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Chapter 2


After getting the truck as a gift from Charlie, I reluctantly agreed because I had planned to purchase a new, or in my case a second-hand vehicle with my own savings.

After the twins had turned five, they joined Folks elementary and Susan had plenty of time to do the chores while the twins were in elementary, so she liked to spend the evenings with the twins, leaving both me and Angela with ample free time after studying and homework, with nothing to do. Both Angela and me had joined the advanced program and not to brag, but we were on top of our classes. So, we both decided to apply for part time jobs.

After babysitting the twins and spending time with Leah, I quickly figured out that I liked spending time with kids, taking care of them and nurture them, that does not mean I do not have other hobbies, I liked to bake, decorate and also write in my spare time.

Angela had found a part time job in a library, where she had to work few hours on weekdays and half days on weekends, it was a dream job for her. I was happy for Angela but a bit jealous, that she found her part-time job so quickly and I was still looking for a job, as none of the jobs appealed to me. There was an opening in Mike Newton's parents store but as Mike had become too clingy as of late, I did not want to give him any other opportunity to ask me out, there was also an opening in Forks Hospital, but as I spend quite an amount of time in Forks Hospital due to my clumsiness, I did not want to spend more time there.

My saving grace came in the form of "Happy Activity", it was a club designed to help kids, mainly teenagers learn different kinds of hobbies, if they are interested once a week; so that they can spend their excessive energy somewhere productive to lower the risk of teenage alcohol and drug addiction, also unwanted pregnancies and stress suicide attempts.

It was the brain child of few respected individuals in Forks, when they had decided that, if the kids have a spare hobby which they like, it would help them unwind from stress, express themselves better and provide them with like-minded individuals, who they can relate to. The club provided classes in basic and emergency first aid, self-defense, meditation and yoga, cooking, baking, sewing, painting, clay and wood sculpturing, singing, dancing and counseling.

The club would be active for all the seven days both in mornings and evenings, providing ample amount of time dedicated to each of the class. All the activities will have a two-hour session and will be once a week, so if you wish to join multiple classes, it will not overlap and it will not overwhelm the kids joining the activity.

The club was looking for teachers for each of the activities, so that they can plan the schedule and start accepting the students. The only fixed session was for yoga, meditation and self-defence, as they were available on weekends in morning and evening respectively. As I was proficient in cooking, baking, sewing from my mother's preference in trying out different hobbies, I decided to apply for tutoring in Happy Activity, as it was also a part-time club and also included working with kids mainly teenagers.

To enrol in the club, you have to be at least ten and you can continue in the club till you are nineteen, after that you have the option to apply as an assistant or teacher, if you wish to continue with the club. The club is involuntary and you can leave at any point of time, if you do not wish to continue but the Forks committee encouraged all the kids to try for at least one activity for 3 months, before deciding to leave the club.

The forks committee had acquired an old church hall, which fell into disuse as the locals preferred the larger church in Port Angeles, as it is five times larger than the church in Forks and it also had better facilities available for the different religions being a tourist town. The Forks church hall was cleaned and repaired and now it stood as the base for Happy Activity.

The church was two stories tall, which was then sectioned of for different activities, it also had a basement which was transformed into kitchen for the cooking and baking class and the terrace was transformed for accommodating the self-defence, yoga and meditation class so that the kids have access to natural light and sunshine while practising.

The Forks committee had dedicated their time, money and planning skills so that Happy Activity can be successful, which included the supplies for all kinds of the classes, including equipment's, clothes and as such. It created such a hubbub in the small town, that nearly everyone in Forks had donated something for the club, even Charlie decided that he would provide some basic self-defence lesson separately for females, which he wanted me to join, so that I could properly throw a decent punch and kick, if assaulted and the benefit of carrying pepper spray and taser.

After seeing the advertisement for the teachers for the club, I decided to apply as a teacher since I had skills in basic first aid, again due to my clumsiness, cooking, baking, sewing and painting. The committee at first did not believe that a 15 almost 16-year girl had skills to apply for the teaching position on so many of the classes, but after showing them my sketchbook, few pieces of cloth which I had embroidered using different techniques, they were impressed. But for the cooking and baking position, I had to use the kitchen in the basement to bake cookies, croissants, pastries and cook various dishes like lasagna, meat pie for them to be satisfied that I had an ample knowledge regarding the crafts that I would teach. Again, I would give the credit to my free-spirited late mother for switching so many hobbies that it helped me retain something from each hobby.

After getting accepted as a teacher for basic first aid, sewing, painting, cooking and baking; it was decided that I will work from Monday to Friday, in the evening, each day for one activity respectively for 5 hours and holding two classes, with an hour of break in between for cleaning and break. The first class for each activity will be for kids from age 10 – 14 and the class after the break would be for teenagers from age 15 – 19. Charlie, Susan and Angela were delighted that I was able to land a part time job, that would let me be independent, fulfilling my desire to work with kids, while also not infringing on my school and studies, as it was after school hours and also left the weekends free to continue our usual routine in the reservation.

