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Our Future


It had been half a year since that day. That day Jessica had returned from her visit to a friend in London, crying. No one had understood what had happened to her. She hadn't told us. She hadn't told us anything. She hadn't been the same as before. She was much colder, much more reserved. Once, she had been a bubbly girl, full of enthusiasm and joy. Now, all of that was gone. She would smile sometimes, but not like she used to. I hadn't heard her laugh in a long time. It was time I asked her what was going on. I couldn't live like this. I wanted my Jessica back. Not this girl who had taken her place. We would go to England once again, with our families, in a couple of weeks. I was looking forward to it. I would get more time to spend with Jessica. But I was also dreading it. She had changed in England. And if she would be like she had been the last six months… then I didn't know if I wanted to go with her to England.

We were sitting next to each other on the couch in my home, my parents just went to the supermarket. Jessica was reading a book and I decided it was finally time to find out what had happened on that day.

''What has been wrong with you, Jessica? You haven't been yourself since that day you came home crying. What happened on that day? You're always staring at nothing and when I ask you something, you don't really answer.''

''I can't tell you, Ryan.''

"I have the right to know, Jessica. You are my girlfriend. I want the real you back. You haven't been the same since that day. You have changed. And I can't say in a good way.'' I gripped her arm.

''In what ways have I changed?'' She asked. Again the cold and uninterested voice. The voice I had heard too much.

''Stop beating around the bush. Answer my question: what happened that day?''

''Ryan. I want to tell you, really I do, but it's difficult.''

''Why not? Do you not know that you can trust me with anything?''

''I know. Really, I trust you. But this is something different. Don't ask me about it again.'' She said coldly.

''Why are you so cold?'' I looked into her eyes and was shocked with what I saw in them. I quickly released her arm, it felt as if I had been burned. ''What... What happened to your eyes?''

''Doesn't matter Ryan. Just stop asking things like this.''

''No! What are you hiding from me?'' I shouted. I looked into her eyes once again. They were still filled with ice, but I felt flames burning inside of me. I slowly saw the ice in her eyes melt while staring into her eyes. My flames dimmed a bit. I laid both of my hands on her shoulders.

''Jessica. Please tell me.'' I said softly. I tilted her chin up with my finger to look her right in the eyes.

''Ryan, I don't know if you'll understand. I don't even understand myself.'' She said.

''I'll try to understand. Just tell me what's bothering you.'' I knew I was getting somewhere. Further than I had come at any other time I had asked her about it.


He was practically begging me to tell him. To tell him everything. Should I? What would he think? Would he think I'm crazy? But if I don't tell him, maybe he would leave me. My head was running over with thoughts.

''Why won't you tell me? I have the right to know.''

''You won't understand.'' He opened his mouth to protest, but I held my hand up to silence him. ''No. Don't say you will, because you won't. You can't promise me anything.''

''I can promise you to try.'' He looked determined. I realized that he wouldn't stop asking questions. He had to know. I sighed. I gave up. I would tell him everything and hope he would understand. At least a bit. All I could do was hope.

''But where do I begin?'' I muttered.

''With the beginning.'' He laughed a bit.

''That's harder than you might think when you have travelled through time.'' I whispered.

''What did you just say?'' Apparently he had heard that last sentence. Note to self: whisper more quietly.

''Never mind. I'll explain it all in good time. Oh, and it might take a while before I'm finished. I tried to be funny to take away some of the tension that had been hanging in the air from the moment he had started this conversation.

''It sounds as if we're going to watch a movie.'' He grinned a bit.

''Maybe that's exactly what we're going to do. It could be right out of a movie, that's why it's so hard to believe. Even for me and I experienced it all. I still can't get my head around it. And maybe I don't even want to.''

''What could be so bad, that you, of all people, don't want to fully understand it? I have never met anyone who investigates everything as deeply as you do.''

''It's that bad.'' I said. He looked kind of scared now. He was probably going over every worst-case scenario in his head.

''Well you probably remember that we were in London and I went to visit a friend of mine.'' I begun. But Ryan interrupted me. ''Of course I remember that day. That was the day that everything changed.''

''Well. That day I didn't get to visit my friend after all. I was distracted...'' I sighed once, before continuing. ''Earth was invaded by aliens called the Cybermen.''

''Why don't I remember this?''

''Your memory was wiped. Everybody's mind was wiped, except mine. Because I was with him.''

''Him? Who is 'him'?'' He asked suspiciously, almost jealously.

''Can you stop interrupting me? I really would appreciate if you just listened.'' I snapped at him. He backed away a little.

''Sorry...'' He muttered.

''I was watching it all happen. Then this man came up beside me and asked my name. I told him and he said we needed to save the Earth and he dragged me with him.''

''You went with another Ryan exclaimed.

''Ryan. It's not what you think. Just listen.''

''We saved the Earth and we got a pet-giant-lizard-thing. Stories for another time. This is not the important part. After that the man, the Doctor, as he calls himself, asked me to go with him. And I did. I didn't think twice about it. It all seemed so familiar and there is a reason for that, but we will come to that later. Apparently he has a spaceship-thing, called the Tardis, disguised as a blue public phone call box. I know, it sounds weird and random. The Tardis could travel through time and space.'' I already saw Ryan trying to say something, but I stopped him. ''No, Ryan. Not a word. We went into it. It was bigger on the inside. The Doctor asked me where I wanted to go to and you know I couldn't possibly resist the urge to try, so I asked him if we could go to the Star Wars Universe.'' Ryan snickered a bit. He knew that I was a huge fan of Star Wars and so was he. ''I thought it wasn't possible, but, Ryan, it's real. It's not made up. We actually went there. It was so surreal.''

