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Chapter 4

Obi-wan turned to see Anakin running toward him. They had both been plagued by healers since they got back, especially Anakin, and the boy had taken the first opportunity to go see Palpatine. After, of course, checking to make sure his Master didn't need him. Obi-wan had assured the boy that they had just spent months living together, and could probably use some time apart. The old Anakin may have taken this as a sign of rejection, thankfully though, their time in the nameless girls clutches had changed them both. Anakin had happily waltzed off, and quite honestly, Obi-wan had expected him to return in a far better mood. "Anakin, what's wrong?"

Anakin was pacing, wringing his hands. "I was seeing Palpatine, and he said things, about you, I thought he might not mean them, and that this might just be now, since I got captured, but then I realized he's always been like, that, and he said things about you, and they, they, I just don't know how I didn't see it before. Master, I-I don't like him anymore, there's, there's something wrong with him, master. He makes me feel bad, I-I don't know how I didn't see it before..."

"It's O.K. Ani." Obi-wan soothed, head reeling. He was glad of this, in a way, he had never trusted Palpatine, but for Anakin to say that the man was making him feel 'bad'. Well. He hadn't seen that coming. Well, perhaps he could make his brother feel better. "Anakin, I'm sorry. I never trusted Palpatine, but I know you did. I'm sorry." He put a hand on the boy's shoulder. "But I have good news. The council has granted me permission to free your mother! We can take her to Naboo and…" Obi-wan never got to finish.

"Thank you master! Thank you so so so so so much! How did you do it?"

Obi-wan laughed "Well, I might have slightly blackmailed a few members of the council..."

Anakin grinned. "I'm rubbing off on you Master, there's no denying it now!"

Obi-wan shook her head. "Indeed. But I only blackmailed the ones I was friends with, and I only used little blackmails. Barely even blackmailing..."


Unbeknownst to the two Jedi, there was someone watching them. A girl. A very familiar girl, watching very illegally gained live video feed of her former prisoners. Smiling she twirled the map to the Holocron of Gallenare in her hand, the same that she had had since she was 6 years old. Studiously she watched the interchange of the two Jedi, and then... she smiled.