Celestia said with wide eyes.

"She called herself that, but she only had more power than usual, that's all." Sasuke clarified.

"The Rabbit Goddess?" Luna asked.

"Yep! Kaguya! She appears in your manga as well?" Naruto asked.

"She is an ancient and Evil Alicorn, yes. The Arc is still on-going so please, no spoilers." the Moon Princess answered.

"Our lips are sealed!" both boys answered in chorus.

"We thank you."


"NEVER! I WILL BE THE ONLY RULER OF EQUESTRIA EVEN IF IT KILLS ME!" Nightmare Moon said while flying as high as she could above the stallion, deciding to focus all her power in a single attack and uncaring that it would probably cause Celestia to break free without a great deal of her magic holding the other Alicorn exiled.

"She is trying something, can you feel it?" Kurama asked.

"Yep, her last try...should we show her that she really needs to stay put?" Naruto asked back.

"I guess we really have to, just angle it a little high though, we don't need to kill her," the Biju answered nodding.

"TAKE THIS AND DISAPPEAR, YOU MONSTER!" Nightmare Moon yelled at the top of her lungs as a thick bolt of pure condensed darkness went shot from her horn towards Naruto.

"...Sore loser...Bijūdama Rasenshuriken!" Naruto said while converting a Truth-Seeking Ball into a Tailed Beast Ball hovering on the tip of his horn and adding wind-natured chakra to create four shuriken-like blades around it before hurling it at the Alicorn.

("And you don't like to go Overkill, Naruto?" "I won't answer to that, Kakashi-sensei...")

The two attacks met briefly before the former shinobi's jutsu simply cut through Nightmare Moon's attack erasing it from existence, shocking the Corrupted Princess to the core that had only the time to summon a quick shield around herself before the Jutsu flew above her.

The resulting explosion completely engulfed her body, shooting her to the ground at break-neck speed and leaving her smoking, heavily bruised body in the middle of an huge crater, her armour almost completely gone and her back showing the most bruises and probably still holding wings only thanks to the armour she was wearing and that got atomized in her place.

"You okay?" Naruto asked after dropping the Chakra Avatar and nearing her with a short trot.

"S-S-Stay away!" the exhausted, and surprisingly scared, Nightmare Moon shrieked while scampering away from the flaming stallion until her back was pressed against a wall.

"I angled it so it would not have touched you, as I said my intention was about buying time for the others, not killing you," he answered with a sad smile.

"W-W-Why?! If you hate Celestia you should have just left me do what I wanted! She would have suffered a thousand years on the Sun for her sins!" she answered while leaning even closer to the wall at seeing him walk near her.

"You needed to be helped, since those Elements can save you then I decided to help, I would have hoped to do so without getting violent, but you were not hearing reasons," Naruto answered.


"At least you had put your own issues with me aside to help Equestria," Celestia said smiling thankful.

"Hey, if people need help and I can give an hand, why shouldn't I do something?" Naruto answered embarrassed.

"A very Noble spirit," the Sun Alicorn answered pleased.

"...Hooves down," Luna muttered glaring at her sister.

"He has not you name written anywhere, he is free game." she answered back jokingly.

"We'll see."

"GRRRRRR!" at the new possessive growl of Hinata the rest of the shinobi contingent simply inched a little away to leave her more space.


"We are here! We have the Elements!" Twilight yelled as she and the others reached the duo.

"It was not easy! That mad mare had left behind illusions and angry monsters to stop us," Dash said in annoyance.

"Those poor animals were also forced to attack us..." Fluttershy added.

"When did you do that?" Naruto asked curious.

"During our...strategic retreat..." Nightmare Moon answered.

("You people call 'runningaway' like that here?" "Be quiet, Mister Duck-butt!" "HOW COME I AM CALLED LIKE THAT HERE AS WELL?!")

"You work fast, that's for sure," the flaming stallion said surprised.

"...Thank you," she answered while a bit surprised by the sudden colloquial, almost friendly, tone the monstrous pony in front of her had started using.

"Can we use the Elements, dear? I think Ponyville suffered enough from her attack," Rarity asked with a raised eyebrow while pointing with an hoof at the destruction surrounding the group.

"Ehm...most of that is my fault I fear, my jutsu are kind of destructive, but I will help repair everything once done." a blushing Naruto said while stepping to the side.

"You better hope ma farm is still intact or I'll buck ya as hard as I buck ma trees!" Applejack said with narrowed eyes.

"My attack shouldn't have touched it, I swear!" the other replied while rising both hooves.

("You better!" "If I said I didn't then I didn't, AJ-chan! I take pride in my aim, Tch!")

"What are you gonna do?" Nightmare Moon asked with narrowed eyes.

"Use the Elements of Harmony on you and purify whatever had corrupted you," Twilight answered.