At this point of time, Charlie and Sue were getting serious with their relationship and now we spend one day of our weekend with Sue and baby Leah, so that we four can mesh as a family, as Charlie was thinking to propose Sue to become his wife and to adopt Leah, I definitely did not have a problem with Leah being my sister, but I was quite apprehensive in regards to Sue, I tried to talk to Sue many times, but she just seems standoffish with me.

Sue's behaviour with Charlie was very normal as they both seem to be in love and depend on each other for comfort after their loss and Leah was clearly the apple of her mother's eye, but when it came to me; Sue's behaviour changed a bit. Well, she was not like Cinderella's step mother, which would be cruel to the extreme. But Sue was a bit indifferent to me.

She always thinks that I am more beautiful than Leah, which will cause problems in getting a husband for Leah. Hello, we live in 21st century not in Renaissance era, so that there will be fixed husband for me and Leah. Actually, I cannot blame her, as its Sue's past trauma speaking. Once I heard Sue discussing this with Charlie, Sue had an older sister who was also named Leah, whom she loved very much. You can say Sue idolized her sister, she was the first female in Sue's reservation who left for college, instead of staying and getting married in reservation.

While going to college, Sue's sister had a full scholarship and had bright prospects for her future, but she fell in love. Not to say that falling in love is a bad thing, but she fell in love with a wrong man. First when Sue heard her older sister talking about her boyfriend, Samuel (Sam) Uley, Sue had no issues as she thought it is normal to date, while in college and gave no second thought about it. But Sam and Leah continued dating, throughout the college and after graduation, Sam proposed Leah so that both of them can get married before starting their future.

Everyone in Sue's family was happy for their marriage, including Sue as her sister was happy. After announcing their engagement, there was a combined engagement and graduation party which was arranged for both, Sam and Leah. During this party Sam met Sue's and Leah's cousin Emily. After meeting Emily, Sam started gravitating towards Emily, at first everyone thought Sam was only being friendly towards Emily, as both Sue's sister and Emily were best friends being of same age, and there were no other cousins of the same age, also she was Leah's bridesmaid.

Soon problems started arising between Sam and Leah as Sam started distancing from Leah and started spending more time with Leah. The wedding preparations were still going on so everyone thought Sam was asking Emily's advice with regards to Leah's preference for wedding and honeymoon plans as Emily and Leah were best friends.

But on the day of the wedding, Sue's whole family received a major shock when the wedding party noticed the absence of both Sam and Emily, after an hour of searching, a letter was found in Sam's room stating that he fell in love with Emily at first sight, he tried to deny it, as he was about to get married to Leah, but it was impossible, he mentioned that, what he felt for Leah was mere infatuation and with Emily, it was a deeper and an unbreakable bond.

He apologized for all the heartache was causing but he did not want to cheat on Leah anymore, hence he was leaving, he also mentioned that he was about to leave alone, as he did not deserve both Emily and Leah, but Emily stopped him and informed him that she felt the same and hence tried to distance herself from both Leah and Sam, but failed to deny her feelings and hence, she is leaving with Sam.

Both Sam and Emily informed that they understood that they would never receive forgiveness for their actions, but they both wished Leah happy future and they would never show their faces to any of their families due to their shame.

After reading the letter, Leah was devastated and she completely broke down after being deceived by both her best friend and her fiancé. She called of the wedding and informed both the families of both Sam and Emily's transgressions. Sam's family then informed that in their family there is an ancient tradition, due to which when a person meets their soulmate, he/she instinctively knows that he/she is the one, all the other relationships become meaningless and his whole being gravitates towards his/her soulmate as being tied by multiple chains.

This tradition is mentioned to every member of their family, but never receiving the proof of such tradition, it was considered old man's tales in the family. Sam also knew about the tradition but he refused to believe it and left for college, during this whole time starting with Leah calling of the wedding and Sam's and his family's explanation, Leah was steadily drinking and was completely drunk, till the time the explanation and discussions was completed.

Leah then started leaving for her room and Sue was accompanying her, as she was drunk, Leah informed Sue that he wants to clear head after the day's events and the discussion afterward, she will go to the garden for some fresh air and then go to sleep. Sue insisted that she accompany Leah to the garden and then she will help her to her room, but Leah declined stating that she wants to be alone for some time. After many attempts, Sue agreed to let Leah go alone to the gardens, but before leaving, she informed Sue that she always knew Emily was more beautiful than her as Emily was fair skinned, petite and voluptuous and she was dark skinned, tall and had an athletic figure.

