Bennett and Salvatore: Murder on the Atlantic

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1925: London

"I get to pick the location for our next holiday alright?" Damon shivered as they waited for their ship to dock.

New York detectives Damon Salvatore and Bonnie Bennet were currently waiting for RMS Sally to take them back home. His brother Stefan Salvatore owned the line so he named the ship after his first wife. Of course his little brother had insisted they sailed first class and Damon certainly wasn't complaining.

Bennett and Salvatore was the name of their private detective business. The pair were best friends who were extremely successful. They were the perfect mix for solving crimes. Where Damon was weak, Bonnie was strong and via versa. Despite being best friends, they couldn't be more different. Bonnie was a black, female who was brought up in a poor neighbourhood in the 1920's. Life has certainly not been easy for her. Her Mum had been a midwife who'd died when she was three and her father was a violent drunk.

Bonnie was the type of person who took no crap. She vowed never to get used to the discriminating insults. Bonnie learned to stand up for herself. She was a sensible and level headed woman who is the opposite of Damon in that sense. Damon Salvatore is the eldest brother in a reasonably wealthy family. Just because he's a white middle-class male doesn't mean he hasn't had a rough time too.

Damon was an ex-con, he used to kill mobsters for other mobsters when he fell off the rails when he was younger. When he was sent to do a job in the middle-east he got caught and spent a year in a third-world-prison. That is something he never talks about. His father had been a cold and controlling man which made Damon lash out. Since then he has become a private detective with his closest friend.

"It's not that bad" came the scathing reply, "Don't be such a baby, the ship is arriving in five minutes"

They were at the London docks waiting for ship to arrive. It had been a typical English summer with a few spots of sunshine and rain, something that the murky clouds above them presently threated. It had rained all day yesterday and the day before that but that hasn't stopped Bonnie from seeing the sites with a reluctant Damon in tow. They'd been to the Tower of London, Westminster Cathedral, all the museums (Damon had put his foot down on that one and waited in a bar until Bonnie was finished), they've seen Buckingham palace as well as all the castles in the area.

Damon had enjoyed the club scene and the legal alcohol he could drink. When the ship finally arrived the owner greeted them himself.

"Welcome aboard!" Stefan smiled as he embraced his brother and shook hands with Damon, "I insist you sail first class"

"You're too kind to us brother" Daman grinned as the porter took their bags.

"Thank you" Bonnie smiled.

"So, how was London?" Stefan asked them.

"Amazing" Bonnie replied.

"Awful" Damon replied at the same time.

"You two can't agree on anything can you?" Stefan smirked.

"We truly can't" Damon joked.

While they were walking up the gang plank to get on the ship she noticed the couple in front of them were arguing. The woman had short blond hair and was very good looking. Her creamy skin looked a little tanned but how she got tanned in London is a mystery. She sounded American though, while her husband sounded English. He had brown hair and blue eyes and she thought he seemed a little menacing.

"Are you sure this is the right thing to do Klaus?" she blonde asked her husband.

"We don't have a choice Caroline" Klaus argued back, "Let's not talk about it here"

Caroline rolled her eyes but shut up anyway. The man behind her kept singing a foreign tune under his breath. She turned just a fraction to see who it was and it was defiantly not someone from Britain or America. He had olive like skin and he looked well into his forties. The man had a crumpled suit that had obviously been slept in. If she didn't know any better she'd say he was scared.

The detectives went to the side of the deck to see people waving to their relatives but it wasn't just loving relatives that were there…

"What are the press doing here?" Damon wondered aloud.

That question was answer pretty quickly though when an extremely expensive car turned up. The driver who was a man who was completely bald save a moustache under his nose that was strawberry coloured. He opened the door the reveal two people: one of them was a boring looking man with mousy-brown-hair and the other was:

Lady Katherine of Kent…or the former lady of Kent.

Lady Katherine was what you might call a celebrity. She was an American born Bulgarian who had married the Duke of Kent. She is infamous for her numerus string of affairs. The Duke has recently divorced her making her just a lady in name. Bonnie deduced that she must be going home now after the split.

The Lady walked to the ship with her head held high and her man scuttling after her. The photographers were taking photographs and the journalists were all begging for a statement. Lady Katherine ignored them all and continued up the gang plank and onto the ship. She stormed into the underbelly on the ship and out of view. Bonnie could hear the journalists asking the photographers if they've got good shots of her.

"Pathetic aren't they?" Bonnie scoffed.

"That's what happens when you come into the spotlight" Damon told her, "She can't complain when things get ugly"

As they were about to head to their rooms when they saw a man who looked like he had Italian heritage. That man looked suicidal. He has deep rings under his eyes where he hasn't been sleeping. The man looked haunted, that was the only way to describe him. He also had a bottle of cheap whisky in his hands that he was drinking like water.