"...And he will stop attacking us?" she asked while stealing glances at the flaming Naruto near her.

"Yes?" the purple unicorn answered uncertain.

"Then yes, please do so! This is our best side!" Nightmare Moon answered with an happy smile while presenting her left cheek.

"I feel kind of offended..." Naruto muttered pouting as a rainbow-coloured ray of light engulfed the Corrupted Princess.

"That must be the most feminine-looking attack I had ever seen, I swear I felt my manliness drop of few points just by looking at it!" Kurama muttered while shaking his head.

""Kurama, please! This is hardly the moment for jokes! We still need to find a way to return home."" Naruto thought sighing.

Once the blinding light died-down a new Alicorn stood in place of Nightmare Moon, showing that the Corruption had twisted more than just the Princess' mind; she was now a tall indigo coloured pony with bright aqua eyes and large, feathered wings on either side of her, black patches could be seen her hind legs under the white crescent moon marking on her flank; she was now wearing dull blue horse shoes (if that was the name of the thing, Naruto wondered unsure) and a bib-like piece of black cloth around her neck adorned by the same crescent moon insignia; her mane was long, flowing even in wind's absence and sparkling just like if the stars in the sky were tangled in there.

"Well, that's a nice change, sorry for hurting you. But in my defence you were not yourself," Naruto offered with an apologetic tone.

"We would have preferred being saved in a less painful manner, yes, but we do appreciate the gesture all the same. We are Luna, Moon Princess and sister of Celestia and you all, Element Bearers and Warrior of Light, have our deepest gratitude." Luna answered while painfully bowing to the two groups.

"Oh my gosh! A real princess thanked us!" Pinkie said with a wide smile.

"So those rocks are the Elements? They don't look...threatening," the flaming stallion said uncertain.

("Compared to you, nothing is threatening, dear." "I don't know if I should feel offended or proud at that, Rarity-chan.")

"Actually, those are just the former husks of the Elements, their true power now reside in the young ponies you have in front of you," a new voice said as Celestia finally re-appeared in the middle of the group.

"Celestia?" Luna said with a meek voice.

"It's all okay, sister. I am happy to see you return to your senses," the Sun Princess said while hugging her sister with happy tears streaming down her cheeks.

"I helped resolving your problem with your sister, now send me back!" Naruto demanded with narrowed eyes.

"I am sorry, but this is not possible..." Celestia had the time to say before the stallion re-appeared in front of her with a withering glare on his face.

"WHAT?!" he bellowed with enough force to kick-up dust and crack the terrain behind the Princess.


"Ah! The Uzumaki's 'I am very pissed at what you just said' kind of "What"...Kushina-san was very adept at that, even Minato-sensei trembled whenever faced with that." Kakashi said with a sad chuckle.

"You make it sound like we have a nasty temper." the blond man muttered pouting.

"One just has to look at you and Tsunade, dobe. You both have the same blood and temper." Sasuke answered.

"Then guess who will be my next sparring partner once we have done here? And Remember, since I am still the Hokage you can only stand there immobile and take it like a wuss without retaliate." the woman replied with a chilling smile.

"Oh, God..." the Uchiha whimpered in dread.

"Can you teach us that smile? Our own is no longer enough to make guards squirm as much as we would like," Luna asked.

"Once done with this chapter I'll give you some pointers."

"We appreciate the gesture."


"The...cough! The spell I used to turn you into an human and then back into a pony can be used only once...even if I send you back you would still remain in your current (and true) body," the princess answered after managing to bite down the high-pitched tone her voice momentarily took in surprise.

"Why it can be used only once? And why then YOU CALLED ME BACK!?" the stallion asked.

"It was an experimental ritual created by Starswirl, he theorized that with enough power an Equestrian could be changed into another shape, but also added that any form different by something of our world could have put enough strain on the subject to kill them, I took a gamble into turning you into an human since they are creatures completely different from us in mind, body and was by momentarily turning you into an Alicorn and then sacrificing that particular transformation that I could do it, using the resulting back-lash of power to fuel the ritual, but your body had to be turned into that of an human infant so to minimize the danger of killing you by using a smaller shape." Celestia answered.

("That's sounds like something really dangerous, your Highness" "I am of the same advice, Twilight." "And yet you still used it," "And I am sorry about it, Miss Tsunade.")

"And you can't do that again? I survived the extraction of my Biju, a thing that usually KILLS the victim, and even his re-introduction in my seal, I am certain I will survive some magic trick of a long-horned, self-centered horse just like you!" he hissed back.

"Listen...I am asking you to give Equestria a try, your life should have been here, it was by fear of Luna's corruption influencing you as well that I acted so recklessly, but I was desperate at the time and could not find another solution," the Sun Princess answered with a pleading tone.

