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As I watch him, working staring at his sun tanned skin, spiky hair, and large brown eyes I feel strange. I know that I can have him, even if he does not want me I can have him. I am after all a prince and he is my slave. But when I watch him like this I also know that I could never truly have him if it was by force. My brother goes about like a true man in love with a woman altho he does not tell us who. I know that he has been sneaking off to see her. I can see the look on his face and smell the sent of perfume on him. At first I thought he had taken a fancy to one a young girl named Kari but she died around a year ago from my mother over working her. I cursed my mother for that! I always knew that she was a bitch. The worst part of the gilr Kari's death was the look on her brothers face every day for months. Because the former Kari's older brother is the one I love, Tai. My brother walked into the room as always the sent of perfume was strong on him and a smile was apon his face. I looked at him as always I was curious as to what exactly always made him so happy. Who was this girl? He looked at me. "Hello brother!" He exclaimed "Hello yourself" was my reply. "Its a fine day isn't it?" I blinked at him. "What makes it so fine?" I asked. "The fact that my life is going so perfect!" I decided now was the time to ask him. "Brother, who is the young lady that you have been with?" He stared at me. "What young lady could you be talking about? I have not the slightest idea what you are implying!" I shook my head "You smell of woman! You have been for coming back from you daily 'trips' like this for almost two whole years!!" It was now his turn to blink at me. "Matt will you promise not to tell a soul?" I nodded.

"Her name is Samantha. She is fun and exciting!!!! At first I never thought of her like that. We had met years ago and she had been my friend, but a few years ago she confessed her true feelings and I relised that I loved her as well!" I thought about what my brother had just said for awhile, letting it seep in before I asked another question "She told you that knowing that you were a prince? Most people would have been more scared about you turning them down if they knew." He blushed "She knew! Samantha is the kind of person who would not care tho!" I then knew what I had to do, if it had been an option I would have tried and become Tai's friend without him knowing the truth but he was my personal slave so he knew the way I looked, breathed, walked... every single thing! He never speaks to much and I never have him do much, when I was younger I always abused my power as a prince but no longer. My brother soon left blushing and I guess he was pondering over what he had just told me.

I now sat in the garden admiring the flowers that grew there. I had it all planed out! I would try my hardest to at least become friends with Tai. I heard the sound of soft footsteps walking twords me. Turning my head and seeing one of my mothers slaves walking up to me. I had been trying to convince my mother to not be so harsh on her and finally she had given in and in a sense "gave" the girl to me. My mother still "owned" her tho. The girls name is Sora. We had become friends after some time of knowing each other. My mother had taken her from her family when she was just a baby and we are about the same age so I always snuck away to go and see her. She is my best friend and in a sense my only friend. Sora walked up to me. "Greatings Yamato-sama!" I had told her she didn't have to call me that. " Sora you can call me Matt if you like!" She blushed slightly. Okay "Matt..." she paused awhile before adding 'chan' softly her blushing increasing. I know Sora likes me but I just cant return the feelings. I just smiled at her as kindly as I could. "Sora I need your help." I said to her. She looked up at me "my help?" She blinked. "Yes, you see I'm afraid that I have fallen in love. My problem is that I can not tell this person how I feel." She looked up at me, there was a faint glimmer of hope in her eyes but I knew that she knew I was not talking about her. "Who is it that you love?" She asked me. I sighed "it may seem odd at first but the person I love is a man. Tai to be exact." She looked at me with large eyes. "Tai..?" I nodded at her. "You and him get along well right?" She blushed abit "Yes Tai and I are very good friends. We have known each other for some time and I must say that I was friends with his sister..." she cut off there. Sora went away. I knew it was to cry so I let her be. I would talk to her again later. I knew that what she had said was because thinking of Kari made people feel that way, well people who knew her well.

Many people thought of her as a cute little girl, but as Kari grew the cute little girl became differn't. Despite her situation she was almost 'Perfect'. My mother did not like this so she had over worked the poor girl. Kari had her flaws like for one thing she was very ill and no one knew this except for her brother. I found out a short while before she died. It was about a week before it happend. I had heard screaming and my mother like always being a bitch. I had known how I felt for Tai for a long while by then and when I identifyded the screaming as his I rushed to where it was coming from. When I had got there I saw him being beat by mother and I found out about his sister. He was screaming about how she was going to die. I had run up to mother at that moment and stopped her from harming Tai anymore. Well I tried to. After only about a half of an hour of trying she finally stopped harming him. The look on his face at that moment was the most lovely I had ever seen of him. He looked at me with his large eyes thankful and I wanted him even more. I had later tried to convince my mother to stop tormenting Kari, she stopped but only two days before Kari's death. When Kari had died my mother did not care, she laughed. I was trying to be as nice as I could be to Tai but he was so upset. when I had gone to him in hopes of mending his broken heart he snapped. He was so mad and took it out on me. He attacked me with both force and words but I did not care because I knew why he was doing this. After he relised what he had done he started to cry and begged me for forgiveness I told him that he should not be the one begging for it that I should be. That I could have tried to stop my mother sooner. After that things had gone back to normal, except that Tai sometimes gets far off sad looks now. I know how much he misses his sister and I wish that I could have saved her.

It was later that day when Sora and I talked again. "Sora?" She looked up at me. "Yes?" I smiled slightly at her. "What do you think I should do about my problem?" She had a wide smile on her face. It was rare that she smiled that much so it was nice. "Well I think that you should tell him how you feel!" I shook my head. "But what if he does not feel the same way?" Her smile faded slightly "Then forget about him!" I once again shook my head. "I can not! He is my everything!! I love him and everything about him..." I heard footsteps and stopped talking. Then there he was my lovely one, Tai. He walked up to me kneeling and looked up "Yamato-sama, Sora said that you had wanted to speak with me." I looked at Sora she winked at me and I felt a slight blush spreading across my cheeks. Now was the time I would tell him! "Tai, I have to tell you something." He looked at curious as to what it was. "I think that I may be in love with..." I paused and looked at his blinking and blushing face. I started again. "I think I may be in love with you!" I screamed. An odd look was on his face....

To be continued!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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