Leah said never believed in such things which was always said around their maternal reservation as they were outdated but today Sam's leaving proved that their beliefs are correct. Sam preferred Emily after being with her for weeks instead of Leah, with whom he has been for years, at the end beauty is the only thing that prevails. After saying that Leah left for the garden, leaving Sue inside the hotel and that was the last time Sue saw Leah.

In the morning everyone received the news that Leah was no more. She did not leave for the garden, but she took her car and left the hotel and she met with an accident, while drunk driving and died on spot. Sue was fifteen at that time and Leah being nine years her senior, her words stuck a cord with her and it became a belief for her, that because of beautiful fair skinned Emily her beloved sister died and that if one is beautiful then they would be successful and will never die of heartache.

Sue loved her sister very much and hence when she had a daughter, she named her Leah after her beloved sister. And, if you consider me and Leah, I got a pale skin which gets bruised easily; in contrast to Leah's beautiful dark olive skin. Where I have muddy brown eyes, Leah got big and deep black eyes courtesy of Henry, from whom she inherited them. So, she looks at Leah and then at me and she is reminded of the tragedy which has befallen her own sister.

I have never faulted Sue's ignorance against me, after knowing the reason and I understood her grief and in return loved my half-sister Leah more fiercely. Leah, she is such a darling child. When Charlie started dating Sue, she brought Leah once and I was gone. I was totally in love with the child. With black bouncy curls, big black eyes and pink pouty lips she just jumped into my arms and my heart. After that I and Leah were pretty inseparable and after spending weekends getting to know each other, she started to cling to me more than her own mother due my love and care for Leah. Hence Leah is a bit childish and naïve and looks onto the world with rose tinted glasses, but that is to be expected being the sheltered child. Between me and Charlie she never had to deal with the outside world that much.

So, I guess, this again proved her belief and Sue started resenting me a little, as her own daughter loved me more than her own mother. But she did not know that I loved Leah as my little sister but Sue is her mother and no-one can take a mother's place in somebody's life. She also expected that Charlie would be more attentive and supportive to me than Leah. But she did not know Charlie; he would never differentiate between me and Leah. He would love and support us both equally.

If you observe me and Leah were totally opposite, she is a giggling happy girl and me with my serious demeanour. Where she is outgoing, I am an introvert. She prefers playing with dolls and having playmates, whereas I am satisfied with my books. But despite of these differences, we both were like real sisters, there was not an ounce of resentment being step sisters. I loved her like my own sister and she loved me like her own.

Sue sometimes tries to keep me and Leah separate, but Leah always escapes Sue and comes to me. Also, in front of Charlie she would not say anything to Leah; about her not liking me not associating with Leah. She once had to leave Leah with her babysitter when me and Leah were to be alone in Charlie's house, while going on a date with Charlie, I begged Charlie that I can babysit Leah, as I had experience in babysitting the twins and my neighbour's kids in Arizona. After that Charlie relented and asked Sue that if I can babysit Leah, at first, she was very reluctant but after me and Charlie wearing her down, she agreed. After that every time Charlie and Sue went on dates, I used to babysit Leah and while spending time together, our sisterly bond grew stronger.

Well, everything was going well and fine, after I turned 15, Charlie and Sue decided to get married. Since both Charlie and Sue both were married previously, they decided that they did not want so much fanfare, just wanted to get their marriage certificate.

Still Charlie bought a beautiful engagement ring with my and Leah's birthstone in it. It was Sapphire and Ruby as my birthday was in September and Leah's was in July. It was quite a gorgeous ring, which had two five petal flowers meeting in between. The petals of the flowers - one ruby and one sapphire; and the band itself was covered in diamonds and was of white gold. Also, Charlie bought two simple and plain wedding bands of white gold which had the wedding date engraved in it.

While purchasing the rings; Charlie took Leah and me, so we could provide him with some input. We were so exited. So went down to the famous jewellery shop in Seattle, which was Volturi Gems. We came across the shop owner, Aro Volturi, and he was quite the character. He and his wife Sulpicia were the owners of the Volturi Gems and treated their jewellery collection as their babies.

Aro was quite energetic and had a flair for theatrics whereas Sulpicia was the calm for his nature. We were quite taken by them and at the end of the day, we learned that Aro and his wife both hailed from Italy. Aro and Sulpicia did not have any kids and Sulpicia wanted to settle in a small town in US coast after handing over all the family businesses and assets to his brothers, Marcus and Caius. While chatting and the selection of the engagement and wedding rings, Charlie and Aro became good friends. Also, both Aro and Sulpicia had taken a liking to us, so they did not want to part with us so soon. So, Charlie understanding their pain, invited both Aro and Sulpicia to lunch with us. During the lunch, our bond with the Volturis became stronger, so we all departed with an invitation to visit the Volturi couple anytime. Charlie also invited them to our place and asked them to be his wedding witness. Aro and Sulpicia both agreed and promised to be present in the registrar's office on the mentioned day.