"And Konoha? And my friends? The life I had fought so hard to have? I FINALLY GOT THEM TO ACKNOWLEDGE MY EXISTENCE, YOU EGOISTICAL BITCH!" Naruto yelled in fury.


"Sadly true, if this takes place right after the issue with Kaguya then what he said is true," Kakashi admitted.

"Your life was really that bad?" Pinkie asked saddened.

"It wasn't stellar, but I managed to fulfill my dreams and make friends all the same," the blond shinobi answered.

"It doesn't help the fact that usually people used to not trust him and his abilities, but they usually apologized after getting proven wrong," Sakura explained.

"You among all of them, Sakura-chan."

"I was young and a bit foolish, but I got better."

"Glad to hear that your life was still good no matter all that." Celestia said elated.


"HEY! Don't you dare..." Twilight was about to say before freezing at the intense, furious glare she got from the stallion.

"What?" he muttered with a throaty growl.

("Stop glaring at them, Naruto. They don't need a visual help." "Sorry." "-Various Whimpers-")

Sigh! "Listen, I-I know it's hard to accept, but this is your home, your world; give us a chance and in exchange I will find a way for you to contact your friends back in that world, like that you won't leave them behind completely..." Celestia offered.

"Why not giving me a way to go back instead?" he asked again, this time with eyes filled by pain and loss, actually hurting the Princess more than his rage had before.

"You would return as a Pony, I can't return you to an human body, it's too dangerous," she answered shaking her head.

To the other's shock he just dropped down, crying silently and covering his head with his hooves.

" still have me...come on, brat! S-say something!" Kurama said in apprehension.

"It's all okay, they are your friends, they will understand and don't abandon will still communicate with each other, is still something." Fluttershy said while nearing him and dropping down to be at eye-level with him, her motherly side kicking-in at seeing his desperate expression.

"I have lost everything!...Why?!...what do you want from me? Didn't I do enough? Can't I have a little peace to enjoy my life?! To have a girl, a family..." he muttered angrily.

"Who is he, Sister? Why did we ponynapp him from his home? You heard him, he had managed to get himself friends and probably a nice life," Luna asked confused.

"Because I wanted to re-unite a mother with her son no matter what, and in my blind ignorance I did just that, uncaring of the damages I would have done to him, but in my defence, I never thought that he would have managed to have friends in such a violent place...I am sorry," Celestia said while helping Naruto to stand and even hugging him.


A tense silence fell in the reading group at that.

"Sister? Is your counterpart really saying that we are his mother?" Luna asked with wide eyes.

"Apparently." Celestia answered.

"And how is that supposed to happen?" Naruto asked confused.

"I guess it will be explained later in this or directly in a later chapter," Hinata answered unsure.

"But I am curious about the workings of it all the same...The author will either say you got adopted by Minato-sensei and Kushina know..."

"DON'T. SAY. THAT!" Tsunade hissed.



"What's that?" Pinkie asked curious.

"Trust us, you DON'T want to know." Sakura answered gagging, action echoed by the others of her group.


"I had a mother back in Konoha, and a father... a man that I now wish to strangle with my hands...or hooves or whatever!" he answered.

"I am not putting this into discussion, but give your mother here a chance as well, she has every right as well as the woman that adopted you," Celestia answered as she stopped hugging him.

"And who is his mother?" Luna asked.

", sister..." the Sun Princess said with a shy tone.

"ME/ HER!?" both Naruto and Luna yelled at the same time while pointing at each other.

"Luna...he is the son you and Fierce Storm had a thousand years ago...Maelstrom Knight, or just Maelstrom since his father always defined that name as a 'mouthful' to say..." Celestia said uncertain.


"Fierce Storm? Uuuh! We remember that soldier! A very nice piece of hunk! Good choice for a mate!" Luna admitted chuckling.

"LUNA!" Celestia yelled scandalized.

"What? We may be a Princess, but we are not a block of wood, we can still appreciate a good stallion when we see one!"

"At least say it in a more dignified manner!"


"I am more surprised she knows him, in the show that name never appears," Hinata admitted.

"Maybe she just used the right one by chance," Twilight offered.

"It probably is the case." Luna answered.


"Surprisingly, Naruto can be translated as 'Maelstrom' in our he had not exactly changed his name," she then added with a nervous laugh.

A tense silence fell in the group as the shocked stallion dropped the Sage Mode to show a rust-coloured fur with a yellow (and still spiky) mane, whiskers marks on his face and the mark on his flank was of nine fox tails meeting with their white tip to form a spiral with a white center.

"I even had his clothes re-sized by the best fashion designers of Canterlot...since he seemed to like those and the bandanna..." Celestia said trying to fill the awkward silence while pointing at the red-with-black-flames jacket and the top half of the stallion's old orange and black jumpsuit he was wearing under it, he even had the pendant he won from Tsunade still around his neck.


