When we traveled back to Skyhold
I was weary in the evenings
And still weary in the mornings.
As I lay upon the bedroll
Looking idly at the sunrise
Came the Proud One softly to me
With his gray eyes sad and solemn.
"Wake, my heart, rise and make ready.
We are going on a journey
Up into the foothills near us
While the others still continue
Their way toward the mountain passes."

So I rose and made me ready,
Let him lead me through the forest
Up the broad slopes of the foothills
Till we reached a hidden cavern
With its roof open to sunlight
And a peaceful pond within it,
Small and peaceful, light and quiet.
Then he took my hand and asked me,
"Can you feel the Veil around us?
It is thin here in this cavern,
And the Fade bends closer to us."

On my skin I felt the whisper
Of the Beyond calling to me.
"Yes, the dreamlands are quite close here.
To a good place thou hast brought me.
Here the way will be quite easy,
Just a short and pleasant journey,
And a long sleep then to end it."

"Nay, my love, what art thou saying?
That is not why I have brought thee
To this place of peaceful stillness.
Sit here by me, near the water,
And I'll tell to thee a story.
Put out of thy mind the present
And the old, sad world we live in;
Come back with me into legend,
Into myths and dreams of old."

It was a strange tale he told me,
Not like any known by Dalish,
All a mix of earth and spirits
And the gods were elven mages.
There were slaves and evil doings
And at last there was rebellion
Led by one they called the Dread Wolf
For they both hated and feared him.
When the Veil was raised and fastened
It was meant to be protection
For the people from the raging
Of the cruel gods in their madness,
But the sundering was hurtful
And the elves fell from their glory
And the Wolf fell into slumber
Full of weakness, full of sorrow.

Then I looked on in amazement
As the Proud One wept beside me
And he told me of his wanderings
With guilt heavy on his shoulders.
Long he wandered, long he wondered
How to heal what had been damaged,
How to give back to the People
All the things he'd taken from them.
When he woke he sought the Dark One,
Needed power for his purpose,
Wanted to tear down the barrier,
To destroy his own creation
And bring back the ancient kingdom
On the ruins of the new ones.

"Now, my love, dost thou believe me?
For I know that thou must wonder
How wisdom could be so blinded;
But I have ever been prideful."

"Ah, Proud One, I do believe thee,
Though my mind is all a-whirling.
Dost thou still wish to destroy us?
Destroy me and all my kindred?"

"Nay, my love, I have grown wiser
Since I woke from my long slumber.
You are real and living creatures
And I am, myself, no godling."

"Dost thou still wish us to part, then?
To part when this war is over?"

"Nay, my love, I have grown wiser
Since I kissed thee in the moonlight.
For as long as I am living,
I would stay and love thee truly."

Then I put my arms around him
And I told him, full of laughter,
"I will have to hear your story
One more time, and then a second,
Then perhaps again a third time
Ere I fully understand it,
But for now and for forever
I will gladly drink the kisses
From thy honey-lips, my Wise One,
And the looks of glad affection
From thine eyes, grey and unguarded."

So a new adventure started
And I know not yet its ending,
Whether we shall die tomorrow
Or in centuries to come yet;
But I do not fear the future
Nor the trials it may bring me
For I know that I'll go through them
Walking hand in hand with Wisdom.