"Let's stay away from him" Damn whispered in her ear to which she nodded.

It was lunch time and the whole restaurant was filled with first class passengers. Bonnie and Damon were sitting by the window as the waitress left with their order. The dining hall had a sea theme. The walls were a light but tasteful blue and the carpet was a light gold. There was a fountain that looked like it had Poseidon and a few other sea creatures attached to it. Above them was a glistening chandelier that looked priceless. Classical music was being played by a band who looked in their 70s.

"Can't they play something a bit more modern?" Damon complained.

"It think it's classy" Bonnie beamed.

"Boring is more like it" Damon retorted, "Those men look like their hearts might give out if they play something with more rhythm"

Bonnie couldn't help but laugh at that comment but just as she did so Caroline and Klaus walked into the dining hall. They passed her on their way to their seats. Bonnie could just hear one snippet from Klaus.

"How was I supposed to know Kol and his wife would gate-crash?" Klaus defended himself.

That was all she heard as they went to their table and sat down. Next, she saw a handsome man in his early twenties with brown hair. He too seemed a bit menacing, it was a vibe Bonnie got from him. Next to him was a beautiful girl with long brown hair who looks a few years younger than him. She noticed the rings of matrimony on their fingers.

"Klaus!" the man smirked as he waved.

Klaus obviously looked displeased to see his brother and his sister-in-law coming towards them. A man tripped and fell as Bonnie's feet, missing the table by inches.

"I am so sorry" the man apologised when he got up.

"That's OK, no harm done" Bonnie smiled reassuringly.

This man had black and had an American accent. He too looked like something huge was bothering him. What is was…Bonnie couldn't guess.

"Mr Lockwood, your table is ready" came the voice of a waiter.

"Thank you" he called out to the waiter and he went to his table/

Across the room Lady Katherine was talking to her man when the door burst open revealing a reporter who took a photograph of her while smirking. Her man stood up and smashed the camera on the floor and shoved him out of the room. Their food had finally arrived when a man who looked the older version of Kol came in with the twin of Lady Katherine.

Bonnie looked to Klaus and his family and saw they were shocked and anxious at this man's arrival. They were whispering amongst themselves in surprise, while Elijah (she assumed that's who he was), gave them a dead look. Damon looked at Lady Katherine's response and noticed she was scowling at her twin and her twin was scowling right back. It was obvious they hated each other.

"I didn't know Lady Katherine had a twin" Damon commented.

"Neither did I" his friend shrugged.

When they were about the leave after a scrumptious meal a waiter came up to them with a notice for the two of them.

"There's a ball tonight in the main hall, all of the first-class guests are invited" the waiter told them.

Bonnie looked at Damon and shrugged.

"Why not?" Bonnie nodded while taking the flyer, "It sounds like fun"

It was three hours until the ball and Damon was taking a necessary smoke outside. The air was crisp and clear as he walked up the ship. He could see some passengers still about. An olive skinned man was smoking too. He looked Damon up and down as if assessing him. He was wearing a plain brown nightgown with grey slippers.

"The newspaper business is a hard industry" was all the man said in a Bulgarian accent.

"Are you one of those journalists who are harassing Lady Katherine?" Damon asked.

The man scoffed before he took another drag, puffing the smoke out in rings.

"I own newspapers" he revealed, "I am one of the biggest media magnets in the west"

There was few moments of silence before the man spoke again.

"My name is Andon Genov and I'm a Bulgarian newspaper owner" he told him, "I am going to America for a business meeting"

"I'm just a detective" Damon told him before taking another drag.

Mr. Genov looked really interested in what he was saying. At this moment Damon could see from far off that that man who'd tripped at Bonnie's feet was staring at to sea with a hopeless expression on his face. Damon moved his eyes back to Mr. Genov who appeared to be thinking things over.

"I might need to talk to you in a more private place" he grinned, "Would that be OK?"

Damon shrugged as the man flicked the fag off the ship and went inside his room. As Damon was walking back to his he noticed Lady Katherine being sick into the sea, rubbing her mouth with a cloth she went back inside.

"Now, this is more like it" Damon smirked as Bonnie danced to some swing.

The hall was bursting with people either dancing, sitting or standing on the side lines. It was a chaotic scene with the bar staff barely having time to breathe let alone enjoy the music. This was Damon's kind of music as he and Bonnie strutted their stuff on the dancefloor. There were a few notable absences from the dancehall however.

Lady Katherine wasn't there but her man was, and he was badly dancing the night away. Klaus, Caroline, Kol and his wife were also not there and so was that man who had sent them cold glares. He wife was not there either. Mr. Lockwood and that suicidal drunk were absent too but then again so was Mr. Genov.