"Visual help! Visual Help!" Dash said immediately.

"A Minute!" the very amused Naruto answered before using an Henge to take the appearance the story said his counterpart had and using Celestia's body shape as a base for "his own" measures.


"So?" the transformed Naruto asked smirking.

"Niiiiice!" AJ answered greatly interested.

"Shake that flank, pretty boy! SHAKE THAT MONEY-MAKER FOR ME!" Dash answered whistling.

"I wouldn't mind watching you come out from one of my pies any day, so feel free to pass by." Pinkie admitted winking amused.

"WE CALL DIBS!" Luna added.

"Oh, my Goodness! I am so sorry! Please ignore them! I beg you..." Celestia pleaded while face-palming (Or hoofing in this case) in complete shame.

"Just keep him away from Ponyville when looking like that, for his safety." A red-faced Twilight admitted.

"Come to Equestria if you ever need a new job though, I bet several Fashion Houses back in Manehattan would kill to have you as model," Rarity added while laughing at her friends' reactions.

"EH! You see, Teme? They KNOW what's cool and what's not!" Naruto said smugly as he returned normal, chuckling at the disappointed whines he got from the girls.

"Tch! Then I'll show you." Sasuke answered turning himself into a Pony to flash his infamous 'Lone Avenger' expression (patent pending).


"...Too broody."

"Too much angst."

"Angsty angst angst...Boring!"

"We still don't like your character."

"OW, COME ON!" Sasuke said in disbelief.

"Wrong audience, Sasuke. They have other standards." Kakashi said patting the boy's back.



"Princess Luna? Are you feeling well?" Twilight asked to the wide-eyed Alicorn that was fixating Naruto with unblinking eyes, not that the shell-shocked stallion was sporting a different expression.

"OH! I think I know that expression!" Kurama muttered in horror at seeing Luna's face split into a wide grin.

"MAELSTROM!" the Princess squealed as she pounced on Naruto to hug the life out of him while nuzzling her cheek on his and chanting his 'name' in pure happiness, wounds completely forgotten.

"Okay...What the fuck is happening here?!" the stallion finally asked as he recovered his voice.


"Okay, with this we conclude the first chapter, any thoughts?" Luna asked as the book floated away to hover between the two groups.

"It doesn't answer many questions, to be honest." Sasuke admitted.

"It's the first one, an introduction of sort, it is supposed to raise questions more than answering them." Twilight answered.

"Trust her, she loves books." Dash said smirking.

"Yes, I love reading so I am not ashamed of admitting that." the mare said huffing.

"So I am supposed to be what? Unicorn or Pegasus?" Naruto asked confused.

"By the description during our battle, you should be an Alicorn as you had been described as possessing both an Horn and Wings." Luna answered.

"Isn't it too much starting from the Higher 'Class' of pony as soon as he arrived?" Rarity asked.

"Normally yes, but considering that the 'Naruto' used is our own AFTER the War against Madara and Kaguya...Maybe the Author felt safer to give him that status so to not 'Depower' him too much," Kakashi (he too quite versed in the realm of Fiction) explained.

"The details about the shinobi side of the story come from another author the one of this story knows that suggested the Alicorn shape for that reason exactly, I asked." Anarchy confirmed.

"Am I considered OP in your Manga too?" the blond man asked curious.

"Pretty much, the audience seems to think you to be a bit Broken...But we don't mind." Luna answered.


"Before Hinata melts-down in suppressed rage," Sakura said making said girl stop growling to just look down embarrassed.

"Can you confirm that she will be paired with Naruto in this story all the same? Maybe she will be turned into a Pony to help him decide to remain with you others." she then said.

"Ehm...About that..." the Moon Alicorn said in discomfort.

"Yes?" Tsunade asked paling in dread.

"We have read the initial A/N and...well..."

"OUT WITH IT!" Hinata roared.

"The pairing is him...With Dash." Luna admitted covering herself behind her wings to defend herself from the impending explosion.


"EH! I don't mind, he makes an hot stallion," the rainbow-haired pony admitted smirking.


"KYAAAAAAAAAAAH!" both girls screamed as the Hyuga heiress launched herself to the chase of the cyan Pegasus to enact revenge.

"While the brats play, I'll be the next one to read. The first chapters are always the lightest ones, so it won't be too much of a bother for me." Kurama said uninterested as the book flew towards him and got enlarged to fit in his massive hands.

"Shouldn't we stop them?" Celestia asked worried.

"Let the Hyuga woman vent, it will be less of an hassle later if she gets exhausted from chasing that horsey." the Biju answered shrugging.

"You are finding this very fun, don't you?" Discord said annoyed.

"Yes I am, cousin. Yes I am." Anarchy answer pleased.

End of the chapter.

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