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Our gunship landed in front of the Temple. I saw my Master and Master Kenobi already waiting for me. They waved a little, but I saw their eyes searching for someone behind me. The one who wasn't there. Jessica had left, and she wouldn't come back. It had been too hard for her to stay after the death of her sister. She had only said goodbye to me and then she just vanished with the Doctor. Saw had come up to me to ask if he could visit Jessica. I had to bring the news that she had departed, and wouldn't come back. His face had hardened and he just walked away, without saying anything else. This mission had been hard on me. Steela had died just before Onderon was liberated. That and the loss of Cyana and the departure of my new best friend, was just a little bit too much. And now I had to bring the news to Anakin. He wouldn't be happy. I stepped out of the gunship and approached my Master slowly. I was dreading this moment.

''Ahsoka. You're back.'' He send me a smile, but his eyes were still searching the surroundings for Jessica and the Doctor.

''Hey Master. Did you miss me?'' I asked him teasingly, but he ignored my question. I turned to Master Obi-Wan. ''Hello Master Kenobi. How are things going here? Still the same old, boring story?''

''Where are Jessica and the Doctor, Ahsoka?'' Anakin asked me. He didn't even give Obi-Wan the chance to answer my question.

''Ehmm... About that... Could we go to some place more private?'' I asked him. He searched my eyes for a bit, becoming suspicious, but nodded. We walked to one of the conference rooms in the Temple. I sat down, but Anakin and Obi-Wan remained standing.

''So, tell us. Where are they?'' Anakin asked once again.

''You're not going to like this, Master. But there is nothing you can do about it.'' I warned him.

''Stop saying these random things, Ahsoka. I want answers.'' He demanded.

''Okay. If you so desperately want it.'' I muttered. ''The truth is... They're gone.''

''How do you mean 'gone'? Are they dead?'' Anakin asked incredulously.

''I mean that they have gone home. They are not in our universe anymore, Master.'' A tear rolled down my cheek. I missed them. I really did. And now I had to tell Obi-Wan and Anakin everything it became even harder, knowing that my best friend wasn't going to come back. Why did he get so attached to Jessica? It was already hard enough for me, I didn't need his worries and sadness too. I needed Anakin to tell me how to deal with this. I was a Jedi, I shouldn't have become so attached to Jessica and the Doctor. But, in truth, I knew, deep down, that I was happy I met Jessica and that she became my friend. She had learned me about life.

It was dark around us. We were walking through the tunnels. The troopers around us had their lights on top of their helmets on and I was leading the way with my lightsaber. Jessica was right next to me. She had been silent for quite some time now.

''Is there something on your mind, Jessica?'' I finally decided to ask her.

She looked up from the ground and she shrugged. ''Just thinking.''

''What are you thinking about? If I may ask.''

''Different things.'' She answered.

I pressed further. ''What different things?''

She sighed. ''Just about home, about this war, about life, basically.''

I became curious. ''Do you miss your home?''

''Of course I do. Don't get me wrong, I love being here. But I miss my brother and sister. My friends. Just being there. This is so different from what I'm used to.'' She whispered.

I hesitated a little. ''Do you want to go home?'' I asked her.

She shook her head. ''No, not yet. As I already said, I love being here. It's just hard for me. Especially because I know what I'm doing here.''

Confusion overtook me. ''What are you doing here?'' I asked her.

''I'm interfering with your war. I'm helping your side. I'm not supposed to be here, I'm not supposed to help you. This war… It's destroying everything you know.''

''What do you mean? I don't understand. I know this war is bad, that's why we're trying to stop it.''

''I know what you are trying. You fight battles to stop this war. But doesn't that make it even harder to truly stop this war? Fighting is not the solution.'' She muttered.

''Jessica, we have to fight. We can't let the Separatists win.''

''I know. Nobody wants the Separatists to win, but more fighting isn't the solution to your problem.''

''How else do you suppose we can win this war? Politics don't help.''

She shrugged. ''Forget what I just said. It's too complicated.'' She walked a little bit faster, but I ran after her and caught her by the arm.

''You're not making any sense, Jessica. Please, explain.'' I said to her.

She took my hand of off her am. ''Ahsoka, I'm not going to explain. There are things I can't do and this is one of those things.'' She looked me deeply in the eyes and I saw she was serious. She wouldn't tell anything else.

''Do you want to talk about your home?'' I switched to another subject. She shook her head once again. ''Why not?''

