I'm standing face to face with my Alpha, yelling at him over his stupidity. And even thought the fight is killing me on the inside, I know it's necessary. No one else has the balls or guts to stand up to him.

"You lost Jacob! Face it, she'd rather be with a corpse than with a...than with you!" I scream, almost letting something slip out. Something I've kept successfully hidden since I was a teen.

"You don't know that! I may still have a chance!" That hurts, but I don't show it and yelling.

"No you don't! She'd rather go with an unhealthy addiction that someone who could give her life! She used you and the pack for her own good, made you look like a fool, and stomped all over your heart!" That was a low blow, and I realize this as I try to apologies.

"Jake, I'm.." I don't get to finish as he phases into his wolf, and runs off into the woods. And as he runs away, he unknowingly takes my heart and soul with him, leaving me feeling empty inside. Even more than when Sam left me for Emily.

Knowing he's too far away to hear me, and that I'm too far from the pack, I speak my secret. The one I've kept from Jacob since we were fourteen. The one I've always tried denying, but in the end I never could.

"I imprinted on you Jacob Black. It's always been you."

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