The party raged on for two more hours before people realised the door was jammed and they could get through. Damon and Bonnie was laughing and joking at that moment with Stefan and didn't pay much attention to it. It was another three hours before people could go back to their rooms.

When they wake up in the morning, they'll be dealing with more than just a hangover…

Bonnie woke up to a desperate knock at her door. It was pounding furiously as she slowly got to the door. She felt completely and utterly hung over from that party last night. When she reached the door it was Stefan looking at her with panic and surprise on his face. Next to him was Damon who was just looking confused.

"Are you going to tell me why you dragged me out of bed now?" Damon asked his little brother.

Stefan looked around to see if they were being overheard. He whispered to them: Andon Genov has been murdered"

Bonnie clearing looked stunned for a few moments she processed this information. Damon looked just as surprised as she was.

"The ship's doctor says the time of death was between 10 and 1 in the morning. You both know that is the time from when the door first jammed and when it was fixed. So that means that everyone who wasn't at the ball is a suspect" Stefan informed them.

Stefan takes out a list from his pocket.

"The people who did not turn up are: Klaus Mikaelson and his wife Caroline, Kol Mikaelson and his wife Davina, Lady Katherine, Tyler Lockwood, Elijah Mikaelson and his wife Elena as well as Lorenzo de Ricci. They were the only people unaccounted for at that time.

"Are you sure nobody else had access to that area?" Damon questioned his brother.

"The staff were all accounted for when the door was jammed. We checked and there is no other route to that area"

"Good" Bonnie nodded, "That means we're only looking at your list of suspects"

"I think it's time we saw the body" Damon suggested.

The body of Andon Genov had a bullet in the head. It was lying crumpled near his desk and his brains were currently on the wall. The wall was salmon coloured and the carpet was cream. It was a huge room with a big four poster bed and a chandelier handing from the scene like something from a gothic movie. The top of the desk was filled with documents that had been slayed about.

"Who else has seen this?" Bonnie asked Stefan.

"Just a maid, the captain and myself" Stefan told her, "And the doctor of course. We don't have access to the police out here and you two are the only ones I trust to solve the murder. Once we dock we can hand the culprit into custody"

"Can you summon the suspects to meet at the lounge in one hour please and keep everyone else out please?"

Stefan nods and leaves the crime scene leaving the detectives alone. Bonnie and Damon examine the body. He's got one gunshot in his head but nothing more than that.

"Just one gunshot" Bonnie said, "This murderer knew what they were doing. We're looking for someone who has experience with gun because they obviously knew what they were doing"

"So we're looking for servicemen?" Damon wondered.

"Not necessarily" Bonnie shrugged, "They could've been taught at home"

Damon noticed something in the air it smelt like a high-class women's perfume.

"Can you smell that?" he asked his partner, "It smells like a high-end perfume"

Bonnie smelt it and she recognised it. She nodded her head before replying.

"I smell it too" Bonnie told him, "Maybe our suspect is female?"

"Or maybe our murderer had an accomplice" Damon argued.

"Let's keep our options open" Bonnie said, "What about fingerprints?"

"I haven't got my kit with me"

"Then we'll just have to improvise" Bonnie smiled.

The pair improvised and they used cocoa power from the kitchens, a brush from a painter from second class and microscope slide from the man with pet insects (he uses it to see them better). When they makeshift kit was complete they scoured for finger prints. They found four pairs of finger prints. It was from three men and one girl but them could easily be from the staff.

When they were done with fingerprinting they moved the desk. Most of the documents were from his newspapers and they all looked innocent. Damon noticed a letter that had been torn. Someone had taken the document out of the draw at such a fast pace that the top-right-hand-corner was still in there. All he could read was:

To Mr. A Genov,

You were right about them, M

particular scandal we sh

knowledge. Such beh

them the time you r

holiday boss.



Damon checked for the next part of the letter on the desk and in the bin but it wasn't there.

"Bonnie!" Damon called over as he passed the corner to her.

Bonnie examined it for a few moments and frowned.

"Who was he writing about?" Bonnie wondered out loud, "Who was he writing about? I'm guess that 'M' at the end of the first line could be a Mr or a Mrs. The 'sh' at the end of the second line, could be she, should, show shall… the mind boggles .What about the next line?"

"Behold, behest, behaviour, behave" Damon suggested in despair, "It could be anything"

"It's behaviour because it fits the sentence" Bonnie deduced, "…knowledge. Such behaviour…' makes sense"

"Somebody was obviously desperate to get that letter"

Stefan came in, staying at the threshold of the room.

"The suspects are gathered in the lounge" Stefan told them.

"Then let's go" Damon smiled.

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