''It makes me sad. Darkness is surrounding us, that already makes me sad.'' She laughed a bit. ''Hear me talking. I sound like an old woman.''

''These tunnels are indeed very dark.'' I agreed with her. I could see how the tunnels made her sad.

''Hmmhmm.'' She hummed. She looked like she was going to say something, but she changed her mind. She closed her mouth again and just kept walking in silence.

''What were you going to say, Jessica?'' I asked her.


But I wouldn't get her away with it so quickly. ''No. You were going to say something, but you didn't. What were you planning on saying?''

''It's just that I never see you laugh, or anyone else here for that matter. I wonder why you don't laugh.'' She finally said. I was surprised by the answer, that was definitely not what I had expected. ''You smile when you make a joke or something, but further than that... You are one of the few Jedi's that I actually see smiling at all. But I've never heard any of you really laugh.''

''Is it so different where you come from?'' I asked her curiously.

She nodded. ''It's vastly different. We greet each other with a smile and sometimes a kiss.''

I was astonished. A smile and a kiss? I couldn't imagine what that would be like . Getting a kiss from one of the Masters was just too weird a thought. ''That doesn't sound really… awkward, to be honest.''

She laughed. ''It may sound weird, but it just gives a warm and welcoming feeling. You feel like you're appreciated when people do that.''

I thought for a minute and then nodded. ''I guess so.''

''And when something is funny we laugh wholeheartedly. Like really laughing, not a small chuckle.'' She sounded a bit nostalgic.

''But, Jessica, no offense, but I haven't heard you laugh either.'' I said softly.

''I know, but I've just had a lot on my mind.'' She stared ahead. ''And then there's the fact that I haven't been here for a long time.'' She winked and I grinned.

''What?! Why did they go away?" Anakin exclaimed, interrupting my thoughts.

''Some things happened while we were on Onderon and… Jessica was not the same person after it. She had to go home. She didn't feel like there was anything left for her there.''

''Ahsoka, you keep talking in riddles. Start making sense. Just tell us what happened.'' Anakin said harshly. I smiled a little. That's what Jessica had said about Master Yoda and Jedi in general.

''What is it with Jedi and not making any sense?'' I heard Jessica mutter as she walked through the Temple. I was just trying to catch up with her because I wanted to ask if she wanted to go to the training room with me.

''What did you say, Jessica?'' I asked her innocently. Pretending as if I hadn't hear her muttering.

She swung around and threw her hands up in the air. ''You guys keep talking in riddles. Why?'' She sounded exasperated.

I chuckled. ''Do you mean Master Yoda? Yeah, he doesn't make sense to me either. I don't think anyone understands anything he says, to be honest.'' '

''Of course, Master Yoda is an expert in talking in riddles, but I actually meant Jedi in general. The whole Jedi Council talks in riddles. It becomes even worse when they incorporate parts of the Jedi Code in their normal day-to-day talk.'' She sighed. ''I don't know what to make of you Jedi. You don't make any sense.''

I grinned. ''Well, looks like someone needs some teaching in the Jedi way. Do you want to go do some sparring?''


''Ahsoka, I'm talking to you. Can you please answer me? What happened? Why are the Doctor and Jessica gone?'' Anakin asked again, sounding irritated.

''I'll tell you, okay? It's hard for me too.'' I snapped at him. He took a couple of steps backward and looked shocked. Anakin had to understand that he wasn't the only one who was affected by this. ''Jessica and the Doctor went away before the real battle started. When we freed the King, Cyana was…'' I swallowed hard, ''she was killed.'' I looked up at Anakin and Obi-wan and saw the shock on their faces. ''Jessica was not the same after that. She was silent, closed off. She didn't do anything. It was awful to see. She finally made the decision to return home. There was nothing left for her on Onderon. She doesn't have any family left here.''

''But… But what about us? Didn't she feel like we were her new family?'' Anakin asked.

''You are my family here, Ahsoka. You're a great friend and I'm happy I met you. And Obi-Wan and Anakin too.''

''You make it sound like you're going to leave.'' I said, smiling.

She shook her head. ''No, I'm not going to leave. Not yet.''

''You're not going to stay here?'' I asked her in wonder.

''I don't know. Maybe. Maybe not. I've only been here for a short while.''

''But why wouldn't you stay here?''

''My family is on Earth. I can't just leave them behind.''

''What about Cyana?'' I asked her.