''Wow, that's so cool! And weird... and impossible.'' Ryan exclaimed. I grinned a bit because of his dumbfounded expression.

''It was, at first. We crashed into a republic frigate, destroyed some fighters while at it and we met Anakin, Obi-Wan and Ahsoka. They didn't really know what to do with us, so they took us with them on a mission. It was the mission to Ryloth. I was shot there.'' Ryan flung up from his seat beside me.

''What!'' He shouted. ''You were hurt!''

''Yes. Yes, I was. But I only have a scar now. It's alright. Really. Calm down.''

''But you were hurt.'' He said to me, looking very concerned.

''Yes. But not anymore. Everything is fine.'' I gave him a little smile.

''Where did you get shot?'' He asked me, looking me over, probably searching for the scar. Great. This could be even more fun.

''Ehm... In my back...''

''You could have been killed!''

''Yes, but, Ryan, I wasn't. I'm still here. Please don't worry so much.'' I tried desperately to calm him down. After a few minutes he dropped onto the couch again.

''Thank you, Ryan. I was brought to the med-bay and made a full recovery. But the Jedi discovered something about me. Ryan, I'm Force sensitive. I'm strong in the Force. I know it's hard to get, but it is true, they tested for midi-chlorians.''

''What! You're really Force sensitive? How is that possible?'' He looked absolutely dumbfounded. Then a small, mischievous smile spread across his face. ''So you can also move objects and stuff?'' He asked me.

''That's right, I can. But that's not even a small part of what really happened.'' I grinned a bit because of his boyish reaction. ''When I was there, I kept having these flashbacks. Flashbacks of a past I knew, and of a past I didn't know. Some involved you. There was also a man I didn't recognize. And a lot of screaming... I found out...'' I tried to gather all of my courage. ''I found out that I'm not from Earth. I was born on the planet of Onderon. My parents died, trying to save me. Our village was attacked by the droid army.'' Tears were rolling down my cheek and Ryan had his arm around my waist. ''I was saved by the same man of my flashbacks. I was saved by the Doctor. He took me with him and dropped me here on Earth. My whole life he has been there where I couldn't notice him. But he was always around.''

''Ooh, my Jess. My little Jessica.'' He wiped the tears away with his thumb and let me cry out in his shoulder.

After a couple of minutes I continued my story. ''The Jedi council gave me a choice: either I could stay with them and become a Jedi, or I could return with the Doctor to Earth. I was torn apart. I knew that Onderon was my real home, but Earth had become my home. You and my family had become my home. I was mad at the Doctor. I was mad at everyone.'' I hesitated, not liking the part that came next. Ryan probably wouldn't either. ''One day, I was training with Ahsoka, just a little bit of sparring, but something went wrong. I became dizzy and dropped to my knees. Ahsoka insisted on the med-bay and took me there with Obi-Wan. The medical droid was doing all sorts of tests and then it went even more wrong. My body had a meltdown...'' I looked in the eyes of Ryan, and I saw tears in them. ''They attached me to all kinds of machines, because they didn't know what was wrong with me. I was angry. I didn't want this. I wanted to be free, so I decided to run away. It was stupid, I know, but I couldn't think of anything else at that moment. I ended up in the underworld of Coruscant, not a happy place. I was almost at my breaking point when I heard a voice behind me. It was a creepy guy. He didn't want much good. He wanted to touch me.'' I glanced at Ryan and I saw his body go rigid. There was anger in his eyes. ''I snapped. Ryan, I knocked him out... and then I ran away... I felt so cold inside and that feeling has stayed me with me since that day.'' Ryan was crying now and he was rocking me back and forth. ''Hours later I was found by Anakin and the Doctor. I was unconscious, had a cut on my face and had hypothermia. I recovered completely and finally the day had come that we would be going to Onderon, my home world.'' I took a large breath before continuing. ''It was great being there. I felt at ease. I was, however, plagued again by nightmares. When I was on Onderon, the same girl was there. I discovered that she was my sister.'' I began sobbing again. ''I lost her when we tried to free the real king of Onderon. After we got back to our base I decided that I couldn't stay. There was nothing left for me there. My sister had died, my parents were gone and you were here. The Doctor dropped me off here on Earth. He said we would see each other again.'' I smiled a little, without joy. ''It has been six months and I haven't even caught a glimpse of him, not once.''


''Oh, my Jessica. What you have gone through...'' I whispered in her ear and I still rocked her back and forth.

''You believe it all?'' She looked up in wonder.

''Of course I do. How could I not?''

''Thanks, Ryan.'' She smiled at me, but the smile already faded away again. ''I haven't been the same, have I? I thought that if I would hide my feelings I wouldn't get hurt again.'' She whispered.

''Please come back to me.'' I dared to whisper.

''I will do all I can.'' She sounded determined.

''That's my girl.'' I smiled and gave her hand a squeeze. She laid her head on my shoulder. And I was just content to sit there.

''I haven't told you everything.'' She suddenly said. I was surprised, could there by anything more to it? Was there another bad thing? ''Jessica is not my original name. My name my real parents gave to me, is Nanori. Nanori Tilimare.''

''That's beautiful...'' I said hesitantly. Although I really liked the name, I couldn't help but think about the things that were attached to that name.

She apparently had heard it in my voice. ''Don't worry, Ryan. I'm Jessica. Not Nanori. I have been Nanori for the last six months, but not anymore, I'm kind of fed up with her.'' He began to laugh and I laughed with him.

''We will get through this together, Jessica. It will take time to process this, but we will make it.''

''I love you.'' I whispered for the very first time. He looked shocked but also delighted, overjoyed.

''I love you too, Jessica. '' He whispered back.

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