She frowned. ''I don't know. She has built her own life here. I'm interfering with that. I don't know if she wants me to stay here. I mean, I haven't been a part of her life and now I show up all of the sudden.''

''That doesn't make sense, Jessica. You're her sister. I'm sure she doesn't want anything but you staying here.''

''Maybe.'' She shrugged. ''I don't know. I just don't know.''

''Yes, she felt like we were her family, but her real family is more important. She has a life on Earth, Anakin, we need to understand that. After Cyana had died, she wasn't the same.''

''What about the Doctor?'' Obi-Wan interfered. He had been silent for some time now. Listening to me with a frown on his face.

''He brought Jessica home and he isn't coming back here.'' I said to him.

''But, how was the Doctor affected by Cyana's death?'' Obi-Wan asked.

I shrugged. ''I don't really know. The Doctor's feelings are hard to figure out. He seemed sad, but most of all compassionate to Jessica. He didn't know what to do with himself all the time she had locked herself in her room.''

''But they're never coming back?'' Anakin asked once again.

''Not that I know of, Master.'' I answered him and I gave him an apologizing look. ''I'm sorry. She didn't want to stay here any longer, so she couldn't say goodbye to you.''

He shook his head in dismissal. ''No need for apologies. Maybe it's better that they're not here anymore. Jessica would have changed.'' He thought for a moment then he frowned. ''But what about becoming a Jedi, did she say anything about that before she went away?''

''But, Jessica, don't you want to train as a Jedi?'' I asked her softly.

''I would love to, but I can't. Not now. I'm not ready for it. There's nothing left for me here. I don't know if I ever will be ready, but I do know that now is not the time for me to stay here.''

''But, as I understand it, there's no chance for you to make good use of your Force-sensitivity on Earth. What are you going to do now you know that you're force sensitive.''

She shrugged. ''I don't know, to be honest. I can't do anything there, they don't know the Force is real. It's all made-up there. I guess I'll see what happens.''

''Hmmm… Are you sure about this?'' I asked her.

''Yes, I'm sure, Ahsoka. Sorry, but I just can't stay here. There's nothing left for me here, except you guys. But I have a family on Earth, a boyfriend. I need to go to them. I'm sorry.'' She looked me deeply in the eyes and I understood that she had made up her mind, she was not going to stay here.

''I understand, Jess. Be sure to take care of yourself.'' I squeezed her hand. A tear rolled down her cheek but she quickly wiped it away.

''You too, Ahsoka.'' She gave me one last smile and turned around to the Doctor. The Doctor gave a small smile and they both walked to the Tardis. Before stepping in the Tardis, Jessica turned to me one more time.

''Goodbye, Ahsoka. Say goodbye from me to Obi-Wan and Anakin.''

''I'll do that.''

''Oh, and good luck with Anakin when you come back at Coruscant.'' She smirked and gave me a wink. A dreading feeling dawned onto me. Anakin wouldn't be happy with the fact that Jessica and the Doctor had left, without letting him know. The Doctor waved at me and he shut the door of the Tardis. A couple of seconds later it started making weird noises, the noises I had come to know as the leaving-sounds and the Tardis slowly started to fade away.

''Till the next time, Jess.'' I whispered, then I smiled and walked back to the Rebels' hideout.

''Yes, we talked briefly about her Force-sensitivity. She said that it was not the right time for her to become a Jedi. As I already said, she had nothing left for her on Onderon. On Earth they don't know Force-sensitivity is a real thing. So she doesn't exactly know what she's going to do.''

''It was a better choice for her to go home.'' Obi-Wan said sincerely and I nodded in agreement.

''I guess so.'' Anakin murmured.

''Master, I know it's hard. I just lost my new best friend, but you know it's better this way.'' I gave Anakin a small smile.

He nodded and then there came a mischievous glimmer in his eyes. A glimmer I knew all too well. ''Well, guess you're stuck with me, Snips.'' He smirked. ''You still have to give the Council your full report on the mission.'' I groaned. I hated doing reports to the Council. ''Oh, come on, Snips. It's not that bad.''

''It is, and you know it. You hate doing reports too.''

''Yep. But it's not me that has to do it this time.'' He grinned and I shoved him away.

Obi-Wan just stood there, watching us, with a small smile evident on his face. ''Come on, you two. We don't want Jessica to come back just to scold you two, do we?''

''Well… Actually, I wouldn't mind that.'' I said to him. Obi-Wan just shook his head in exasperation and we walked inside.

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